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California Counties 'Flying The Plane As We Build It' In A Plodding Vaccine Rollout

In California, the largest vaccination campaign in U.S. history is run largely by the same overworked and underfunded local health departments tasked with covid-19 testing and contact tracing.

High-Poverty Neighborhoods Bear The Brunt Of COVID's Scourge

COVID infection rates in California are consistently higher in low-income neighborhoods than more affluent areas, according to an analysis by ZIP code.

Fact Check: App-Based Companies Pushing Prop. 22 Say Drivers Will Get Health Benefits. Will They?

Ride-sharing and delivery services such as Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and Instacart are bankrolling California's Proposition 22, which would keep their drivers classified as independent contractors, not employees. But health benefits? That's something of a stretch.

COVID Crackdowns At Work Have Saved Black And Latino Lives, LA Officials Say

Strict enforcement of coronavirus protocols at factories and shops where some of the worst outbreaks have occurred has reduced the racial and ethnic disparities in COVID deaths and illness, say public health officials. They want to expand the effort by creating workplace safety councils.

Tough To Tell COVID From Smoke Inhalation Symptoms -- And Flu Season's Coming

Respiratory symptoms stemming from coronavirus infection and smoke inhalation are too similar to distinguish without a full workup. This is complicating the jobs of health care workers as wildfires continue to burn across the state.

California Lawmakers Prioritize Pandemic Safety Gear And Sick Leave

Lawmakers are calling on Gov. Gavin Newsom to sign bills that would address the challenges of the current COVID-19 crisis and help the state prepare for future pandemics.

How To Weigh Evacuation Options With Both Wildfires And COVID At Your Door

As the twin disasters of COVID-19 and fire season sweep through California, thousands of residents are weighing difficult options, pitting risk against risk as they decide where to evacuate. Amid a virulent pandemic, where can you safely relocate?

Fractured Skulls, Lost Eyes: Police Often Break Their Own Rules Using 'Rubber Bullets'

At least 60 protesters have sustained serious head injuries, including a broken jaw, traumatic brain injuries and blindness, according to an investigation from Kaiser Health News and USA Today.

'Why Do We Always Get Hit First?' Proposed Budget Cuts Target Vulnerable Californians

Safety-net health care programs that keep low-income Californians out of nursing homes are on the chopping block as Gov. Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers attempt to plug a massive budget deficit caused by the COVID-19 emergency.

COVID-Plagued California Nursing Homes Often Had Problems In Past

Nursing homes with COVID-19 infections tend to violate health rules more often and have more complaints and fines, records show. But infections also plague highly rated facilities -- while sparing some low-ranked ones.

Do-It-Yourself Cheek Swab Tested As Next Best Thing To Detect Coronavirus

Los Angeles County is providing thousands of coronavirus self-testing kits to its citizens, but public health officials are leery of the shortage of data on whether this easier method ― in which an individual swabs his or her own cheek ― is as reliable as a less comfortable but well-established technique.