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The LAX People Mover: A First-Look At The (Very Cool) Visuals

The LAX people mover is coming in 2023, but you don't have to wait that long to get a preview.

We've Stopped Counting Bald Eagles -- And That's A Good Thing

Winter is the best time to see local and migrating eagles so you can still attend local eagle watching events.

The Wildlife Waystation Has Closed. So What Happens To All Those Lions And Tigers And Chimps?

State officials are stepping in to find new homes capable of caring for the exotic animals.

There's Now A Satellite Sailing In Earth's Orbit On The Rays Of The Sun

Remarkably, it wasn't the government that spearheaded this project. Or private industry. We can thank our very own Pasadena-based nonprofit, The Planetary Society, for this scientific leap.

You Can Visit The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Right Here In SoCal

There's a half-size replica touring the West Coast, and you can catch it this Memorial Day weekend in Simi Valley.

This Taiwanese Street Food Folds In Layers of History, Family And Dough

In Highland Park, Vivian Ku's thousand-layer pancake stretches all the way back to the food stands of Taiwan.

LA Has A New Magazine And Its Staff Is Betting On Print's Future In Local Journalism

We spoke with the magazine's editors-in-chief about the new publication's mission and what makes it unique.

The Story Behind The 'Beat LA' Chant -- Born In Boston And Now Embraced By Haters Everywhere

How do you track down who started a chant in Boston more than 35 years ago?

Tired Of Crowded Beaches? This Hidden Gem Has Tide Pools, Plus Some Cold War History

For both nature and history lovers, White Point and Royal Palms has something to offer from tidepools to Nike missiles.

The History Of The Sunset Strip Is Rich With Rock Stars, Mobsters And A Damn Good Maître D'

The Strip may be one of the most iconic spots in the L.A. area, but there's still plenty to discover.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Delicious Campfire Food For Your Labor Day Weekend

Want to go beyond the s'more? Start by thinking like a Boy Scout and always be prepared.

SpaceX Will Send People To The ISS, And The Ship They Built Is So Sci-Fi Sleek

Our Take Two team roadtripped to SpaceX to learn more about the Crew Dragon spacecraft and meet some of the first astronauts who'll be flying commercial.

For A Safe Summer Hike Near LA, Try This Shady And History-Tinged Trail Above Altadena

This hiking trail has shade, a stream and some remnants of Southern California's mining history.

It's Hard Being A Tree In LA Right Now. Here's What The City Is Doing To Save Them

"It's not a great time to be a tree" --a tree surgeon specialist with the City of L.A.'s Recreation and Parks department.

LA's Baseball Story Isn't Just The Dodgers (It's Also The Aztecas, The 1st Wrigley Field And More)

Baseball in Southern California goes way back before the Dodgers even arrived here from Brooklyn.

This Secret Garden In Pasadena Welcomes Your Green Thumbs

"The first time I saw a lizard I thought, 'Yes we have an ecosystem!'" said garden designer Mayita Dinos.

In The World Cup Final, LA's French And Croatian Communities See A Chance For A Repeat, Or Revenge

The France vs. Croatia match on Sunday will be a grudge match with a 20-year history.

A Day In The Life Of An LA Immigration Lawyer

Here's what one day looks like for a staff attorney with the Esperanza Immigrants Rights Project.

California Is On The Verge Of Restricting Plastic Straws Statewide. We Tested The Alternatives

We tested out some non-plastic straws and picked our favorite.