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The Beacon Arts Building Premieres with 'Ghost Stories: Happenings, Hauntings, and Curiosities'

Last Thursday was the grand opening of Beacon Arts, a new art space in Inglewood. Dubbing itself an "arts laboratory", it will be featuring contemporary innovative and interactive exhibits. Renée Fox "develops and directs" the events and exhibits at the newly christened art space. Beacon Arts premiered with "Ghost Stories: Happenings, Hauntings, & Curiosities." The exhibit will run through Sunday, November 7, 2010.

Fresh Bites in West Hollywood is Versatile

Fresh Bites, Luca Giorgetti's new joint in West Hollywood is a spacious, comfortable oasis from the zooming traffic of Sunset Boulevard. The ceilings are high, an eco design that is smooth and sleek, with a curve on one wall leading effortlessly to the restrooms. A long, glass window allows you to watch food prep from beginning to end.

Closed Mondays: The Fort MacArthur Museum

Deep in the earth beneath the hills of San Pedro lie cold cement corridors once used by the military for radio transmissions, to house soldiers, and to arm gun batteries. Sometimes only a few feet in width, and with the danger of sudden drops to the floor below, the bunker doors are now welded shut to discourage intruders. Parts of Fort MacArthur, Battery John Barlow and Saxton, and the Paul D Bunker (added after the...

Recession Obsession: Andre's Ravioli

Usually when Angelenos are in the vicinity of 3rd and Fairfax, the obvious stop is The Farmers Market. However, there is a hidden gem just across the street. Hidden in a little nook between buildings at the shopping center on 3rd, Andre's Italian has been pleasing customers since 1963.

Movie Review: A History Lesson Part 1

A History Lesson Part 1 is your standard interview-slash-live performance music film. That is about the only thing about this film that is standard. Each performance is uncut, allowing you to get into the groove without any annoying voice-overs or cut-aways. The film focuses on four popular bands of 1984: the Meat Puppets, the Minutemen, Twisted Roots and Redd Kross. Interviews were conducted by...

Alice Cooper's Theatre of Death

Last Thursday Alice Cooper revived last year's Theatre of Death Show at the Gibson Ampitheater as part of The Gruesome Twosome Return. Usually you want to see a band at the end of a tour when they are really tight. But this band is practiced and on the mark all the way. Solos were so intense it seemed like they were doing demos at NAMM. The only glitch was the one guitar player who kept bumping into the giant letter "A".

Know Your Farmers' Market: Saturdays at the Americana at Brand

Saturday mornings from 10am to 2pm the Americana at Brand hosts Gigi's Farmers Market, which is small but packed full of good stuff. It is not to be confused with the City of Glendale's Farmers' Market, which is held on Thursdays.

Closed Mondays: George C. Page Museum

When people think of the La Brea Tar Pits, they usually think of the outdoors -- the replicas dramatically "trapped" in tar, and Pit 91, where scientists continue to unearth fossils under tourists' watchful eyes. But the George C. Page Museum is where the real action is.

El Rey Farm's Annual Green Chile Delivery to La Puente

On Saturday, El Rey Farms brought their last batch of green chiles from Hatch, New Mexico, to La Puente High School. 38-pound sacks were sold fresh or roasted. The mood was festive, with customers sharing recipes and preparing for the big parties that they schedule around the deliveries.

Found in LA: Solid as a Rock-ock-ock-ock-ock

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And Georgia O'Keefe was really painting desert blooms. The Disney castle turrets are just turrets. So get your minds out of the gutter, people. Still, the stone statuary at the entrance of Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill at LA Live can make you do a second take when viewed from the right angle.

Closed Mondays: The Pacific Asia Museum

The Pacific Asia Museum sits unobtrusively on a corner of Los Robles in Pasadena, the front door hidden by trees. The points of pagodas and a large mural beg a second look. According to the website, the museum inhabits a historic building "constructed in 1924 by pioneering collector and entrepreneur Grace Nicholson." In the center of the museum lies a restful courtyard. Blooming lotus and three enormous koi add to the picturesque scene.

Watch Your Toesies: Komodo Dragons Hatched at LA Zoo

The first of 22 Komodos hatched at the Los Angeles Zoo on August 8th. According to the zoo's press release, "Less than 10 zoos in North America have been able to breed Komodos; this marks the L.A. Zoo’s first success at breeding them." It was especially exciting for the zoo after a disappointing attempt in January, when only 22 out of 23 eggs hatched.

Redevelopment Hell: South LA Community Unites to Call Attention to Neglected Santa Barbara Plaza

Eddie North-Hager is a man with a mission, and he is not alone. The communities of Leimert Park, Baldwin Hills, West Adams, and surrounding areas have dedicated themselves to the redevelopment of The Santa Barbara Plaza, often referred to as "Marlton Square." The Plaza has become a blight in the center of a vibrant community. Just a block away jacaranda trees shade a picture-perfect neighborhood

LA's Annual Greek Festival is Back! Dancing! Pastries! Flaming Cheese!

Greek Fest 2009/Elise Thompson for LAist Opa! It's time to sing, to dance, to eat pastries rich with honey at LA's Annual Greek Fest. Once again this year the beautiful St. Sophia Cathedral will host this spectacular event. The cathedral building is open for visitors during the event from 2pm to 9pm, with audio presentations on the hour. Once again Tom and Rita Hanks will serve as the official celebrity sponsors. But for us,...

Domenick's Makes Goood Pizzaaa

Domenick's Pizza House has been located right next to the railroad tracks in Carson since 1955. Whether it is on the good side of the tracks or the bad side of the tracks on Avalon Boulevard has changed more than once in the 45 years that my family has been patronizing the family-owned pizzeria. I won't ever forget a childhood spent drinking root beer out of of their red plastic cups while playing "Billy Don't...

Found in LA: Wasted Again

What is happening to our mannequins? First they got all slutty in front of children, no less, and now this. Remember that Twilight Zone episode where the mannequins all got to take a vacation and be people for a month? I think we can all tell what this mannequin was doing during her vacation. Getting seriously fucked up. "C'mon man, just one hit more before I have to go back in the window? Please?...

300 Restaurants Participating in dineLA's 2-Week Event Next Month

Caesar Salad at Waterloo & City, one of 300 restaurants taking part in dineLA Fall 2010 (Lindsay William-Ross/LAist) Foodies around Los Angeles start to buzz when the biannual dineLA Restaurant Week announces its participating restaurants. Today it's officially time to pore over the list and get out the calendars. Now the largest Restaurant Week event in the nation, there are 300 participating restaurants--up from 233 last Winter--that will offer special menus October 3-8 and...

It's been a Cruel Summer in Hermosa Beach Thanks to the Ongoing Pier Avenue Improvement Project

Merchants and locals are grumbling loudly over the seemingly endless Pier Avenue Improvement Project as construction crews rush to make sure there will at least be sidewalks for the large crowd expected to attend this weekend's Fiesta Hermosa. According to the the city's website, the Hermosa Beach City Council originally awarded the construction contract to Pima Corporation on December 8th of last year with an expected completion date before June of this year. Due...

Punk Rock BBQ Lights Up The West Side This Afternoon

What better place to spend a beautiful summer afternoon than... a dark bar on Pico? Liquid Kitty's semi-annual Punk Rock BBQ is happening today, a working man's special featuring free hot dogs, $2 Pabst Blue Ribbon, and no cover charge despite a heady selection of musical acts. Musical entertainment runs the gamut from minimalist hardcore weirdos Chotto Ghetto, the radio-ready guitar attack of Bikos, the Bloody Brains' trip through the book of proto-punk and garage standards, the vintage power trio sound of Backbiter.

Bea Bea's: Who's Down for Oreo Pancakes?

Burbank is rife with coffee shops, yet somehow good food manages to elude them. At least Frank's makes real milkshakes from real ice cream, but I'm still pissed off that the attached motel tore down the zigzag Googie roof. And don't even get me started on the Coral Cafe and Lancers, where the customers all look like Ralph Steadman drawings. Then Bea Bea's opened this year to save our mornings. There is no other place...

Joe Peep's 5,969 Calorie Pizza

Joe Peep's Pizza in North Hollywood (OK, Valley Village), is a neighborhood institution, whatever the neighborhood. It is also a mystery. Who exactly is Joe Peeps? The logo shows "Kilroy was here". Well, the secret is there isn't exactly a Joe Peeps. But there is an owner who started working in a local bakery in his early teens. There he perfected the art of the pizza crust. Although the joint takes on a New York vibe, the owner says, "You don't have to be in New York to make a perfect crust."

CaCao Mexicatessen: Are You Game?

With beloved eateries like Casa Bianca Pizzaria and Oinkster, Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock is quickly becoming "home to all things delicious." One restaurant at East LA Meets Napa had served wild boar tacos -- and I had missed it. So it was like instant karma when I met a friend for lunch at CaCao in Eagle Rock. What was that on the menu? Wild boar! This was the place. Colorado Boulevard scores again.

Chef Marilyn's Soul Food Express: 99-cents and Up

It’s easy to find Chef Marilyn’s Soul Food. Just head south off the 10 at Crenshaw and look for the line that stretches out the door from 10:30am to 9pm. It’s easy to be tempted away by the smoke from Phillips Bar-B-Que, but Chef Marilyn’s has a line for a reason. Advertising “99-cents and up”, the tiny cafeteria-style eatery sells food a la carte (or a la Chinese buffet). The prices range from 99 cents...

Goldbug: A Contemporary Cabinet of Curiosity

Goldbug in Old Town Pasadena is the store for those of us who once caught spiders in jars and spent Saturday afternoons in the Museum of Natural History. Owner Stacey Coleman describes the small, family-owned store as "A contemporary cabinet of curiosity." The neo-Victorian shop looks back to a time when people had a stronger connection to nature. It marries the artistic beauty of nature with the natural sciences. People are immediately drawn to the...

Barbeque Smackdown: Ribs USA vs. Dr.Hogly Wogly's

Other than South LA, the San Fernando Valley seems to have the most barbeque joints in the Los Angeles area. Today we're going to pit one place's ribs against the other. Mind you, we are not looking for the best ribs in the Valley. I wouldn't back either of these up as the best. First, Ribs USA. They don't claim any state affiliation, with menu items from Tennessee, New Orleans and beyond. Ribs USA for...

Wine, Women and Song: East LA Meets Napa at Union Station Part II

Union Station is always a beautiful venue. With the cool summer breezes and fading sunlight the three large courtyards filled with music and sounds of celebration last Friday, making for an outstanding event. The amazing feast at the annual benefit for AltaMed was accompanied by wines from Latino-owned or operated Napa Wineries. This year three select vineyards from Baja, the Adobe Guadalupe, L.A. Cetto Vineyard and J.C. Bravo also represented.

Come On Baby, Let's Do the Twist!

Come down to Glendale and break a world record! Today the city is celebrating its 17th Annual “Cruise Night” in conjunction with K-EARTH 101 from 5:30pm-10:30pm on Brand Blvd. Chubby Checker will be performing live, and the city's goal is to break the world's record for the most people dancing The Twist. The current record is 1,691 which was set in April 2004. Glendale should have no problem topping that, since Cruise Night has been...

Tacos! Tacos! Tacos! East LA Meets Napa at Union Station

Last Friday evening the three courtyards of Union Station exploded with a bounty of exciting tastes, both familiar and exotic. As usual, we sought out Chef John Rivera Sedlar first. He had gone wild with his tortillas florales, taking them to the bring of intensity by pressing capers and olives into the tortillas and slathering them with a cumin yogurt dressing. Are we to expect a Middle Eastern and Latin fusion restaurant next?

Commemorate Mexico's Bicentennial This Friday with a Wine Tasting at Union Station

Tired of the same old margarita and nachos? Friday night go upscale and raise a glass of California's best wines to toast Mexico's Bicentennial. We're talking wineries the likes of V. Sattui Winery, Maldonado, and Beringer. Union Station will be the location of Altamed's 5th annual East LA Meets Napa Valley Benefit. In addition, this year's event will present some of Baja California’s best wineries from the Valle de Guadalupe region like L.A. Cetto Vineyard and J.C. Bravo

Former Charles Manson Follower Leslie Van Houten May Have a Chance at Today's Parole Hearing

60-year-old former Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten goes up for her 19th parole hearing today. According to the Associated Press, two new precedents may give Van Houten her best chance yet at release. She has a new lawyer, Brandie Devall, who told The Associated Press she will refer to rulings by the California Supreme Court in 2008 and 2009 affecting standards for parole. Most significant is the case of Sandra Lawrence, a convicted murderer...

Rock and Roll Trader Joe's

First we had a rock and roll Dennys, and a rock and roll Ralph's, now we have a rock and roll Trader Joe's. The Trader Joe's in the former Virgin Megastore Complex at Sunset and Crescent Heights occupies the space that was once Sam Ash.

Eye Nosh: Scottish Eggs at Madame Matisse

Madame Matisse is a perfect spot for a late breakfast. The inside may be cramped, and the al fresco dining a little close to traffic. (Note to restaurant manager: consider tenting the outside like Millie's has done). Still, the delicious breakfasts are worth it and you get used to the honking trucks pretty fast when a big plate is set down in front of you. They are known for their french toast with orange...

Found in LA: We were Thinking More Funereal, but Maybe with a Water Feature

Decorating your backyard can mean a lot of tough decisions. Tropical or desert? Should the plants be drought resistant? Maybe Adirondack chairs. But then I guess some people think a peaceful angel would bring serenity to the garden. Maybe even bless it and keep it safe. This statuary angel is not an anomoly. They are all over the place. So go on, decorate your backyard like a cemetary. Plant some Ivy and Myrtle. If...

4th of July Spectaculars: BBQ, Bands, Burgers and Bang!

One of the benefits of living in the big city is that there is always something going on. One of the drawbacks is that there is so much going on, it's hard to decide where to go. Here is a roundup of 4th of July events, from the big to small, and from the swanky to the homey. But one thing is sure. There will be fireworks.

Summer Coolers: Recipes for Your Weekend Parties

This weekend is definitely a hot one. Whether you're hosting a BBQ or pool party, you are going to want to mix it up with some fresh new cocktails. Not to hate on the margarita, but who wants to keep running back and forth to the blender? Here are some easily mixed drinks to make your weekend a splash!.

Call me Animal. That's my Name!

The room at Animal is much smaller than expected, and with little to muffle the sound, it is a cacophony of voices, with music cranking as hard as it can to keep up. In a strange way though, the environment matches the intensity of the food. This is not the kind of place where you insist they turn down the music or turn up the heat. It's not the kind of place where you insist on the best table in the house; you are grateful to get any table at all. It's not that the place is hoity-toity, it's just that the demand exceeds the supply. Everyone wants in.

Smokin' Willie's BBQ Truck Hits the Valley

Let's admit it, downtown and the Westside have more than their fair share of gourmet food trucks. The Valley needs more moveable feasts, and that's where Smokin' Willies comes in. Bill “Smokin Willie” Kelley has been marketing his own BBQ sauce, based on an old family recipe, for years and even has his own cookbook.

Midnight Movie: Glenn Beck Guided by Father Guido Sarducci

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30cProphet Glenn Beck - Father Guido Sarducciwww.colbertnation.comColbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorFox News Conservative author, radio and television personality Glenn Beck has made a career out of courting controversy with his libertarian views, Taxpayers March on Washington, and support for the Tea Party. Now he has outraged, oh, just about everyone by scheduling another march on Washington for August 28th, the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a...

Found in LA: But it's sooo Tempting!

Every once in awhile you come across a directive that seems obvious, even bordering on the ludicrous, like "Do not use hair dryer while sleeping". This sign at the local pet shop is especially ridiculous because cats can't even read. So good luck with that. In actuality, it seems that the ruffians from Menchies Frozen Yogurt next door have made this cat wonderland their own personal hangout spot.

Pizza Fries! Here At Last!

Unbeknownst to many Angelenos, the East coast has been holding out on us. Philly, Jersey and New York all enjoy the wonder of Pizza Fries. Why didn't we think of it? It seems so obvious now. I have hunted for Pizza Fries here in LA to no avail. Philly's Best just poured Cheese Whiz on the fries, which made me very sad.

GLAZA Honors Betty White at its Annual Beastly Ball with Creatures Both Great and Small

Betty White is this year's "it girl." She has a new sitcom, "Hot in Cleveland," recently made an acclaimed appearance on Saturday Night Live, and unveiled her "Naked Dog" for Pink's Hot Dogs. Now it appears that she is even more popular than the world championship Lakers. At last weekend's GLAZA benefit, courtside seats were auctioned off at $8,000 whereas lunch and a tour of the zoo with Betty White fetched a cool $10,000. White...

Meet the Family Behind Pink's Hot Dogs!

Pink's Hot Dogs has always had a wide fan base, from Sugar Ray Leonard, Bruce Willis, Snoop Dogg, Karl Lagerfeld, Leroy Neiman, who once sketched the stand, and most famously Betty White, who recently unveiled her favorite hot dog, "The Naked Dog". We eagerly await their newest stand in LAX.

Pasadena Burgers: Jake's

Jake's Burgers has stood for over 60 years on the legendary Route 66 (Colorado Boulevard). It got a slight makeover in the 80s, adding a billairds room (and that's probably when the beer made its debut). A place does not stand that long on such pricy real estate without some serious chow to back it up.

Anthony Bourdain at Royce Hall: Crispy on the Outside, Smooth and Creamy on the Inside

Royce Hall was packed to the gills Thursday for Anthony Bourdain's book signing and speaking tour. Really, his lecture was more like stand-up comedy, with his acerbic wit with razor-sharp observations. He machine-guns bon mots so fast, so smoothly, it's easy to believe he does 40 speaking engagements a year.

Recession Obsession: El Taurino Suadero Tacos

El Taurino Tacos is located on a corner of a 3-way stop where Hoover, Olympic and South Park View Streets converge. Its bright lights beckon, promising good eats 24 hours a day. Painted above the door is the promise: A NICE PLACE TO EAT. This is drunk food at its finest.

Club Culinaire's Picnic des Chefs was all about Dessert

Sunday, the 30th annual Picnic des Chefs was held in Elysian Park. The event benefits several charities, including the Concern Foundation and The Hope Program at Children's Hospital. The Picnic is one of several events held by Club Culinaire, a nonprofit organization of gourmands and people in the restaurant profession who specialize in French food.

Pride: Dyke Day LA 2010

Last Saturday, as part of Pride Week, Barnsdall Park was the site of Dyke Day LA. The event started at noon and culminated with beginning of the Dyke March. The fun day of hanging out on folding chairs and blankets was a welcome relief from all that marching, because some of us are not in such good shape.

LAist Recommends Apps to Keep You Safe and Happy

Nowadays you have to be up on the latest technology before it even comes out. With the upcoming release of the iPhone4 it's a good time to take a look at apps. Which ones are lifesavers and which ones are just taking up space? There are over 1700 apps out there for your iPhone. LAist has come up with a list of essential apps for you.

Found in LA: We Know Who You Are

This is a spectacular WANTED sign. It's not looking for a missing puppy, yet it includes drawings to identify the missing objects. The drawing of the shopping cart -- 3-dimensional wiring -- that deserves a prize. We should all send them a dollar to buy new stuff just for that drawing. What's even more amazing is that there is more than one sign. They replicated that drawing by hand.

Anthony Bourdain Sends a Bloody Valentine Straight from his Heart to Yours at Royce Hall June 16th

Anthony Bourdain. The take-no-prisoners author will be making a rare appearance at UCLA's Royce Hall on Wednesday, June 16th, fresh on the heels of his new book, Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook, which will be released on June 8th.

Bob Hope Airport's 80th Birthday Celebration

Yesterday afternoon Bob Hope Airport brought out the cake and balloons to celebrate its 80th birthday beneath a tent set up in the parking lot. Invitees included local dignitaries, police departments, the Bob Hope family, and every single airport employee, who had to attend in rotation to keep the airport running.

Simply Wrong Food: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Crackers

You know what we really need? One more cheese-flavored cracker. My cracker needs are just not being met by Nabisco Cheddars, Cheese Nips, Cheese-its, Cheese Thins, cheese crackers filled with peanut butter, cheese crackers filled with cheese, and those packs of cheese that you spread on the cracker. Thank God Kraft stepped in to fill the void. Kraft Mac and Cheese was just too much work anyways, what with adding margarine and stuff. Then there...

Recession Obsession: Samosa Chana

You may find more elegant surroundings than the plastic-laminated tables and walls plastered with posters from Bollywood movies, and you can definitely find better Indian food. But for a delicious and filling meal at only $1.99 you can't beat the fiery flavors of the samosa chana.

LA Weekend had Everything but You

This weekend LA Weekly provided an A+ collection of speakers and performers. The only thing missing was you. Where were you? Seriously, you could have called. LA Weekend had the misfortune of going up against the larger-than-life Silver Lake Jubilee, but the trek across town to hit both Saturday actually wasn't that bad.

Silver Lake Jubilee Gallery of Moustaches

Sometimes it's fun to ask strangers to do random things just to see if they will do it. The people you most expect to be daring often get shy, and the least likely subjects are the first to volunteer. At the Silver Lake Jubilee last weekend a booth was selling stick-on moustaches for $1. First I put one on my self, then walked around with a handful of them to see who was game. It's...

Silver Lake is Jubilicious with Ice Cream, Pancakes, Music, Shopping and Beer!

The Silverlake Jubilee opened yesterday in the glare of bright sunshine and closed with cool breezes blowing in the twilight. Two stages on either end of the festival grounds played at a carefully adjusted volume so the music didn’t collide. The event was crowded enough that you often had to wind your way through, but it was not the inescapable crush of the Sunset Junction. In fact, it’s it was difficult not to compare the event to the much-maligned Junction.

Tonight Kicks off LA Weekly's LA Weekend: Burlesque, Spankings and Jonathan Gold!

Tonight and tomorrow LA Weekly will present two days of events "connecting politics, art, music, comedy, theater, film, food and books. The event includes film screenings, speaker panels, book signings and other activities. LA Weekly LA Weekend 2010 will take place at the beautiful art deco Saban Theater on Wilshire near La Cienega. Here are a few highlights.

Liquid Kitty's Punk Rock BBQ Thrashes Again Sunday

The biannual Punk Rock BBQ is revving up to rock your socks off once again. The theme for the summer lineup this year is instrumental bands with an alternative surf vibe. And I don't mean shitty bands like the Surf Punks. I mean Dick Dale with Link Ray and just a taste of Bali Hai. The Five, count 'em, five bands will be grooving their hearts out for you. Bands include Chum, Double Naught Spy Car, Glasgow Tiki Shakers, and straight outta Austin, 3 Balls of Fire.

The Popcycle Takes a Test Spin

Today LA's newest traveling food made its debut near the Silverlake Farmers Market. With flavor combos like Salty Cucumber, Lemon Mint Blueberry and Cantaloupe with Anise, these are not your standard frozen fruit bars. And at $3 a pop they are an affordable splurge.

Grey Whale in Dana Point Returns to Sea

According to AP, the grey whale that has been swimming in and around Dana Point harbor for two days has begun swimming north. A team of experts from Sea World and Pacific Marine Mammal Center used a pole with a sickle this afternoon to cut away two ropes and removed more than 100 pounds of fishing net and other gear tangled around its tail and left front flipper.

Eddie Lin on Top Chef Masters: It's Peanut Butter Jellyfish Time

Jay Rayner, Kelly Choi, Andrew Zimmern, Eddie Lin, Marc Moss, Bill Esparza Eddie Lin is best known as being the local blogger for Deep End Dining. But tomorrow night Eddie and Bill Esparza of Street Gourmet LA will be guest judging Top Chef Masters. Throw in Andrew Zimmern and yeah, things are probably going to get creepy-crawly. There will be a viewing party at The Edison with Eddie and Bill from 9pm till 11:30pm...

Tony's Darts Away ups Burbank's Coolness Quotient

Tonight Tony's Darts Away in Burbank will be celebrating their grand opening. After a private ribbon cutting, the doors will be opened to the public for a benefit event. $1 of every beer purchased will be donated to the Family Service Agency of Burbank.

DVD Review: Suburbia

As part of their Roger Corman retrospective, Shout! Factory is releasing Penelope Speeris' Suburbia this week, an exploration of punk rock culture in a futuristic wasteland. The film follows two young runaways who end up staying at the local punk rock crash pad. The storyline revolves around this ragtag band of outsiders self-dubbed "The Rejected" ("TR") who are "bound together by tragedy and punk rock" and their clash with the local townsfolk. Classic.

Derby Day Thrills and Frills

Wearing spectacular hats and drinking hard liquor? This is definitely our sport! And the Kentucky Derby, the first leg of the triple crown, is the genteel matron of them all. Just because we are not heading to the Derby doesn't mean we can't wear big hats and Colonel Sanders ties and get plastered like the proper Southerners do. Allow LAist to guide you through the local events, the latest news from the track and the art of mixing the perfect Mint Julep.

Around the World with LA Wine Tasting: Pioneer Regions

The Los Angeles Athletic Club and LA Wine Tasting recently hosted "A Taste of the Pioneer Regions". Set against the scenic backdrop of downtown as seen from the LA Athletic Club, LA Wine Tasting's Jean Baptiste took us on an oenophile's journey through California's "Pioneer regions" where the first vines were planted in the early 1900s just before prohibition.

110 N to 5 N Second Transition Lane Now Open

Someone was paying attention! Something that makes sense has finally arrived to relieve our frustration! The DOT likes us! They really, really like us! As reported previously, the Department of Transportation has constructed a second connector lane from the 110 North to the 5 North to relieve the constant congestion and seriously bad vibes. Lane 2 is what is referred to as a "dynamic" lane, which means sometimes it is a connector lane to the...

The Grill on Hollywood: Liver Let Die

When The Grill at Hollywood and Highland invited us to try their Liver Lover's Extravaganza (OK, I made that name up) which will be featured from April 19th to the 26th, I agreed under one condition -- that my mother accompany me. Let's just say we had a score to settle.

Map of the Day: Chinatown Dim Sum Walk

One of the best ways to enjoy dim sum is on the move. It is ideal street food. Walking around shopping for paper lanterns, Snap Pops and Chinese herbs as you wander from one dim sum deli to the next makes for a perfect late morning or early afternoon. You can even work off some of that pork and sugar. This map is not all-inclusive; it is my own personal jaunt. Feel free to chime in with your own favorites.

Let's Do Lunch: Oinkster

Everyone seems to love Oinkster. They slow-roast their pork and cure their own pastrami. The french bread is tightly stuffed with massive amounts of meat until it is as round as a burrito. The giant sandwiches must be eaten with caution, as they are ready to burst at any moment. Not first date food. For the pulled pork, we highly recommend their killer barbecue sauce It comes on the side and sometimes you have to ask for it.

Found in LA: Hot Lava

We came across this interesting vehicle on the streets of Burbank. A friendly neighbor walking a dog said that it belongs to a local rock band. They play on top of the roof. At night moving lights make it look like flowing lava, which is pretty rad. But I still kind of wish I didn't know. I prefer a little mystery with random weirdness....

Pasadena Burgers: Slaw Dogs

That's right, Slaw Dogs. Not Slaw burgers. True, they are a newcomer to the Pasadena scene, and yes, they specifically focus on hot dogs, but this little spot serves up some of the fattest, juiciest, and most creative burgers in town. In fact, owner Ray Byrne was originally considering opening a burger joint before he opted for dogs.

Easter Cupcakes at Polkatots

Polkatots Cupcakes in Pasadena is a little girl's fairyland of pink walls and jars of rainbow-colored candies. We love their supermoist cupcakes, especially the adorable little mini cupcakes that satisfy that sweet tooth with minimum guilt.

Found in LA: The $888 Dollar Hot Dog

Slaw Dogs in Pasadena runs a daily special, including items like kumquat chutney and Parmesan crisps. To honor the million dollar sundae in New York, today they offered "The Big Blinger" dog for $888, a mere pittance when you consider the ingredients:

Let's Do Lunch: Massis International Grill

It is a common misconception that authentic ethnic food has to be hidden away in some hole-in-the-wall with a "C" rating on the door. Some fantastic eats are hiding in plain sight. In the case of Massis International Grill, it is hiding somewhere between McDonalds and Hot Dog on a Stick.

Restaurant Roundup: Spring has Sprung

We often feature photo essays of special restaurant events on LAist and we would like to share some of them with you ahead of time so you don't slap yourself on the forehead with regret, mumbling, "If only I had known!"

Don't Miss Out! The MarchFourth Marching Band is Playing LA for Two Nights Only!

Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages! Introducing the March Fourth Marching Band, in town for a limited engagement. Tonight they will be performing their amazing feats at Molly Malones, and Tuesday night they will be bringing the extravaganza to the Edison. Both shows begin at 9pm. On a mini-tour from their home town of Portland, they won't be here long. This may be your only chance to see them unless you are braving Burning Man.

Pasadena Burgers: Rick's Drive-In

Rick's Drive-In in Pasadena has found a special place in our hearts thanks to the Amazing Spuderito. But in addition to that tortilla-swaddled wonder, Rick's serves up some pretty good burgers.

Protect Your iPhone from Evil, Free iTikis at Trader Vic's Tonight

Tonight starting at 8pm, the first 50 customers at Trader Vic's Los Angeles will receive free iTiki phone cases. The case is a snug-fitting silicone skin designed to look like traditional Polynesian tikis. According to the press release, "iTiki is available in two colors: Pacific -- the cool blue of the ocean and Koa -- the warmth of Hawaiian wood."

Let's Do Lunch: Laurel Tavern

Why is lunch on Ventura Boulevard always cause for so much shouting? "It's up on the right. No, further passed it!" Laurel Tavern, which only started serving lunch last month, is helpfully painted black to stand out from the neighboring businesses. It is your standard gastropub, perhaps one of our best imports from England since the Beatles ...well, maybe Radiohead. The ceiling is high, and large windows that open out to the less-than-bucolic street still give the room an open feel that makes you feel less guilty about sitting in a bar drinking beer at noon.

Map: Where to Drink Green Beer in Los Angeles on St. Paddy's Day

Tomorrow is the day we drink too much, eat greasy food, talk funny and fall down -- in other words, Wednesday. If you're serious about the wearing o' the green, find the nearest pub with our handy-dandy Google map. Green pins mark Irish pubs, blue for Scottish, and red for the English. If any pubs are missing or closed, our map is interactive so you can add pubs yourself!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Will Slay You

Los Angeles author Seth Grahame-Smith’s follow-up to his New York Times best seller, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, bears an equally strange and amusing title. One would expect B movie style exploitation or a "Tales from the Crypt" horrorfest. Instead, written in the style of renowned biographer David McCullough, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter works remarkably well as a parody of historical biographies. Any student who has had to slog through thick and dusty tomes...

Pasadena Burgers: Pie n' Burger

Pie n' Burger has a lot going for it. For over 40 years the little diner has graced the corner of California and Lake. The current owner is Michael Osborn, who ate at Pie n' Burger on summer trips to visit his grandmother, is the current owner. He began working there in 1972 and never left. The formica counters and elderly waitresses make entering Pie n' Burger like a trip back in time circa Nick at Nite. Pie 'n Burger has been around so long that its diet plate of a burger patty, peach slices and cottage cheese has actually come into vogue again.

Mix up the Official Oscar Cocktail

LAist learned how to make this year's official Oscar cocktail, The Golden Glamour, at the Governors Ball Preview last month. Mix it up at your Oscar party and get wasted like the really big stars do.

Zagat Presents: An Evening on the Seine at Comme Ca

There is a sense of gentility about Comme Ca that envelops you from the moment you walk in the heavy steel doors. Although it only opened its door in 2007, it has the feel of an old standard. The atmosphere encourages civility without discouraging a good time. Everyone from the general manager to servers are cheerful and friendly, and we even had a lovely conversation with the people at the next table.

Delphine: Mediterranean Indulgence

Rome counts as the Mediterranean, right? Because the press meal held at Delphine last week held such an embarassment of riches I felt as if we should have been eating reclined on one elbow wearing crowns of laurel. Delphine is the tenth Los Angeles venue owned by the Innovative Dining Group, who also brought us Sushi Roku, Katana and Boa. Housed in the W Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard, it brings a lot of glamour to...

Nobu's Cocktail Lounge Offers Omakase on a Budget in West Hollywood

Upscale dining at an elegant restaurant like Nobu West Hollywood may seem unrealistic for some of us, especially these days. But as we have learned, the frugal diner's secrets for eating beyond their reach is to arrive for lunch and/or to eat from the bar menu. Nobu's new "Chef's Tasting Tapas Menu," or Omakase, for those of us who like to sound cool, allows us a taste of pure heaven for only $40 a person....

Zeke's Sunday Night Blues and BBQ

The old-fashioned tradition of Sunday night family dinner has gone the way of tuna noodle casserole, so why not start a new Sunday night tradition? Zeke's Smokehouse in West Hollywood (Next to the Formosa) is featuring "BBQ & Blues", a weekly live musical performance featuring local blues musicians. Don't worry, you can probably still find time for the occasional family dinner or Pupu platters and Singapore Slings at the Formosa.

Chef Chat: An Informal Interview with Executive Chef Sascha Lyon

LAist catches Executive Chef Sascha Lyon in the kitchen at Delphine in the new W Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard. Lyon comes to LA with a pedigree, previously of Balthazar, Pastis and his own New York restaurant, Sascha. He brings with him bold flavors from the Mediterranean, specifically the South of France. His goal is to offer affordable and accessable seafood in a non-seafood restaurant. So no captain's wheels, glass floats or netting on the...

Sunday: Liquid Kitty's Punk Rock BBQ is Ready to Slam

It's the most wonderful time of the year again -- Liquid Kitty's Winter Punk Rock BBQ! The lineup is raging this time around, with Third Grade Teacher making an extremely rare appearance. Sabrina will once again be speaking in tongues, freaking out the audience and rocking your face off. Also in an ultra-rare appearance, Santa Sabbath (with LAist's own Bobzilla on vocals) will be -- yep, you guessed it -- singing Black Sabbath-inspired Christmas carols (as Kitty honcho Dave Childs puts it, "Punk is perverse so, Christmas in February is exactly right."). You've got a little yuletide spirit left around somewhere; try looking under the couch.

Pasadena Burgers: Lucky Boy

Lucky Boy in Pasadena is a Landmark. It even says so on the menu. Local families and students have been coming to the outdoor stand for over 30 years. The charred burgers come with mild onions, grilled upon request, lettuce, and the buggest tomato you have ever seen. The buns are toasted on the grill, a nice old-school touch. The chili is meaty and not too spicy, a perfect addition to the burger.

Rocket Fizz: Candy-coated Nostalgia

Last summer a riot of neon notified Burbank that there was a new store in town and it was all about fun! Rocket Fizz is here to bring back the candy and sodas of childhood, as well as hard-to-find local products. They even have a wide assortment of obscure diet sodas.

The Slaw Dogs: Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout the New Kid in Town

Hot Dog stands across Los Angeles should be shaking in their boots right now. Ray has taken dogs to a whole new level. Indecisive people stand frozen in place staring at the Slaw Dogs menu. Other diners are truly inspired, practically giddy at the wealth of choices.

Top Chef Masters: An Interview with Susan Feniger

Susan Feniger of Susan Feniger's Street will be competing for title of Top Chef Master during season two. We took this opportunity to check in with LA's most cheerful chef (and to try to finagle some Kaya Toast). Who did you have the most fun working with? Honestly, all the people I had the chance to work with were down to earth, open and great to hang with…getting to know new people and see old friends…that was a great part of this experience.

Woman Killed by Blue Line Train Yesterday

Photo by GarySe7en from the LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr A 51 year-old woman was killed yesterday by a Metro Blue Line on the 1700 block of Century near Graham in the Watts area, according to the LA Times. It appears she was trying to cross the track, although the exact details of the incident are unknown. LAFD spokesman Devin Gales reports that the victim was struck by a southbound train and thrown...

Found in LA: Issues

Cancel my subscription because I don't need your "issues." With apologies to Pamela Des Barres, the juxtoposition of this shirt and the sale sign were just too serendipitous to pass up. What do the other shirts on the rack say? "Don't ever mention my father again. Ever" "Beer - It's What's For Breakfast" "It's not you. It's me"

Top Chef Masters Season Two: L.A. Represent!

From left to right: Susan Feniger, Govind Armstrong, Ludo Lefebvre and Mark Peel | Photo Editing: Andrea Bell Bravo's "Top Chef Masters" has scored some serious talent this season with more representation from Los Angeles. 22 world-renowned chefs, six of whom are returning from last season, are set to compete to benefit their favorite charities. The lineup includes hometown heroes Susan Feniger of Street, Govind Armstrong of 8 oz Burger Bar, Ludo Lefebvre of...

Laissez les Bon Temps Roulez! Where to Celebrate Mardi Gras in LA

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras, and it's time to party down before the traditional Lenten fasting and abstinance we know you will all be observing. For those of us who can't make it to the Big Easy, there are plenty of great places to celebrate Fat Tuesday right here at home.

Found in LA: To Serve Kittens

It looks like there was a little mix-up at the bookstore. Cookbooks and pet care got mixed up to make this serendipitous tableaux. It turned out to not be a kitten cookbook. Kittens are really tough anyways and need slow braising....

Found in LA: Parking Lot FAIL

Someone wasn't thinking when they designed this parking structure. In fact, it looks like a lot of people weren't thinking. The columns were strategically placed in the exact position to block the car doors. The column on the left makes it impossible to open the driver's side door, and the column on the right makes it impossible for every third car to open their passenger side door. If the cars on the outside are smart enough to park towards the middle so they can get out, the center car is trapped, FAIL.

Governors Ball Preview: Sherry Yard's Sugar Wonderland

Sherry Yard, Wolfgang Puck's longtime pastry chef, is always laughing and smiling and whipping up delicious creations. She was once again wearing her signature pink chef's jacket at the Governors Ball preview surrounded by a Candyland of little goodies. But how on earth could she ever top last year's stunning chocolate bento box? How about a dessert that glows?

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