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Overheard in L.A.: Serial Killers—They're Just Like Us!

There’s no predicting the shenanigans that can go down at L.A. after parties. One lucky lady has found a fail-proof method to stay safe at such events. This week’s Overheard in L.A. round-up includes overheard conversation on amateur astronomer night, Shiva and serial killers.

Upper Filorium Reserve: the Palos Verdes Peninsula's Newest Open Space

Compared to the Santa Monica Mountains and the Angeles National Forest, the Palos Verdes Peninsula might not be one of Los Angeles’s most famous hiking destinations, but there are many great trails in the area.

Overheard in L.A.: How We Cope Without Wikipedia

College students across the country attempted to cope with Wikipedia’s blackout this week, some faring better than others. This week’s Overheard in L.A. round-up includes overheard conversation on mistaken identities, Escalades and Harry Potter.

Top 10 Weird and Wonderful Finds at the NASFT Fancy Food Show

The NASFT Fancy Food show is a bit of a culinary assault. It’s akin to someone opening every single product at Bristol Farms, Unique LA and the corner store and offering you a bite. We have our best in show picks.

How Hiking in Los Angeles Can Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution

We’ve already explored how hiking in the incredibly scenic and varied outdoor areas in and around Los Angeles can help you set and achieve New Year’s Resolutions; hiking can also keep you motivated when your spirits are low, and perhaps inspire you to take up the mantle again even if you’ve already given up.

Ascot Hills Park: The Eastside's Newest Outdoor Space

East Los Angeles isn’t generally thought of as a hiking destination—but Ascot Hills Park may change that. The 93-acre park opened in the summer of 2011, and provides a great opportunity for recreation in an area of the city not typically known for its open space.

L.A. Art Show Solidifies City's Place in the Arts and Culture World

The L.A. Art Show is the largest event of L.A. Arts Month and continues to promote Los Angeles as a significant arts destination, while solidifying our place as a relevant hub of arts and culture in the world.

The Old Topanga Fire Lookout: Minimal Hiking Effort for Maximum View

If your idea of a fun hiking trip involves maximum view for minimal effort, the site of the former Topanga Fire Lookout is a good destination. A quick walk on a fire road provides views of the Santa Monica Mountains, the San Gabriels, the Simi Hills, the Palos Verdes Peninsula, downtown L.A., the Santa Ana Mountains and San Gorgonio Mountain.

Gallery: Photo LA Features Work of Masters, Amateurs, the Avant-Garde and Everything in Between

In addition to a good collection of works by master photographers, such as Ansel Adams, Photo LA is the place to see what is new and fresh in the photography world, a world ever-growing and constantly changing. Photography is an accessible art, and Photo LA has done everything possible to make this show accessible as well.

From Seed To Fork: Seed Library Of Los Angeles Thinks Fresh & Local

The Seed Library of Los Angeles - an exciting new addition to the Los Angeles food community - embarks on its second year in lending its seeds to the community. Seed libraries hold seeds in trust for the community, much like literary libraries. Members "borrow" seeds to grow plants in their garden, and at the end of the growing season save some seeds from this stock to return to the library.

Overheard in L.A.: How Movie Concepts Get Recycled

Disneyland: the most magical place on Earth—and in one woman's case, inspiration for cutting-edge ideas. This week's Overheard in L.A. round-up includes overheard conversation on texting while dating, Spanx and what taking a bath has to do with anything.

Gallery: Subway Riders Strip Down to Their Skivvies on No Pants Day

If you happened to ride the Metro rail system in Los Angeles on Sunday, you might have noticed many of your fellow passengers were missing something important—the bottom portion of their wardrobe.

Sandstone Peak's Dramatic Scenery Makes It a Must-Do Hike for 2012

If you only take one hiking trip in 2012, make your destination Sandstone Peak, the highest summit in the Santa Monica Mountains. If you are a veteran hiker, Sandstone Peak is likely to rank among your favorite trips, and if you’ve never been on a hike, this is one that’s worth training for.

Reporter-Turned-Occupy L.A. Arrestee On Why the City Attorney's Office is 'Going for the Jugular'

Bethania Palma Markus, a former staff reporter for the San Gabriel Valley News Group, talks about why she decided to join Occupy L.A. and what her experience getting arrested this Saturday taught her about the politics of our criminal justice system.

Overheard in L.A.: Shopping and Strippers

It could be the excess eggnog or frenzied shopping centers, but some people's careful judgment can be absent during the holidays. This week's Overheard in L.A. round-up includes overheard conversation on sailing, office holiday parties and Momento.

10 Ways That Hiking in Los Angeles Will Help You Keep Your 2012 New Year's Resolution

No matter what your New Year's Resolution is for 2012, there's an excellent chance that hiking can help you achieve it. Hiking has obvious benefits when it comes to health-oriented goals, such as losing weight, but it can play a role in many different kinds of resolutions.

Rodarte’s Fra Angelico Collection Debuts This Weekend at LACMA

This Saturday, LACMA will present the RODARTE: Fra Angelico Collection, a 10-gown installation that will be displayed alongside classic artwork from the Italian Renaissance. Rodarte designers, sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy, have drawn inspiration from Italian painter Fra Angelico among others for their Spring/Summer 2012 couture designs, using their signature dressmaking techniques, sculptural details and a soft fresco color palette to round out the refined collection.

Deadmau5. This Weekend. The Palladium. Free.

Tailing on the impending release of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” composer Trent Reznor (as well as corporate giant Sony Pictures) have decided to team up with L.A.’s own Gary Richards (LAist Interview) to sponsor a series of free electronic concerts all around the globe.

Overheard in L.A.: 'Tis the Season For Ugly Christmas Sweaters

We've reached the time of year when ugly Christmas sweater parties are as ubiquitous as faux-snow and festive wreaths. This week's Overheard in L.A. round-up includes overheard conversation on mustaches, Dave Matthews and Siri.

2011 Conejo Open Space Challenge

If you’ve ever hiked in the Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village/Agoura Hills area, chances are it was on a trail managed by the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency. While these trails are most accessible to the residents of the Thousand Oaks area, they are also fairly close to the San Fernando Valley and Ventura.

Tofutti, Tofurkey Or Turkey?

As one of the most popular vegetarian proteins on the market, tofu is a common substitute for the holiday turkey. Angelenos eat tofu for many reasons, one often being the belief that this is better for the environment. Consider, though, that much of the soy used to make tofu is genetically engineered, also known as genetically modified.

Get Trained To Help Combat GMOs In Our Food

Do you want to see genetically engineered foods labeled? Help get the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act of 2012 ballot initiative passed and attend a local training meeting this week.

Overheard in L.A.: Our Favorite Canadian Export

Say what you will about professional sports teams in L.A., we attract players at the top of their game. This week’s Overheard in L.A. round-up includes overheard conversation on post-structuralism, upholstered furniture and movie plots.

Kimonos Meet American Vintage: Fashion Show & Lecture in Culver City

This Sunday, Royal/T will host the Kimono Girl Retro Pop x American Vintage event to showcase Japanese kimonos past and present with a special fashion show and lecture. Kimono stylist/author Rinko Kimino will discuss the historical background from the Taisho era to modern-day kimonos that blend American vintage, retro, and pop fashion with the traditional style.

Top 10 Questions About the Mysterious Black Star Canyon

As popular as it is, Black Star Canyon Falls has an air of mystery about it. Some describe it as a routine, moderately challenging hike; others tell horror stories of rampant poison oak in the canyon and violent drifters who prey on hikers.

Overheard in L.A.: The Brutal Truth

To please people, we sometimes have to soften the truth of our intentions. Our Overheard in L.A. round-up this Thanksgiving week includes overheard conversation on hair trends, exotic fish and Justin Bieber.

Vista Hermosa Natural Park: Exploring Downtown's Newest Open Space

Vista Hermosa means “beautiful view” in Spanish, and on clear days, that’s just what this park provides. When the ten-acre park opened in 2008, it was the first new park in downtown Los Angeles in more than one hundred years.

Overheard in L.A.: The 'EFFING CRAZY' Protest Edition

One thing is for sure: the environment over at Occupy LA is never boring. Our Overheard in L.A. round-up this week includes overheard conversation on such thrilling topics as Occupy L.A. fashion, winter in L.A. and the taste of perspiration.

Nobody Hikes in L.A.: Falls Creek Falls Is So Nice They Named It Twice

Even if Falls Canyon Falls isn’t a true year-round waterfall, and even if reaching it requires a little more than straight trail-hiking, it has the potential to be one of Los Angeles’s premier hiking destinations.

Label GMOs Initiative Filed, Will You Sign?

Californians are one step closer to voting on a ballot initiative requiring labeling of genetically engineered foods. Last week, the coalition It's Our Right To Know filed a ballot initiative with the California Attorney General's office. Volunteers must collect at least 850,000 signatures by April 2012 in order to place the initiative on the November 2012 state ballot.

LA Master Chorale Tackles a 'Mass' and 'passion'

The Walt Disney Concert Hall was packed to the brim on Sunday night for a concert by the Los Angeles Master Chorale. The evening’s main draw (for the mostly Baby Boomer and older audience) was a performance of post-minimal composer David Lang’s Pulitzer Prize-winning the little match girl passion, but the evening also featured the U.S. Premiere of renowned jazz flutist James Newton’s Mass.

Overheard in L.A.: Finding That Special Someone

Life's special moments demand the perfect soundtrack. Our Overheard in L.A. round-up this week includes overheard conversation from party-goers, foodies and vegetarians.

From Punk Rock To Soccer Dads: 'The Other F Word' Film Screens in Pasadena

Screening today in Pasadena, The Other F Word documentary explores what happens when some of the L.A. punk scene’s leading men become fathers. Pennywise’s Jim Lindberg, who famously belted out “F--- Authority,” Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus, and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea, among others, open up about their journey from anti-authoritarian punks to the ultimate authority figures: dads.

Mary's Gone Crackers & Speaks Out Against GMOs

Mary Waldner, founder and owner of Mary's Gone Crackers, is passionate about only using organic, non-GMO ingredients in her gluten-free crackers. She founded the company in 2004 after discovering she had Celiac disease - an extreme allergy to gluten in wheat and other grains - and perfecting a delicious gluten-free cracker recipe.

Lasers, Costumed Kids & Electronic All-Stars: HARD Haunted Mansion 2011

Though slightly lacking from previous year’s sold out shenanigans, HARD Event’s yearly tour de force packed more lasers, pounding techno music and shirtless USC bros than anything else in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Overheard in L.A.: Words You Can't Say in Beverly Hills

Parents have a thankless mandate — to teach children right from wrong. In Beverly Hills especially, it must be exhausting to keep up with all the words children are supposed to steer clear of. Our Overheard in L.A. round-up this week includes snippets of conversation from the school pick-up line, one Wookiee's chance for break-out stardom and how to express emotions ironically in city limits.

Bringing Canned Food for the Hungry Will Get You Free Parking at OC Regional Parks This Weekend

Fresh air, exercise and recreation...all for a good cause: on Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 4pm, Orange County's parks are giving free parking to anyone who brings a can of food. This is a great opportunity for Orange County residents to get out and explore some of the natural areas just beyond the suburbs. Non-O.C. natives might also take this chance to come down and get a look at the huge variety of scenery in these parks.

Overheard in L.A.: Why We Don't Live at the Beach

Arguably one of the best things about living in Los Angeles is the proximity to its gorgeous beaches. As it turns out, not everyone is a fan. Laura Malcolm sent us this gem from Venice Beach: "See? This is why I don't live at the beach. Because sand is like dirt, and now I'm covered in dirt."

The Return of Gen Art: 'Fresh Faces In Fashion' Makes a Comeback in LA

After an 18-month absence from the LA fashion scene, Gen Art returns with its first major event Fresh Faces In Fashion to close out Style Fashion Week LA this Saturday. Hosted by actress Zoe Saldana at Vibiana downtown, seven ready-to-wear designers will make their runway debut, including 71 STANTON, Dear Creatures, Funktional, ODYLYNE, Stand and Deliver, swimwear designer We Are Handsome and menswear designer CHAMBERS.

The Tropical Terrace: Malibu's Haunted House

The story has a familiar ring to it. A young man from humble Midwestern beginnings moves west, seeking the fame and fortune that those before him have found in California. He starts a grocery store, builds a successful chain, and after selling it, plans his retirement. But there's a dark side to the California dream.

The Dearly Departed: Dia de los Muertos Descends on Hollywood

Day of the Dead comes early this year, with Hollywood Forever hosting the 12th annual Dia de los Muertos celebration this Saturday. Traditionally celebrated in Mexico on the two days after Halloween, Hollywood Forever’s festivities will include altars honoring the dead, ancestral processions, traditional Mexican cuisine, and performances by international singers Astrid Hadad (best known as “La Tequilera”) and Ruben Albarran of Café Tacuba.

Caught Up In Spiderwebs: Natural History Museum Hosts Spider Pavilion

Arachnophobes beware: Spiders have invaded the Natural History Museum's South Lawn for Spider Pavilion. Free to spin their webs for all to see, arachnids of all kinds - from common orb weavers to jewel garden spiders - will safely be on display for the rest of October.

Hiking and Apple Pie at the Oak Glen Preserve

It’s easy to feel as if you’ve seen it all when you live in Los Angeles. After all, Angelenos have access to the some of the best entertainment, restaurants and recreation on the planet. But there are a few places in Southern California that can still surprise and delight, if you know where to find them. Case in point: Oak Glen.

HARD Haunted Mansion Founder Talks Halloween Techno

It's nearly impossible to live in Los Angeles without hearing at least a passing mention of HARD Haunted Mansion. The two-day Halloween-themed event is now in its fourth year running and always manages to meet its 20,000-person capacity with stunning ease. The man behind the madness is Gary Richards, founder and orchestrator of HARD Events and an ally of the L.A. electronic scene for the past two decades.

Exercise Democracy at The World Food Day Rally

This Sunday, October 16, Angelenos can participate in democracy by attending the World Food Day Rally at the Westwood Federal Building. Regular folks will be gathering from 12pm to 4pm to show their support for food security locally and worldwide.

Occupy Together: The American Autumn Gets Heated

About 50 or so people wave signs and shout into bullhorns as cars drive by honking loudly in support. This is Santa Monica in front of the Bank of America with the median adult age is most likely 55. This is part of the 99 percent that no one is talking about.

The Spice Table Heats Up Little Tokyo

The Spice Table in downtown Los Angeles' Little Tokyo is a welcome distraction from the neighborhood's Japanese food. The restaurant at the corner of 1st Street and Central Avenue combines Singaporean and Vietnamese flavors, the culinary heritages of chef and owner Bryant Ng and his wife Kim, respectively.

Hidden in Our Food: GMOs & Your Right to Know

Local residents can learn more about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) popping up on their dinner plates at a special event on Thursday, October 13, hosted by Co-Opportunity Natural Foods at the Santa Monica Library Auditorium from 6:30pm to 9pm. At "Hidden in our Food: GMOs and Your Right to Know," guests will join the discussion on the issues surrounding GMOs and inform their decision on whether or not to eat GMO-free food.

Fall Colors: Visit the Aspens of the San Gorgonio Wilderness

How about a trip to Aspen this weekend? Even better, you don't have to get on the plane or pack your skis or fight your way through the crowds at an overpriced hotel.In the San Gorgonio Wilderness, near Big Bear Lake, a rare grove of quaking aspens provides spectacular colors in October. It's unusual to see the trees this far south, but with a long drive and a short hike, residents of the L.A. area can do just that.

Boys and Dogs: Beastie Boys' 'Licensed To Ill' Tour Exhibition Premieres in L.A.

Known for her iconic Beastie Boys photographs during their "Licensed To Ill" tour, Hold Up Art will present "Boys and Dogs," a retrospective of rock photographer Sunny Bak, with an opening reception this Saturday. Sunny's love of animals, especially dogs, led her to create a best-selling People magazine parody and both collections will be on display through November 1.

POST NO BILLS Promotes POPaganda

The Abbot Kinney gallery space Post No Bills hosted its first solo show Thursday featuring the dark side of pop culture jabbing at children's sugary cereal to the tragic Marilyn Monroe. ENGLISH 101 is a signature mash-up of pop culture and societal satire by multi-media artist Ron English, who lays claim to the term POPaganda.

New Feature: Overheard in L.A.

We're rolling out a new weekly feature here at LAist that relies on reader participation. Overheard in L.A. will feature the humorous, puzzling or just plain weird quips you hear around our fair city.

Tips for Safe Hiking During Fire Season

Fall is fire season in southern California. People who are thinking of getting out into nature for a hike may be intimidated by dramatic reports of devastating wildfires on television and online, and obviously, a healthy respect for fear can be a life-saver. That being said, there are several easy precautions that can make exploring the outdoors in SoCal safe and enjoyable, even during fire season.

It's All About the Crust at Urbano Pizza Bar

What goes nicely with beer and other libations? Pizza, of course! Urbano Pizza Bar, conveniently located next to Library Bar at 6th and Hope streets, offers a great food option. With pizza crust that’s perfectly chewy and crisp at the same time, as well as good side dishes and respectable beer and wine lists, Urbano is a new go-to for downtown revelers.

Is California Poised to Change the Nation's Food Landscape?

In 2012, Californians may have the opportunity to vote on a grassroots ballot measure requiring food purveyors to label food when it contains genetically-modified organisms, or GMOs. GMOs are organisms that have been genetically engineered to include genes from other organisms.

Which of These 5 Bartenders Will Be Named L.A.'s Best?

Angeleno cocktailians, start your engines. The five finalists of the 2nd Annual L.A.’s Best Bartender Competition have been announced. Now, we knew last week that Joseph Brooke of Next Door Lounge won as People’s Choice and therefore automatically earned a spot as a finalist. But who are the other four he’ll be going up against in the final showdown?

Friday Flashback: Gallery1988 Kicks It Old School with Video Game Art Show

Staying true to its theme of Childhood Items We Miss The Most Month, Gallery1988 will debut its Old School Video Game Art Show tonight with an opening reception in Venice. More than 90 artists will give their creative spin on ‘80s favorites, including Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Donky Kong, MegaMan, PacMan, Metroid and many more.

Another Look at 'Beauty CULTure'

We are all members of the church of beauty. We worship the long legs and skinny waists of Vogue models, and while maybe 2 percent of the general public can look that way, the quest to gain this unattainable appearance drives people to buy the newest diet book or eye shadow.

The Garbage Pail Kids Invade LA this Weekend

Bony Joanie, Snotwich Sandra, Charred Chad…Garbage Pail Kids were all the rage for kids in the ‘80s. This Friday, Gallery 1988 is hosting a tribute to “the grossest trading cards ever” with more than 100 artists giving their individual spin on the iconic stickers as part of their Childhood Items We Miss The Most Month.

A+D Museum Rethinks LA's Future

What will Los Angeles look like in 50 years? The Architecture + Design Museum’s latest exhibit Rethink/LA presents this question with a series of 20 photographs of present-day LA juxtaposed with 20 collages of a future LA. From Dodger Stadium to the LA River, the sprawling city’s landscape has been interpreted by forward-thinking volunteers with the goal to inspire a sustainable vision for the post-oil future.

Norwegian Could: Singer-Songwriter Thomas Dybdahl Gets Crowd Dancing at The Satellite 7/30/11

It’s no easy feat to get an L.A. crowd to sing along and dance with an indie, folksy singer-songwriter. Unless you’re Thomas Dybdahl. The Norwegian singer performed at The Satellite in Los Angeles on Saturday night, for the last stop on his North American tour.

Comic-Con 2011: A Little Less Hollywood, A Little More Awesome

Crowds. Sun. Parties. Crazy promotional programs. Strange outfits. Studios and indie scenes. These are the ingredients for events in Hollywood, but they also came together for this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Chicks Rule: Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls to Showcase 70 Young Rockers at Echoplex Tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon, 70 girl musicians will take the stage at the Echoplex to show off their musical prowess after attending the second annual Rock n’ Roll Camp For Girls in LA. Over the past few days, campers aged 8 to 17 have picked up instruments and learned to rock without fear. Campers learn an instrument, form a band, write a song, and cap it off with a rock-fueled showcase for the public.

Exploring the Tastes of Northern Italy at Locanda del Lago

There's an elegance to Locanda del Lago's cuisine that makes it a solid spot to experience Northern Italian. They do it so well that it's a beautiful representation should you be conducting a study in The Differences Between Northern and Southern Italian.

Laid Back, Playful & a Little Rock n' Roll: Checking Out Chef David LeFevre's New MB Post

When we first heard that Chef David LeFevre left downtown’s Water Grill late last year, we freaked out a little. Where else could we enjoy LeFevre’s sublime cooking? And how long would we have to wait? But almost immediately LeFevre announced that he would be opening his own restaurant, so our fears were allayed. That new place turned out to be MB Post in Manhattan Beach, and it hasn’t disappointed.

Secrets of The Veggie Grill: Menu Items You Might Not Know About

Just when you thought you had The Veggie Grill figured out - it's tasty, but no, the meat isn't real - The Veggie Grill surprises you. There's a secret menu!

NBA Joins the NFL in Lockout

With the NFL on hold, it appears as if pro basketball has followed suit. The NBA imposed a lockout of its players at 9:01 p.m. PST Thursday following the expiration of the league’s collective bargaining agreement. Both owners’ representatives and union leaders were unable to reach a new labor deal following a three-hour meeting in New York earlier in the day, putting the 2011-2012 season in jeopardy as a result.

Faile Adorns Abbot Kinney with (Legit) Street Art

Not to be detoured by artist vandalism the newly opened Post No Bills working print shop and gallery space in Venice is redefining the perception of street art, making it even more accessible and print designs affordable.

What the Lakers Need on Draft Day

Today’s NBA draft might be the last chance to satisfy your pro basketball fix as the likelihood of a work stoppage threatens to cut next season’s slate of games short to some degree at least. The Los Angeles Lakers do not have a first round pick after trading guard Sasha Vujacic to New Jersey for forward/center Joe Smith in mid-December.

Dumplings, KBBQ, Cocktails & S'mores: MoKo Brings Real Modern Korean Cuisine to Culver City

The new kid on the block in Culver City, MoKo, quietly slipped in to town in late April when it took over the former Gyenari space.

L.A. and Cairo, Separated at Birth?

Waking up to loud noises and looking out your window, it's easy to think you're in L.A. The crowds, the cars, the sun, it's all there. But Cairo isn't Los Angeles. But it could easy be its separated-at-birth twin. When it comes to attitude, culture and living, it's very L.A. Well, L.A. on steroids.

A Chat With 'Top Chef Masters' Finalist Mary Sue Milliken of L.A.'s Border Grill

Chef Mary Sue Milliken is an institution in the Los Angeles culinary world. As a partner with Chef Susan Feniger for over 25 years, she has opened two Border Grill restaurants in LA (and one in Las Vegas) in addition to owning the wildly successful Border Grill food truck. As a chef, cookbook author and TV personality on “Too Hot Tamales”, she has introduced thousands of people to high-end modern Mexican and Latin American food.

Pets Of The Week: Sunny Dakota & Cuddle-Bug Baldwin

This week's pets are from spcaLA -- an independent, nonprofit animal welfare organization serving Southern California since 1877. Donations run programs and services including Cruelty Investigation, Disaster Animal Response Team, education and other shelter services.

Indie Designers at THREAD Show on Sunday

Craving an excuse to spiffy up your summer wardrobe? Well you're in luck, as the bi-annual THREAD Show takes over the Cooper Design Space in downtown LA this Sunday. The one-day show will feature over 100 hand-picked indie designers, giving us all a great reason to shop locally from prices marked well below retail.

Angels Roster Construction Still Puzzling

Angels' GM Tony Reagins’ latest efforts haven’t necessarily been the crowning achievement of his career. With just over one-third of the 2011 season in the books, the Angels hold a rather mediocre 30-31 record.

Pets Of The Week: Chihuahua 'Pappas' Has Personality & Sweet Tortoise Shell Kitty Named 'Doubles'

This week’s adoptable pets are from the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, an independent, donor-supported, non-profit agency that provides care for abandoned and homeless animals. PHS welcomes and cares for all animals in its service area regardless of age, medical condition, breed or any other criteria.

It's All About "D" for Mike Brown's Lakers

The Mike Brown era officially began for the Lakers on Tuesday, and well, you better like defense. “I gotta preach it, I gotta talk it, I gotta teach it,” Brown said. The Lakers officially announced the hiring of the former Cleveland Cavaliers coach Tuesday with an ensemble of reporters present at the team’s practice facility in El Segundo.

Pets of the Week: Meet Webster & Jessie Pearl

This week’s pets are from the Bill Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that rescues primarily dogs and sometimes cats from the Los Angeles City Shelter System and places them into loving homes. The Bill Foundation is a tribute to Bill, a rescued Golden/Lab who succumbed to cancer in August 1998. Bill Foundation founders, Jo and Peter Forman, chose to focus their grief into a positive channel by saving the shelter pets in peril.

Beyond Burbank: 'Tim Burton' Retrospective Opens at LACMA This Sunday

LACMA will present Tim Burton this Sunday, a major retrospective that explores the full range of his work as an artist, director, photographer, and writer respectively. Perhaps best known for his dark, creative vision in the films The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands, the Burbank native’s exhibit features over 700 drawings, paintings, photographs, moving-image works, storyboards, puppets, costumes, movie props, and more.

Knotted Up: Where, Why & How To Get Your Crafter Groove On

Trust me when I tell you this: you know someone who does it. That shiny object sticking out of your best friend’s bag? Knitting needles. That weird stick you found in your sister’s (or brother’s) drawer? Crochet hook. The funny spool of pink thread you saw tucked up into the bookshelf? Classic sign of a DIY seamstress or tailor. Fabric and yarn based crafting is everywhere, and the reasons for its popularity may be different than what you expect. So why do we do it?

Pets Of The Week: Beautiful Bibi and Dashing Dewey

This week's pets are from Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles. spcaLA is an independent, nonprofit animal welfare organization serving Southern California since 1877. Donations run programs and services including Cruelty Investigation, Disaster Animal Response Team, Humane Education and a variety of shelter services. There is no national SPCA, parent organization, or umbrella group that provides financial support. Each SPCA and Humane Society is a completely unrelated organization.

Manny Pacquiao And All His Men

Roads were closed. Traffic was stopped. The routine morning hustle and bustle down Santa Monica Boulevard, for some reason, had come to a complete standstill. “Aw damn,” I thought frantically, “What am I missing? Are they actually starting to build a rail system? No, never. Is it Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s? Nope, that was last week.”

Following the Muse: LACMA's Annual Muse ArtWalk Saturday

LACMA will host their major annual event, Muse ArtWalk, this Saturday, featuring free general admission to LACMA and more than 20 participating museums/galleries along Miracle Mile. From 11 am to 8 pm, guests can check out live painting, performance art, dance, film, and interactive activities for all ages throughout LACMA’s campus.

Hands and The Goldberg Sisters Take Over the Bootleg Theater Tonight

Adam Goldberg is best known as an actor in the war epic Saving Private Ryan--or, going back a bit farther, for his role as a bumbling yet endearing nerd in Dazed and Confused. Goldberg is a self-proclaimed man of all trades, including a purveyor of fine meats, and most recently embarked on the musical venture The Goldberg Sisters. The band appears tonight at the Bootleg Theater as part of a musical lineup that dares you to “put your money where you mouth is.”

'Searching for Elliott Smith': Lo-Fi Docu Takes Pilgrimage Through Musician's Life

This past weekend the documentary Searching for Elliott Smith continued its travels through the festival circuit with a stop at the Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival. In the film, first-time director Gil Reyes takes the pilgrimage through Smith’s life.

Pets Of The Week: 'Lulu' The Loving Orange Tabby & 'Layla' The Friendly Chihuahua/Jack Russell

If Lulu or Layla catch your eye, the centers are having a Mother's Day special with reduced adoption rates! Until May 8th, Dogs are available for adoption for $50.50; Cats for $83.50. Adoption fees include vaccinations, spaying/neutering, microchipping, and the first year license fee for dogs.

Palestine & Israel in Crisis: A Talk with Noam Chomsky

The Middle East has been a hotbed of sociopolitical activities as of late, from the uprisings in Egypt--spawning similar uprisings in countries such as Libya--to the continued conflicts surrounding the “war on terror,” which reached a pinnacle this past weekend with the killing of Osama bin Laden. However, some issues, including the Palestinian and Israeli conflict, have been put on the back burner in the media. This Saturday, May 7th, Noam Chomsky will be giving a talk at UCLA discussing the Palestine-Israel conflict.

New Hair Salon On Melrose Features...Street Art?

It's not everyday we're able to experience something as functional as, say, getting a haircut, while getting a full-on quality art experience at the same time. The new Galvin Benjamin Hair Salon in West Hollywood aims to do just that—provide a well-curated and creative environment while offering all the traditional services of a salon. Founded by the recently-relocated British duo of James Galvin & Benjamin Mohapi, the 2,300 square foot space was created with the intent to explore relationship between art and the inherent creative beauty of hairdressing.

Pets Of The Week: Pippin The Chihuahua & Tabby Destiny!

This week, the LAist pets are from the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter, an animal service agency that is devoted to providing medical, social, behavioral and financial care for animals at risk and determined to eliminate animal homelessness in the Burbank community.

Don't Get Left Out, Sit in the Left Field Pavilion

Jerry Sands is a lucky man. A baby in the Dodgers starting line-up, Sands is fortunate to have his crib placed in the most exciting location in Dodger Stadium, left field. Unlike other position players surrounded by empty seats, in left field, Sands is not alone.

The L.A. River Wild: Annual Clean-Up Day is Tomorrow

At times, the LA River can look more like a dump than a storied waterway, due largely to the litter that amasses in it. Fortunately, an effort is underway to help beautify and revitalize the river. Tomorrow from 9am to noon, Friends of the Los Angeles River, along with support from Mayor Villaraigosa, will host the annual River Clean-Up day, and the public is welcome to sign up and participate.

Beer & Bikes: 2 Great Things Combined in the Name of Charity on Saturday

As gas prices keep rising and pollution levels are at their worst (congrats again to greater Los Angeles for having the lousiest air quality in the U.S. according to the American Lung Association) it’s time to get out of your car and get back on a bike. What better way to spend a Saturday then by the beach and on a cruiser in the name of something good--beer and bikes good.

Pets Of The Week: Handsome Poochie & Beautiful Quicksilver

This week’s adoptable pets are from the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, an independent, donor-supported, non-profit agency that provides care for abandoned and homeless animals. PHS welcomes and cares for all animals in its service area regardless of age, medical condition, breed or any other criteria.

Yahoo! Says They'll Be Keeping Tabs on You for 18 Months

They’re watching you! Two years after Yahoo! pledged to protect its users privacy, the company is now backpedaling. Rather than dumping search records after just 90 days, Yahoo! will keep tabs on your browser’s tabs for six times as long, according to the Daily News.

Pets of the Week: Get Attached to Staples and Doogie

Every Saturday, LAist will feature an adoptable cat and dog from a different local shelter or accredited 501c3 rescue organization. Take a look at these furry bundles and consider giving them a home, or forward their faces to your friends who may be interested. This weekend, meet Staples the cat and Doogie the dog(gie).

K9s Only: This Food Truck for Dogs Is On a Mission

Is there room on the road for another food truck? With everything from pancakes to pupusas, what’s left to vend? K9s Only, a doggie resort that provides daycare, grooming and training for their customers has the answer. But the treats they’re giving away are exclusively for your furry friends.

Eat Your Heart Out, Coachella: A Food Guide For The Desert

Set times have been released which means you are most likely coordinating frantically with your group of friends about when to arrive and in what order you’ll race from stage to stage over the course of the three-day festival. Amidst the arguing over whether to see Gogol Bordello or Foals (answer: Gogol Bordello*) or The National or Duck Sauce (answer: Duck Sauce*) you’ll need to stop and eat some food right?

Flying Lotus, Abe Vigoda @ USC Free Outdoor Concert Series

While USC may have been getting plenty of negative press as of late, it didn’t stop the Trojans from celebrating over the weekend when Flying Lotus came to the campus as part of this yea's KXSC Fest, a free outdoor concert put on by USC’s independent student-run radio station. Students and friends gathered at the small grassy knoll in Founders Park to watch eight acts including sets by Dublab and KXSC DJs.

Pets Of The Week: Fall In Love With Snow & Beautiful Betty

Are you Spring Cleaning? Those old blankets, towels or sheets you’re tossing can find a new life at your neighborhood animal care center! They’ll also take newspapers, dog and cat toys, treats and food, so when you're buying food for your pet, think about getting an extra bag or can to donate to the homeless pets of Los Angeles. These LAist Pets of the Week are from Los Angeles Animal Services with six facilities...

Walk A Mile... TOMS 'One Day Without Shoes' Event Sees Record Attendance

To most Angelenos the idea of going without shoes means missing out on the latest design, not walking barefoot to reach necessary resources such as water or medical care. Tuesday, April 5 marked the annual One Day Without Shoes event where people around the world opted to go barefoot to raise awareness and funds for the millions of children that go without shoes every day.

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