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Elton John Announces Surprise Show Today at Old Tower Records

The legendary piano man announced a surprise show that will happen at noon at the old Tower Records parking lot on Sunset.

Beverly Hills Rolls Out Bike Share System

Ever find yourself humming, "Beverly Hills, that's where I want to bike?" Well, the city just started rolling out a bike share service to make your dreams reality.

Here's What Streets Are Closed for the Oscars

Traffic chaos will reign in Hollywood on Sunday as famous egomaniacs praise each other at the 88th Academy Awards.

Disneyland Ticket Prices Hit Triple Digits, As High As $119, Under New Tiered Pricing

Tickets to Disneyland will reach their highest prices ever under a new "seasonal" pricing scheme the theme park just unveiled.

Three Stabbed at Anaheim KKK Rally

Three people were stabbed this morning at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Anaheim, with at least one rushed to a nearby hospital.

L.A. Sheriff's Deputy Shoots, Kills Man in Palmdale

A man was shot and killed by a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy in Palmdale early this morning, according to reports.

Star Wars Earns $517 Million At Box Office, An All-Time Record

Star Wars: The Force Awakens earned a mind-boggling $517 million in worldwide box office sales this weekend, breaking the all-time record for a movie opening.

LAPD Officer Kills Man in Emergency Room

An LAPD officer shot and killed a vandalism suspect in a melee in the Harbor UCLA Medical Center emergency room Saturday.

Super Cute Mountain Lion Kitten Spotted In L.A., Scientists Celebrate

Scientists are celebrating a new mountain lion kitten that was recently spotted in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Another Body Found In Burned Car, This Time In Cerritos

The grisly discovery comes a little more than a month after three men were found dead in a burning car in the nearby city of Orange.

Yesterday's Boring Drizzle May Be A Prelude To More Stupid Rain

Christmas week brings a couple more chances for precipitation.

Christmas Present Thieves Busted By Police GPS

Local police are baiting Christmas present thieves with GPS-monitored packages on people's doorsteps, and it seems to be working.

Applications Way Up At Cal State Schools

The record-setting number of applicants topped 830,000, reflecting the reality that a middle-class lifestyle in California requires a college degree.

Two Jets Get In Fender-Bender At Burbank Airport, Causing Delays

As stressful as this probably was for some travelers, we'll bet others were grateful to delay seeing their parents for a few more hours.

Here's What You Need To Know About Tuesday's L.A. City Election

Here's where and when to vote, what's on the ballot, and the races to watch.

Jon Stewart Is Leaving The Daily Show

Jon Stewart, the most potent American satirist of his generation, is leaving his longtime post at the Daily Show.

Metrolink Train Derails At L.A. Union Station

A Metrolink train apparently derailed at L.A. Union Station around 5 p.m. today.

Suge Knight's Portrayal In N.W.A Biopic May Have Led To Fatal Hit-And-Run

Onetime L.A. rap impresario and perennial troublemaker Marion "Suge" Knight was angry about his portrayal as a violent low-life in the forthcoming N.W.A biopic "Straight Outta Compton," a report says.

Police Prepare For Rich-On-Rich Violence At Santa Monica Vs. Beverly Hills Game

Police are worried that rich kids from two of L.A.'s toniest Westside enclaves might fight each other. Again.

City's New Program To Stop Hit-And-Runs Will Not Fix Anything

There's a solution to this problem, but this isn't it.

It's Gonna Be Hot In L.A. (Sorry, Rest Of The Country)

Doggies will be walked, shorts will be worn, sunscreen will be smeared, and creepy Craigslist missed connections will flourish.

Holy Crap, It's Raining

Water is descending from the sky to the ground in liquid form today, LAist has learned.

Disneyland's "Jingle Cruise" Decked Out For Christmas

The Jungle Cruise, that old school Disneyland ride where you sit in a boat listening to bad jokes for nine minutes, just got decked out for the holidays.

Sheriff's Deputy Shoots Man With Knife

A Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy shot and killed a man in Carson early this morning who was allegedly wielding a steak knife.

Man With Crossbow Holed Up In House, SWAT Team Called

A sheriff's SWAT team is surrounding a home in Rowland Heights this afternoon, after deputies responding to a call saw a man inside display a crossbow.

Overheard in L.A.: You're Not In Portland Any More

"We are the generation that sticks their butt out."

Motorhome Explodes On 15 Freeway (Video)

A motorhome went up in flames on the southbound 15 freeway this morning, witnesses said.

Vroman's Bookstore In Pasadena Turns 120 Years Old This Week

A lot has changed about books since 1894, but one thing hasn't: Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena is celebrating its 120th birthday this weekend.

Police "Screwed Up" McStay Murder Investigation, Says Victim's Family

Following an arrest in the McStay family murder case, which vexed San Diego County sheriff's deputies for years, the father of victim Joseph McStay says the sheriff's department didn't do enough to find the killer.

Army Veteran Back From Afghanistan Shot And Killed At Party

Veteran's Day weekend turned tragic in the Valley early this morning, as a 21-year-old Army vet in Sylmar was shot and killed in the street.

Police Kill Suspect After Car Chase Shootout

Police shot and killed a man early this morning after a wild car chase shootout around Cypress Park, during which an assault suspect fired a shotgun at police and LAPD officers returned fire.

95-Year-Old Driver Hits 92-Year-Old Pedestrian

A 95-year-old driver hit a 92-year-old pedestrian Saturday evening in Costa Mesa, sending the younger man to the hospital for head trauma.

Weird Flavors Like "Drunk Texting" and "Prius" Popping Up At Yogurtland

If you don't think Yogurtland flavors like "taro root" are quite creative enough, one prankster is replacing the froyo chain's flavor signs with fake ones that offer sweet treats like "Prius" and "Drunk Texting."

Overheard in L.A.: We're Trying To Floss Everyday And It Sucks

"I must have been ovulating. All of my ex-boyfriends called!"

Masked Anti-Gentrification Protesters March Through Highland Park

A group of masked protesters decrying gentrification in Highland Park marched Saturday down York Boulevard, posting fake eviction notices on storefronts.

Can You Fix L.A.'s Problems? The City Election Filing Deadline Is Today

Do you have too much time on your hands? Fancy doing some fundraising, touching other people's babies and making empty promises to end traffic, poverty, gentrification and the line at Pink's?

Man Sentenced To 37 Years In Prison For Dating Site Rapes

A Del Mar man was sentenced Friday to 37 years in prison for raping two women he met on dating sites and

Metro Finally Breaks Ground On Subway Extension

Building the 3.9 miles of new Purple Line track will take until 2023. That might seem like a long time, but on the other hand, it takes about eight years to drive that stretch of Wilshire on a Friday afternoon anyway.

Andy Dick Allegedly Snatched Guy's Necklace, Rode Away On Bike

Bikers sometimes get a bad rap here in L.A.: drivers like to complain that our bikers have no respect for laws and common decency.

Huh! The Average Price Of Booze In L.A. Is Down This Year

There's no shortage of $16 artisanal cocktails in L.A. these days, but the latest Consumer Price Index data says that booze here is a little cheaper now than it was last year, even as alcohol prices rise nationally.

Man Walking On 101 Freeway Downtown Killed

A 25-year-old man was struck and killed this morning while walking on the 101 downtown.

One Killed After Car Crashes Into Valley Donut Shop

One man is dead after a car crashed into a donut shop in Canoga Park last night.

CicLAvia Is Today! Here Is The Route Map

CicLAvia is today, which means you can enjoy the sunshine on your bike and not worry about cars! (Or just rub your temples sitting in traffic thanks to some street closures!)

Man Severely Beaten In Parking Lot After Angels Game

Anaheim police are looking for three people suspected of beating a 43-year-old man in the Angels Stadium parking lot after a game this weekend.

Overheard in L.A.: The "Can I Have A Cuter Cupcake" Edition

Bits of overheard conversation from the Hallmark shop and the cupcake shop.

The Weather Is Going To Keep Sucking This Week :(

We are currently perspiring at a rate that will overflow the Silver Lake reservoir by Monday morning rush hour - it's 100 degrees across most of the eastside.

Joe Biden Will Shut Down Wilshire Tomorrow At Rush Hour

America's goofy uncle, Vice President Joe Biden, drops by L.A. Monday afternoon just in time to stop traffic at rush hour on one of the city's busiest stretches of street.

The Best Bowling In Los Angeles

Ever since Walter Sobchak uttered the immortal words, "Fuck it Dude, let's go bowling," we've felt it our solemn duty as Angelenos to knock down pins. Here are our favorite spots.

There Is A Dunkin' Donuts In Santa Monica For Some Reason

L.A. doesn't need Dunkin' Donuts. And we kind of begrudge the east coast forcing it on us.

California Chrome Comes Up Short Of Triple Crown

Orange County-based racehorse California Chrome came up short of winning thoroughbred racing's Triple Crown, losing the Belmont Stakes to Tonalist this afternoon.

Police Seeking Two Gunmen In South L.A. Woman's Murder

She had three children. One of them turns eight years old today.

Bunch Of 5 Freeway Closures Coming Next Week

If you have the misfortune of waking up in the Valley in the middle of the night next week, be prepared for some annoying 5 Freeway closures.

Convenience-Hating Angelenos Are Shunning Burbank Airport

The passenger numbers at Burbank's Bob Hope Airport are down this year and revenues aren't rising as fast as projected and it's making us wonder: are you guys crazy?

DWP Is Chronically Late Fixing Dangerous Electrical Hazards

In the last few years, the DWP has admitted it is having serious trouble dealing with its aging infrastructure, such as overhead power poles that are more than 60 years old.

Traffic Stopped On 405 After Motorcycle Hits Ladder, Two Hurt

Two people have been hospitalized after a motorcycle hit a ladder on the southbound 405 in Long Beach near the Bellflower exit.

L.A. Councilman Calls For Higher Graffiti Fines

Currently, L.A. fines you $250 for a first offense, $500 the second time and, if you're inept enough to get caught tagging three times, $1000 every time after that.

Thousands Of Dead Fish Surface In Marina Del Rey

Authorities are investigating a bunch of fishy deaths in Los Angeles this morning.

Bridge Collapses On 91 Freeway, One Killed

A bridge collapsed on the eastbound 91 Freeway this morning and one person was killed.

Car Plunges Off Cliff In Angeles National Forest, Two Found Dead

A car apparently went off a cliff in Angeles National Forest, and authorities found two dead bodies this morning.

Overheard In L.A.: Things We Said When It Was Hot

The heat was getting to our brains, it seems.

Hooray! The Weather Will Return To Sanity This Week

After a week of mindboggling heat, temperatures will return to sanity in the coming week.

AT&T Plans To Buy DirecTV

No word on whether this means DirecTV subscribers will be able to watch Dodgers games anytime soon, but we're not holding our breath.

Disneyland Raises Ticket Prices

Thankfully, it is still free to go to Echo Park Lake and lay on a blanket under a tree with a book.

California Voter Registration Deadline Is Monday

If you're planning to vote in the June 3 California primary, Monday is the deadline to register or update your address if you moved.

Hollywood Bowl Has Free Easter Service At 11 This Morning

If you're looking for a community to celebrate zombie Jesus's rise to become undead this morning, you can join 15,000 worshippers for an 11 a.m. free service at the Hollywood Bowl.

Teen Killed By Drunk Driver While Sleeping At Home

A 16-year-old Palmdale teen was killed this morning when an alleged drunk driver crashed into her home.

Street Closures In Santa Monica This Week As Crews Work On Expo Line

A major intersection in Santa Monica closes tomorrow and will remain closed into next week as crews work to install Expo Line light rail tracks.

Coachella Saturday Photo Gallery: Lorde, Alessandra Ambrosio, Plus You Guys Wore Some Goofy Stuff

Well, we're 83.3333333% through Coachella 2014, and you guys decided to go all out with the goofy costumes yesterday. Plus, Cage The Elephant, Pharrell and Jay-Z, and Future Islands.

Overheard In L.A.: The Muscle Milk For Your Mustache Edition

"I love Muscle Milk, but I hate that it gets stuck in my 'stache."

Chance The Rapper Hospitalized, Cancels Coachella Set

Rising hip-hop star Chance The Rapper has been hospitalized and canceled his Coachella set scheduled for today.

Documentary About Hollywood Sex Abuse In The Works, Bryan Singer Accuser Involved

There's a new documentary in the works about Hollywood sex abuse, and the man who recently accused director Bryan Singer of rape has been cooperating with the director.

Woman Killed Pushing Disabled Car On 405

A 21-year-old woman was killed today pushing a disabled car on the 405 in the South Bay.

Nurse Stabbed At Hospital

A nurse at Olive View-UCLA Hospital is in critical condition after she was attacked by a knife-wielding assailant.

L.A. Times Building Locked Down, Man With Ammo Arrested

No one was injured and one man is in custody after police received reports of a gunman in the L.A. Times building downtown.

Huge Lines Form At Local Stores For Record Store Day

Angelenos waited in line for hours this morning to snag antiquated plastic music discs that double as coasters and frisbees.

Coachella Friday In Photos: Paris Hilton, Drones, HAIM And More

Paris Hilton, Drones, HAIM, Billie Joe and more. Here's the day that was at Coachella weekend two day one.

Boys Being Molested In South Bay Beach Bathroom Stalls, Police Say

Police are investigating a second report this week that a boy was molested in a public beach restroom in the South Bay.

Here's The New Starting Lineup Of Food At Dodger Stadium (Photos)

When you get to Dodger Stadium, here's some of the new stuff that will be stepping up to your plate.

The Los Angeles Vaporizer Ban Starts Today

Attention dorks who smoke vaporized nicotine inside bars and clubs: you can't do that anymore.

Del Taco Customer Charged $4000 For Tacos and Pizza

Around 150 Del Taco customers found an unwelcome surprise in their bank accounts this weekend.

Financial Planner Arrested At Financial Planning Seminar For Financial Shenanigans

Police this morning arrested a man in Downey who was giving a financial planning seminar on charges that he'd diverted money from an elderly client, resulting in a $125,000 tax bill she wasn't expecting.

Guy In Dodgers Cap Tries To Rob Four Banks

One Dodger fan found an unorthodox way to celebrate baseball's opening day.

Daredevils, Blue Angels Fly at Los Angeles County Air Show (VIDEO)

The Navy's Blue Angels were back in action at the inaugural L.A. County Air Show in Lancaster, after losing their 2013 season to federal sequester budget cuts.

Police Seeking Would-Be Rapist With U-Haul

Police are seeking a man who kidnapped a 16-year-old South L.A. girl at knifepoint, stuffed her into the trunk of a U-Haul van, and attempted to sexually assault her.

Whoopsie Daisies! DMV's Credit Card Data Hacked

What could a government bureaucracy as trustworthy, efficient and generally delightful as the California Department of Motor Vehicles do to earn even more of our affection?

Catalina Island's City Of Avalon Is Getting A Touristy Makeover

It's not going to be your grandparents' Avalon any more.

Big Huell Howser Exhibit Opens Next Weekend

Famously credulous public TV host Huell Howser's works are getting a permanent public place at Chapman University, and the exhibition is opening with a party.

Heads Up: Sepulveda Lane Closures Tonight

Sepulveda Boulevard will be down to one northbound lane tonight near the Skirball Center as Metro works on road improvements.

Man Shoots Himself In The Leg

A Southern California man shot himself in the leg today in an accidental shooting, police believe.

One Dead, One Injured As Car Plunges Into Kagel Canyon

One person is dead and one has been airlifted to a hospital after a car ran off a road and plunged into Kagel Canyon.

Man Stabbed At Venice Beach

The victim called police from a nearby hotel.

Here Are Tonight's Grammy Nominees

Who will get lucky and win a Grammy tonight?

Man Found Shot At L.A. Valley College Dies

Police found a man shot in an L.A. Valley College parking lot last night, and he has since died at a hospital.

Here Are The Directors Guild Awards Winners

Fellow directors tapped Alfonso Cuaron as the year's best filmmaker at the Director's Guild of America Awards last night.

Incredible Photos Of A Drought-Stricken California Reservoir

California is facing a bad drought after three straight years of record-low rain and snowfall.

Look Out, One-Percenters: Mexico Is Impounding Your Yachts

That's right: rich Americans busted in Mexico without papers. The irony!

Overheard in L.A.: The "Trade You Lentils For Kombucha" Edition

This week's edition features bits of overheard conversation from plenty of industry types, plus some dietary tradeoffs and a classic from LACMA on free museum day.

Police Investigation Of Woman's Beating Death At Night Club Stalled

Local police say they fear their investigation is stalled because Vietnamese immigrants don't trust the government.

26-Year-Old L.A. Man Who Was Arrested In Egypt Released

Jeremy Hodge, a UCSB alum, was working in Cairo as a translator for Transparency International, an organization that monitors corruption in developing countries, according to his LinkedIn page.

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