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Man Found Guilty For Kidnapping And Raping 10-Year-Old Girl

A 34-year-old man has been found guilty of kidnapping a 10-year-old girl from her bedroom in her Northridge home and sexually assaulting her in different locations before dropping her off and fleeing the country.

Frito-Lay Heir Found Dead At 44 In His Home

Carter Lay, the heir to the Frito-Lay empire, was found dead in his home at the age of 44.

Video Drives Home How Scary The 110 Freeway Ramps Are

'We know now very clearly that parkway is not standard. We have no shoulder, the lane widths are too narrow.'

Teen Arrested After Eminem Lyrics About Columbine Pop Up On His Instagram

Police arrested a 15-year-old student from a Fresno high school this week after lyrics from an Eminem song about the Columbine shooting surfaced on his Instagram account. They also found several guns and rounds of ammunition in the teen's home during a search.

Yeezy For President: Big 'Kanye 2020' Banner Is Hanging Off This Building

An L.A. man is sending a message as well with a massive banner emblazoned with 'Kanye 2020?' strewn across the the top of his building.

Video: Kanye's VMAs Speech As 'Seinfeld' Is Genius

When you pair Kanye West's speech with laugh tracks perfect for a stand-up comedy routine and a 'Seinfeld' bass line, it's pure comedy.

Man Charged With Assault After Targeting Women In Random Silver Lake Attacks

A woman says a man sneaked up behind her and groped her in a frightening attack in Silver Lake last week, and that she was one of three women he targeted that same day.

L.A.'s Hottest Restaurants Accused Of Price Fixing

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against some of L.A.'s hottest restaurants like Mélisse and Trois Mec, accusing the owners of price-fixing in regards to a 3% health care surcharge tacked onto the final bills.

Video: Taylor Swift Completely Unfazed As Fervent Fan Gets Tackled On Stage

Nothing can stop Taylor Swift on her '1989' tour, not even a mega-fan getting tackled by a group of security guards on stage while she's performing.

Video: Christina Applegate Hilariously Portrays Meryl Streep In Fake Biopic

It's about time we got a Lifetime original movie on actress Meryl Streep, even if it's a fake one.

UCLA Football Player Arrested For Allegedly Robbing Uber Driver

UCLA football player Ishmael Adams was arrested for allegedly using force to steal a cell phone from an Uber driver.

Kanye West Will Perform '808s & Heartbreak' In Full At Hollywood Bowl

Kanye West will be performing '808s & Heartbreak' in its entirety at the Hollywood Bowl next month.

Venice Hotel Owner Arrested In Fatal Shooting Of Homeless Man, Residents Say

Police have arrested a man in connection to the fatal shooting of a homeless man in Venice Beach over the weekend, and residents are saying the suspect is the owner of a Venice hotel.

Obama Will Trek Through The Wilderness With Bear Grylls For TV Show

The President will be testing his survival skills in the wilderness with Bear Grylls on his Alaska trip.

Tickets For Dave Chappelle's Intimate Shows At Hotel Cafe Go On Sale At 5 P.M.

If you were upset that you weren't able to catch comedian Dave Chappelle's comedy show back in March at Echo Park's Club Bahia, just know you have another chance—at a really intimate venue.

Photos: A Tour Of The Cool, Minimalist Homes Of Highland Park, Hancock Park

At the end of a Highland Park cul-de-sac and in a rather architecturally conservative Hancock Park neighborhood sit two hip and modern homes that we wouldn't mind living in.

Man Gored By Bison On Catalina Island Played Dead To Survive

A conservationist is recovering after a bison gored him on Santa Catalina Island this week, leaving him with a punctured lung and broken ribs.

Officials Point Fingers At Each Other Over Kardashian Fireworks Show

One of the biggest questions on everyone's mind is, 'Who let Khloe Kardashian put on such a thunderous show without a warning to the residents?'

New Eatery's Sandwiches Named After Public Radio Hosts Like Ira Glass

All-star public radio hosts like Ira Glass are getting a nod from a soon-to-be-open sandwich shop in Frogtown.

L.A. County Is Cracking Down On Raves, Cancels One Event

The party's not completely over, though things are going to be different.

Videos: Taylor Swift Surprises With Justin Timberlake, Lisa Kudrow 'Smelly Cat' Performance

Yes, you better believe that Lisa Kudrow performed 'Smelly Cat.'

Video: Red Crabs Spotted Near The Channel Islands Could Be Sign Of El Niño

A cast of red crabs normally seen in the waters of Mexico have been spotted all the way up near the Channel Islands--and it may just have to do with the possible 'Godzilla' El Niño coming our way this winter.

The Best Staycations In And Around Los Angeles

Instead of scrolling through your Facebook feed staring longingly at photos of your friends' vacations, you can feel like a tourist in your own town without having to go very far.

It's Official: Soon You Can Take Uber And Lyft Rides From LAX

After A LOT of back and forth and delays, the L.A. City Council has finally made a decision: ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft will soon be able to pick passengers up from LAX.

Kardashian Pisses Off Marina Del Rey With A Surprise Fireworks Show

There's nothing like a surprise midnight fireworks show on any other day than the 4th of July.

Local Rapper Shot In Neck While Driving In Pasadena

Local underground rapper, Phora, is recovering right now after someone shot him in his neck while he was driving on a freeway in Pasadena.

Photo: This Man Is Driving With Sun Shades On His Front Windshield

It's not every day you see someone driving on the freeway with sun shades attached to the front windshield.

Yes, There's A Tasteless Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume For Sale

Halloween is that time of of year where you might learn a thing or two about people based on their costumes--like if they're racist or transphobic.

Video: Frustrated American Apparel Workers Beat Piñata Of CEO

American Apparel employees are letting it be known that they aren't too happy with the way things are going with the beleaguered American Apparel.

FYF Fest, Day 2 Photos: A Lorde Surprise And So Many Overalls

The final day of FYF Fest may not have had Rihanna jump up on stage with Kanye West, but there were plenty of other surprises—like a surprise Lorde dance party and Solange taking her bra off to #FreeTheNipple.

Photos: Competitors Stuff Their Faces With Gyoza For World-Eating Championship

There were some big-name eaters--from the likes of Matt Stonie and Joey Chestnut--in Little Tokyo over the weekend competing for the World Gyzoa Eating Championship title.

FYF Fest, Day 1 Photos: Rihanna Crashes The Party

Rihzus surprised us on stage on day one of FYF Fest.

4 Injured In Explosion At Downtown L.A. High-Rise

Four people were injured after an explosion rocked the basement of a high-rise in downtown L.A. Thursday night, leaving a dozen other buildings without power this morning.

Even Nominated Directors Have To Buy Pricey Tickets To MTV VMAs

One director was really excited when he found out he was nominated for an MTV VMA, but his 'heart sank' after finding out that he would have to pay over $400 for his own ticket just to attend the awards show.

Photos: There's A Tiny, 'Mad Men'-esque Bar Nestled In The Hollywood Hills

While L.A. seems to have a never-ending list of hip bars with long craft cocktail menus, there's a chill and very tiny bar with a throwback vibe that's taking us back to the basics.

Photos: Mustachioed Alfred Coffee Opening In Silver Lake This Weekend

Folks living east of West Hollywood will now be able to get their cold brew fix at hipster Alfred Coffee + Kitchen in Silver Lake come this Sunday.

Driver Suspected Of DUI In Gnarly 5-Car Crash In Mid-City

Five people are in critical condition after a suspected DUI driver crashed into four other cars in Mid-City on Wednesday.

The Best Things Patrick Stewart Said In His Delightful Reddit AMA

Patrick Stewart answered all sorts of questions in this Reddit AMA, including which male actor is the best kisser.

Praise Yeezus: Kanye West Is Now Headlining FYF Fest

FYF Fest just threw a curve ball at us: Kanye West is now headlining the music festival on Saturday.

Teen Accused Of Stabbing Brother's Girlfriend To Death With Scissors

A 19-year-old woman has been charged with the murder of her brother's girlfriend whom she allegedly stabbed to death with a pair of scissors.

Photos: Second Rare Oarfish Washes Ashore In Catalina Within Months

Just within three months, another oarfish has washed up on the shores of Santa Catalina Island.

Video: Uber Driver Throws Singalong Dance Party In His Car

One Uber driver took it up a notch and had a fun, dance-party-meets-singalong in his car.

Dr. Dre's Ex Explains Why His Abusive History Wasn't In 'Straight Outta Compton'

As much as the film has been heralded for its depiction of South Central in the '90s, one thing was glossed over: former N.W.A. member Dr. Dre's abusive past.

High School Cracks Down On Journalism Teacher For Teaching Journalism

Administrators put an award-winning high school teacher and newspaper adviser on leave months after students accused administrators of censoring the school newspaper from publishing a story.

Photos: International Sailor Moon Day Brings Cosplayers Out To Griffith Park

While these Sailor Moon fans weren't fighting evil by moonlight, they were definitely winning love by daylight. Our love, that is, for their costumes at the International Sailor Moon Day (ISMD) gathering at Griffith Park.

Santa Monica Gets L.A. County's First Ever Bike-Share Program

The wheels are finally turning. L.A. County's first public bike-share program recently launched in Santa Monica as part of a test run.

Videos: Johnny Depp, Gene Simmons Rock Out At Lucky Strike Bowling

It's not every day you get to see Johnny Depp and KISS' Gene Simmons rock out on stage together, no less at a bowling alley in Hollywood.

Video: Hilarious Parody Shows Taylor Swift Bringing Imaginary BFFs On Stage

We have no idea what other members from Taylor Swift's army of A-list besties she will bring on stage with her in L.A. because she has so many--but one woman has some ideas.

SoCal's First LGBTQ Youth Leadership Camp Really Shows It Gets Better

Southern California's first LGBTQ leadership camp--a unique, week-long experience for youths to express themselves and learn leadership skills--just wrapped up.

Photos: The Wildly Creative, Magical Costumes Of This Fantasy Masquerade Ball

For the folks who can't wait until Halloween, there's a fantasy masquerade ball that takes place in downtown L.A. that makes all other costumed parties look like child's play.

Video: Daaaang, There Are A Lot Of Stingrays In Marina Del Rey

You might want to do the 'stingray shuffle' the next time you're in the waters of Marina del Rey--because there are A LOT of them swimming around there this week.

Video: Dude Tortures Sister With 4 Hours Of Lip-Syncing, Gets Serious Side Eye

Sometimes, road trips with family can be fun, and other times torturous, especially when your brother insists on lip-syncing for four hours.

Photos, Videos: Inside The World Of A Professional Merman

We talked to a full-time, professional merman and got the inside scoop on what it's like to have this career.

39 Reasons Why We Love Long Beach

It's just far enough away from Los Angeles to feel a little bit more relaxed, cheaper and friendlier.

Attempted Murder Suspect Hit By Car While Running From Cops On Freeway

Things took a crazy turn during a police chase when the attempted murder suspect they were after drove his car on the wrong side of the 210 freeway, fled on foot and got struck by a car.

Storm Chaser Gets Rare, Stunning Snapshot Of Lightning Bolt & Rainbow

A photographer who's been storm chasing for over 10 years finally got the photo of his dreams: a one-two punch of lightning and a rainbow in the same shot.

Comedian Hannibal Buress Is Doing A FREE Show At Echo Park Rising

Comedian Hannibal Buress, who we absolutely love in Comedy Central's 'Broad City,' is going to perform for free this weekend at Echo Park Rising.

Man Mysteriously Goes Missing After Leaving The Echoplex [Updated]

Family members are searching for a 31-year-old man who vanished after a night out at the Echoplex last week. His car is still where he left it, six days later.

Hipster Cafe Demitasse Coming Soon To Hollywood and Mid-Wilshire

Cafe Demitasse is spreading its wings with plans to open two more outposts in Hollywood and Mid-Wilshire.

Bumble Bee Foods To Pay $6 Million Over Employee Cooked Alive In Oven

Bumble Bee Foods will have to pay out $6 million over the gruesome death of an employee, who was cooked alive in an industrial oven in their plant almost three years ago.

Photos: Over 27,000 Berners Rally For Bernie Sanders In Los Angeles

'Berners' supporting Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders cheered, chanted and stomped in support of his campaign rally in Los Angeles last night.

Jim Carrey Gets Showtime Pilot On '70s Comedy Club Scene In L.A.

Jim Carrey is tapping into the dark side of comedy as the executive producer of a new Showtime pilot about the 1970s comedy circuit scene in Los Angeles.

R.I.P.: SoCal's Goodyear Blimp Took Its Last Ride After 13 Years

After 13 years of faithfully flying through SoCal's skies, our trusty ol' Goodyear Blimp is being put to rest.

Two Survive Gnarly 400-Feet Crash Down Embankment In Angeles National Forest

Two people survived a rollover crash on Sunday after they plummeted 400 feet down an embankment in the Angeles National Forest.

Video: Fed-Up Fisherman Hooks Annoying Drone Flying By Pier

One fisherman who seems like he just about had it with drones decided to hook one midair at a San Diego beach.

Mac 'N' Cheese Waffles And Other Droolworthy FYF Fest Food

We're talking about delicious dishes like waffles stuffed with mac 'n' cheese, a vegan chicken sandwich donut, nitro coconut ice cream and more coming from their over 100 vendors.

Dr. Dre Donating His Royalties From New Album To Compton

Dr. Dre didn't just release his first album in 16 years today--he's doing some good with it, too.

Video: Brangelina Back Together For '70s Drama About Sad, Sexy Couple

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt are back together on the screen for a 1970s-era drama about a seriously unhappy couple who both just happen to ooze sexiness by just being.

Human Remains In Backyard Could Be Linked To 2009 Cold Case

After a day of excavating, investigators have discovered a human skull and other remains in the backyard of a San Gabriel Valley home, one that could possibly be linked to a 2009 cold case.

The Story Behind The Bizarre 'Finger Hand Movement'

There's something called the 'Finger Hand Movement'--and it's spreading.

Let's Be Real: The Poke Craze Is Getting Out Of Hand

We can all agree that Hawaiian poke is delicious. But we have to say, the poke craze in Los Angeles is just getting ridiculous.

Father Of The Year Leaves Kids In Car To Get Prostitute

A 31-year-old father, and totally a model parent, admits he left his young children alone in his car while he tried to hire a prostitute.

Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Throw Surprise Wedding In Backyard

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux finally tied the knot!

30 Restaurants With Late-Night Dining In Los Angeles

Fortunately, our options aren't only limited to Jack in the Box or Taco Bell here, and we can actually get delicious Korean BBQ, ramen and fried chicken into the wee hours of the morning.

This App Lets You Request Someone To Drive You & Your Car Home

There's a new service that launched today where you can not only get someone to drive you home, but take your car back, too.

Methed-Out 'Tarzan' Tries To Swing Into Zoo's Monkey Exhibit

A shirtless man who said he was Tarzan got into some monkey business when he swung from the trees at the Santa Ana Zoo on Tuesday in an attempt to get into a monkey exhibit.

These Starry Malibu Beach Photos Look Out Of This World

While we can't see all the beautiful details of the Milky Way with our naked eye, a long exposure on a camera can make all the difference.

Family Of Man Killed In Skid Row Shooting By Police Suing LAPD And L.A.

The family of an unarmed and mentally-ill homeless man who was fatally shot by LAPD officers on Skid Row filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the department and the city of Los Angeles today.

Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale Are Getting Divorced

We have some heartbreaking news: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have decided to split up.

Man Jumps Off 5 Freeway In Burbank

A man jumped off the Magnolia Boulevard overpass onto the 5 Freeway in Burbank this morning.

Best Man Dies In Car Crash On Way To Brother's Wedding Rehearsal

A 36-year-old man died in a tragic crash while he and his wife were on their way to his brother's wedding rehearsal dinner in Agoura Hills.

This Horror Film Is So Gross That 2 People Fainted During A Screening

While some of us like to torture ourselves with ridiculously gross films, there's a new horror movie that's so disgusting that two people apparently fainted during a recent screening.

Woman's Racist Rant At IHOP: 'We Speak English In America' (Video)

A man captured a woman on video at a Koreatown IHOP going on a long, racist rant about how people in America need to speak English, not Spanish.

HARD Summer Photos: Jack Black, Justin Bieber And Aliens

Besides your usual raver outfits and pulsating EDM beats, the music festival had some surprises, including guest appearances from Justin Bieber and Jack Black.

Creepy New Raver Trend: Waving Tiny Doll Hands

Forget the pacifiers and kandi bracelets. The latest raver trend may be putting creepy, tiny doll hands on your fingers.

LOL: Whole Foods Sold Water With Asparagus In It For $6

We've all heard the joke that Whole Foods is taking your "whole paycheck," but one of their latest products shows us they are really taking it to the next level.

'Will & Grace' Actor Throws Drink At Homophobic Jerks In WeHo

A 'Will & Grace' actor dealt with some jerks who yelled out homophobic slurs at a Starbucks in West Hollywood this week by confronting them and throwing his drink at one of the offenders.

Even The City 'True Detective' Is Based On Isn't Stoked About The Show

Even the spokesperson for Vernon, the SoCal city that HBO's crime drama is based on, admits that the series isn't all that great.

These Videos Of Storm Clouds Moving Through L.A. Are Mesmerizing

Storm clouds through SoCal made for some great time lapse videos coming out of Los Angeles.

Soon You Can See Movies On A Theater Rooftop

There's something different coming to our city: outdoor movie screenings on the rooftop of an old Hollywood theater.

This Couple Secretly Threw A Wedding At Disneyland

If you want to get married at the Happiest Place on Earth and don't want to shell out tens of thousands of dollars, then you're going to have to do it in a stealthy, sneaky way.

Dude With A Sword And Ninja-Like Mask Robbed A Walgreens

A sword-wielding man wearing a ninja-like mask robbed a Walgreens store in Orange County on Wednesday night.

Video: Guy Scares The Bejeezus Out Of A TV Reporter On Camera

Nobody likes getting spooked from behind, especially not this KTLA reporter who got quite the scare this week when a random guy popped up behind her during a taping.

Echo Park's Very Own Blue Bottle Coffee Shop Opens Next Week

Echo Park will be home to one of Blue Bottle Coffee's outposts come August 8.

Yeah, B*tch! You Can Buy Jesse's 'Breaking Bad' House (Photos)

If you haven't been able to fill that void in your life ever since 'Breaking Bad' ended, may we suggest you purchase Jesse Pinkman's party pad? Because you can, for just $1.6 million.

Video: Jimmy Kimmel Tears Up Over Cecil The Lion's Death

Jimmy Kimmel got choked up last night on his late-night show talking about Cecil the lion.

Get Ready For A Reality TV Show About A Teen Psychic In Hollywood

It was just a matter of time before we'd all be blessed with a reality TV show about a teen psychic in Hollywood.

Mother Arrested After 17-Year-Old Son Found Shot To Death In Hotel

A mother was arrested in connection to the fatal shooting of her 17-year-old son in a Rosemead hotel on Monday.

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