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County Supervisors Address Growing Tide Of Post-Election Hate Crimes

"Many families in our county are fearful and we have to assure them that we are here to protect their rights."

Man Fatally Threw Himself In Front Of Amtrak Train After Trying To Kill Wife

The man had allegedly tried to kill his wife the day before stepping in front of the train.

Op-Ed: Why Santa Monica Should Vote NO On Measure LV

This measure deliberately makes it impossible to address the regional housing crisis.

Kanye West Kicks Off L.A. Leg Of 'Saint Pablo' Tour With A Dose Of Humility

Celebrity guests included Jaden Smith and, yes, Kim Kardashian West.

'Delusion: His Crimson Queen' Is The King Of L.A.'s Halloween Haunts

After a break in 2015, Jon Braver's brilliant haunt is back.

The 12 Best Runs In Los Angeles

From the mountains to the sea.

The Best Tattoo Shops In Los Angeles

Looking to get some ink done?

The 11 Best Classic And Quintessentially Los Angeles Dishes

From "The Godmother" at Bay Cities to the Hollenbeck burrito at El Tepeyac, these eleven dishes are classic Los Angeles.

Photos: The Bloody Fantastic Movie Posters Of Ghana

The posters would accompany VHS tapes as they traveled from town to town for local screenings.

Author Francesca Lia Block On Magic, Her Teenage Years, And L.A. As Her 'Natural Muse'

Block, who has developed a cult following of devoted teen readers, admits that she herself was a bit of a misfit as a teen.

The Best Vegan And Dairy-Free Frozen Treats In Los Angeles

The vegan and dairy-free crowd shouldn't be left out when it comes to sweet refreshment. We ALL scream for ice cream, after all.

Los Angeles' 10 Most Essential LGBTQ Bars And Clubs

Bars have acted as the bloodline of the LGBTQ community and we need them now more than ever.

Drink Negronis Across Los Angeles All Week, For Charity

Participating bars in Los Angeles will donate $1 from each drink to the charity of their choosing.

Legendary Mariachi Restaurant La Fonda Returns Home And Looks Towards Its Future

"La Fonda is a family home, for everybody coming from everywhere, anywhere who want to experience it."

The Homesick New Yorker's Guide To Eating In Los Angeles

There's a lot of horrible "New York-style" food out there, but there are also a lot of amazing eats if you know where to go.

Vegan Street Fair Is Back With An Even Bigger Cruelty-Free Food Lineup

This year's all-vegan festival will be three times bigger and feature more ticket booths to help reduce the wait time for food.

The 17 Best Fitness Studios In Los Angeles

We logged in countless sweaty hours to bring you this comprehensive, tried and true list of the best places in L.A. to workout.

The Fiercely Independent Films Of The 80s Get A Massive Cinefamily Showcase

Screening as a part of 'Underground USA' are the early films of the Coen brothers, Spike Lee, Jim Jarmusch, Michael Moore, and Gus Van Sant.

These Black Belt Luchadores Want You To Know That Sake Is A Serious Drink

Judo-trained men wearing luchador masks offer their knowledge of sake.

LAist Is Hiring A Staff Writer

LAist is seeking a full-time writer who is comfortable blogging, has solid news judgment and a touch of wit to cover a range of topics, from hard news to arts and food.

LAist Is Hiring A Staff Writer

LAist is seeking a full-time writer who is comfortable blogging, has solid news judgment and a touch of wit to cover a range of topics, from hard news to arts and food.

14 Cool Places To Eat And Drink On Ventura Boulevard

From intimate new wine and cocktail bars to fresh takes on modern Mexican and Neapolitan pizza, here are our favorite spots on Ventura Boulevard.

LAist Is Looking For Contributors

LAist is expanding and deepening our coverage of Los Angeles, and we're paying.

This Party Begins With Two Strangers, Then Snowballs Into A Big Boozy Puzzle Crawl

A new traveling party takes guests on a journey across L.A. with clues, activities and bars gradually bringing smaller groups of people together for a larger social gathering.

Photos: The Los Angeles Hotels That Inspired Disney's 'Tower of Terror'

Nick Carr recently moved from NYC to LA, and he's brought with him his wildly popular Scouting NY site, now Scouting LA. He's sharing some of his posts on LAist, too, and below you can enjoy his latest, where he figures out what hotels around L.A. make up the Hollywood Tower of Terror ride at Disney. Last week, I was scouting the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles when I suddenly got the strangest...

Photos: Hundreds Pay Tribute To Paris At Westwood Vigil

Hundreds gathered at the French Consulate in Santa Monica with candles, flowers, and signs, to honor those killed in Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris.

Photos: The Wildly Bizarre Costumes Of The 'Beach Goth' Music Festival

This weekend we documented the fest through portraits of artists, our favorite costumes, and the truest beachy and gothy parts of the fest.

7 Wild, Creepy And Delightfully Strange Haunts For Halloween

L.A. has stepped up its Halloween game. These haunts will send shivers down your spine.

Activists Rally For No More Jails, But County Decides To Build Bigger One

Even though there was a downtown L.A. rally today where protesters called for L.A. County to stop building more jails, County officials went ahead and voted to build a new and bigger 'jail treatment facility.'

Latest 'Mission: Impossible' Proves That Not All Blockbuster Sequels Suck

In a summer marked by disappointing returns to long-running franchises, 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' is a welcome return to form.

Review: The Colorful, Emotional, Immersive Theater Of Alone

This weekend is the appetizer. There are still three courses left.

ALONE, A Beautiful Haunt In June, Returns To L.A. This Weekend

We've still got months to go until it's Halloween, but ALONE, one of the biggest productions on the haunted circuit, returns to Los Angeles tomorrow for their first of four shows this year.

Photos From The First Ever CatCon, AKA Comic-Con For Cat People

Attendees let their feline flag fly high and proud at the event.

Los Angeles' First Vegan Ramen Shop Coming To Grand Central Market

Ilan Hall, the Top Chef season 2 winner who opened recently-shuttered The Gorbals at the Alexandria Hotel, plans to open L.A.’s first vegan ramen shop late summer.

Artisanal LA: Bacon Bourbon S'mores And 10 Other Cool Things At This Weekend's Show

Here’s a list of highlights for this year’s spring show, from the healthy to the decadent to the drought- and dog-friendly.

The Best Fried Chicken In Los Angeles

Fried chicken may be best known as Southern soul food, but Los Angeles has got more than enough soul of its own when it comes to the crispy bird game. Here are our top pics for the best chicken in L.A.

4 Places You Can Get Coachella-Worthy Braids In Los Angeles

If you have your heart set on rocking a waterfall braid but balk at the mere thought of attempting it with your own two hands, you're in luck.

The Best Tattoo Shops In Los Angeles

At any given time in Los Angeles, there are countless artists working away, creating masterpieces in flesh.

Taste Testing Los Angeles' Top Three Pastrami Sandwiches

Langer's (Getty) By Heather Dunsmoor Having lived in NYC for the better part of a decade, I'd like to think I know my way around a good pastrami sandwich. It should be the perfect balance of salty, peppery, and smoky. It should be succulent and moist, but not wet or greasy. And the rye should be flavorful enough to lend character to the sandwich. Some people take it with mustard, some with Russian dressing,...

10 Best Used Bookstores In Los Angeles

We may live in an age of digital and e-books, but don't let that fool you. Print is still alive in the City of Angels from Inglewood to Eagle Rock.

5 Hair Salons Where You Can Get A-List Style On A C-List Budget

We may live in the land of the rich and famous but since most of us are regular people bringing home regular people paychecks, shelling out A-list dollars for a cut, color job, extensions or wedding hair is not gonna happen.

'Interstellar': The Sci-Fi Epic That Won't Stop Explaining Itself

For such an imaginative filmmaker, Christopher Nolan seems loath to actually leave anything to the imagination of late.

Review: The Most Beautifully Constructed Haunted House In Los Angeles

If it was not October, and if ALONE wasn't called a "haunting," I would view the experience as an art project.

Review: The Unrivaled King Of Haunted Houses In Los Angeles

The show is beautiful: well-crafted, well-acted, well-directed and well-produced.

5 Stores Where It's Halloween All Year Long

Bookmark this when the urge to wear a Freddie Krueger mask or dress like a slutty nurse strikes in March.

Epic Exhibit Of Hollywood Costumes Returns To Los Angeles For Your Viewing Pleasure

A touring exhibit of iconic Hollywood costumes that started in London returns to its roots in Los Angeles at the the future Academy Museum of Motion Pictures this week.

6 Next-Level Haunted Houses To Check Out In Los Angeles

If you're looking for a bit more than your standard evening of wandering down darkened halls as teenagers in costumes jump out at you, let us be your guide down the twisted path of next-level haunts within this city we call home.

The Best Hot Dogs In Los Angeles

With baseball season in full swing and National Hot Dog Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to indulge (not that you need an excuse to grab a dog).

The Best Fetish Clubs in Los Angeles

The best places to find spanking good soirees, with DJs, dancing, kinky performance art and envelope-pushing imagery.

The 10 Best Los Angeles Hikes For The Summer

Ten hikes to get away from city life this summer.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela: Mexico's Finest Guitar Export

There's a lot of terrible music happening today. It's so bad they shouldn't even call it music. In a few years people will wake up from their hangover and hopefully they'll apologize. The first people they should beg forgiveness from are Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero of the fantastic guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela.

Photos: The Punk, Sexy Lucha Va Voom Rings In Cinco De Mayo [NSFW]

The show, created by former Velvet Hammer babe Rita D’Albert and Liz Fairbairn, has been showcasing high-energy stomping and stripping for 10 years now.

Testing The Dodgers Food Line-Up: Our 7 Favorites

Baseball food isn’t just limited to peanuts and Cracker Jack anymore.

Photos: Aerosmith & Slash Jam At Whisky A Go-Go To Kick Off Summer Tour

In Los Angeles, a trend seems to be emerging amid rock’s elder statesmen which turns the announcements themselves into epic events.

Los Angeles Public Defender Allegedly Gives Drunken Concert, Demands Cocaine At San Francisco Airport

This L.A. public defender found herself on the other side of the bars Tuesday, when she allegedly caused a drunken scene at SFO.

The Best Retro Dance Clubs In Los Angeles

No matter which era you choose, we can promise flashbacky fun is in your future.

Who Needs Clothes? Here's The Delicious Asian Food I Pack For My Poor Sister In Boston

Three or more times a year, when I fly to visit my sister and nephew, I bring with me suitcases full of food. Here are some of the items I bring to my sister when I visit and where you can get them. What do you pack in your suitcases? Clothes?

Ask A Native Angeleno: Where Is The Eastside?

This week's question comes from an Angeleno who's confused about where the Eastside starts.

10 Vegetarian Restaurants You Need To Try In The San Gabriel Valley

Thanks to a sizable Asian and Buddhist population in the San Gabriel Valley, there are many scrumptious eateries with scores of vegetarian and vegan options. What's unique about Asian vegetarian dishes is that the dishes imitate their real meat counterparts. There's no salad on this list: we're talking faux chicken, deep-fried pork chops and other fun "meat" items on the menu.

Dabbing Into The World Of Marijuana Wax: A Guide

Here's a guide to the dabbing craze—and we decided to try some out for ourselves.

Ask A Native Angeleno: Is Grand Park L.A.'s Answer To Times Square?

This week's question comes from an Angeleno hoping that Los Angeles could one day have its own TV-worthy New Year's Eve celebration.

10 Japanese Restaurants You Need To Try In The San Gabriel Valley

Don’t limit yourself just to Chinese food when you’re in the area. Check out all the authentic and fusion Japanese eateries right here, including sushi, curry, Southern fusion and more!

Weed Review: Larry OG Will Remind You Of Your First Joint

Operate no machinery heavier than a Zippo while medicating.

Ask A Native Angeleno: What Can I Do About Gentrifying Hipsters Ruining My Neighborhood?

This week's question comes from an Angeleno who isn't happy about rising rents in her hip hood.

Culver City Bar Will Troll The 49ers, Cheer The Seahawks In The Sky Over SF Sunday

As the Seattle Seahawks warm up on enemy turf at the San Francisco 49ers' Candlestick Park on Sunday, a message from their die-hard fans at a Culver City bar will circle above them.

Your Guide To Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwiches In The San Gabriel Valley

Vietnamese sandwiches, known as banh mi, continue to be one of the cheapest and most filling meals around.

The 10 Best Hot Pots In The San Gabriel Valley

It's that time of year again! Christmas songs are playing and Angelenos are doing all that they can to stay warm. Hot pots are a great way to enjoy some delicious food either by yourself with individual meals, or family style with friends. So here's your guide to the many types of hot pot available in the San Gabriel Valley!

Ask A Native Angeleno: Is It Okay That I Never Go To The Beach?

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but here goes: I haven't been to the beach in four years! Should I feel guilty?

The Best Vietnamese Food In The San Gabriel Valley

The San Gabriel Valley has long been known as a mecca for delicious and authentic Chinese food. But did you know that there are a number of Vietnamese restaurants that can give Wesminster's Little Saigon a run for its money?

Ask A Native Angeleno: How Do You Deal With Soul-Sucking Traffic?

I've lived in L.A. for a little less than three years. I really like it, but the one thing I can't stand is the traffic! Ugh!!! I feel like it's slowly sucking the life out of me. How do you deal with it?

6 Local Fall Beers You Should Try

'Tis the season for falling leaves and sipping beers. And Los Angeles breweries are celebrating fall with a lineup of seasonal-inspired beers, with flavors from Wisconsin's dairyland and local coffee shops. We round up six you should try.

Video: Ramen Burger Creator Explains The Inspiration For The Most Viral Burger Of Our Time

Creator of the original ramen burger Keizo Shimamoto gave an exclusive interview to LAist to talk about this uniquely Japanese and American creation, his newfound fame, and why copycats out there should beware.

7 Fall Drinks Better Than A Pumpkin Spice Latte

Come fall, pumpkin-spiced lattes are as ubiquitous as Miley Cyrus Halloween costumes and Angelenos shivering in their uggs and shorts. To celebrate the season, we rounded up a few drinks with a different spin on sugar and spice.

The Best Pineapple Buns In The San Gabriel Valley

So you've tackled dim sum and slurped up more than enough bowls of noodle soup in the San Gabriel Valley, but have you had a pineapple bun?

'Blue Is The Warmest Color' Actresses Bare It All (And Not Just In That Graphic Sex Scene)

Ever since it won the prestigious Palme d’or at Cannes, the controversy that has been following around Blue is the Warmest Color has made the whole affair much larger than the actual scope of the film itself. I suppose it comes with the territory of earning an NC-17 rating for its graphic depiction of lesbian sex.

The Best Places To Find Halloween Candy In Los Angeles

A holiday dedicated to the quest for candy is a welcome reprieve in health-conscious Los Angeles, especially for grown-ups. To celebrate Halloween, we round up seven adult-friendly candy shops for a more mature sugar rush, no costume required.

Ask A Native Angeleno: Is New York Really Better Than Los Angeles?

I've lived here for seven years, and I love it! The weather is great and there are so many fun and creative people. But some of my friends are always complaining, and saying that New York is so much better. Are they right? What should I tell them?

The 10 Cutest Foods In The San Gabriel Valley

It's no secret that the San Gabriel Valley is host to some of the most diverse and authentic Asian food in the world, but it also has some of the cutest. Pop culture, furry creatures (and Hello Kitty, of course) inspire some of the most adorable designs this side of the Pacific.

'A Touch of Sin:' Capitalism Breeds Violence in Jia Zhangke's Chinese Film

A Touch of Sin focuses on four intertwined tales that show the toll of capitalism and globalization at the personal level in contemporary China. Unlike previous efforts from Jia, these four tales all conclude with graphic, Tarantino-like violence.

'After Tiller' Spotlights Important, Unheard Voices In The Abortion Debate

After Tiller inserts itself into the debate by giving a voice to those that are among the most marginalized: the last four remaining doctors that provide late-term abortions and their patients that choose to undergo this controversial procedure.

Space Junk: 'Gravity' Pulled Down By Throwaway Script

Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity has been favorably compared to the Kubrick and Clarke's masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey since its premiere at the Venice International Film Festival. But the two are starkly different films for a variety of reasons—you may as well compare Star Trek Into Darkness to Solaris—the greatest difference between the two is that 2001 transcends its genre trappings while Gravity becomes bogged down by convention and a hackneyed script.

Sax-y Dubstep, Lax Security, Great Location, and More Thoughts From the Mad Decent Block Party

Downtown L.A.'s crowded skyline, maze of freeways and general sense of impending cool made it the perfect location for the 2013 Mad Decent Block Party.

Haunting Photos Of 'Dead Man's Curve' Vehicle Graveyard

L.A.-based photographer Jason Knight is bringing a new view of the dangerous stretch of roadway to light: Its chilling vehicle graveyard.

FYF Fest, Day 2 Photos: Poolside, Touche Amore, Baroness & More Bring The Dust

Warmer temperatures did little to dull the mood for FYF Fest day two, which featured the likes of MGMT, My Bloody Valentine, Washed Out, Flume and many others.

FYF Fest, Day 1 Photos: TV On The Radio, Toro Y Moi, Title Fight & Deerhunter Rock 20,000

Dust be damned, day one of FYF Fest was blast. The near-capacity crowd filled L.A. State Historic Park near downtown for hours of music and comedy on Saturday, featuring the likes of TV On The Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Simian Mobile Disco and Toro y Moi—among many, many others.

Film Review: 'Museum Hours' Finds Art In The Lives Of Ordinary People

Museum Hours is a work whose ruminations and observations are always expressed with candor. Though it focuses on the lives of ordinary people, it's not condescending.

Paul Rudd Rocks Overalls And A Stache In New Indie Bromance 'Prince Avalanche'

Sometimes all a guy needs is to get away from the hustle and bustle, and spend some quality time with his fellow man. That's the premise of the latest film by David Gordon Green, Prince Avalanche, but the same could easily be said of Green's supposed return to form after his forays in mainstream filmmaking.

The Joyful, Befuddling 'Computer Chess' Revisits The Dawn Of The Information Age

By looking back to the past to the dawn of the Information Age, Computer Chess holds a mirror to our present era of alienation and paranoia. We're bombarded with unlimited data, but we're still lost and wandering.

A History of Violence: 'The Act of Killing' is 2013's Most Disturbing Film

When the names Errol Morris and Werner Herzog are both listed as executive producers, you know The Act of Killing is not an ordinary documentary. Director Joshua Oppenheimer's latest film is undoubtedly the most disturbing film of 2013. The Act of Killing focuses on Anwar Congo, one of the self-proclaimed "gangsters" who executed over a million suspected Communists and ethnic Chinese in Indonesia during the bloodbath of 1965-66.

'Blackfish' Explores What Makes SeaWorld's Shamu Murderous

Tilikum, affectionately known as "Tilly," is a six-ton male killer whale and the subject of a new documentary from the nascent CNN Films.

Your Guide To What To Eat And Drink At Comic-Con

We took on the challenge of figuring out your food, so all you have to focus on is making it to every panel on time.

Photos: Lightning In A Bottle 2013 Heats Up The CA Desert

Despite brutally hot temperatures and a sprawling new home, Southern California's own hippy/party festival Lightning in a Bottle pulled out all the stops yet again in its fifth year running this past weekend in Temecula. The Do LaB-sponsored music and arts festival moved from a Memorial Day slot in past years to a scorching mid-July slot to the pain and pleasure of everyone attending.

Photos: Sunday's Trayvon Martin Protests Shut Down 10 Freeway

I joined at least 1,000 people gathered at Leimert Park in South Los Angeles Sunday afternoon protesting the acquittal of George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman that shot and killed unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, last year.

Why We Love L.A. Summers: 5 Must-See Museum Exhibits

These five exhibits highlight some of L.A.'s less heralded pioneers and locations with photographs, videos, and all sorts of other interactive features. So quit daydreaming and drop by a museum. It's good for the brain, light on the wallet, and more worthy of your time than the average cable marathon.

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