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Meet All The SoCal Chefs Who Just Got Nominated For The Food World's Oscars

The James Beard Awards are a lot like the Academy Awards -- they're a big deal and they're often myopic

Yes, That's Snow You Just Saw In Los Angeles

Technically, it's a kind of snowfall known as graupel, which is not a weird Bulgarian stew. We'll let the NWS explain.

A Hyperlocal LA Chocolate Guide For Valentine's Day

Eat local. Sweet local. Or as local as you can since most chocolate is grown in West Africa or Central and South America.

The Apple Pan Has Been Sold -- Hold On To Your Buns

Entertainment mogul Irving Azoff and his wife, Shelli, bought the 72-year-old West L.A. burger shack.

Essay: Why You Should Never Eat At A Fancy Restaurant On Valentine's Day

Among the holiday's many scams and shams, the prix fixe restaurant meal is perhaps its crowning achievement.

Police Arrest Man Who Was Caught On Camera Punching Women At A Hot Dog Stand

PSA: DO NOT resort to violence because you are angry about the price of hot dogs.

RIP Alan Canter, Patriarch Of Canter's Deli

The son of deli founder Ben Canter has passed away at age 82.

Lucky Boy In Pasadena Reopens After Kitchen Fire

Lucky Boy -- and its massive breakfast burritos -- have bounced back.

SoCal's Hottest New Burger Only Pops Up In An Auto Body Shop At Night

With Smosh Town, an immigrant family chases success in America's parking lot of dreams.

All Your LA Rams Super Bowl Food & Drink Deals

In order that we may celebrate the auspicious victories of our local sports team, let us eat foods and drink beverages of tribute.

What It's Like For The Unpaid TSA Agents Still Working At LAX

It's not a great scene at L.A.'s main airport. Consider this your TSA PSA.

How People Are Planning To Feed Students If LAUSD Teachers Strike

Sandwiches for students. Tacos for teachers. See what's cooking.

Essay: Dear Millennials, Keep Slaying. A Note Of Thanks From Your Gen X Elder

I, for one, welcome you, our new millennial overlords, and your penchant for murdering products and industries that should have died long ago.

Where To Find Rosca De Reyes In LA

Slice into the cake that celebrates Three Kings Day and maybe you'll find the baby Jesus.

What You Should Eat On New Year's For Good Luck

Black-eyed peas. Mochi. Donuts. Lentils. Grapes. Nosh your way to prosperity.

Welcome To The LA Food Bank That Works Like A Grocery Store

It's called World Harvest and anybody can shop there -- including you. Yes, really.

The Best Holiday Drinks In LA, Circa 2018

And only one of them is eggnog.

Rotting Shark Meat, Maggot Cheese And Other Stuff Humans Love To Eat At The Disgusting Food Museum

"I bet the secretions from the anal gland of a deer would be delicious if you mixed them with rose water and pink food coloring."

Clifton's Is Going To Stop Being A Cafeteria And Become A Food Hall

We've got more details on the Clifton's closure -- and its planned reopening.

Is It The Last Straw For Plastic Straws In LA?

L.A. city council thinks it might be possible to phase out all single-use plastic straws by the year 2021.

Christmas Movie Bingo: A Non-Boozy Drinking Game

Grab your cocoa and your remote and play along with us.

Our Secret To Making The Perfect Latke For Hanukkah Is...

It's a deceptively simple dish. You need only six ingredients. The trick is in how they come together.

How To Order In-N-Out Fries That Don't Totally Suck

It only takes two words to make them golden and edible.

Clifton's Closed Its Cafeteria And Nobody Noticed

If a giant redwood tree falls in the middle of downtown L.A. and nobody's around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Banana Leaves, Sazón Rubs And Negimaki Are Thanksgiving Traditions Too

The host of Pati's Mexican Table says, "Thanksgiving is all about appreciating what we all bring to the American table, different waves of immigrants through time."

SoCal's Brightest Holiday Lights And Where To Find Them

From theme parks, zoos and gardens to boat parades, Candy Cane Lanes and shopping malls, here's where to get lit.

Woolsey Fire Should Be Fully Contained By Thanksgiving

Some residents of Malibu Colony Cove were allowed to return to their homes -- or the sites where their homes once stood.

George's Burgers Gets A Homegrown Revamp From Guisados Owners

What's old is new again at the beloved Boyle Heights burger stand.

Meet The 2 New Food Critics At The LA Times

With the addition of Bill Addison, Patricia Escárcega and Lucas Peterson, the L.A. Times now boasts its most robust food section in more than a decade.

The Man Who Brought Brooklyn Bagel Bakery Back From The Dead

The layout has changed but the bagels are just as good.

What Happened At The Santa Susana Nuclear Site During The Woolsey Fire?

The site is riddled with radioactive waste and toxic compounds. Where does it all go during a fire?

A Thousand Oaks College Was About To Stage A Play About Columbine. Then The Borderline Shooting Happened

Will the show go on? Should it? Cal Lutheran theater professor Brett Elliott is torn.

All The #ElectionDay 2018 Food And Booze Freebies And Deals

The rewards of living in a democratic nation where corrupt politicians can be voted out of office should be enough. But a free cookie and a cheap cocktail never hurt.

Essay: Reflecting On The 1 Year Anniversary Of LAist's Shutdown

We wept. We cursed the heavens. We regrouped.

LAist's Ultra Scientific Halloween Candy Ranker Proves Reese's Is The Best Candy Bar Ever

We asked. You answered. What are your favorite Halloween candies from yum to yuck?

Essay: The LA Grinch Billboards Are Savage And Spot-On

In fact, they don't go far enough.

El Cholo Offers Awesome 95-Cent Throwback Deal To Celebrate Its 95th Birthday

Only 95 cents for the famous #1 combo plate? Go now!

Elon Musk Bores LA With His Underground Tunnel

A two-mile test tunnel that runs underneath SpaceX's Hawthorne headquarters is set to debut on Dec. 10.

LAist's Ultimate Halloween Candy Ranker Quiz

It's election season! Important issues need to be decided! Make your voice heard!

23 Master Sommeliers Have Been Stripped Of Their Titles After A Major Cheating Scandal

The exam to become a master sommelier is the hardest test in the wine world -- and someone gave this year's applicants an unfair advantage in the tasting portion.

How Jerry Brown Harshed Our CBD Cocktail Mellow

The governor quietly signed a bill that bans bars from adding cannabis to cocktails and other beverages.

78-Cent Pink's Hot Dogs Are Happening Today

A happy 78th birthday to L.A.'s most famous hot dog stand.

Tommy Wiseau Is Back In A New Movie -- And So Is This Interview He Did With LAist In 2007

After a 15-year absence from acting, Wiseau returns to the screen playing a quirky mortician. Could he play any other kind?

Why The Cottage Food Law Is A Game Changer For Talented Home Cooks

Want to make your foodie hustle legal and NOT have health inspectors come after you? Now you have a better shot.

Selling Tacos (And Everything Else) On The Streets Of LA Just Got A Lot Easier

The governor just signed a bill that decriminalizes sidewalk vending. More tacos, churros, champurrado and bacon-wrapped hot dogs on L.A.'s streets? We hope so.

You Like LAUSD Coffee Cake. You Really, Really, Really Like LAUSD Coffee Cake

We asked a simple question: "Why are people so obsessed with LAUSD's coffee cake?" LAist readers answered.

Why Are People So Obsessed With LAUSD's Coffee Cake?

The fluffy, crumbly dessert has been around for more than 60 years and Angelenos' love for it hasn't diminished.

Get A Free Randy's Donut In El Segundo Today

It's okay if you left your wallet in El Segundo. You won't need it to get a free donut at Randy's newest location.

Is Anyone Surprised In-N-Out Donated To The GOP? (P.S. They Donated To Democrats Too)

The SoCal-based burger chain gave $25,000 to the California Republican Party. But, their spokesperson notes they also gave to both Democratic and Republican PACs.

How Jonathan Gold Brought Hundreds Of People Together, Even After His Death

Hundreds of people showed up at Grand Park for a public memorial. Here's what they had to say.

Why LocoL Failed In Watts, According To Watts Locals

"Instead of tacos, they had foldies. We don't know what a foldy is. We don't eat foldies around here. We eat tacos."

Champagne Wishes And Caviar Dreams To Robin Leach On His Passing

It was the 1980s, an era of large shoulder pads and conspicuous consumption, an age utterly unlike our own.

Roy Choi Closes LocoL Restaurant In Watts

While plenty of people supported the concept, LocoL struggled to find its niche, both among locals and foodies.

Hello Kitty Wants To Get You Drunk And Take You To A Dodgers Game

Aug 21 is Hello Kitty Night at Dodger Stadium, and the wholesome, blank-faced Sanrio spokesmodel has her own line of vino. It's a perfect pairing.

Meet The Athletes Going for Gyoza-Eating Gold In Little Tokyo This Weekend

How do you down 300 gyoza in 10 minutes? Carefully. Meet the Angeleno champs in the know.

Canoga Park's Beloved Old-Timey Soda Shop Is Closing. Their Ice Cream Float Was Unrivaled

The shop's signature dessert is an ice cream soda -- and it's the best in Los Angeles.

Todo Verde Wants To Decolonize Your Diet With Vegan Ceviche

Mastering faux fish is just the beginning. Jocelyn Ramirez wants to create a focal point for health and wellness in East L.A.

Everything We Know About The Formosa Cafe's Origin Is Probably Wrong

The Beastie Boys once name-checked the Formosa in a song -- and other fascinating facts uncovered during the bar's lengthy renovation.

Brown Declares State of Emergency As Holy Fire Burns Where 6 Firefighters Were Killed 59 Years Ago

The steep terrain is proving to be as much of a challenge for crews fighting the Holy Fire as it was for the firefighters who faced down the Decker Fire in 1959.

There's A New Jonathan Gold Mural In West LA

It features Gold in his bowler hat, an image as distinctive in the foodie world as Alfred Hitchcock's silhouette is to movie buffs.

LA's Awesome History Of Weird, Food-Shaped Restaurants

Southern California was ground zero for buildings shaped like owls, toads and tamales, a genre officially known as programmatic architecture.

Essay: The Hater's Guide To Reading About LA In The New York Times

The newspaper sent a Brooklyn novelist to enlighten us.

I Hope Jonathan Gold Is In Foodie Heaven, Where Sichuan Peppers Numb His Lips And Pizza Crusts Are Never Soggy

Like every food writer in this city -- hell, like practically every writer in this city -- I idolized his words long before I met him.

After The Proud Boys Got Tossed From The Griffin, These LA Bars Are Figuring Out How To Handle Hate Groups

We talked to a bunch of bartenders and bar owners about what they're doing to keep hate out of their establishments.

Matcha Croissants Are Having Their LA Moment

And here's where to eat these green and gorgeous babies.

What Happened To The King Eddy's Magnificent Fire Door Mural?

There's a $300 reward -- plus a round of beers -- for finding it.

What LAist Wants For Our One-Week Anniversary...

...and for every week after that. Think of it as our foodieversary. We do.

Today Would've Been Anthony Bourdain's 63rd Birthday

From Sizzler to Swadesh, Anthony Bourdain loved Los Angeles and Los Angeles loved him back.

Answers To Our 'LA To The Core' Puzzle

Earlier this week, to celebrate the relaunch and revival of LAist, we brought you puzzlemaster Zach Sherwin's "LA To The Core" brainteaser. The answers in this little game were all two-word phrases with "LA" in the middle and they were all designed to test how much you know about Los Angeles. 

Human Cheese & Other Delights

Before that dumbass vegan couple in Georgia starved their baby to death by feeding him soy milk and apple juice instead of breast milk (and all the subsequent outrage that caused), one woman was boldly going where few in the culinary world dare venture: making human cheese. More specifically, making Paneer from her own breast milk. I've often wondered what would happen if such an endeavor was viable on a mass scale. What kind...

Boys On Wheels

A tip of the hat to disability blog The Gimp Parade for turning us onto Norway's own Boys on Wheels, a parody boy band fronted by Jesper Odelberg a wheelchair-bound guy with cerebral palsy who also co-stars in a Norwegian comedy show. This clip is a medley of 80s rock song parodies that gleefully skips from Euro pop to A-ha's "Take On Me" to Bryan Adams' "Heaven" to Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer." And...

God's Angry Monkey Band

Here's Dr. Gene Scott AKA God's Angry Man with his infamous Monkey Band, which he uses here as a stand-in for the FCC....

Remixing & Crowdsourcing: Creators Series Showcases the Aesthetic of the New Millennium

"I'm not trying, nor would I want to, to bring down the entire Hollywood filmmaking system or all of capitalism. And if I did, I'd probably get assassinated long before then," says Matt Hanson with a laugh, as he shows me around the gallery space for The Creators Series, a multi-media and performance event that visits Los Angeles this weekend. Unlike a traditional art exhibit or film festival, The Creators Series serves as a showcase...

No Country For Old Men

A tip of the hat to Anne Thompson at Variety for directing us to this first look at the trailer for the upcoming Coen Bros. film, No Country For Old Men. Perhaps returning to their roots in Blood Simple, the Coens have crafted a crime-thriller about a hunter who stumbles upon dead bodies, a stash of heroin and more than $2 million in cash near the Rio Grande. The film will hit American theaters in...

Kurt Cobain: About a Son (Excerpt)

I decided this video couldn't wait, so today 9:20 A.M. is the new 4:20 P.M. A tip of the hat to The Documentary Blog for alerting us to the fact that filmmaker A.J. Schnack just posted clips from About A Son, his upcoming documentary about Kurt Cobain. The film features loads of audio clips from interviews with the Nirvana singer conducted by music writer Michael Azerrad, who was Cobain's "authorized biographer." About A Son is...

Dear LAist, Did I See You At The Library Bar Last Night?

Dear LAist, I could've sworn when I randomly popped into the Library Bar last night I saw you carousing with a bunch of people who all had name tags and were drinking free beer. What's up with that? How do I get in on the free beer action? And who was that dude with the bandana?! Love, Little Jimmy From Pasadena Good eye, Little Jimmy! You did indeed spot us at the Library Bar last...

Jonah Hill Wants More Hot, Gay Sex

Unlike the Michael Cera gets fired from Knocked Up clip we mentioned a while back, this looks like it might be a real outtake from the movie. It features Jonah (Jonah Hill) spouting off to Alison (Katherine Heigl) about the disappointing lack of hot gay sex in Ang Lee's "boundary-pushing" film, Brokeback Mountain....

LAist Live Blogs the 2007 MTV Movie Awards - Communiques from the Blogghetto

5:09 - Cue Vegas-style dancers and an old people's choir singing songs that are deliberately bleeped out. 5:06 - Sarah on Paris Hilton: "To make Paris Hilton more comfortable in jail, I hear they're going to make the bars of her cell out of penises." Big laughs. "I just worry she'll snap her teeth." Even bigger laughs. Cut to a very unamused Paris Hilton. 5:05 - Sarah announces that Paris Hilton will soon be...

Jack Nicholson Wins Best Villain, Gay-Hard Butler Wins Best Fight

5:30 - I can hear the press people and the MTV handlers trying to corral Jack Nicholson in the next tent over, which apparently isn't easy to do. We here in the Blogghetto have been promised by MTV that they will try to get as many celebs as possible in here. You know you're low on the totem pole when even Shia LaBeouf is too big to talk to you. 5:26 - Dane Cook...

Sacha Baron Cohen & Will Ferrell Suck Face; Rihanna Grinds

5:46 - Total number of celebs who have visited the Blogghetto: 0. 5:44 - It's time for the next movie spoof, something about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 5:41 - Sacha Baron Cohen (looking handsome as ever) berates Will Ferrelll for not calling him after their tender on-set moment in Talladega Nights. He pulls Will Ferrell in for a long, shameless lip-lock that leaves them both rolling on the floor like fictional teenagers in a...

Dane Jokes, No One Laughs; Dirty Mouths Everywhere

6:00 - The FIB-u-less Orbit gum lady (What kind of accent is that? Is she South African? British by way of Argentina?) gives the Dirtiest Mouth award to Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. Their acceptance speech, which is delivered by not-so-silent Bob, is only one sentence long but somehow manages to get 70% bleeped out. The Orbit gum lady vows never to date either of them. 5:58 - Dane Cook jokes, "This just in,...

Borat in Rehab, Dirty Polacks & Mike Myers

6:22 - It's your last chance to text in your vote for Best Movie. I know it hasn't even opened yet, but I bet that somehow Transformers will win. 6:21 - Mike Myers gets a well-deserved laugh after he thanks his parents for teaching him to "never sell out" and immediately follows it with a deliberately over-the-top promo for a Pontiac sedan. Plug away. 6:19 - "Shall I shag him now or shall I...

Dane Cook Visits the Blogghetto, Amy Winehouse Performs

6:36 - Total Number of Celebs Who Have Visited the Blogghetto: 1. 6:34 - Dane Cook visits us in the Blogghetto. Despite my lack of interest in his comedy, he seems like a laid back, personable dude. Even though I like capping on him, I really don't dislike him. He gamely answers questions, revealing why he won't be in the upcoming Transformers movie. "I know this is going to sound like complete balderdash," he...

The Hills Have Ewwwwwwws

6:51 - Some chick and some dude from The Hills grace us with their presence. Why are they here? Oh right, they're on a show that's on MTV. Notice the cross-promotion. Together, I will count them as 1 celebrity, and even that's stretching it. Total Number of Celebrities Who Have Visited the Blogghetto: 2. 6:49 - Johnny Depp wins Best Performance. Wearing a black blazer and jeans, he ascends the stage to a chorus...

Transformers, Transformers & More Transformers

7:13 - Saddest Realization of the Night: Although this was theoretically an awards show, it was in actuality a two-hour commercial for Transformers. I don't know how much of what happens on stage makes it to air, but the live feed in the Blogghetto was all Transformers, all the time. It's enough to make me hate the movie and hope it flops. Not that there's a chance of that happening. 7:10 - Best Moment...

MTV Sorta Likes Bloggers... But Not Really: 2007 Movie Awards Wrap-Up

MTV to Bloggers: We sort of like you but not enough to give a shit about your coverage. LAist to MTV: We sort of like you but not enough to give a shit about your programming. When LAist was invited by MTV to live-blog the 2007 Movie Awards from an on-site "blogging tent," we asked ourselves one crucial question: is this going to be a cool opportunity to offer readers a unique perspective on the...

Star Wars Meets Boogie Nights

Ever wondered what Star Wars would look like if it was re-edited to dialogue from Boogie Nights? This trailer offers you a glimpse into a polymorphously perverse remix of the two....

Liveblogging the MTV Movie Awards

MTV, the network whose prescient forays into reality programming placed it in the vanguard of youth-oriented television, has decided that since this little ole thing called the Internet is catching on big with the kids, the way to capitalize on the immediacy of Web 2.0 is to brodacast the annual Movie Awards* live and (more importantly) allow schlubs like me high-stakes online journalists to live blog the event. This means that you'll get to see...

Kinky to Kick It at Galaxy Game

Before tomorrow night's MLS match pitting the LA Galaxy against DC United, Mexican rock band Kinky will play a special pre-game set for soccer and music fans. Kinky is five-member band from Monterrey, Mexico. Their song "Solo un Paso" from is the theme for Fox Sports en Español's 2007 MLS broadcasts, with the video featured n the channel's pre-game montage. Here's the video for "Sister Twisted," which features a gaucho with some amazingly rubber-limbed dance...

Sleepless in San Francisco

Photo by Malingering Wait... the Summer of Love is officially over? And we're just finding out about it now?! Tuesday's LA Times featured a piece titled "There's not a lot of love in the Haight" focusing on the street kids and drug addicts that populate San Francisco's famed Haight-Ashbury district. The scoop? Although Jerry Garcia used to drop acid in the Haight, "the legions of idealistic wanderers who migrated here during the Vietnam War"...

Building the Arclight-Killer

Written and photographed for LAist by Eric Reyers. In a city of movie lovers as picky about projection as they are snarky about snacks, elevating the theater-going experience is no easy feat. The redesigned Landmark Theater at the Westside Pavilion has made a bold gambit by transforming a small, typically janky mall theater into a high-end mecca for indie film. When it opens this Friday, June 1, Landmark's flagship venue in the Los Angeles...

Animated Short: The Hat

This is what happens when a cartoonist's creation refuses to obey....

Star Wars 30th Anniversary Celebration: Wrap-Up

Written and photographed for LAist by Cecil Castellucci, author of The Plain Janes and Beige. More pics available here. The force was strong with everyone at Star Wars Celebration IV. There really was a lot to do, which is a quality problem to have at a convention. Besides the Vader Project, which, by the way I am still totally obsessed with I can't say I did much more than walk around, buy a dark side...

The Horror of Hair Extensions

I don't speak Japanese, but this appears to be a trailer for Ekusute, an awesome-looking horror movie starring Chiaki Kuriyama (Battle Royale, Kill Bill) about cursed hair extensions that attack the people who wear them. Insert joke about bad hair days. When are the Weinstein Brothers gonna remake this? Combine Ekusute with the Barbershop franchise, and you'd get a crazy, cross-cultural horror-comedy about the world's most evil weave....

Star Wars 30th Anniversary Celebration: Day 1

Written and photographed for LAist by Cecil Castellucci, author of The Plain Janes and Beige. More pics available here. Yesterday, I went to go check out the action at the LA Convention Center, which is playing host to Star Wars Celebration IV. It was the preview Fan Day for the Official Star Wars Fan Club members. I'm member number one bagazillion. I'm not going to lie. I have a love hate relationship with Star Wars....

Nina & Monk: Best Ventriloquist Ever!

Ventriloquism -- like terrestrial radio, like film projecting -- is a dying art, but British ventriloquist Nina Conti and her simian friend Monk singlehandedly make a case for bringing it back. With his doleful eyes, dour little old man voice and the most expressive face I've ever seen on a puppet, Monk is a work of pure genius. And Conti's ability to throw her voice is unparalleld. Nina & Monk may well be the funniest...

Mainstream Media Hating On Bloggers, Part 3,467 in an Ongoing Series

Watching the mainstream media hate on bloggers is becoming something of a sport, but if I were the betting type I wouldn't put my money on old school, print media. LA Times critic Richard Schickel is the latest to jump on the bandwagon. I like the Schickel's writing. I think he's a smart guy, and I respect his criticism. But he seems lost about the direction the publishing industry is heading. Schickel is absolutely...

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