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Serious Questions Raised About Delays In COVID-19 Testing In LA County's Hard-Hit Nursing Homes

At one nursing home in Los Angeles, a man found out that his mother had COVID-19 just hours before she died.

Immigrant Detainees At Adelanto Say Officers Pepper-Sprayed Them For Peacefully Protesting

"I went into my room and started throwing up, and my eyes were burning."

As Many Angelenos Stayed Home, LA County Saw A Spike In Coronavirus Among Latinos. Here's Why

An LAist analysis finds that by late April, L.A. County saw a surge in infections among Latinos.

'Bloody Noses, Burning Eyes': Advocates File Complaint Over Chemical Disinfectant Use At Adelanto Detention Center

The facility currently holds about 1,100 detained immigrants, including asylum seekers and people who are fighting deportation.

Hospitals Resume Scheduled Surgeries, But Closely Watch For 2nd Surge

"We're all very concerned about a second surge.  We have to be prepared to say, okay, we're going to go back and pull back a little bit in order to stay safe."

Amid Coronavirus Fears, Patients Are Avoiding The ER Even When They Need It

Doctors say fewer heart attack and stroke patients have been coming into the ER. They're concerned that patients are avoiding or delaying care because of fear of COVID-19.

ACLU Sues ICE To Reduce Detainee Population At Adelanto Detention Center

The lawsuit claims that it's impossible for detainees to maintain 6 feet apart at the facility.

Doctors Fear For Their Health As The Coronavirus Surge Looms

Physicians in Southern California fear for what's to come in the days and weeks ahead, as supplies run short and coronavirus case numbers rise. 

Drills And Tents: Local Hospitals Prep For A Surge In COVID-19 Patients

One worker said training should have been ramped up months ago.

Here's What We Know About Kobe's Last Flight

Federal safety investigators said the helicopter lacked an onboard safety net system that investigators had previously recommended be required for all similar aircraft.

Kobe Bryant Crash: Federal Safety Inspector Says Pilot Climbed To Avoid Clouds Shortly Before Hitting Hillside

An NTSB official called the crash site scene "pretty devastating." Nine people, including the pilot, were killed while en route to a youth basketball tournament.

Disgraced Former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca Ordered To Report To Prison

Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has been ordered to report to prison to begin serving his three-year sentence for obstruction of justice, conspiracy and lying.

Violent Crime In LA is Down. Again. The Police Chief Says It's 'One of the Safest Times In Los Angeles.'

There were 253 murders in 2019, making it the 10th year in a row the city had fewer than 300 homicides. The homicide rate was the lowest since 1962.

Wrongful Death Claims Have Been Filed For 4 People Who Died In The Conception Boat Fire

Legal claims against the boat's owners call the fire that killed 34 last Labor Day "foreseeable and preventable" in part due to "a litany of safety lapses."

California Banned Private Immigrant Detention Centers. So How Could Some Exist For Another 15 Years?

The state could soon be housing an additional 2,100 detained immigrants, despite state legislators' efforts to get out of the private detention business.

Why Is 'Hangover' Producer Scott Budnick Under Investigation By The LA County Sheriff?

Over the last decade, Scott Budnick, producer of the "Hangover" movies, has earned a reputation for reinventing himself as an advocate for incarcerated youth. Lately, though, he's taken on another unexpected role -- as the subject of a criminal investigation.