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We Can Totally Relate To These 'Game Of Thrones' Season Finale Reactions

We're warning you: there are spoilers in this story.

10-Year-Old Who Collapsed On Magic Mountain Ride Died From Natural Causes, Coroner Says

A 10-year-old girl who died shortly after losing consciousness on a Magic Mountain roller coaster last week died from natural causes unrelated to the ride, the coroner said.

Residents Evicted From L.A. Mission's Low-Income Housing In Hollywood

Hollywood's L.A. Mission apartment complex is no longer a transition home for the former homeless as the Christian ministry evicted its low-income residents this week after selling the building.

Police Arrest Woman Accused Of Attacking Tourist At Santa Monica Coffee Bean

Authorities arrested a woman suspected of brutally attacking a tourist at a Coffee Bean in Santa Monica last week.

Charlie Brown Crushes On New Girl In Adorable 'Peanuts' Trailer

We now have a full-length trailer of the upcoming 'The Peanuts Movie' that finally lays out the plot of film--and it's pretty adorable.

Driver Dies In Fiery Crash In Beverly Hills

A driver was killed in a fiery crash in Beverly Hills early this morning.

Silver Lake Reservoir Will Be Drained This Summer

The Silver Lake Reservoir will be drained this summer so that a new water pipeline can be built under it.

Police Not Too Happy About Burbank's Upcoming 'Fast & Furious'-Like Meetup

There's a massive car-enthusiast gathering that's scheduled to take place in a Burbank shopping center parking lot on Tuesday night.

McStay Family May Have Been Killed With Sledgehammer, Detective Says

Grisly details about the McStay family's deaths were revealed in a San Bernardino County courtroom.

Principal Congratulates Cheerleaders Who Dressed Up In Racist Outfits

A Redlands high school principal made a rather bizarre comment last Friday about a controversial incident involving cheerleaders dressing up as Hispanic 'gangstas,' seemingly giving them kudos for their 'strength and courage.'

Photos: Minions Have Taken Over ArcLight's Cinerama Dome

The ArcLight in Hollywood has been invaded by some cute yellow creatures, specifically Minions.

Tourist Brutally Attacked In Santa Monica Coffee Bean

Authorities have released photos of the woman suspected in the bizarre and unprovoked attack of a tourist at a Santa Monica Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf earlier this week.

3 People Arrested For Jet-Skiing Across Mexican Border

U.S. Border Patrol arrested three Mexican nationals in two separate incidents this week on the suspicion that they were trying to enter the country illegally by jet skiing to SoCal beaches.

Ex-Judge Arrested After Shooting At LAPD Officers

A former L.A. Superior Court judge was arrested after allegedly shooting at police officers Wednesday night during a tense standoff at his West L.A. home.

Video: If Catcalls Were Cheeseburgers

An L.A.-based comedian is bringing catcalling to light by giving us something tangible to compare it to--like cheeseburgers.

Videos: Police Eat Edibles And Mock Amputee In Pot Shop Raid, Lawyer Says

Videos of a marijuana dispensary raid have surfaced, showing what an attorney says appears to be officers eating edibles, destroying security cameras and mocking an amputee.

Get Ready For Cheap Groceries: 45 New Aldi Stores Coming To SoCal

Aldi, a really cheap German grocery chain, will be expanding to California for the first time.

Woman In Wheelchair Forced To Crawl Onto Plane, Suit Says

A woman who uses a wheelchair says she was forced to crawl onto an American Airlines commuter plane in San Diego because the airline wouldn't provide her an access ramp.

Taco Bell Execs Desperately Try To Speak Millennial

'Throwing shade,' 'on fleek' and 'lit': these are just a few of the phrases Taco Bell execs are desperately trying to study so they can communicate with millennials.

Airline Food Handlers Say LAX Kitchens Are Filthy

Workers at an airline food-prepping company at LAX say the kitchens are straight-up filthy, and they've spotted insects and rodents crawling around, according to a report released today.

These Aerial Photos Of Los Angeles Are The Best We've Seen

A Los Angeles-based photographer has snapped gorgeous black-and-white aerial pictures for the past two years while soaring over the city in a helicopter.

Comedy Festival Brings Amy Poehler, 'The Kids In The Hall' To Los Angeles

Tenacious D's annual Los Angeles-based comedy event, Festival Supreme, is stepping up its A-game this year with their lineup of big-name comedians, troupes and musicians.

The Game Arrested After Allegedly Punching Off-Duty Cop At Hollywood HS Gym

The Game was arrested on Monday after allegedly punching an off-duty Los Angeles police officer during a pick-up basketball game in March.

Kim Got Kanye To Smile With Little Ol' Staples Center B-Day Shindig

What do you get the man who has everything? Well, Kim Kardashian knows.

Nasty Gal's #GIRLBOSS Fires Pregnant Women, Lawsuit Says

A new lawsuit claims that the chic fashion retailer has been firing women who get pregnant.

Of Course, Your Child Can Take Mermaid Lessons In Los Angeles

Your kids can get mermaid-mermen training in Los Angeles.

Protesters Of Ezell Ford Shooting Camp Outside Mayor Garcetti's Home

A group of protesters have been demonstrating in front of Mayor Eric Garcetti's home in Hancock Park since Sunday, asking for the mayor to take action in the LAPD shooting of Ezell Ford.

San Marino HS Did Nothing To Help Debate Student After Rape, Lawsuit Says

A former debate team student is suing the San Marino Unified School District, saying that her high school's staff did practically nothing when she told them she was raped multiple times by another student.

Man Stabbed To Death In East Hollywood

A man died after getting stabbed in East Hollywood early this morning.

This Live-Action 'Grand Theft Auto' Video Of Los Angeles Is Spot On

While we've seen folks try to make live-action videos of 'Grand Theft Auto' these guys' take on the video game in Los Angeles is ridiculously good.

Photos: Skunks Foul Up Dodger Stadium Dugout

While they didn't end up spraying anyone, they did cause quite a stir and their presence led to the amazing Twitter hashtag #SkunkWatch.

Woman Reminding Son To Go To Court Discovers His Murdered Family

The 26-year-old man suspected in the murders of his wife and infant son in South Los Angeles was arrested today.

O.C. Kids Sick After Drinking Fancy, Unpasteurized Raw Goat Milk

Three Orange County kids got really sick after drinking some high-end, unpasteurized goat milk that came from a farm near the Central Coast.

World Naked Bike Ride Rolls Through DTLA And Echo Park

The annual World Naked Bike Ride Los Angeles is gearing up to take place on June 27.

'Charlie Brown' Actor To Judge: 'Good Luck To You A**hole!'

A former 'Charlie Brown' voice actor cursed a whole lot and lashed out at a judge in a San Diego courtroom today.

Video: Jim Bob Duggar Says Son Molesting Daughters 'Was Not Rape Or Anything Like That'

The parents of the Duggars spoke out for the first time in an on-camera interview since their son admitted two weeks ago to molesting five girls, including his younger sisters.

Snoop Dogg Endorses Meme Calling Caitlyn Jenner 'That Science Project'

Snoop Dogg is now one of the many celebrities who have made some insensitive and dismissive comments about Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover.

Children Abused At Police-Run Boot Camp, Lawyers Say

Authorities are investigating claims that seven children were abused by officers at a police-run boot camp held in San Luis Obispo earlier this month.

Photos: Sea Lions Are Looking Healthier After Vicious Chlorine Attack

Many of the sea lions have recovered from the vicious chlorine attack, and they were released back in the ocean on Tuesday.

'Cheater' Banner Flies Over Bobby Flay's Hollywood Star Ceremony

A plane pulling a banner emblazoned with the word 'cheater' flew overhead as Bobby Flay accepted his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday.

Is This Man Cursed?

An LAist reader found an animal heart with a photo of a man's face rolled up inside of it in the ocean. We investigated.

Dreamy Video Shows Breathtaking And Gorgeous Los Angeles

This video makes us fall in love with Los Angeles all over again.

Laverne Cox Writes Moving Essay About Caitlyn Jenner's 'Vanity Fair' Cover

While there has been an outpouring of support for Caitlyn Jenner, where many have commented on how beautiful she is, Laverne Cox says that she agrees, but hopes that people see more to transgender people than just their looks.

Video: Car Hits Motorcyclist Who Tells Driver To Stop Texting

A motorcyclist says a driver in West Hollywood crashed into him shortly after he yelled at the driver to stop using his phone--and he has the shocking incident caught on video.

'Wizarding World Of Harry Potter' Coming To Universal Studios In 2016

Come spring 2016, Universal Studios Hollywood will be getting its very own 'Wizarding World of Harry Potter.'

Video: Channing Tatum Pranks 'Magic Mike' Fans By Twerking In Disguise

Channing Tatum pranked 'Magic Mike XXL' fans at a test screening by going undercover as a middle-aged marketing rep and surprising them with some major twerking.

Porsche Crashes Into 9-Year-Old Girl At LAX Terminal

A Porsche driver critically injured a 9-year-old girl at an LAX terminal on Sunday after he struck her before plowing into a wall.

Insanely-Fit Marine Breaks World Plank Record

A 57-year-old U.S. Marine veteran from San Diego County broke a world record over the weekend by holding an abdominal plank for over five hours.

Art Laboe's Killer Oldies Return To L.A.'s Airwaves Again

The 'Art Laboe Connection' has found a new L.A. radio station home--at 93.5 KDAY.

Photos: Dog Spends Dying Days On Road Trip Across Country

There's a sweet and terminally-ill dog named Poh whose owner recently took him on a seven-week road trip across the country so they could have a bucket-list adventure in the 16-year-old pooch's final days.

Watch Kendrick Lamar Rap On Top Of A DTLA Street Light

Kendrick Lamar was seen rapping on top of a DTLA street light yesterday.

Woman Dies After Falling From County Fair Attraction

A 31-year-old woman died after falling 36 feet from an attraction at the San Bernardino County Fair on Thursday.

Photos: Man Buns Are Everywhere, Even Disneyland

Move over 'DILFs of Disneyland,' we have a new Disneyland dudes Instagram account to obsess over. Enter 'Man Buns of Disneyland.'

Watch The Craziest '80s-Style Action Movie You'll Ever See

Words can't even express how giddy we are that the 'Kung Fury' short film is now available on YouTube.

Charles Manson Show Starring David Duchovny Now Available For Binge-Watching

You can binge-watch all the 'Aquarius' episodes starting today.

'Sh*t People Say To Women Directors' Highlights Hollywood Sexism

There's a blog that highlights the appalling and horrific comments women in the industry have to endure on a daily basis--and it really paints a solid picture of everything wrong with the status quo.

Conan O'Brien's Studio Rafters Will Become An Airbnb Pad

You now have the chance to stay in an Airbnb pad that is located in the rafters of Conan O'Brien's studio set.

Video: Cops Wrestle 8-Months-Pregnant Woman To Ground

A shocking video was recently released, showing Barstow police wrestling an 8-months-pregnant mother to the ground during an arrest after she refused to show them her identification.

Watch This Mexican Hero Gleefully Crash An Anti-Immigration Protest

When a group of people took to the streets of Palmdale to protest against illegal immigration, one Mexican man crashed their demonstration in the most delightful way possible.

Suspect Accused Of Raping Woman At Home While Wielding Machete Arrested

Authorities arrested a man accused of breaking into a woman's Boyle Heights home and raping her while armed with a machete.

Suge Knight Refuses To Leave Jail Cell For Court Hearing

Suge Knight refused to leave his jail cell for a court hearing today, claiming that he's totally sick and couldn't come out.

Joni Mitchell Gives Candid Talk About Fame In 1986 In Animated Video

Joni Mitchell gave an endearing and frank interview in 1986 where she talked about fame and how she longed to just be an ordinary person.

22 Old-Timey Los Angeles Restaurants With Wacky Shapes

Back in the day we had restaurants and food stands that took architecture to the next level, with wacky buildings shaped as actual items like tamales, hot dogs and planes.

Stranded Woman Survived On Pie And Rainwater For 2 Weeks

A 68-year-old woman from Fullerton who was stranded with her husband in a rural area of San Diego County for two weeks miraculously survived on fruit, pie and rainwater.

Photos: The Bizarre And Magical 'Lightning In A Bottle' Festival

Lightning in a Bottle is more than just a music festival, it's like a Disneyland for hippies.

Bel Air Mansion Could Break Records With $500 Million Price Tag (If It Sells)

While some of us are living in tiny one-bedroom apartments in Los Angeles, there's someone from the 1% building a mansion in Bel Air that's so massive and expensive that he wants to put it on the market for a whopping $500 million.

The Oinkster's Burger Week Returns, This Time With Hollywood-Inspired Burgers

The Oinksters's hosting their 5th annual Burger Week from June 1 to June 7, where they'll feature a different and unique burger creation each day.

Fugitive LAPD Officer Arrested In Mexico In Connection To Murder

A former LAPD officer wanted in the murder of a 23-year-old man was arrested in Mexico today.

Your Ultimate Guide To The Los Angeles River This Season

Outdoorsy folk: get amped for this year's L.A. River recreation season!

Photos: The Rolling Stones Rock Out At The Fonda For Surprise Show

Los Angeles went aflutter with excitement yesterday as the Rolling Stones announced a secret (okay, not so secret), last-minute concert at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.

Heartbreaking Photos Of Wildlife Suffering From Santa Barbara Oil Spill

Heartbreaking photos of wildlife covered in oil and marine life lying dead on the sand have been slowly emerging.

7 Injured After Floor Of Downtown Construction Site Collapses

Seven construction workers were injured Wednesday night after the second-story floor of a downtown Los Angeles building under construction collapsed.

Customer Says NoHo Dry Cleaners Called Him 'Sodomite'

A man says he can't cash the checks a North Hollywood dry cleaner has written out to him because the shop owner keeps writing slurs like 'sodomite' and 'buggerer' on the checks.

Photos Of The Devastating Santa Barbara Oil Spill Along The Coast

A massive cleanup is underway after a ruptured pipeline spewed an estimated 21,000 gallons of oil along Refugio State Beach in the the Santa Barbara County Coast.

Uber Driver Wants To Teach Others How To Jack Up Prices

There's a Los Angeles Uber driver who uploaded a tutorial on YouTube, claiming that his instructions on how to cheat the system and jack up prices works. Uber is saying that it doesn't work.

LACMA Flies The Late Chris Burden's Final Art Project

Chris Burden's final art installation, 'Ode to Santos Dumont,' is on display for the next month at LACMA.

Former LAPD Sergeant With Cancer Sues California For The Right To Die

A terminally-ill, former LAPD sergeant, along with two others with advanced diseases and a doctor, are suing the state of California for the right to die peacefully through the use of prescription medication.

Zac Efron Desperately Searches For Meaning On The EDM Scene In New Film

We are so very amused about Zac Efron's latest film about a Hollywood EDM DJ/bro's rise to stardom.

These Scary Surfers Will Wipe You Out If You Ride Their Waves

There's a group of man-children who will harass you if you even thinking about getting close to surfing their waves at Lunada Bay in Palos Verdes.

Nikki Finke's New Hollywood Fiction Website Will Charge $1/Post

Nikki Finke, our ever-elusive Hollywood gossip columnist, is planning on launching a new website with fictional stories about the showbiz industry. She also wants to charge readers $1 per post

Jay-Z And Beyoncé Quietly Bailed Out Protesters, Activist Says

One writer and activist is saying that Jay-Z and Beyoncé have been quietly donating tens of thousands to bail out protesters in Ferguson and Baltimore.

Man Writes Heartfelt Apology To Classmate He Tormented 20 Years Ago

A West Hollywood visual artist recently received a surprise on Facebook: one of the guys that tormented and bullied him in junior high nearly 20 years ago sent him a heartfelt apology.

This Customizable Tea Bar Makes Tea Less Intimidating

There's a new and casual Mexico-based tea bar chain that's landed its first American flagship store in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Brits Are Going Bloody Bonkers Over College Kid's Flute Recital

Everyone wants to go to Azeem Ward's senior year flute recital at UCSB.

Robin Thicke Discovers His Dad Listens To His Music While Sexing

Robin Thicke recently discovered something unexpected and a little disturbing: his 68-year-old dad has been getting freaky to his music.

The Dogs Johnny Depp Snuck Into Australia Are On Death Row

Johnny Depp is in the doghouse with the Australia government for smuggling his two Yorkshire terriers into the country on a private jet.

Cyclist Killed Riding Through Hollywood Blvd. Crosswalk

A cyclist was killed Wednesday afternoon after getting into a crash while riding through a crosswalk on a busy stretch of Hollywood Boulevard.

Watch This Supercut Of Disney Reusing Animation In Different Movies

A new supercut of Disney movie scenes is making us question our very own childhood existence. Have we just been watching the same Disney scenes over and over again?

We're Obsessed With 'iZombie,' A Silly Show That Reminds Us Of 'Buffy'

CW's 'iZombie' is our answer to what we've been missing on TV since 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' went off the air.

Things Get Dark In The New 'True Detective' Trailer

This new 'True Detective' trailer is intense.

This Sweet Passport Saves You Up To $7 Off Each Drink Around Town

There's a new and special passport out there that allows you to put on your explorer cap for drinking adventures, getting you discounts at sweet bars, breweries and restaurants throughout Los Angeles.

Santa Monica Bans Most Airbnb Rentals

The carefree days of renting an Airbnb vacation home in Santa Monica are pretty much over.

Stranger Stabs Toddler As Family Changes Tire On Freeway In Random, Baffling Attack

A 44-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly stabbed a toddler in a random attack as the child's family was changing their flat tire on the side of a freeway in Riverside County this week.

Watch A Cyclist's Nerve-Wracking Commute Without Bike Lanes

One guy is giving us a taste of what his daily bicycling journey on the streets is like with a first-person video he recorded.

Two UCSB Students Shot In Isla Vista

Two UC Santa Barbara students were shot and injured Monday night in Isla Vista near the university campus. The suspected gunmen have been taken into custody.

Restaurant Owner Calls Customer 'Lying Filthy C*nt Pig' In Facebook Rant

A Thousand Oaks bar and restaurant owner is sorry-not-sorry about calling a customer a 'lying, filthy c*nt pig' among some other unsavory things after she left a scathing review on the company's Facebook page.

Hallelujah! We Could Get More Rain And Hail This Week

A rainstorm is expected to make its way to SoCal this Thursday, bringing along with it some cold weather and the chance for hail, thunder and lightning.

Woman Dies After Being Shot In Head Outside Bar Near Pico And Western

Authorities are still searching for the shooter, who is still on the loose.

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