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The Falafel Waffle And Other Unique Falafel Dishes In L.A.

In Los Angeles, there a few spots that play on the chickpeas and fava bean treat, bringing in fun twists—like the falafel waffle and the kale falafel burger.

'Midnight Rider' Exec Producer Is Teaching A College Course On Set Safety [Updated]

The executive producer partly responsible for a camera assistant's death is teaching a college course on what it takes to be an assistant director, whose responsibilities include set safety.

Echo Park Real Estate In 2015: Rent A Backyard RV For $850/Month

We know housing is expensive and it's hard to afford up-and-coming, desirable neighborhoods like Echo Park, but we're not sure about paying $850 a month to live in a Winnebago sitting in someone's backyard.

Teen Couple Killed In Crash After Car Roof Rips Off

A teen couple was killed in a violent crash in Hacienda Heights on Sunday night after a car crashed into them and sheared the roof of their car off.

We Might Be Breathing Cleaner Air Thanks To CicLAvia, Study Says

These one-day, car-free events might be doing some good for the environment, especially by significantly reducing air pollution, according to a new study.

Saudi Prince Won't Face Felony Sexual Assault Charges

A Saudi prince who was arrested last month for allegedly forcing a woman to perform a sexual act at a mansion near Beverly Hills won't be facing any felony charges.

Extra, Extra: There's A Way You Can Get Lucky Charms With Only Marshmallows

Wendy's employees get their comeuppance for writing racist remarks to children, a guy secretly pimped out people's cars at night, and more end of the day links!

Former Playboy Twins In Car Crash On Way To Get Nipples Pierced, Sources Say

Two former Playboy Playmates, twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, were involved in a serious crash when their SUV rolled in Beverly Hills on Monday, and one sister was reportedly arrested for a DUI.

The L.A. River In The Valley Will Be Getting New Biking & Walking Trails

The 12-mile stretch along the river will be getting a much-needed makeover with new biking and walking trails.

Lamar Odom Opened His Eyes And Spoke, Sources Say

There are reports that Lamar Odom opened his eyes and made some form of communication after being unconscious since Tuesday.

Man Threatens To Jump Off 101 Freeway Overpass In Studio City [Updated]

A man is threatening to jump off of the 101 Freeway overpass in Studio City this afternoon, and police are working to talk the man down.

Video: Truck Flies Off Freeway In Possible Road-Rage Incident

A man captured a frightening video on his dashcam of a truck losing control and flying over a freeway in Fontana before crashing into a car dealership.

'Full House' Actor John Stamos Charged With DUI From Beverly Hills Arrest

Actor John Stamos has been charged with a DUI stemming from his arrest in June in Beverly Hills, where witnesses say he was driving erratically.

Lamar Odom's Condition Has Deteriorated, Sources Say

Sources say that Lamar Odom is not showing any signs of improvement, and that his estranged wife Khloé Kardashian has the tough job of having to make medical decisions for him.

UCLA Doctor Delivers Baby Mid-Flight, 30,000 Feet In The Air

A UCLA doctor on an international flight from Bali to Los Angeles delivered a baby 30,000 feet in the air.

Adam Levine Lands TV Pilot Inspired By Wedding-Crashing Music Video

Adam Levine's new NBC pilot will be like a happier 'Punk'ed.'

Extra, Extra: Two Friends Working At Hospital Find Out They're Sisters

Calvin Harris has something to say about these Thai massage parlor rumors, a study finds guys who harass women online are losers, and more end of the day links!

Father Of Two Fighting For His Life After Freeway Bridge Collapse

One of the nine construction workers who were injured when a freeway bridge in Corona partially collapsed on Friday is fighting for his life.

Man Arrested For Allegedly Shooting Wife In The Face

A 35-year-old man was arrested early this morning for allegedly shooting his wife in the face inside a Covina apartment.

Photos: Inside The Secret Abandoned Mansion Street Art Show

When street artist Hanksy finally released the secret location of the art show on Saturday afternoon to the masses, it brought in swarms of guests lining up to view the artwork.

Free Access To MOCA And More Freebies At Downtown Arts Festival

Get cultured with a full day of free access to museums, opera performances and architectural tours at downtown L.A.'s upcoming arts festival throughout Grand Avenue.

Extra, Extra: China's Carmageddon Has Epic 50-Lane Traffic Jam

The NKOTB Cruise has commenced, researchers are recreating a rat's brain in a computer, and more end of the day links.

Dunkin' Donuts Lands Its First Downtown L.A. Location

It's finally downtown L.A.

There's A Weeklong 'Back To The Future' 30th Anniversary Celebration

And in celebration of the 30-year anniversary of the start of the film's beloved trilogy, Los Angeles will be having a five-day immersive event starting on that exact date. Great Scott!

Here Are L.A.'s Metro Stations Ranked

L.A.'s Metro stations just got ranked within our own city and the state. We're not sure if our parents would be happy with this grade, but L.A. scored a C-average in California.

CicLAvia Is Celebrating Its 5th Anniversary With A Downtown L.A. Route

It seems like it was just yesterday CicLAvia launched, but now, the car-free event is celebrating its fifth anniversary by going back to its roots and going to the first place where it all started: downtown L.A.

The Natural History Museum Will Host A Halloween Sleepover For Grown-ups

Your dreams of sleeping over at a museum could become a reality soon.

'90s Rappers Stalked LAPD In A Video Staged For Their Comeback, Cops Say

A video on social media showing a person in a car brandishing a handgun behind an LAPD patrol car turned out to be part of a 'comeback' attempt for a 'an early 1990's rap group no longer in fashion,' police said. An arrest has since been made.

Stolen Car Chase Leads To Big Crash At Fairfax And Beverly

A suspect in a police chase involving a stolen car was arrested after the car crashed into two other vehicles on Fairfax Avenue and Beverly Boulevard.

Not So Fast, Fall: We're Getting Another Heat Wave

Just when you started unpacking your Fall sweaters and cozying up next to your fireplace while sipping on some hot apple cider, we're getting another heat wave.

LAPD Officers Kill Man Who Chucked Beer Bottle At Their Car, Police Say

Police now say the man threw what they believed to be a beer bottle at their window, which led to the officers believing they were being shot at.

1.8 Million Boxes Of Cheerios & Honey Nut Cheerios Recalled

Cereal eaters, beware: if you can't eat wheat products, you may want to double-check your Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios boxes.

Extra, Extra: We'd Totally Watch 'Friends' Starring Hamsters

An adorable pup gets adopted by explorers, a regional Mexican food guide in Los Angeles, and more end of the day links!

Extra, Extra: Hysterical Woman Is Not Happy A Bear Destroyed Her Kayak

Conspiracy theories about Avril Lavigne, Dothraki-language creator imagines a new language for L.A., and more end of the day links!

LGBT Center For Gay Latinos In Boyle Heights Will Launch Next Week

Boyle Heights is getting its very own LGBT center to better serve the gay Latino community on the Eastside.

Here's What Everyone Is Making In The Showbiz, From Caterers To Execs

There's a new report that reveals Hollywood salaries—from TV actors to scribes and craft services.

Samurai Sword Murderers Sentenced For Family, NASA Scientist Slayings

Two men convicted in the grisly samurai sword and baseball bat murders of five people, which included a NASA scientist, in Quartz Hill in 2008 were sentenced today.

Wrong-Way Driver Threatens To Jump After Crashing Into Cars On Bridge

A man who was driving the wrong way on a San Pedro bridge today crashed into several cars before threatening to jump off of the bridge.

Maps: How Immigration To The U.S. Has Changed Since 1850

A newly released map shows how immigration patterns were a lot different over 160 years ago.

Extra, Extra: We're Getting Burger King's Black Burger For Halloween

A bundle of marijuana falls into a lucky family's home, Ridley Scott knew about water on Mars but didn't tell us, and more end of the day links!

Video: This Is How Angry Drivers Are Over Silver Lake's Rowena Road Diet

Silver Lake residents have been up in arms about the Rowena Road Diet—and one guy captured on video the road rage drivers are experiencing on nearby side streets.

Coyote Bites 3-Year-Old Girl In The Neck At Park Playground

In a rare attack, a coyote bit a 3-year-old girl in the neck while she was playing at a playground in Elysian Park earlier this month.

A TV Show Based On The 'Serial' Podcast Is In The Works

A TV show based on the wildly popular 'Serial' podcast is in the works.

Catherine Coulson AKA 'Log Lady' Of 'Twin Peaks' Dies At 71

Catherine Coulson, famously known as the iconic "Log Lady" in Twin Peaks, has died at the age of 71.

Jim Carrey's Ex Cathriona White Found Dead From Apparent Suicide

Jim Carrey's girlfriend Cathriona White has died of an apparent suicide at the age of 28, authorities say.

Nicki Minaj Lands ABC Family Sitcom About Her Life

Nicki Minaj is taking her career to the next level: she just landed herself a sitcom about her life on ABC Family.

Hit-And-Run Drivers Will Soon Be On Blast With New Yellow Alerts

We're all familiar with seeing amber alerts on the roadways when a child is kidnapped, but thanks to a new California law, we'll soon be seeing yellow alerts for hit-and-run drivers.

PlaceInvaders' Traveling Pop-Up Dinners Are Returning To L.A.

PlaceInvaders is a traveling pop-up brunch and dinner held in gorgeous homes, and they're coming back to L.A.

NASA Confirms There's Water Flowing On Mars

NASA and JPL made a major announcement today: they've found evidence of salty water flowing intermittently on present-day Mars.

Man & Girlfriend Charged With Torture After His Sister Found Locked In Shed

A man and his girlfriend were charged with torture and false imprisonment after his 54-year-old sister was found wounded and locked in a tool shed in Lancaster.

New Owner Of Ramen Champ Is Changing Up The Menu

Ramen Champ has a new owner and chef, and even some new piping hot bowls of ramen on the horizon come October 2.

Photos: Adorable Dogs Surf The Waves Like It's NBD

Nearly 65 cute pooches rode the waves on Sunday in the seventh annual Surf City Surf Dog event in Huntington Beach

Extra, Extra: Fox News Anchor Says Leonardo DiCaprio Painted The 'Mona Lisa'

Guys might be need to be cautious about donning man buns, China builds a bridge that would give us a heart attack, and more end of the day links!

Saudi Prince Arrested After Bleeding Woman Seen Scaling Mansion Wall, Neighbor Says

One neighbor said the woman was seen bleeding and scaling a wall on the property.

Man Found Dead In A Car Near Los Feliz

A man's body was found in a car near Los Feliz today.

Extra, Extra: Move Over Pizza Rat, Kale Chihuahua Is Our New Overlord

A Boston bro freaks out over a huge fish, Netflix knows about your binge addiction habits, and more end of the day links!

3 Kids Eating At Taco Stand Wounded In Drive-By Shooting

Three children were wounded after they were caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting in front of a South L.A. taco stand on Wednesday.

The Future Is Here: We Went To A Virtual Reality Film Festival

If you've never used an VR headset before, we highly recommend it.

Get Your Bibs On: A Lobster Festival Is Upon Us

Prepare to be armed with some melted butter and a lobster bib.

Teen Girl Was 'Car Surfing' Before She Died, Friends Say

Friends of a 15-year-old girl who died earlier this week in Tarzana are saying that she died after trying to do a 'car surfing' stunt.

The Owner Of Budweiser Just Bought Golden Road Brewing

It seems like the beer giants have been swallowing up California craft breweries lately—and Golden Road Brewing is the latest one in the mix.

Watch This Plane Roll Through An Irvine Street In Emergency Landing

We've all heard about the California roll, but this takes it to the next level.

Frat Guy Yells To USC Student Body President: 'You Indian Piece Of Sh*t'

The Indian-born USC student body president is bringing attention to the racism at her college after she says a frat guy yelled at her, 'You Indian piece of shit' before hurling a drink at her.

Author Of One Of Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets' Offers Up A Sarcastic Apology

This guy's tweet ended up on Jimmy Kimmel's 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.'

Photos: It's So Hot On The Emmys Red Carpet, Olivia Culpo Nearly Fainted

Mario Lopez soaked through his shirt like a wet t-shirt contest.

Red Carpet Photos From The 2015 Emmy Awards

The scorching heat didn't stop stars from sporting what seems like this year's fashion trend: black gowns.

Tracy Morgan's Touching & Heartfelt Speech In The Emmys' Media Room

It's good to see Tracy Morgan back on stage.

Woman's Death In Westwood Fire Is Being Investigated As A Homicide

A woman was found dead today in a Westwood apartment fire close by to the UCLA campus, and authorities are searching for her boyfriend as a person of interest.

Father And Son Stabbed At Little League Baseball Game

Police have arrested two suspects linked to the stabbings of a man and his son at a youth baseball game in Ventura on Sunday afternoon. One of the suspects was also found stabbed in the incident.

Abandoned Runyon Canyon Mansion Is Now A Marijuana Party Pad

A once-abandoned (and maybe cursed) mansion perched at the top of Runyon Canyon is finally being put to good use: it's now home to marijuana-fueled parties.

Extra, Extra: Barbie's Take On My Bloody Valentine Is 'They Are So Emo'

A hero pilot grounds a plane to save a dog's life, Tom Brady really loves Donald Trump, and more end of the day links!

A Bullet Train From SoCal To Vegas Is In The Works

Fellow denizens of Los Angeles: we may be closer to hopping on a bullet train to Sin City, with none of that wretched hours-long hangover drive back home.

Tom Cruise May Be Selling The Beverly Hills Mansion He Got With Katie Holmes

It looks like Tom Cruise is selling his Beverly Hills mansion that he bought with his ex, Katie Holmes for a whopping $50 million.

Visual Proof There Are More Car Crashes In L.A. When It Rains

Traffic was hellish on the early morning commute yesterday, and we can definitely blame the rain for that one.

Video: The Man Behind L.A.'s Right-Wing Street Art

While we may be used to street artists like Shepard Fairey putting up liberal artwork like the Obama "Hope" poster, there's a Los Angeles guerrilla artist decorating our town with conservative-leaning messages.

Don Your Snazziest Outfits For Dapper Day At Disneyland's Parks

For those who'd like to dust off their most fashionable outfits, you can dress to the nines with thousands of other people at Disneyland's parks this Friday and Saturday.

Extra, Extra: Alicia Silverstone Doesn't Want To Talk About 'Clueless'

The Sierra Nevada snowpack is getting worrisome, a world-famous restaurant is closing, and more end of the day links!

Photos: Rainy Weather Brings Crazy Floods, Overturns McDonald's Truck

While the rainfall is some sweet relief on our parched earth, it also brought with it crazy floods, a horrid morning commute, and some much-need rescuing in the L.A. River.

Johnny Depp's Touching Tribute To Wes Craven: 'Rest In Peace, Old Wes'

Johnny Depp hasn't forgotten who took a chance on him, and gave a touching tribute to the the late Wes Craven on Monday night.

Two Planes Full Of Passengers Clip Each Other's Wings At LAX

Two planes each carrying over 100 passengers clipped each other on the LAX tarmac on Sunday night, making for some real-life bumper planes action.

'A Nightmare Before Christmas' Is Coming To The Hollywood Bowl For Halloween

For the big Jack Skellington fans, this one's for you.

Sound Editor Of 'The X-Files' & 'Lost' Dies In Bicycle Crash

A sound editor known for his work on 'The X-Files' and 'Lost' died over the weekend after a driver crashed her car into his bicycle and killed him before fatally striking a motorcyclist just moments later.

Video: Guinness World Record Holder Uses Tongue To Paint Beaver Portrait

A Los Angeles man who currently holds the Guinness World Record for having the longest tongue recently lick-painted a beaver.

Teen Killed In Broad Daylight After Spray Painting Over Gang Graffiti

Detectives are searching for two suspects involved in the murder of a 15-year-old boy who crossed out gang graffiti in Compton this week.

Photos: NASA Releases Stunning Up-Close Pictures Of Pluto

It's been nearly two months since NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew close by to Pluto, and now we finally get a real up close and personal look at the dwarf planet.

Who Are These Maniacs Hiking Runyon Canyon In 100-Degree Heat?

Yesterday temperatures hit over 100-degrees in parts of L.A., and while normal humans had trouble walking to the corner coffee shop, the intense heat did not stop others from getting their Runyon Canyon hike in.

Buzzkill: School Takes Down 4th Grade Teacher's Kanye-Themed Classroom

Parents were apparently less than enthused when a fourth grade teacher in Fresno County Kanye-fied his classroom.

The 'F*cking Catalina Wine Mixer' From 'Step Brothers' Is Actually Happening

It may have been seven years since 'Step Brothers' was released in theaters, but the memory of the 'F*cking Catalina Wine Mixer' from the comedy is still alive and kicking.

Extra, Extra: Filmmaker Terry Gilliam Is NOT Dead

The Rock saves adorable puppies, a guide on how to take man selfies, and more end of the day links!

Woman Convicted In Deadly Beating Of 65-Year-Old Artist At Metro Stop

A 25-year-old woman has been convicted for the deadly beating of a 65-year-old artist at a Metro Blue Line stop in Willowbrook last year.

A Guide To Mastering Hollywood Forever's Cinespia Movie Nights

We present to you tips on mastering Cinespia's movie nights so you can bring your A-game the next time you go.

Welcome To Hell: It's Going To Be Another Scorcher This Week

We hope you have a buddy with a pool because it's going to be a scorcher this week.

Photos: Silver Lake's New European-Inspired Bar Will Have Outdoor Film Screenings

A new Silver Lake bar with a cool, airy design with planned outdoor arthouse film screenings and secret music shows, now calls the shuttered MJ's space home.

Extra, Extra: Jimmy Kimmel Is Getting Kind Of Hunky

Starbucks' secret pass to get PSLs first, Kanye gives Taylor Swift an interesting gift, and more end of the day links!

L.A. County Fair Food Photos: Deep-Fried Guacamole, Cinnamon Fireball Donut

Wear your stretchy pants to the L.A. County Fair.

Topless Maid Gets 35 Years In Jail For Nearly Decapitating Retired Cop

A topless maid was convicted this week for killing and nearly decapitating a retired police officer earlier this year.

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