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LAist Film Calendar 08/30-09/02: The End Is the Beginning Is The End

Labor Day marks the end of the summer and the beginning of the Cinecon Classic Film Festival, running all weekend at the Egyptian Theatre. It also marks the opening of Sundance Cinemas at Laemmle's former Sunset 5!

Weekend Movie Guide 08/24: 'Red Hook' Horror Rush

Spike Lee returns with a swinging "Red Hook," while Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dax Shepard hit the road hard. In limited release, dark indie drama "Compliance" shows how far we'll go to please authority.

LAist Film Calendar 08/23-08/26: Everything Is 'Incredible'!

Celebrate the shrinking summer days with the AMIA's latest "Something Old, Something New" night at the New Beverly. "Size Matters" when The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957), known for sci-fi existentialism and "giant" cats, blows up on the big screen alongside the Dennis Quaid-Martin Short-Meg Ryan actioneer Innerspace (1987).

Weekend Movie Guide 08/17: Halloween in August?

It's a monster week for new releases, with stop-motion ghosts, British ghouls & a boatload of docs with political horrors. Has Halloween come early?

Weekend Movie Guide 08/10: 'Bourne' on 'The Campaign' Trail

Jeremy Renner's a fine actor who keeps getting stuck on the B-team. This weekend, he transitions to the Bourne-team. Elsewhere, it's Carolina Congressional combat for Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis in The Campaign.

LAist Film Calendar 08/09-08/12: DocuWeeks & Cinema History Lessons!

How to get schooled...this week at the movies.

Weekend Movie Guide 07/27: Step Up 4 The Dark Horse

Dance flick fourquel Step Up Revolution & android assemblage documentary Convento bring visual energy to the screen. Meanwhile, Todd Solondz' Dark Horse is on standby to bring you down with pitch-black, uncomfortable comedy.

LAist Film Calendar 07/26-07/29: The Good, The Bad & The Doggies

The Egyptian saddles up "Spaghetti Westerns Unchained", spotlighting the morally murky, bloody world of Italian gunslingers. But if you can't take desert duels, the New Beverly has a double dose of doggies!

Weekend Movie Guide 07/20: The Queen of Versailles, Death of a Samurai (and Batman, Too)

The Dark Knight Rises, while in limited release, The Queen of Versailles falls & ridiculously prolific, unpredictably eclectic filmmaker Takashi Miike commits Hara-Kiri.

LAist Film Calendar 07/19-07/22: Digital Restorations & Ruptured Dimensions

The Aero Theatre christens their new 4K projector with marvelous restorations, while the Egyptian celebrates Damon Packard's nightmarish nostalgia & parallel universes with our world's premiere of his latest, Foxfur.

Weekend Movie Guide 07/13: Does 'Ice' Age Well?

We come from the land of the ice & snow, with previews of Ice Age: Continental Drift & Swedish crime thriller Easy Money.

LAist Film Calendar 07/12/07-15: 'Hackers' and 'Hipster Holocaust'

This Friday the 13th, the Association of Moving Image Archivists' Something Old, Something New series presents two technothrillers, while horror film Hipster Holocaust hacks into people, not PCs.

Weekend Movie Guide 07/06: The Amazing Savages Take A Magic Waltz

Peter Parker picked a peck of pickled previews for The Amazing Spider-Man, sticky icky Savages & romantic counter-programming courtesy of Take This Waltz & The Magic of Belle Isle.

LAist Film Calendar 07/05-07/08: Battleship Bombs & V For Viscera

Who says the fireworks have to stop tonight? Doug Benson sets off a big bomb at the Cinefamily, while the Viscera Film Festival celebrates the red-white-and-blue-blooded ladies of horror!

Weekend Movie Guide 06/29: "Turn Me On," Magic Bare Bears!

Your Weekend Movie Guide returns all hot & bothered with cursing teddy bears, male strippers & a review of coming-of-age sex dramedy Turn Me On, Dammit!.

LAist Film Calendar 06/28-07/01: Bloodsucker Beach Bash!

Your LAist Film Calendar returns with Vampire-Con, the Cinefamily's Island Summer Party and the Eat|See|Hear outdoor screening of Zoolander. Whether you love or hate the sun, there's something for you!

LAist Film Calendar 04/26-04/29: Wimfest! & LA Comedy Shorts Festival

The Goethe-Institut Los Angeles celebrates German auteur Wim Wenders' unique brand of wanderlust with an all-day Wimfest! Then have a quick laugh (or 10) at Downtown Independent with the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival.

Weekend Movie Guide 04/20: Two Cute Kids: One Genius, One Chimp

Disney banks on baby animals with their latest Earth Day extravaganza, Chimpanzee. In limited release, Toni Collette squares off with boy-genius son in Jesus Henry Christ!

LAist Film Calendar 04/19-04/22: A 4/20 Celluloid Smoke-Out & The Dank Depths of Noir City

'Juana roll up to the movies this 4/20? Cannabis cult classics abound, including Kingston crime & psychedelic animation at the Cinefamily. Then, the Festival of Film Noir returns to the darker corners of the Egyptian.

Weekend Movie Guide 04/13: The Woman Locked Out in the Woods

TGI Friday the 13th! Friends meet certain doom in The Cabin in the Woods, Escape from New York goes to space in Lockout and Discovery explores the tragedy of The Woman Who Wasn't There.

Weekend Movie Guide 04/06: A Titanic Reunion & Reviewing The Pope

A wave of nineties nostalgia hits theaters this weekend, with American Reunion & James Cameron's raising his We Have a Pope!

LAist Film Calendar 04/05-04/08: Something Old, Something New

UCLA's Student Chapter of the Association of Moving Image Archivists inaugurates a new 35mm screening series, Something Old, Something New, at the New Beverly. Elsewhere, local high schoolers reinvent Shakespeare and the first alt-Easter line-up.

Weekend Movie Guide 03/29: Two Fractured Fairy Tales & One True Life Terror

Mirror Mirror is the first of two live-action Snow White films this year, while Wrath of the Titans emerges to wreak more 3D havoc. Between these two fractured fairy tales comes teen social documentary Bully.

LAist Film Calendar 03/29-04/01: An Epic Tribute to Epic Producer Dino De Laurentiis

The late Dino De Laurentiis' legacy as producer extraordinaire spans decades, continents and genres. This weekend, USC's Visions and Voices Initiative offers a fittingly epic tribute. Friday kicks off the festivities with a classic Italian cheese and beefcake buffet, when Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy (1968) is paired with the original Conan the Barbarian (1982).

Weekend Movie Guide 03/22: Hungry for Action?

The Hunger Games' tagline is "The World Will Be Watching", which isn't that far off. Should you hunger for even more fighting this weekend, Indonesian actioner The Raid: Redemption promises wall-to-wall carnage.

LAist Film Calendar 03/22-03/25: Cinematic Spring Break on the Road

Time to get out & enjoy springtime - by parking at the Aero or Downtown Independent for any of the road movies & concert docs screening this weekend!

Weekend Movie Guide 03/16: Will Jonah Hill's Latest Have You 'Jump' For Joy?

The new 21 Jump Street is The Other Guys by way of Never Been Kissed. Then, it's acclaimed Israeli drama Footnote and slices of (sad) French life with The Kid With The Bike!

LAist Film Calendar 03/15-03/18: An 'Alien' Invasion Honoring Alex & Israelis

Viddy well! Alien invades Friday night, the American Cinematheque honors Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) & the Israel Film Festival is underway!

Weekend Movie Guide 03/02: Project Lorax Lets the Bullets Fly Monday Morning

In this week's edition, to spruce up your day, we'll attack The Lorax in a Seussian way! Then it's teen boys run amok, the locally set-and-shot Monday Morning & the latest from Chow Yun-Fat.

LAist Film Calendar 03/01-03/04: More From Jean Dujardin & Charlie Chaplin

Before they won Oscars, the team behind The Artist made two 60s spy comedies, playing this weekend at the New Beverly. Plus, Cinefamily restores Chaplin & the Aero boasts a Silent House of its own.

Weekend Movie Guide: 'Forgiveness' is 'Gone', 'Good Deeds' are 'Taboo'

War films starring active Navy Seals, Albanian blood feuds, Amanda Seyfried, Tyler Perry, Iranian exposes & The Comedic Cult of Paul Rudd. This weekend's releases have it all!

LAist Film Calendar 02/23-02/26: Last Minute Oscar Cramming & Razzie Regurgitations

It's your last chance to cram for the Oscars with Academy-sponsored symposiums & the nominated films on the big screen. This weekend marks another big one for Oscar's redheaded stepbrother Razzie, but we found some glaring omissions.

Weekend Movie Guide 02/17: The Secret Ghost of Michael's Vengeance

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance has Nic Cage running on crazy in human form, before turning into a flaming skeleton with a whip. Then get your mind out of the gutter with Studio Ghibli's latest.

LAist Film Calendar 02/16-02/19: Trouble With Doggiez On The Planet Of The Apes

Female Trouble navigates a minefield of queer experimental film. Then, BYOB(anana) for the Egyptian's Planet of the Apes marathon and BYOB(one) for Everything is Terrible's DoggieWoggiez! PoochieWoochiez! mixtape at Cinefamily.

Weekend Movie Guide 02/10: Who Will 'Vow' to 'Return' to 'Star Wars'?

As Cupid draws his arrow, Hollywood releases romantic cash-in The Vow. Return embodies a soldier's conflict continuing long after coming off the battlefield. Then, a love letter to The Phantom Menace upon its re-release.

LAist Film Calendar 02/09-02/12: Oscars Love Shorts, Cinefamily Loves Valentines

This Valentine's weekend, remember it isn't the size of the short that counts, but how it puts its frames to use. For feature length lovers, there's Cinefamily's Seven Days of Valentines and many more. See you (making out) at the movies!

LAist Film Calendar 02/02-02/05: The Big Game, Bigfoot & Big Scares

Something called a "Super Bowl" intercepts many venues' schedules this weekend. See the big game on the big screen, Bigfoot at the New Bev or big scares in the anthology The Theatre Bizarre!

Weekend Movie Guide 01/27: Wicked Wolves & A Brazilian Biopic

The Grey pits Liam Neeson vs. wolves vs. PETA! Meanwhile, Man on a Ledge hangs Sam Worthington out to dry. In limited release, we review Brazilian Oscar submission Lula, Son of Brazil.

LAist Film Calendar 01/26-01/29: Studio Ghibli Turns 20 & Paramount Turns 100!

Get Spirited Away with a 20-year retrospective from Hayao Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli! Then, LACMA celebrates 100 years of Paramount Pictures, starting with an off-beat 70s dramedy & a 30s screwball comedy.

Weekend Movie Guide 01/19: 'Red Tails' Get 'Incredibly Close' to 'Miss Bala'

This weekend brings a black blockbuster from George Lucas, a gritty crime thriller from Mexico and a reflection on 9/11 through the eyes of an autistic boy. Oh, and another Underworld movie.

LAist Film Calendar 01/19-01/22: 'Contested Visions,' Sci-Fi Writers Go Off Script & Spooks Galore

This weekend, Edward James Olmos promotes Latin American activist cinema with LACMA's Contested Visions series. The Cinefamily hosts unhinged sci-fi writer Harlan Ellison & crazy creeper Crawlspace. USC previews horror for free! And more!

Industry Insiders Answer: What's Life Like on the Oscar Shortlist?

We're counting down the days until the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announces the final list of Oscar nominees. Whether or not you work in show business, you've seen "For Your Consideration" banners plaster web pages, publications & even buses. But these are for feature films & performers. What about the shorts?

Weekend Movie Guide 01/13: Dimensional Dancers & Musical Beasts

Has German documentary Pina reclaimed 3D for the arthouse? Also, a myriad of music - Harry Belafonte, Queen Latifah, Dolly Parton & Disney - makes for merry melodies (& activist unity) at the movies!

LAist Film Calendar 01/12-01/15: Two New Film Festivals at Cinefamily & Irvine

This weekend marks the debut of two film festivals: The Wayne Federman International Film Festival, a unique blend of stage & screen comedy at the Cinefamily, and the Irvine International Film Festival.

Weekend Movie Guide 01/06: Little Ditty About The Devil

Found footage exorcism flick The Devil Inside continues a curious trend of early year religious horror. For more raw style, still photographer Kurt Markus stages a little ditty about John Mellencamp in Super 8.

LAist Film Calendar 01/05-01/08: A Super Week End of Battle Royale

Jean-Luc Godard's Week End ditches little things like "plot" along the way to gleeful cinematic anarchy. Battle Royale's a bloody good Japanese satire. Then play 2011 catch-up with guests & double bills!

Weekend Movie Guide 12/30: A Separation, Pariah & The Iron Lady

We close out 2011 with three stand-out releases: acclaimed Iranian drama A Separation, Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady & coming of age as a black lesbian in Pariah.

11 Great Films From 2011

LA is the movie capital of the world, with tons of independent & international productions on screen every week. Here are 11 of our favorites from 2011!

Weekend Movie Guide 12/16: Corman's Impossible World of Ghost Shadows

Some blockbusters go really big. Another brings it back to England. But one rebel filmmaker sets the entire system in his sights... and nails it!

LAist Film Calendar 12/15-12/18: The Cinefamily Telethon & Christmas Comes Early

The Cinefamily goes for broke with a 24-hour fundraising telethon of sneak peeks, experimental films, stand-up comics, bands, foreign films and cartoons. Then, Christmas comes a little early with films from all eras & sentiments.

Weekend Movie Guide 12/09: A Young Adult Sitter on New Year's Eve

Some of us haven't even hung the Christmas lights, and we're already supposed to pop champagne for New Year's Eve? Elsewhere, Jonah Hill & Charlize Theron battle for extreme arrested development!

LAist Film Calendar 12/08-12/11: Edgar Wright's Third Fest & EPFC's Ten Years

In the world of internet film geekery, your seen-list is roughly equivalent to your penis size (the difference being that you actually use your seen-list on a regular basis). For a film geek as revered as Edgar Wright to publicly declare he hasn't seen X is a brave move on his part and a wonderful opportunity on ours, since he's made "Movies Edgar Has Never Seen" the theme of his latest Wright Stuff festival at the New Beverly!

Weekend Movie Guide 12/03: The Dirty Shame of Alois Nebel

After last week's monster Thanksgiving schedule, Hollywood wisely takes a breather from wide releases. In limited release, there's sex addicts, Bollywood starlet biopic & even more animation!

LAist Film Calendar 12/01-12/03: Cinefamily's Animation Breakdown!

The Cinefamily draws us in this weekend with Animation Breakdown, a killer cartoon line-up featuring Pixar, Adult Swim, Don Hertzfeldt, Bruce Bickford & a kaleidoscope of Polish surrealists!

Weekend Movie Guide 11/23: The Muppets' Dangerous Artistic Method

The Muppets, Marty Scorsese, The Artist, David Cronenberg & Viggo Mortensen... there's a LOT to be thankful for in theatres this weekend!

LAist Film Calendar 11/24-11/27: The Cinefamily & The Seminarian

This Thanksgiving, the Cinefamily cranks it far beyond 11, with a members-only potluck stuffed with riffs & god knows how many psychedelics. Then examine "the paradox of love" with gay indie drama The Seminarian.

Weekend Movie Guide 11/18: Tyrannosaur Descends Unto The Breaking Dawn

Prime yourself for next week's familial awkwardness with werewolves, vampires, comatose cheaters, dysfunctional weddings, British alcoholics & Iranian youth in revolt!

LAist Film Calendar 11/17-11/20: Early Thanks For Thrillers & Turkeys

We love the New Beverly's special events so much that we sometimes forget how solid their "standard" programming is. Elsewhere, Horrible Movie Night brings the turkey a little early with Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.

Weekend Movie Guide 11/11: Into The Immortal Abyss of Jack, Jill & J. Edgar

Adam Sandler's latest & ancient Greece's greatest vie for #1 at the box office. Meanwhile, Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar & Werner Herzog's Into The Abyss look 111 days ahead as Oscar season begins.

LAist Film Calendar 11/10-11/13: Crohn's, Colitis, John Wayne & The Divine

A marathon Film Calendar in honor of Cure Crohn's & Colitis at Laemmle Santa Monica, the Jules Verne Nature & Education Program's Légendaire Award honoring John Wayne & some filth to follow all those fundraisers.

Weekend Movie Guide 10/28: Why's The 'Rum' Gone?

This Halloween, down some Zombies & get wasted with The Rum Diary! Then, from three sheets to the wind comes nine lives of Puss In Boots. Plus Hipsters & Oka! in limited release.

LAist Interview: Donald Marcus, TV & Stage Writer Turned Short Filmmaker

We previously featured the LA Shorts Fest in our weekly Film Calendar. Today, we follow up with Donald Marcus, whose film Patrimony premiered at the event, on the long and the short of his experience.

LAist Film Calendar 10/27-10/31: Horrific Inclinations at Cinefamily, 'My Reincarnation' at Laemmle's

What happens when your birthday falls on Halloween? If you're Cinefamily, you go all-out Disco Dracula Dance Party! Then take a complete 180 toward enlightenment with the documentary My Reincarnation at Laemmle's.

Weekend Movie Guide 10/21: Spooky VHS & Electric Cars Return From The Dead

The third film in a horror franchise is often its defining point. It's when Friday the 13th gave Jason his hockey mask. It's when Halloween realized audiences wouldn't accept anyone but Michael Myers. It's when Saw transitioned from Jigsaw to his proteges. We don't yet know whether Paranormal Activity 3 will be as important in the grand scheme of the series.

LAist Film Calendar 10/20-10/23: 'Went The Day Well?' Then Go Raise 'Hell'!

For British noir fans, the final screenings of Went The Day Well? at the New Beverly will go down very well indeed. Then, the Cinefamily's Thursday Hellraiser thrillogy will pin you to your seat!

Weekend Movie Guide 10/14: Will 'The Thing' Get Under Your 'Skin'?

This weekend, an ancient alien attempts to assimilate the arctic, and Pedro Almodóvar renews a skin-crawling partnership with Antonio Banderas.

LAist Film Calendar 10/13-10/16: All-American Amateurs & Hindi Horrors

The Academy celebrates the art of the amateur filmmaker. You bring it, they'll screen it! The Cinefamily goes bonkers for bizarro Bollywood horrors, then goes Dracula disco dancing!

Weekend Movie Guide 10/07: Et Tu, Gosling?

Ryan Gosling strives to be smart & sexy in The Ides of March. At the Nuart, Toast reheats British food writer Nigel Slater's tragicomic childhood.

LAist Film Calendar 10/06-10/09: More Horrors & Even More Herzog!

John Landis knows a thing or two about movie monsters. He's written & directed creature classics An American Werewolf in London & Michael Jackson's Thriller, and distilled decades of knowledge into a new book, Monsters in the Movies.

Weekend Movie Guide 09/30: Does Anna Faris Have Your 'Number'?

It's fitting that Anna Faris' latest rom-com is titled What's Your Number? The genre's obsessed with them. Elsewhere, strange street art tiles inspire another obsession: a JJ Abrams-esque mystery following in Resurrect Dead. Let's go to the movies this weekend!

LAist Film Calendar 09/29-10/02: The New Bev's 4th Annual All-Night Horror Show

October 1st marks the beginning of the season of the witch, and the New Beverly's going not double, not triple, but sextuple bubble toil & trouble! Every year, the All-Night Horror Show brings 12 hours of beasts, blood & the beyond to the silver screen, and every year it's graced this computer screen

Weekend Movie Guide 09/23: Circumstance & House of Boys

If Jason Bourne's too long in the tooth, try robbing Abduction's cradle. Better, get thee to a Laemmle for Circumstance & House of Boys, two thrilling, sensual coming-of-age stories from overseas.

LAist Film Calendar 09/22-09/25: John Carpenter, Alfred Hitchcock & Horrible Movie Night

Halloween isn't for another month, but it's never too early to binge on good horror movies. John Carpenter's The Thing is one of the best. Elsewhere, a long-lost Hitchcock film sees the light of day.

Weekend Movie Guide: To Live & 'Drive' in LA

Labor Day's long gone, but in every theater playing Drive, summer's still in high gear. The Ryan Gosling vehicle is classic L.A. noir: everybody's got something to hide & nobody's pulling any punches.

LAist Film Calendar 09/15-09/18: Quebeckers & Kurosawa

Parlez-vous francais? Quebec in Hollywood presents a retrospective of Canada's flourishing French-language film movement this weekend. If that's not enough subtitles for you, there's also a rare revival from Japanese master Akira Kurosawa.

Weekend Movie Guide 09/09: Will Contagion Go Viral?

The past few weeks have brought earthquakes, massive power failure, continued economic desperation... the only thing missing is a global pandemic. Warner Bros. offers a shot of that with Contagion.

Weekend Movie Guide 08/19: Blood Spillers & Blood Suckers

It's a remake rumble this weekend, as two R-rated redos go toe to toe. Lionsgate comes out swinging with Conan the Barbarian, while Dreamworks & Disney don't want you to sleep on Fright Night.

LAist Film Calendar 08/18-08/21: Red State & A New Laemmle Locale

This weekend, Kevin Smith comes to the New Beverly for his latest, Red State. Meanwhile, Laemmle Theatres comes to Lancaster. Will the Antelope Valley embrace the arthouse?

Weekend Movie Guide 08/12: Final Destination 5 & Out The Gate

The release of Final Destination 5 this weekend shows that the preceding film in the horror series wasn't, as its title proclaimed, The Final Destination. Thank goodness! While the franchise won't (& shouldn't) win any Oscars, it delivers exactly what it promises: ridiculously contrived, increasingly gory death sequences.

LAist Film Calendar 08/11-08/14: Documenting Dead Rockers (& Living Ones Too)

Jim Morrison may not be interred at Hollywood Forever, but plenty of his peers make spirited appearances there this weekend for Cinespia's Movies From Dusk Til Dawn. The event runs from 7PM Saturday through 6AM Sunday. Don't worry, the coffee is free.

Weekend Movie Guide 08/05: Rise of the Planet of the Apes & Bellflower

Rise of the Planet of the Apes may be the missing link between the classic series & modern moviegoers. Bellflower's a Sundance darling sporting serious firepower under its twee hood.

LAist Film Calendar 08/04-08/07: Seth Green at the New Beverly

Seth Green returns to the New Beverly for a weekend-long guestival! The Robot Chicken guru pairs pulp & circumstance Thursday with a screening of the car-chase classic Smokey and the Bandit & Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven. Plus the weekend and more!

Weekend Movie Guide 07/29: Cowboys, Kids & Aliens

We like cowboys, we like aliens, but we're having trouble rounding up excitement for Cowboys & Aliens. The credits pack a lot of heat, but where's the cattle?

LAist Film Calendar 07/28-07/31: Summer Frights

Nothing screams summer like Sleepaway Camp! It's a delightfully sick slasher that wrings every penny out of its low budget. It's part of an informal series of summer frights screening this weekend!

Weekend Movie Guide 07/22: Oh 'Captain'! My Captain!

Is it a smart move to release Captain America: The First Avenger on Comic-Con weekend, as every media outlet (including us) talks comic movies? Or is it short-sighted, since all the fan-boys are in San Diego? Regardless, Marvel goes red, white & blue in a bid for many shades of green.

LAist Film Calendar 07/21-07/24: The LA Shorts Fest

The short film was once a cornerstone of the theatrical experience (think "The Twenty", only worth watching). A cinematic laboratory, short films test talents & technologies, often in less time than it takes to read this column. In an age of digital streaming, the LA Shorts Fest offers a rare opportunity to see these small films back on the big screen. The 15th annual fest begins tomorrow at the Sunset 5, and runs through the 29th.

Weekend Movie Guide 07/08: Bowie 'Fell to Earth', Bateman Fells 'Horrible Bosses'

David Bowie built a musical career on outsider personas like Ziggy Stardust & Aladdin Sane. In The Man Who Fell to Earth, his first starring role, he's literally from another planet. Rialto Pictures celebrates the film's 35th anniversary with a director's cut opening exclusively at the Nuart.

A Park A Day: Apollo Park, Lancaster

July is National Parks & Recreation Month, and all month long LAist will be featuring a hand-selected park a day to showcase just a few of the wonderful recreation spaces--big or small--in the Los Angeles area.

LAist Film Calendar 07/07-07/10: No 'Salvation' For Robert Mitchum

As temperatures climb outside the cinema, it's high time to relax with one of the coolest actors out of the past. For those unfamiliar, Robert Mitchum excelled at icy antiheroes & haunting psychodrama over a 50 year career that included Night of the Hunter, Cape Fear & Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man

A Park a Day: Placerita Canyon Natural Area, Santa Clarita

July is National Parks & Recreation Month, and all month long LAist will be featuring a hand-selected park a day to showcase just a few of the wonderful recreation spaces--big or small--in the Los Angeles area.

Weekend Movie Guide 07/01: Transformers & Terri

We weren't very kind to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen at the Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF) two years ago and, to be honest, Transformers: Dark of the Moon doesn't look much different. The latest in the franchise is its most epic yet, clocking in at over 2 & a half hours in 3D.

Film Quick Pick: "Everything Is" Great at Cinefamily's Fest

Instead of our weekly Film Calendar today we're giving you a single quick pick: Cinefamily's Everything Is Festival 2011.

Weekend Movie Guide 06/24: Two Cars & One Lucky Elephant

Cars 2 is in pole position to score truckloads of money this weekend! Plus, a look at what else is playing.

LAist Film Calendar 06/23-06/26: The Los Angeles Film Festival, Week 2

Our coverage of the Los Angeles Film Festival continues! The second & final weekend starts tomorrow night at LA Live with a revival screening of the South Central-set classic Boyz N The Hood. Produced at the height of gangsta rap, the street story starred former N.W.A. member Ice Cube & then-unknowns "Larry" Fishburne (The Matrix), Cuba Gooding Jr. (Jerry Maguire), Angela Bassett (Malcolm X), Regina King (The Boondocks) & Nia Long (Friday). Other Thursday night...

Weekend Movie Guide 06/16: Green Lantern & Queen of the Sun

Warner Bros & DC Comics pioneered the superhero blockbuster in 1978 with Christopher Reeves' Superman and perfected it 30 years later with The Dark Knight. Green Lantern, their latest live-action adaptation, aims to launch a series that can compete against Marvel's Spiderman, X-Men & Avengers franchises. Will Warner & DC see green, or will this lantern fizzle? Ryan Reynolds plays Hal Jordan, who receives a mysterious green ring from a dying alien. The ring &...

LAist Film Calendar 06/16-06/19: The Los Angeles Film Festival

In recent weeks, we've covered our fair share of festivals. This Father's Day, make room for the daddy of them all: the Los Angeles Film Festival. It's an epic reminder that LA is the best movie city in the world, as Hollywood industry, independent film makers & reel fans come together for a ten day celebration of all things cinema.

Weekend Movie Guide 06/10: Super 8 & Steve Coogan

A group of close childhood friends. A town gripped by strange phenomena. A government cover-up. A mysterious, maybe malevolent creature. Sound familiar? No, it isn't another re-release of E.T., although that film is clearly a spiritual ancestor to the highly-anticipated Super 8. With 2009's Star Trek, writer/director/producer/wunderkind J.J. Abrams proved that he could re-energize a beloved series while staying true to its roots. In Super 8, he shies away from specific characters, instead referencing the...

LAist Film Calendar 06/09-06/12: Get Thee To The Greek Film Festival

The media's current image of Greece is a country crumbling amidst financial ruin. The Los Angeles Greek Film Festival is an important reminder that the country's rich culture & history continue far beyond its financial woes. The fifth year of the festival opens Thursday night at Laemmle's Sunset 5 with the U.S. premiere of Pelican's Watch, a Dionysian documentary on Greek elders' efforts to preserve traditional winemaking.

Weekend Movie Guide 06/03: X-Men: First Class, First Loves & First Kills

X-Men: First Class continues a Marvel-ous movie summer. The film serves as a prequel to Fox's X-Men series, and introduces a young Professor X (James McAvoy), Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) & a pre-blue Beast (Nicholas Hoult). The motley mutant crew joins new-to-the-franchise characters Havok (Lucas Till; energy-blast abilities), Banshee (Caleb Landry Jones; super-sonic sound waves enabling flight), Darwin (Edi Gathegi of the Twilight franchise) & Riptide (Álex González; another whirlwind mutant) against the...

LAist Film Calendar 06/02-06/05: Dances With Films & Mosaic LA Film Festivals

Last weekend was summer blockbusters. This weekend it's summer film festivals, courtesy of Dances With Films & the Mosaic LA Film Festival. Dances With Films boldly celebrates 14 years of "no politics, no stars, no s----" filmmaking at Laemmle's Sunset 5. The Mosaic LA Film Festival is a fledgling fest, leaving the nest Friday night at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

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