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Fugitive Busted After Starring In Low-Budget Horror Film

A fugitive bank robber on the run maybe shouldn't have taken on the acting role of an evil doctor in a low-budget horror film, one that got him busted.

Starry Kitchen Returns With A Pop-Up: 'Now Alive Again To F*ck Sh*t Up'

Tonight you can order Starry Kitchen's addictive crispy tofu balls on UberEATS for one-night only.

'Parks And Rec' Exec Producer Died From Heroin Overdose, Coroner Confirms

A coroner's report confirms that 'Parks and Recreation' executive producer Harris Wittels died from an accidental heroin overdose in February.

Video: Kanye Shows Support To Caitlyn Jenner In 'I Am Cait'

Kanye West made a surprise appearance on last night's premiere of Caitlyn Jenner's reality TV show, E!'s 'I Am Cait.'

Photos: Folks Wish For Rain, Sex And Love At Griffith Park Teahouse

Folks have been trekking over to the Griffith Park Teahouse to write and hang up wishes for Los Angeles on the structure's walls, asking for everything from more rain and sex to less traffic.

String Of South L.A. Shootings Fuels Rumors Of 100 Days Of Gang Violence

South L.A. residents experienced a frightening weekend full of rash shootings, where one person died and five others were injured in separate incidents.

Teen Found Dead In Hotel Room, Mother Detained For Questioning

A 17-year-old boy was found shot to death in a Rosemead hotel today, and authorities have taken in his mother for questioning.

Photos: Dude Pranks Grocery Store With Ridiculous Shopping Tips

Sometimes it's refreshing to see something other than boring sale prices posted on the racks at grocery stores, say like funny shopping tips.

Sushi Made With Frozen Tuna Recalled After Salmonella Outbreak

You might want to think twice before you go on a sushi binge.

Photos: Crowd Waiting For Free Concert Forces Sunset Blvd. To Get Shut Down [UPDATE]

Cops assembled outside of the Roxy in West Hollywood this afternoon in response to a massive crowd that formed, where folks lined up to get free tickets for a concert featuring the rapper Future tonight.

Los Angeles County Increases Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2020 in the unincorporated areas of the county.

MOCA Is Quietly Bringing Art Where You Least Expect It

MOCA has been quietly lending out its artwork from its permanent collection to an art space out in Arlington Heights in an effort to bring art to an underserved community.

Gnarly Photo: This Buckled Street In Mid-Wilshire Is 16 Inches Off The Ground

There's a buckled street in Mid-Wilshire that's so damaged that the asphalt is raised 16 inches off the ground.

Teatime Could Be Over At The Griffith Park Teahouse In A Week

If you haven't checked out the Griffith Park Teahouse yet, you might want to hurry up and trek out there because it may be taken down in a week.

City Plans To Give The Griffith Park Teahouse A Second Life

It looks like not all is lost for our precious little Griffith Park Teahouse up in the hills.

Behind-The-Scenes Stories You Didn't Know About 'Clueless'

From details about the casting to the inspiration for the story and the fashion, here are some of the things we found most interesting about the history of 'Clueless.'

Photos: Over 600 In Banana Costumes Break Record At EDM Festival

An EDM Festival held over the weekend in San Bernardino won the glorious achievement of having the Most People Dressed as Fruit.

Here's A Chilling Video Of A Deadly Police Shooting Cops Tried To Cover Up

A chilling video has been released, showing officers gunning down an unarmed man they mistook for a bicycle suspect in Gardena.

The Best Specialty Shops In Los Angeles

Sometimes you just don't want to go to big box stores like Target or Costco to get what you need. What you're looking for is something so specific that only hardcore enthusiasts would carry it.

Martha Stewart Gets Flirty In Interview With Justin Bieber

Martha Stewart interviewed Justin Bieber for a story--and she got kind of flirty.

Marine Arrested After Allegedly Pushing Teen Girls Off Cliff

A 20-year-old Marine suspected of pushing two women off of a seaside cliff in San Diego County was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

Escaped Mexican Drug Lord Kicks Back With A Beer In New Photos

Photos of Mexico's notorious drug kingpin escapee have surfaced, purportedly of him hanging in the cockpit of a plane and chilling with a beer.

Shhh...The Beverly Center Has Secret Food Trucks

The Beverly Center has secret food trucks that swing by every day, hidden in their parking lot.

Look At All These Adorable Dogs Chilling At Sqirl

In the pictures, the dogs are smiling up at the humans, lazing around on the ground, and one is even taking a long, hard stare at Sqirl's addictive Sorrel Pesto Rice bowl.

Watch This Humpback Whale Create A Beautiful Rainbow

There was a whale out in the waters of Newport Beach recently shooting out rainbows out of its blowhole like a Care Bear. Well, sort of.

Uber Drivers Say They Were Screwed Over In LAPD Sting

Three Uber drivers, who were arrested on the job in downtown L.A. as part of an LAPD sting operation, are complaining that they were victims of entrapment.

Videos: Drivers Go Wild At Epic, Massive Car Meetup

A massive car meetup took place over the weekend in Brea, complete with decked-out cars, smoke billowing in the air from burnouts, and the sounds of engine revving and tires screeching.

Officer Shoots Knife-Wielding Man In Venice [Updated]

An LAPD officer fired a gun today near Groundwork Coffee in Venice after authorities received a call about a man with a knife.

Man Taken Into Custody After Attempting To Jump Onto 101 Freeway

A man was taken into custody today after attempting to jump off of a 101 Freeway sign in downtown L.A. this afternoon.

Christian Audigier, The Man Behind Those Ed Hardy T-Shirts, Dies At 57

Christian Audigier, the man who got the world (including folks from the Jersey Shore) to wear garish glittering tattooed tees and Von Dutch trucker caps, has died at the age of 57 after a battle with cancer.

The Infamous Amy's Baking Company Of 'Kitchen Nightmares' Is Closing

The couple behind Amy's Baking Company, the restaurant featured on an infamous episode of 'Kitchen Nightmares,' is closing.

Photos: These Gourmet Filipino Rice Bowls Taste Like Home

Think comfort food like addictive home-made longganisa sausages topped over a bed of heirloom rice—and they're all made by a chef whose background comes from making fancy French food.

Here's What To Eat And Drink At LA Street Food Fest This Weekend

We spoke to the folks behind the LA Street Food Fest who gave us some tips on what to look special dishes to look forward to.

Laura Prepon Loves Scientology: 'It's Magic, It Really Is'

Laura Prepon did an in-depth interview where she talked about thetans, 'Dianetics' and audits.

It Wasn't Some Jerk Who Poisoned Sea Lions With Chlorine, After All

The mystery of who sickened sea lions at a rehabilitation center in Laguna Beach with chlorine in April has come to an end today.

Photos: You Can See The Milky Way Clearly From A Malibu Sea Cave

If the timing is right, you can see the Milky Way pass by from inside a Malibu sea cave.

Delightfully Strange 'Beach Goth' Festival Has Grimes, Die Antwoord Headlining

Beach Goth festival has a wide range of strange attractions, including musical acts like Grimes and Die Antwoord, to rap battles and live-action Smurfs.

DTLA's Getting Another Hip New Boutique Hotel With A Rooftop Pool

There's another trendy boutique hotel in the works (with a rooftop pool!) in downtown L.A.--and it will be occupying a historic building that's over 90 years old.

There Are More Latinos Than Whites In California Now

The tally is finally in and it's official: Latinos outnumber whites in California, making them the largest ethnic group in the state.

Young American Actors Are Losing Roles To Brits And Aussies, Says Michael Douglas

'There's something going on with young American actors--both men and women--because the Brits and Australians are taking many of the best American roles from them.'

'Can't Buy Me Love' Star, Amanda Peterson, Dies At 43

Amanda Peterson, star of the popular '80s film, 'Can't Buy Me Love,' has died in her home at the age of 43.

Justin Bieber Goes Buck-Naked On Instagram For Some Reason (NSFW)

Justin Bieber's on vacation in Bora Bora right now, and he's sharing everything he's doing with fans on Instagram--including that very special moment yesterday when he went completely naked and bared his his butt to the world.

Beloved Echo Park Musician Died Saving Roommates In House Fire

An Echo Park house fire over the weekend took the life of one man and badly injured others heavily involved in the local music community.

Woman Killed In Mysterious Hollywood Shooting ID'd As Production Assistant

Police have identified the woman who was shot and killed in Hollywood over the weekend as Carrie Jean Melvin.

Neat Map Shows How Noisy Your Neighborhood Is

This sound map shows how loud your neighborhood is in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Two Awe-Inspiring Modern Homes In Pasadena & San Marino (Photos)

LAist got a rare look inside two awe-inspiring homes that architect Doug Ewing built.

Unearthed Video Shows A Beefy Nic Cage As Superman In 1997

There's an unearthed clip from unfinished 1997 movie, 'Superman Lives,' showing a beefy Nicolas Cage with long, luscious locks donning a skin-tight, blue Superman outfit--and it's glorious.

Advice Columnist Gets Pranked With Plot Of 'The Room'

One unsuspecting advice columnist was trolled pretty hard when a reader asked for some advice for problems that bore an uncanny similarity to the plot of 'The Room.'

Body Found In Home's Wall Belongs To Woman Missing Since 2009 [Updated]

Family members of a woman who went missing six years ago believe that the human remains discovered in the walls of a Lomita home earlier this week belong to her.

Here Are The DUI Checkpoints For The 4th Of July Weekend

While you're celebrating the ol' red, white and blue this weekend, keep in mind that you might want to think twice before getting behind the wheel after throwing back a few beers.

Man Arrested For Allegedly Murdering His Grandparents In Glendale

Police arrested the troubled grandson of a couple found murdered in their Glendale home earlier this week.

Human Remains Found Hidden In Home's Wall [Updated]

Deputies are investigating whether human remains are the source of a disturbing smell emanating from the wall's of a family home in a Lomita housing project.

Here's A Petition To Save The Griffith Park Teahouse

As the artists behind the Griffith Park Teahouse say the city is threatening to take it down soon, a petition has gone up pleading for it to be saved.

Video: Let's Revisit The Most Epic 4th Of July Fireworks Fail

While the San Diego fireworks show is normally pretty spectacular, it was especially epic three years ago when things went awry.

The Reason Why Old Town Pasadena Is Thriving While Westwood Isn't

In the '80s, Westwood Village was a destination hotspot that was as popular as Old Town Pasadena is now. Old Town on the other hand had a reputation for being Pasadena's skid row.

Kendrick Lamar Does Crazy Stunts In DTLA For New Music Video

Kendrick Lamar's latest music video shows him doing stunts in DTLA.

Jim Carrey And Other Celebrities Fume Over New 'Fascist' Vaccination Law

As expected, there are some celebrities who are straight-up livid about California's new vaccination law.

Dolphin Leaps Into Family's Boat, BLOOD SPRAYS EVERYWHERE

A family's happy boating trip in Orange County took a bloody, Tarantino-esque turn for the worst when a 350-pound dolphin jumped into their boat.

Someone Hid A Little Teahouse In Griffith Park

High up in Griffith Park is a wooden, Japanese-inspired teahouse that popped up this week, but it may not stay up for very long.

Father Of Homeless Man In Touching Viral Video: My Son Was Manipulated

The father of a homeless man featured in a heartwarming viral video says the man who made the video manipulated his son.

Police Want To Question Grandson Of Murdered Glendale Couple

Police searching for the troubled grandson of a couple murdered in Glendale found the person of interest in a hospital recovering from a serious car crash.

California's New Law Will Make Anti-Vaxxers Flip A Table

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed one of the strictest mandatory vaccination bills in the nation into law today.

Poke Fries Are Really A Thing

One Santa Ana restaurant is putting their own spin on the popular Hawaiian poke dish--by serving it on a bed of french fries.

Katy Perry Really, Really Wants To Live In This Former Los Feliz Convent

Katy Perry's plan to live in a former convent--a beautiful, villa-like one--in Los Feliz is thwarted by two nuns.

KKK Litters Lawns With Fliers That Say 'Wake Up White America!'

Whittier residents woke up to a surprise on their front lawns on Sunday morning--clear bags filled with a KKK flier, small rocks and Tootsie Rolls.

Video: Rapper Explains Why He Cut Off His Penis

'I was high as a kite. It was more than a mistake.'

Family's Story About Stalker's Creepy Letters Could Become A Movie

The real-life story about a New Jersey family getting terrifying notes from a mysterious figure dubbed 'The Watcher' is the stuff horror films are made of, and it looks like Hollywood is jumping right on that.

LAPD Officer Who Shot Unarmed Man In Los Feliz Is Identified

LAPD released the name of the officer who shot an unarmed man in Los Feliz last week.

California Passes One Of The Strictest Mandatory Vaccination Bills In The Nation

California lawmakers voted to take the state one step closer to requiring more schoolchildren to be immunized.

Mob Protests Sofia Vergara's Frozen Embryos At 'Magic Mike XXL' Premiere

A mob of pro-life protesters waiting for Sofia Vergara at the 'Magic Mike XXL' premiere last night in Hollywood.

Sqirl's Opening A Take-Out Shop This Summer

Soon there will be a quicker way to get delicious Sqirl dishes.

Photos: Thousands Wait Outside The Wiltern For Rapper J. Cole's $1 Concert

Massive lines snaked around the Wiltern in Koreatown today after rapper J. Cole announced on Twitter that there would be $1 wristbands handed out at the venue for a surprise concert tonight.

DTLA Bus Stop Gets Phone-Charging Station And Free WiFi

Metro and LADOT are testing out free WiFi and a phone charging station at a downtown Los Angeles bus shelter.

Photos: Adorable Mountain Lion Kittens Enjoy A Meal With Mom

We have photos of P-39's adorable kittens in the Santa Susana Mountains.

There's A Filipino Rice Bowl Bar Opening In Downtown L.A.

While we do have some Filipino restaurant mainstays in Los Angeles like L.A. Rose Cafe and Jollibee, we've got a new one in town that's jumping on the casual rice bowl craze.

Photos: The Secret Pop-Up Dinners Held In A Stranger's Beautiful Home

There's an air of mystery that surrounds PlaceInvaders' secret pop-up dinners.

Diddy Claims He Wielded Kettlebell In Self Defense In UCLA Attack

Sean 'Diddy' Combs is apparently claiming self defense in the alleged attack involving a kettlebell weight. The rapper and music mogul was arrested on assault charges at UCLA on Monday.

Everything You Need To Know About The Industrial SoCal Town Featured In 'True Detective'

We'd been eagerly awaiting the season two premiere of HBO's 'True Detective' mostly because season one blew us away, but also this time around the story takes place in a SoCal city: the industrial town of Vernon.

Video: Maya Rudolph Did A Spot-On Rachel Dolezal Impression

'I don't really understand the question,' Maya Rudolph said during her Rachel Dolezal impression.

Santa Monica Mountains' Popular Swimming Holes May Be Tainted With Poop

Two popular swimming holes in Santa Monica Mountains may contain enough poop to make you sick.

Cinespia Announces August's Outdoor Movie Screenings Lineup

Cinespia just announced their lineup of film screenings for August at the Hollywood Forever cemetery with 'The Virgin Suicides' and 'Can't Hardly Wait' in the mix.

14-Year-Old Charged With Murder In Brutal Stabbing Of 86-Year-Old Woman

A 14-year-old boy was charged as an adult on Monday in connection to the brutal murder of an 86-year-old woman in her Lancaster home last week.

14 Best Missed Connections From EDC

We hope these lovebirds find each other.

We Toured The Hip, Colorful Los Feliz Dundee Home (Photos)

At the top of a hill in Los Feliz in a quaint and tree-lined street with a cul-de-sac lies the Dundee house, a stunning modern home that was surprisingly once a Spanish colonial house.

Echo Park May Be Losing Its Asian Grocery Store

Echo Park's Asian market, A-1 Grocery Warehouse, is one of those places that could be meeting its end soon.

Malibu Finally Has A Plan To Fix Deadly Stretch Of PCH

In just 2015 alone, there have been four deaths and numerous crashes along a curvy and dangerous stretch of PCH in Malibu, and now Malibu's city council is finally considering a plan to make the popular road safer.

Watch Andy Samberg & Kit Harington's Epic Tennis Match In Mockumentary Trailer

HBO just dropped the trailer for a sports mockumentary about a fake, yet epic seven-day Wimbledon match with Andy Samberg and Kit Harington (sans his hot beard).

Diddy Arrested At UCLA For Alleged Attack With Kettlebell

Sean 'Diddy' Combs was arrested by UCLA police today after an alleged attack involving a kettelbell weight.

Photos: The Fire Devastating The San Bernardino National Forest

A massive wildfire in the San Bernardino National Forest has spread to about 11,000 acres since it first erupted on Wednesday.

'The Overnight' Cast On Silver Lake Parents And Getting (Almost) Naked

LAist recently spoke to the stars of 'The Overnight' about penises, nudity and the trials and tribulations of being an adult.

Broadway's Rad Block Party Is Coming Back Next January

'Night on Broadway' will return to the historic Broadway Corridor on January 31, 2016.

The Counter Is Giving Away Free Burgers To Dads For Father's Day

You can get your dad a free burger and give him a compliment at the same time.

What To Drink, Eat And Do During L.A. Beer Week

Beer enthusiasts rejoice! L.A. Beer Week is upon us.

Burbank's Massive 'Fast & Furious'-Like Car Meetup Thwarted By Police

While police successfully shut down the anticipated massive car meetup in Burbank, another one popped up in the City of Industry the same night.

Marilyn Monroe's House In The Valley Got Bulldozed

The house where Marilyn Monroe lived when she got her first break was demolished this week.

Missing Mom's Body Discovered In Car Under Suspicious Circumstances [UPDATED]

The body of a 31-year-old mother who went missing a week ago was found in her car on Tuesday, less than a mile away from her Monrovia home, family and friends say.

Photos: Massive 'Minions' Installation Over ArcLight's Cinerama Dome Is Finished

The 'Minions' installation over ArcLight Hollywood's Cinerama Dome is finished.

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