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Why Are Film Shoots Allowed When Outdoor Dining Isn't?

Here are some of the strict COVID protocols that Film and TV shoots have to follow in California.

Can This Postcard Art Project Save Democracy and the USPS?

Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh survived COVID-19. Now he and fellow artist Beatie Wolfe want to save the USPS.

That World Series Crowd Is Getting A Boost From LA Phil's Sound Designer

When the Dodgers take the field tonight for Game 4 of the World Series against the Tampa Bay Rays, only about 11,000 fans will be in the audience. But, thanks to sound designer Fred Vogler and his team, those of us watching on TV will hear a crowd that sounds much larger.

FBI Hostage Negotiator On How To Talk To Strangers About Masks

Every day there seems to be another story about a confrontation over wearing masks in public. To find out how best to navigate these situations we sought the advice of an expert at handling high-conflict situations.

Protest Music For All Your Feelings

Music might be able to express the current moment better than words.

PHOTOS: Black Girls Surf Organizes Protest From Their Boards

Now other surfing organizations are planning future paddle-outs.

Screen Time Fun Time: Tips And Tricks For Elevating What Your Kids Are Watching During Quarantine

As part of an on-going series about parenting in a pandemic, we had  a couple of experts weigh in on how to think - and what to do - about screen time.

'One Day At A Time' Tries A New Approach To Production During Coronavirus - Animation

How and when Hollywood will resume production is still an open question, but this week some innovative ideas started to emerge from the creator of 'One Day At A Time'...and Tyler Perry.

RIP Matt Holzman: LA's Public Radio World Loses A Big Voice

Remembering Matt Holzman, a singular voice on KCRW and L.A. public radio's most lovable grouch.

'Twilight's' Director Takes Another Shot At A Woman-Led Movie Franchise In 'Miss Bala'

She directed "Twilight" but wasn't asked back for the sequels. Now she's back in the action-movie world.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Goes Hollywood (Kind Of) In New Documentary

She's featured in the documentary, "Knock Down The House," which got a standing ovation at Sundance Film Festival this week.

Michael Jackson Doc 'Leaving Neverland' Describes Sexual Assault Allegations In Graphic Detail

Their families were sidelined -- then the sexual abuse allegedly began.

Samantha Bee Used Her Late-Night Money To Buy A House For Migrant Families

Her recent special -- "Christmas on I.C.E." -- was a perfect example of her signature blend of comedy and social activism.

A Gritty Los Angeles Co-Stars In Nicole Kidman's 'Destroyer'

The L.A. of "Destroyer" is one that's rarely seen on screen.

Netflix's 'Roma' Digs Up Alfonso Cuarón's Childhood Pain

In 'Roma,' Alfonso Cuaron takes a deep dive into his childhood -- through the perspective of his nanny.

'The Good Place' Writers Are Getting Actual Forking Philosophy Lessons

Creator and showrunner Michael Schur told us about the lessons being learned in the writers room.

'Pod Save America' Brings Straight Shooting Political Talk To HBO

They thought Donald Trump's election was a national emergency. Now they're trying to fight back and get voters engaged.

Peter Dinklage Says He Couldn't Have Subjected Himself To What Fantasy Island's Tattoo Did

Peter Dinklage and Sacha Gervasi worked on a movie about 'Fantasy Island's' Hervé Villechaize for more than 14 years. Now it's on HBO.

This Musical Exhibit Has A Title Inspired By Abba And A Sentiment Inspired By Obama

"I would never have made this piece today. I was just so excited about America back then," the artist said about his Obama-era musical installation.

LA Art Legend Ed Ruscha Is Cool With You Selfieing In Front Of His Paintings

He thinks art is definitely in the eye of the beholder -- or, in the case of selfies, behind them.

Comic-Con Cosplay Tips From The Woman Behind The 'Black Panther' Costumes

Ruth Carter's advice for cosplayers: Skip Jo-Ann Fabrics and head to downtown L.A.

How Improv And Arnold Schwarzenegger Got Bill Hader Into Acting

In "Barry," Hader's an assassin who doesn't find his career totally satisfying, then stumbles into being an actor. The real Hader had a similar accidental entry into acting.

Former Teen YouTuber Bo Burnham Makes A Movie About The Teen YouTubers No One Watches

Bo Burnham made his name as a rapping YouTube star, but now he's turning his camera on YouTubers who no one watches.

Tessa Thompson Says 'Sorry To Bother You' Stripped The Nudity To Avoid Male Gaze

Tessa Thompson says "Sorry To Bother You" is "a little weird pretty baby that I was so excited to be a part of." Read what she told us about this weird baby, her sexuality, and more.

How Sarah Silverman Turned Her Trump Fears Into a Show About Love

With "I Love You, America," Silverman's trying to bridge a divided country through comedy in a "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" for adults.

British Actress Says LA Isn't A Theater Town - As She Stars In A Show Here In LA

Lesley Manville is more in demand than ever — but her loyalty remains to the stage

Tom Hanks Tells Us About His LA Stage Debut With Shakespeare For Vets

Tom Hanks makes his L.A. stage debut as Sir John Falstaff in "Henry IV," presented by The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles at The Japanese Garden on the VA Campus.