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The 8%: Exploring The Inextricable Ties Between L.A. And Its Black Residents

Part of the Race In LA series, The 8 Percent explores the inextricable ties between L.A. and its Black residents - how Black migration, community and culture have shaped and changed L.A.

Parenting, Unfiltered: What Raising Kids In SoCal Really Looks Like

In fall 2019, KPCC/LAist gave cameras to 12 SoCal parents and invited them to document their lives. Since then, A LOT has changed.

Conflicted: A Black Journalist's Reckoning With Her Race, Family And Police Brutality

LAist Data Editor Dana Amihere struggles to find peace within her personal divisions -- as a black woman, journalist and wife of a white man -- following the past few months of police brutality and protests.

The Purple Project: Democracy Needs to Be Heard

We asked notable names in TV, film and radio about what amendments from the U.S. Constitution meant to them. Here's what they said.

How 'An Attack On Us Brown People' 25 Years Ago Created A New Generation Of Activists

Proposition 187 won the vote in 1994. But the reaction to it was a victory for Latinos and progressives in California.

After Aliso: How The Worst Gas Leak In US History Forced Angelenos To Rethink Their Energy Supply

For many years, natural gas was considered to be a safe, dependable energy source. Then came the country's largest uncontrolled leak. It happened in LA's own backyard and forced everyone from industry pros to local residents to rethink gas consumption.

LA's Opioid Problem Is Big, But Also Relatively Small. Follow The Map Of Pain Pills

A federal database released by the Washington Post shows the flood of opioid pain pills into rural, Northern California, where most overdose deaths have occurred. In contrast, Los Angeles patients have received relatively few pain pills and likewise suffered fewer opioid-related overdoses.

Citizenship Question Or No Citizenship Question, The 2020 Census Has Some Big Problems

One big problem: getting people to actually fill it out.