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9-1-1 Dispatcher Gave Bad Advice In Deadly Crash

"OK, we need to take that belt off. We don't want to tourniquet it," the 9-1-1 dispatcher told the caller.

Body Discovered In MacArthur Park Lake

A body was discovered floating in the lake at MacArthur Park in Westlake this morning.

Skinnygirl Founder Might Be Making A 'No Munchies' Weed Strain

Those guilt-ridden, late night trips to Taco Bell after a blaze sesh could be over soon.

10 DineL.A. Items You Can Only Get During Restaurant Week

We've picked out the exclusive dishes that we're most excited about.

Bitter 'Mother Of The Year' Sentenced After Rape Pranks

A bitter woman who put out Craiglist ads to get a homeowner raped after she outbid her on her dream home in San Diego has been sentenced to house arrest.

Santa Monica's Getting A Bulletproof Coffee Shop For Yuppie Health Nuts

The guy who popularized the drink in the U.S. is planning on opening his very first Bulletproof Coffee shop in Santa Monica in February.

Watch This Cool Time-Lapse Of Huge Arts District Mural Being Painted

Over in the Arts District, a new 2,000-square foot mural is now up, created from the mind of Australian street artist Meggs.

Man Stalked Then Gunned Down After Refusing To Pay $500 In Car Crash, Police Say

When Darrell Orlando Daniels refused to pay another driver $500 on the spot for a car crash, the other driver allegedly followed him and gunned him down.

Disneyland Now Has 26 Cases Of Measles Linked To Its Parks

The number of measles cases linked to Disneyland and its next door neighbor California Adventure Park have jumped up, with 26 people infected now.

This New Melrose Avenue Cafe's Japanese Rice Balls Sound Amazing

The musubi at Kawaba Rice Ball have delicious-sounding fillings from chicken curry to deep-fried breaded shrimp.

Highlights From The 2015 Golden Globes

Here are the best, worst, and most hilarious and awkward moments of this year's Golden Globes.

Men Accused Of Trying To Buy Toddler For $100 Say It Was A Misunderstanding

It turns out that the two men who were accused of trying to buy a woman's toddler for $100 at a Covina grocery store last week were just trying to do a good deed, not get involved in child trafficking.

Over 40 Sick After Eating Bakery's Hallucinogenic Drug-Laced Bread

Over 40 people went to the hospital last week after complaining they were nauseous, hallucinating and having out-of-body experiences after eating Three Kings bread from an Orange County bakery.

A Definitive Guide To The Beards Of This Year's Golden Globes

At the Golden Globes last night, it was a sea of gruff and furry chins on the red carpet.

Photos: There's A Hot New Parisian Eatery In Beverly Grove Now Serving Brunch

There's a new French brasserie helmed by some heavy hitters in the food world--and they recently started offering brunch service featuring classic dishes with haunting flavors.

Photos: Gourmet Pastry Chef Brings Creative Flavors To New Shave Ice Shop In SGV

Ice Que is owned by a high-end pastry chef who's worked at fancy restaurants from the likes of Providence to Water Grill.

Hollywood Roosevelt Owners Plan To Transform Gorgeous, Forgotten Westlake Hotel

Westlake's Legendary Park Plaza Hotel is getting some much-needed love and attention from the folks behind Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Missing Irvine Woman's Body Found Floating In Big Bear Lake

Authorities discovered the body of an Irvine woman who was reported missing over a week ago floating in Big Bear Lake on Thursday.

Listen To Liam Neeson's Amazing Prank Call Threatening 'Taken' Co-Star's Ex

Liam Neeson is just as badass in his films as he is in real life.

Here Are The Golden Globes Street Closures This Weekend

Here are the areas to avoid during the Golden Globes this weekend.

Pasadena's Quirky Bunny Museum Too Overrun With Bunnies, Launches Kickstarter For Larger Digs

The owners say they're running out of room in their private home that houses the Bunny Museum and have launched a Kickstarter for a new and larger space.

How L.A. Chefs And Restaurants Are Celebrating The Foie Gras Ban Lift

Chefs around Los Angeles have been scrambling to put together foie gras-centric menus after news came out that the foie gras ban was lifted today.

Best Friends Killed On PCH After Suspected DUI Driver Hits Them Head On

Two young adults were killed in a car crash on Tuesday night on Pacific Coast Highway in Torrance after a suspected DUI driver drifted into their lane and hit them head on.

Photos: Crowd Gathers At Los Feliz French Cafe In Solidarity With Charlie Hebdo

Over a hundred people gathered outside French bistro Figaro in Los Feliz last night to show support for the victims of the Charlie Hedbo killings.

Mosh Pit Crowd Knocks Out Dude Who Slashed Someone During Concert

A crowd took matters into their own hands at a heavy metal concert in Orange County Wednesday night by knocking a guy out cold after he used a knife to cut another man in the mosh pit.

Photos: Pasadena Gets A New All-You-Can-Play Retro Video Game Arcade

A new Pasadena arcade has a different business model--charging guests an hourly fee for unlimited play on their retro arcade machines.

Video: Drake Roasts Comedian At The Comedy Store For His Poor Impression Of Him

Drake turned the tables on a comedian who did a pretty weak impression of him at The Comedy Store Tuesday night.

Fascinating Graph Shows How Crashes Increase When It Rains In L.A.

Although it's not earth-shattering news that drivers get into more car crashes when it's raining versus dry, it is fascinating to see just how much more.

Toddler Found Sleeping Soundly At Scene Of Murder-Suicide

A two-year-old child was found sound asleep in a Palm Springs apartment over the weekend where a murder-suicide had occurred.

Coachella 2015 Lineup Announced With AC/DC, Jack White & Drake Headlining

Guys, the lineup for Coachella's annual desert concert list has just been announced--and it's a doozy.

8 New TV Shows We're Looking Forward To This January

From series on a hip hop music empire to dysfunctional marriages and the reboot of a sci-fi cult classic, here are the TV shows you can look forward to this January.

Man Found Hanging From Griffith Park Tree Once Tried To Meet Minors For Sex

A 24-year-old man's body found hanging from a tree in Griffith Park over the weekend was an apparent suicide, authorities say.

Man Gunned Down On Cahuenga During Robbery

A man was shot and killed during a robbery late Sunday night in a bustling area of Hollywood.

Taco Bell's Fighting The Good Fight To Get Us A Taco Emoji

'Why do pizza and hamburger lovers get an emoji but taco lovers don't?'

Over 20 Museums Have Free Admission On January 31

It's that special time of year again where we can get our culture on without having to pay a dime.

1-Year-Old Boy Stabbed To Death, Father Considered A Suspect [Updated]

A one-year-old boy was found stabbed to death in a Ventura home on early Monday.

Video: Coyote Rings In 2015 With A Stroll Through Downtown

A man captured a video of a what appears to be coyote taking a stroll through downtown streets in the wee hours of the morning.

Downtown's Broad Museum Looks Like A Giant Honeycomb With The Eye Of Sauron

The facade of the Broad Museum downtown was finally unveiled today.

Harbor Patrol Officer In Catalina Killed When Boat Crashes Into Rock During Storm

A harbor patrol officer died after getting crushed between a boat and a rock during an intense windstorm on Catalina Island Tuesday night.

Captivating Courtroom Art From O.J. Simpson To Michael Jackson

A new art exhibit features the courtroom artists' work from sensational trials from Charles Manson to Michael Jackson.

Mac Sabbath: A Black Sabbath Cover Band That Performs As McDonald's Characters

Drive-thru metal is really a thing, or at least this L.A.-based band is trying to make it a thing.

Map: The Unfortunate Neighborhoods That Get The Most Street-Sweeping Parking Tickets

If you think your neighborhood is getting more street-sweeping citations than other areas, you might be right.

Giada De Laurentiis Splits With Fashion Designer Husband

After 11 years of marriage, Giada De Laurentiis is splitting up with her fashion designer husband, Todd Thompson.

Gunmen Open Fire On LAPD Patrol Car In 'Unprovoked Attack,' Police Say

Two men allegedly opened fire on an LAPD patrol car Sunday night in South L.A.

It's Going To Be Close To Freezing On New Year's Eve In Los Angeles

Before you get into your party outfits for New Year's Eve, you might want to consider layering up a bit because it's going to be a chilly night in Los Angeles.

Video: Cops At Charity Event Treated To An Appalling Song About Michael Brown's Death

Some of the lyrics include: "And Michael looked like some old Swiss cheese; His brain was splattered on the floor."

Hallelujah! There's A Service That Delivers Amazing Asian Food From The San Gabriel Valley

Long gone are the days where some of us would have to trek out to the SGV to get some delicious food, or wait in long lines (ahem Chengdu Taste) to get a seat a restaurant.

Some Theaters Will Get To Screen 'The Interview' On Christmas Day After All

It looks like North Korea hasn't won after all as multiple theaters have announced that Sony Pictures Entertainment has authorized screenings of 'The Interview.'

This Cool App Shows You American Landmarks Now And Then

There's a cool app out there for the folks who love seeing then-and-now images of historic landmarks and buildings throughout America.

Father Explains Why His 3-Year-Old Was Left Alone At The Grove

The girl's father says his daughter wasn't abandoned at the Grove's valet stand, but that it was all a misunderstanding.

Brad And Angelina Support Shiloh's Request To Wear Suits And Be Called 'John'

The Jolie-Pitts, being pretty much the most understanding and loving parents, have supported Shiloh's decision to dress in suits--as well as respect Shiloh's wishes to be called John.

Everything You Need To Know About Los Angeles' Biggest Free New Year's Eve Party At Grand Park

We've got all the details on what's in store for Grand Park's NYE celebration and how to get there.

Someone Fell Off The Trolley At The Grove, Shoppers 'Just All Walked Around As If It Was Normal' [Updated]

Someone apparently fell off of a trolley at the Grove on Sunday afternoon, prompting an LAFD crew to come to this person's aid.

Obama: Sony Made A Mistake In Pulling 'The Interview' Theatrical Release

President Barack Obama announced today that North Korea is behind the devastating cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

22 Places To Party On New Year's Eve In Los Angeles

If you're still looking for some place to party in Los Angeles for New Year's Eve, we've got you covered.

Vin Scully Nearly Lost Dodgers World Series Ring In Costco: 'I Feel Like Such A Dummy'

'Only Scully could lose a ring while putting meat in a bag.'

Video: Forget About Taxicab Confessions, L.A. Gets Its Own Taco Truck Confessions

We've seen our share of taxicab confessions, but now there's a video out there that gives us a glimpse at what taco truck confessions are all about--and we love it.

Suspected DUI Driver Kills 3, Injures 9 Attending A Christmas Concert

A suspected DUI driver plowed through 12 people leaving a Christmas concert at a Redondo Beach church Wednesday, leaving three dead and others seriously injured, police say.

Video: '7th Heaven' Star Tells Story Of Sexual Misconduct With Young Girl While Wife Was Sleeping

There's now video of the '7th Heaven' star describing the inappropriate things he did with an underage girl, one of which took place in his home while his wife was sleeping.

Move Over Boba, We're All About These Sweet Addictive Vietnamese Drinks

While Vietnamese "chè" desserts and drinks aren't anything new, they're quickly becoming as popular as boba in the mainstream

'7th Heaven' Actor Confesses To Molesting Three Children: 'I Did Something Terribly Wrong'

Actor Stephen Collins has admitted to molesting three underage girls.

Theaters Around The Country Are Pulling 'The Interview' Over Terror Threats

Movie theaters are pulling the film in fear of an attack--and ArcLight Cinemas could be one of them.

Ace Hotel Is Up For Sale Less Than A Year After Opening

Downtown's hipster chic Ace Hotel is up for sale just less than a year after they first opened their doors.

Sony Cancels 'The Interview' Theatrical Release After Terror Threats

Sony Pictures Entertainment has announced that they're cancelling the release of the film on Christmas Day.

Bill Cosby Could Face Criminal Charges For Drugging Woman And Sucking On Her Toes In 2008

While the comedian and actor has faced over 20 similar accusations over the last few decades, this one could be the first that could possibly be filed within the criminal statute of limitations in California.

Rain Story 3: We're Getting More Showers This Week

Don't put your umbrellas away just yet.

Man Knocks Out Woman After She Asks Him To Leave Her Alone In Old Town Pasadena, Police Say

A 27-year-old man is being accused of knocking out a woman in Old Town Pasadena early on Sunday after she asked him to leave her and her friend alone.

Sweet Map Imagines L.A. Metro Train Lines In Super Mario World

In this Super Mario World L.A. Metro map, we get to see familiar fortress icons marking places like Hollywood, Koreatown and Pasadena.

Montebello Dad In Freeway Standoff Charged With Murdering Wife And Kidnapping Children

A Montebello father has been charged today with the murder of his wife and the kidnapping of his four sons.

16 Photos From This Morning's Gnarly Rainstorm

An epic rainstorm, dubbed Pineapple Express, moved through SoCal early Friday morning.

6 More Juicy Leaks From The Sony Hack

More embarrassing information has leaked—from bitter and racist remarks about Hollywood A-listers they've worked with to knowing that they were vulnerable from a hack nearly a year ago, but saying nothing about it.

The Hitmakers Behind 'Like A G6' Made Videos About Koreatown's History

Far East Movement went back to their roots and dropped an album in late October and two mini-documentaries that pay homage to this place they had called home: Koreatown.

It's Raining Racist Comments About Asian Drivers

When it rains, it pours racist comments about bad Asian drivers!

L.A. Dude Accused Of Eating Ex-Girlfriend's Pet Rabbit And Texting Her Gory Play-By-Play

A North Hollywood man is being accused of eating his ex-girlfriend's pet rabbit and threatening to do the same to her.

Beverly Johnson Says Bill Cosby Drugged Her, Then Dragged Her Down The Stairs In The 1980s

Beverly Johnson has come out saying that Bill Cosby drugged her in the mid-1980s, detailing the seemingly innocuous moments that led to the harrowing incident and how she managed to escape from any further harm.

Video: Woman Plays Elegant Piano Renditions Of Old Nintendo Theme Songs

We're talking about some good piano covers, from Super Mario Bros. to Castlevania. Let your inner nerd squeal.

Mountain Lion Is The Second To Ever Survive The Journey East Of The 405

Scientists have confirmed that a second cougar has made the journey over to the other side from the Santa Monica Mountains.

Man Killed Himself And Two Kids By Crashing Into Truck, Wife Says

Investigators are looking into whether a father purposely crashed his car killing himself and his two children.

Rich Poker Playboy Arrested At LAX For Allegedly Trying To Make A Bomb

Dan Bilzerian--millionaire playboy, pro poker player and gun lover--was arrested at LAX on Tuesday night for allegedly trying to make a bomb.

Photos: Famed Chinese Fashion Photographer Brings Artwork To U.S. For First Time

For the first time, the Chen Man is bringing her photography and paintings to the U.S. at a Venice art gallery on Dec. 10.

When Santa Anita Racetrack Was A Japanese Internment Camp Assembly Center

Before they were transported to infamous internment camps like Manzanar in California, many first went to Santa Anita Park.

Report: Floyd Mayweather Witnessed Park La Brea Murder-Suicide On FaceTime

A new report says that boxing champion Floyd Mayweather witnessed the apparent Park La Brea murder-suicide on FaceTime.

Police: Man They Killed At Hollywood & Highland Wasn't Dressed As 'Scream' Street Performer

This comes on the heels of witnesses saying that the man was a street performer at the bustling Hollywood intersection.

Seth Rogen Says Kanye West Cornered Him And Rapped Entire New Album To Him In A Limo

Seth Rogen and Kanye West have had some surprisingly positive developments in their friendship over the past year.

Man Fatally Shot By Police At Hollywood And Highland Was 'Scream' Street Performer

Witnesses said the man who was fatally shot by police was a street performer.

Photos: The Ruins Of The Epic Inferno That Took Out Downtown's Least Favorite Development

A giant fire that erupted in downtown Los Angeles early this morning destroyed the massive Da Vinci apartments that was under construction, leaving just a bare skeleton of the building as it was engulfed in flames.

Ex-Cop Pleads No Contest To Molesting 14-Year-Old In 'Explorer Program'

A former Irwindale police officer pleaded no contest today to molesting a 14-year-old girl who was a member of the department's youth program for students interested in law enforcement careers.

Where To Celebrate Repeal Day And Get Cheap Drink Specials

This Friday, bars and restaurants throughout the city are offering cocktail and food deals, and some are even throwing soirees celebrating this watershed moment.

Kogi BBQ Truck Is Now Open At LAX

The bustling airport just got a new addition to its Terminal 4--a Kogi BBQ truck.

Photos: Justin Bieber Rents Massive Glass Mansion That Looks Like A Cold Office Building

The pop singer finally left his Beverly Hills condo for new digs--a gargantuan glass-encased Beverly Hills mansion.

A New 'Rock 'N' Roll Flea Market' Launches Downtown This Weekend

There will be vendors selling vinyl records, used musical instruments and music memorabilia.

Moving On Up: Google Just Bought 12 Acres Of Land In Playa Vista

The tech presence in Los Angeles is growing--especially with Google, Inc. The tech giant just spent $120 million on 12 acres of vacant land in Playa Vista.

Jonathan Gold Documentary Is Debuting At Sundance

Yes, Jonathan Gold has his very own documentary.

Nick Offerman Professes His Love For Whisky With A Ballad

Nick Offerman's talented at writing ballads professing his love for whisky.

The Crazy Things Leaked In Sony Hack, Including Company's Hatred For Their Own Adam Sandler Films

As people are sifting through all the hacked Sony files that were made available to the public over the weekend, lots of embarrassing and personal information is leaking out.

Jimmy Kimmel Puts Together A Supercut Of Reporters Saying We Need Rain

Jimmy Kimmel aired another great news-reporter-meets-rain montage on his late night show.

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