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Photo Essay: January Nightlife Redux

Having returned from touring Europe with electronic music sensation Deadmau5, nightlife photographer Drew “Rukes” Ressler (LAist Interview | website | email) brought his lenses back to Los Angeles for a few fun nights at Avalon and the Wiltern. And, yes, he brought the fish eye. Check out more nightlife galleries with Rukes on LAist....

Meet Alan Olifson: Wordplay's Playboy

Alan Olifson at 'Play | Photo by Jeff Seltzer (used with permission) All stand-up comedians are comedy writers (so long as their material is original,) but not all comedy writers are stand-ups. A few shows around town spotlight the gap between the two. On such stages, comedy writers read their works and the result a laughing audience. You might've caught such a show at iO West, UCB, or Pinata (at the Bang Comedy Theatre.)...

Adam Carolla's Coming To Your Suburb

The Adam Carolla Podcast has recently turned mobile. Last month, in Orange County, Carolla sold out multiple shows featuring his own stand-up, and chats with hilarious guests like Greg Fitzsimmons, Whitney Cummings and Aisha Tyler. The show will be on the road for the month of February... well, a few roads: The 5, The 101 and The 10. Carolla and friends will be in Orange County on Feb 3rd at the Brea Improv, and...

Intelligentsia Venice: Serious Espresso

Intelligentsia on Abbott Kinney in Venice takes their coffee seriously. I'm thankful for it.

Dodgertown Classic To Feature USC, UCLA

On Sunday, February 28, Dodgers Stadium will host a collegiate doubleheader featuring Los Angeles’ two largest schools. The inaugural Dodgertown Classic will feature USC's and UCLA's baseball clubs throwing down the gauntlet. The second match pits two out-of-towners on the neutral field, Vanderbilt and Oklathoma State. Advanced tickets are only $5 and allow entrance to both games. In an unheard of move, parking at Dodger Stadium is free. All event proceeds will benefit the...

Recession Obsession: South Bay Chicken Shackin' Up

South Bay eats can be tricky. I once heard someone describe a Hermosa Beach restaurant as “like what you would find in LA.” That made me scratch my head and walk the other way -- right to Hermosa’s “The Chicken Shack,” which boasts claims “the best chicken around.” (They do have the best car around.) While they may not have the best chicken in LA, they do have some of the best around... the South Bay. This is a good thing.

DVD Review: Andy Kindler’s ‘I Wish I Was Bitter’

Andy Kindler, He Am Bitter? | Photo By Susan Maljan / used with permission Andy Kindler isn’t your typical stand-up comic. That’s a good thing. Leave it to the New York-born/Los Angeles-resident to record a stand-up comedy concert that turns out to be a period piece. The ultra-witty comedian’s new DVD, “I Wish I Was Bitter” (grammatically suspect, he knows,) was recorded in 2003 at the M-Bar in Hollywood. It’s a wonderful look back...

Recession Obsession: Yuca’s x2 in Los Feliz

Yuca’s on Hillhurst is an institution. This shack-in-a-parking-lot serves award-winning Mexican fare praised by crowds of both the working class and upper crust. Their entire, wonderful menu is very cheap, making Yuca's a perfect Recession Obsession.

Recession Obsession Eye Nosh: Dumplings

Dumplings From Jin Jian Restaurant (301 W Valley Blvd | San Gabriel, CA) | Photo by Caleb Bacon (@thecalebbacon) for LAist A Recession Obsession is, 1) a meal so great that it sticks in your mind long after digestion's end, and, 2) plays nice with your sensitive wallet. Is there a better place than Los Angeles to eat a wide variety of amazing food that so happens to be inexpensive? Probably not. We're as...

Midnight Movie: The 'Final Countdown' Of The Decade

Start practicing for tonight's final New Year's countdown of the decade with some '80's hair metal: Europe's "Final Countdown." ("Arrested Development" fans, remember this one?)

Recession Obsession Eye Nosh: Old School Pie

LAist is a big fan of Philippe's The Original. The restaurant has been in Los Angeles for so long that you can French Dip Like It's 1909 (and don't forget their breakfast.) For $2-$3 a slice, you can have a generous piece of one of their many pies. They seem to have about a dozen different fruit and cream pies, each looking up at you longingly from below the glass. Need something more? Wash it down with a beverage. Most are under a buck. Philippe's is easily accessible on the Metro too.

Midnight Movie: It's Still Christmas Somewhere...

Christmas may be technically over, but that doesn't mean it's too late for something creative. LAist reader and Christmas masher-uper, Daniel "Brat" Barassi, brings us: Paul McCartney vs Peanuts "Peanuts Christmastime." You can download it too....

Midnight Movie: 'Toluca Talk' With Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt is not only a terrific comedian but also a concerned citizen. In "Toluca Talk," this Toluca Lake inhabitant takes calls from other Toluca Lake residents on environmental issues... sort of....

Tay Zonday Sings 'You're A Mean One Mister Grinch'

Mr. Chocolate Rain puts his pipes to work for some yuletide fun....

Holiday Relief For 12-Steppers

Photo by Synapped via the LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr For those in recovery, the holidays can represent the most trying time of the year. Good thing Los Angeles is plenty strong on recovery. All sorts of help can be found in the form of many 12-step meetings from all sorts of 12-step programs. Perhaps there's something to it. Happy Holidays! Adult Children of Alcoholics -- (310) 320-3931 Alcoholics Anonymous -- (323) 936-4343...

Recession Obsession Eye Nosh: Churro Bites

The Border Grill's Truck Churro Bites, or Churro Tots, are to be consumed to be believed. These warm, cinnamon sugar-covered, delicate spheres of dulce de leche-infused churro, are a holiday treat that can be enjoyed year round. The homemade whipped cream just ups the likelihood of having a mouthgasm. All for $3.50. The Border Grill Truck is a favorite of LAist, and, of course, they're on Twitter.

Kobe Bryant's Buzzer Beater

Last night, Kobe Bryant hit another buzzer beater. He did it in overtime against the Milwaukee Bucks....

Baby Jesus Born At The La Brea Tar Pits, Says Marc Maron

Marc Maron, comedian and host of the popular podcast, "WTF With Marc Maron," offers up what he calls: "The REAL Baby Jesus Story." It involves the La Brea Tar Pits and a lot of dinosaur ass-kicking. Merry Christmas, all....

Midnight Movie: The Dan Band's 'Christmas Flip Flop'

First there was "Christmas Shoes." Now there's, "The Christmas Flip Flop." Merry Christmas, The Dan Band!...

Recession Obsession: Eating On The Purple Line

Going Metro is cheap (a one way ticket is $1.50; a day pass $5.00.) But it's not just a lift to work, or a bulky designated driver. It's your way to some great food that doesn't happen to cost too much. We've Chowed The Red Line before (it was good,) and now, it's time do so the same on The Purple Line.

Armand Van Helden, Still The Funk Phenomena

Armand Van Helden | Photo Courtesy X-Mix When Armand Van Helden jumped onto the house music landscape in the early ‘90’s, it was as a star. Thanks to a hip hop influenced, classic house sound, this Boston-born New Yorker, soon began commanding remix fees higher than many of his veteran peers. Numerous successful LPs and a mess of number one hits would follow. In this half of the new millennium, he's tried something new,...

Adam Carolla: From A Podcast To A Podcast Network

“Even though this is the 23rd time I've won Podcast of the Year, it never gets old,” said Adam Carolla on “The Adam Carolla Podcast” being named to iTunes Best of 2009 list for the first time. As part of iTunes Rewind Awards, Carolla’s podcast, which has been downloaded more than 40 million times, has received their Best of 2009 #1 (Audio) Podcast Award. Suze Ormond's financial show took #1 in the Video Podcast category.

Recession Obsession: $3 Breakfast in Culver City

“Oh, look at that place,” said a friend of a small coffee shop tucked away behind a Downtown Culver City parking structure. “We should totally go there sometime.” “Yeah riiight,” I replied snarkily. “Who would voluntarily grub at a coffee shop in an alley?” For a moment, I forgot who I was, because the answer clearly was: this Recession Obsessionst.

Midnight Movie: Maria Bamford's Christmas Stand-Up Special

In this special, pug-loving comedian, Maria Bamford, sits down for an hour's worth of Christmas-time stand-up....

Midnight Movie: 'Phoenix' Plays The Eiffel Tower

LAist favorite band, Phoenix, recently played a mini-show in historic Paris. Here they perform "Lizstomania" and "One Time Too Many." With our favorable weather, Los Angeles needs a dose of this live fun....

Midnight Movie: Tiger Woods, Quiet Stormed

This song has been stuck in my head for the past 34 hours. Perhaps your head will be slow-jamming, like mine, with Tiger's take your name off your phone request. And, nope, he won't be found at his own SoCal golf tourney this weekend....

Recession Obsession: @theGastrobus

I was recently a guest on The Pretty Good Podcast, and like many of my conversations, the topic turned to food, then, almost immediately, to food trucks. One host wondered, were all of 2009’s food trucks some sort of hip fusion of cultures? The answer is no, and the answer is The Gastrobus.

Midnight Movie: Scandinavian Furniture That's Not The I-Word

Here, on episode four of new web series, In-Store Designer, host Eric Meeks explores North Hollywood's Silica Three. This furniture warehouse features gems from Denmark and Sweden. And no, Silica Three does not import their wares from the Burbank Ikea.

NextAid Gets Up For Worlds AIDS Day By Getting Down

The Marrakesh House's Pool | Photo by Maya Myers / used with permission Next Tuesday, December 1, humanitarian organization NextAid, holds its Los Angeles effort in their multi-date/multi-city World AIDS Day 2009 (WAD2009) campaign. The festive series kicked off in San Francisco on November 25th and will crosses the states until December 31st. L.A.’s event, actually held on World Aids Day, looks to take the cake. “This event is at an amazing venue, with...

Midnight Movie: Patton Oswalt's 'Christmas Shoes'

Thanksgiving is gone and it's officially Christmas time. Happy Black Friday....

Tonight: Never Not Funny's Pardcast-a-Thon

Comedian Jimmy Pardo's (LAist Interview) popular and hilarious podcast, Never Not Funny, hosts its first ever all-night webcast telethon tonight (Pardcast-a-thon) from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. This all-nighter is a fundraiser to benefit The Smile Train, a charity focused on repairing the cleft lip and palates of afflicted children in developing nations. Pardo will be joined by co-host Matt Belknap (LAist Interview) and comedian Pat Francis. This special evening will also feature a...

Midnight Movies: BBQing With Carolla, McHale and Pardo

How about a barbecued Thanksgiving? Thankfully, SoCal weather allows for it. Feast your eyes on Adam Carolla, a feisty Joel McHale, and Jimmy Pardo (LAist Interview) taking drool-worthy lessons from Grillmaster Adam Perry Lang. More videos from the three-parter after jump...

Meet Jimmy Pardo: Never Not Having Fun

Pardo’s Monday-through-Friday gig is “The Tonight Show”'s warm-up comedian, where he cracks up the studio audience before Conan O’Brien does more of the same. He’s also one of the few financially successful podcasters, hosting the award-winning weekly show, “Never Not Funny” (”The Pardcast,”) alongside co-host Matt Belknap.

Recession Obsession: Mobile Japanese Burgers

I’ve been following Marked5 (one of the children of the post-Kogi mobile foodscape boom) on Twitter for a few months. Doing so kept reminding me, in 140 character bursts, that their Japanese burgers were roaming the city, awaiting taste buds.

Midnight Movie: Conan O'Brien vs. Zach Galifianakis

Here's what happens when The Bearded Guy From The Hangover sits down with The Tall Guy From The Tonight Show and That Pumpkinhead Guy From The Tonight Show....

Trevor Ariza's Championship Ring Looks Like Trevor Ariza

"Trev got that bling 2nite!!! Now we bout 2 hit these streets," said Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp via Twitter. The center fielder added, via Twitter, "Bling!!!" Apparently Kemp, a recent winner of a Golden Glove and Silver Slugger award, and Trevor Ariza, the former Los Angeles Laker, now Houston Rocket, are partying it up somewhere and Kemp's impressed.

Midnight Movie: The Sound of Young America (Pilot)

Jesse Thorn has a wonderful nationally syndicated public radio show called The Sound of Young America. Unfortunately it's not on local public radio, but the weekly program is available via podcast. Current thought a television version of the interview program would be a great idea, but they ended up changing formats, and the show was never green-lit. This pilot was shot in Koreatown, which was where TSOYA used to be recorded. The radio show's studio, Thorn's domicile, is now Silverlake.

Greg Fitzsimmons And Friends Laugh Against A Tumor

Taking place this Friday at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre is Laughs for Bald Bryan, a night of top-notch comedy and some pretty great music. The special night is to benefit “Bald Bryan” Bishop, Adam Carolla’s former morning radio compliment, who, at 31, is battling an inoperable brain tumor.

Midnight Movie: Funny People Know It's Christmas

"Do They Know It's Christmas?" as crooned by the Comedy Death-Ray Xmas Nativity Choir a.k.a some of LA's best comedians a.ka. Paul F. Tompkins, R.O. Manse, Tig Notaro, Rob Huebel, Patton Oswalt, Mike Phirman, Jimmy Pardo, Brian Posehn & Scott Aukerman, Garfunkel & Oates, Aimee Mann, Chris Hardwick, Paul Scheer & June Diane Raphael, Doug Benson, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Nick Thune, "Weird Al" Yankovic...

Recession Obsession: A Great New Indian Spot

Los Angeles gets a lot of crap for the cuisines in which we don’t specialize. (I label such shittalkers: enemies.) Do we have an amazing pizzeria on every corner? Ha. Good one. Can you find amazing Chinese food in Hollywood? Again, nope. You’ll have to venture east. Does our selection of Indian food rival that of Mumbai (don’t say Bombay?) Again, not exactly. (Stop all the whiny questions please!)

Midnight Movie: Global Techno Served Locally

Local techno trio, Droog, has had their share of crazy parties atop the Downtown Standard Hotel's legendary roof. Earlier this year, UK record label Crosstown Rebels' web series, Rebel Rave, dropped in to one of them and chatted with the dudes about nightlife and their new record label: Culprit....

Recession Obsession: Sky's Gourmet Tacos

On a stretch of Pico where you’re likely to find spicy Caribbean food, or the caloric effort that is Oki-Dog, one might not expect tacos. That's why Sky’s Gourmet Tacos is a great fit. They serve up what they call: "Mexican food with a splash of soul".

'Put This On' Finds $500 Denim in Pasadena

"It’s a web series for men about dressing like a grown-up," Jesse Thorn told LAist about his new web show, Put This On. In the maiden episode, Thorn heads to Pasadena's Rising Sun Jeans, where he uncovers some well constructed $500 men's jeans. The new program, of excellent production value, also features informational pieces with Thorn and Adam Lisagor....

Recession Obsession: Where The Valley Meets Costa Rica

When I moved to Los Angeles from Back East, I immediately heard of two magical destinations for which East Coasters darned not speak: Costa Rica and Hawaii. Apparently they’re too far from Back East, but not Out Here.

Learn To Dress Like A Grown-Up With ‘Put This On’

The world wide web hasn’t had a series aiming to help men dress like grown-ups. That is, until tomorrow, when Jesse Thorn and Adam Lisagor premier Put This On in Pasadena. The new web series hits their website on Monday. Typically when seen together, it’s been as the Monsters of Podcasting -- the Voltronesque live effort featuring both of their significantly downloaded podcasts. Lisagor’s You Look Nice Today is “a brilliant and highly acclaimed comedy podcast,” said Thorn.

Adam Carolla and Friends Laugh Against A Tumor

“A worse thing couldn’t have happened to a better guy,” said Adam Carolla of 31 year-old “Bald” Bryan Bishop’s inoperable brain tumor. “He’s one of the sharpest, brightest, smartest, nicest guys I’ve ever met.”

Recession Obsession: Oinkin' Tacos Downtown

Downtown LA’s Grand Central Market is a Recession Obsession institution. If you’ve never been, grab a crisp five dollar bill, and you’ll purchase a great meal. Grab a crisp ten dollar bill and you’ll find that nirvana known as Food Coma.

Recession Obsession: Rainy Day Ramen

It’s been raining cats and dogs in Los Angeles. Don’t believe me? Consult your nearest social network where you'll see such pathetic updates as:

“It’s raining. Who’s got a bunker?” “Rain rain go away, else I’ll slit my writs today.”

A Magical Ninth, An Improbable Dodger Victory

The Dodgers really weren’t supposed to win tonight’s game. “It just comes down to one really weird inning,” said Saint Louis Cardinals Cy Young candidate, pitcher Adam Wainwright, of the bottom of the ninth. “We were in the driver’s seat there. They had two outs, nobody on base.”

Midnight Movie: The Adventures of Lil' Matt Kemp

A Dodger video featuring the smallest member of Snoop Dogg's possee....

The Dodger Vibes Are Tasty

Maybe it’s the Dodgers’ turn to be champs. The sold-out Dodgers Stadium faithful vibrantly acted that way throughout last night’s 3:56 almost-marathon, which saw the Los Angeles Dodgers take the first game of the National League Division Series from the Saint Louis Cardinals. The Lakers felt that way too. The reigning NBA kings pledged their adoration for the Dodgers, and shared a slice of the city’s goodwill toward them, by participating in a series of rah-rah Go Dodgers! videos, shown on the left field jumbotron.

Recession Obsession: LA's Most Famous Hot Dog

According to our friends at the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (yes, that exists,) Los Angeles was the second highest consumer of hot dogs in 2008. We dropped $91,364,830. Wow. I’m sure a chunk of that is spent at Pink’s, but c’mon. Their line is so long one might catch black lung from the Melrose traffic. Why not have a Dodger Dog, where, should you wait in line, at least there's a Dodger game going on right behind you.

Meet Doug Benson: 'Unbalanced' Comedian

Doug Benson is one stoner/comic who happens to get a lot done. Crowned High Times Magazine's Stoner Of The Year in 2006, you'll know Benson from his popular podcast "I Love Movies" (which he records on the regular before Comedy Death Ray at the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater in Hollywood,) Last Comic Standing (sixth place) and VH1's Best Week Ever.

Legendary New York House Music Night Visits Hollywood

Body and Soul was one the country's most regarded house music affairs. With tunes spun by a legendary trio of house DJs, each individually renowned -- Francois Kevorkian, Joe Claussell, and Danny Krivit -- Body and Soul was a day of global rhythms from disco to techno. Literally a day -- this weekly was from Sunday afternoon to Sunday evening. The trio no longer does it weekly (a few times a year in NYC,)...

Recession Obsession: Delicious Pig Butt

Carnitas, Spanish for "little meats," are my favorite edible incarnation of pork. For me, they’re a dietary staple, best devoured when surrounded by the perfect tortilla. Oh yeah, these tiny meats are typically pig butt.

Midday Munchie: Santa Barbara's Tweeting Burger Bus

Survey says, Santa Barbara is a favorite day-trip for LAists. It turns out, like their large southern neighbor (us,) they have delicious mobile food vendors who are on Twitter. VendrTV gnaws into the meaty offerings of SB's Burger Bus. This video makes me so hungry that for a change, I wouldn't be ashamed to take the shortbus. Track these meals on wheels on their website, or Twitter.

Midnight Music: LA Dream Team Was In The House

LA Dream Team was a hip-hop group from back in the day. Here's one of their floor-shakers from 1985, "Dream Team Is In The House." It's the type of thing you'll hear on the new-old 93.5 FM K-Day or at the sort of barbecue that I've always wanted to attend. LA hip-hop wasn't always gangsta, you know....

Dodgers Make Giants Look Really, Really Bad

X-Dodger Brad Penny gave the Dodgers Stadium crowd of 52,438 quite a thrill on Saturday afternoon. And in doing so he lost his first game as a San Francisco Giant, 12-1. Allowing seven runs in 2 and 2/3rds innings, Penny (10-9 overall, 3-1 NL) gave up three home runs to his old team. Ronnie Belliard’s first inning grand slam jump-started Penny’s nightmare. “Belliard got us off on the right foot with the grand slam,”...

Dodgers Look To Even Series Against NorCal Nemesis

6’4” power-pitcher Brad Penny was a Dodger. He had a few good years in Dodgertown, and even dated Hollywood starlets. Today, he returns to Chavez-Ravine as a San Francisco Giant. The Giants picked him up for the playoff run after the displeased Red Sox discarded the hurler. He’s 3-0 with a silly 1.64 ERA with his new team, and the Giants are 2.5 games behind the Colorado Rockies for the National League's last playoff...

Recession Obsession: Frozen Yogurt 3.0

TCBY, or The Country's Best Yogurt, was once huge. All of a sudden "frozen yogurt" and "phenomenon" were used in the same sentence. It was nationwide Pinkberry-like insanity which predated Pinkberry. Then, of course, Pinkberry found hip neighborhoods. Today, we're right in the middle of Frozen Yogurt 3.0, and this model's an upgrade.

Here's Another Kogi Video

VendrTV digs into mobile meme, Kogi BBQ. If you're the one person who hasn't yet had it, you can host Daniel Delaney devour some Korean vs Mexican fusion. And why not try Chinese tacos?...

Midnight Memorial: Adam Goldstein, DJ AM

This was the video played at DJ AM's memorial, held at the Hollywood Palladium. Rest in Peace Adam, March 30, 1973 - August 28, 2009....

Recession Obsession: Greasy Comfortable Nostalgia

Today’s Recession Obsession is a gluttonous walk down memory lane, a walk to Campos Tacos in Venice, where a plate of hard-shelled chicken tacos, chips, and a drink is $7 after tax. While this Campos location might look like a dime-a-dozen Mexican hole-in-the-wall with a scary bathroom, to this author, it represents the birth of a love affair, and LAist’s latest Recession Obsession.

‘Bald’ Bryan Bishop’s ‘Inconvenient’ Brain Tumor

Colored lights flared and strobes flashed. Dozens of exotic dancers gyrated and jiggled as music suited for getting undressed pulsed through Las Vegas’ Spearmint Rhino. Thirty year-old Bryan Bishop, or “Bald Bryan” as he’s known to listeners of The Adam Carolla Show, and now The Adam Carolla Podcast, opened a tiny plastic baggy and slushed back a pill with his ice-cold vodka and Red Bull. A glittery stripper expressed her curiosity for what she assumed was Bishop kicking his Bachelor Party revelry up a notch.

Dodgers Seek Offense, Any Will Do

The Man In This Picture Has Been Given Today Off (AP Photo/Chris Carlson) It was supposed to be an easy week at Chavez-Ravine. The NL West’s two cellar-dwells were coming to face the Dodgers for seven games. Instead, the Los Angeles Dodgers failed to gain ground in the West, finding a 2 - 2 tie against the fourth place Arizona Diamondbacks. And last night, the Dodgers struggling offense did just that as they were...

Dodgers Find Offense And Wolf’s 100th Career Win

In a highlight-laden game, a storm of Dodger-good and Padre-bad netted the Los Angeles Dodgers (81-56) a 7-4 victory. The Dodger bats came alive, pitcher Randy Wolf mowed down Padres batters like it was his job (which it actually is,) and Padre shortstop Everth Cabrera’s three errors bolstered the Dodgers run tally. Retiring his final thirteen hitters, Randy Wolf (10-5) pitched seven dominant innings of two-run, four-hit, five-strikeout ball for his 100th career win....

The New Kids Are Alright, Dodgers Rope Snakes

The Los Angeles Dodgers (80-55) 4-2 victory charge over the Arizona Diamondbacks (61-74) was led by two players who started the week on other teams. Jon Garland (9-11,) the game’s winning pitcher, came to Dodgers Stadium on Monday as an Arizona Diamondback. Last week, Ronnie Belliard, whose 3 RBIs accounted for 75% of the Dodgers' offense, was a Washington National. LA-native Garland, pitched seven economical innings. The newest Dodger hurler allowed two runs (both earned,) while letting up five hits, and walking one of his old teammates.

Mount Wilson: Before The Fire And Brimstone

It's been a tough week for Mount Wilson -- though she's still standing. But let's remember the good times with this video....

Recession Obsession: Tweetin' Chinese Tacos On Wheels

Mobile food trucks, revealing their location on Twitter, who serve taco-fusion, is in. This is no longer news. It's getting competitive on the streets, and the novelty is decreasingly novel.

Dance Into Labor Day With Techno Darling Magda

Magda -- the Polish-born, US-raised, Berlin-residing DJ -- is techno's sweetheart. Tapped for the top by techno titan Richie Hawtin, she now headlines clubs and festivals across six continents. It's for good party-moving reason too. She brings it. On Sunday, at the world-famous rooftop of Downtown LA's The Standard hotel, Magda spins alongside M_NUS labelmate Troy Pierce. Joining them for the 1 p.m. - 10 p.m. shindig are Droog (Justin Sloe, Brett Griffin and Andrei Osyka,) Kenneth J. Gibson, and Clovis.

Midnight Movie: LA Burns In Time Lapse

Time Lapse Test: Station Fire from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo. The Station Fire burns. Be careful....

Midnight Movie: Depeche Mode Unplugged... Oops

What happens when 100,000,000+ record-selling, synth-pop pioneering, Depeche Mode, go unplugged? Myself and 4,500 others found out last week when the sold-out Santa Barbara Show was met with a fizzling crackle as the sound and visuals shut down. Depeche drummer Christian Eigner trudged on for an acoustic minute before the band stepped offstage. The gaff was fixed about ten minutes later. The SoCal faves returned to right the technical wrong and performed "Walking in...

LA Guys Are The Most Sensitive, Study Says

A new study says that Los Angeles is the number one city for sensitive guys -- in where they (we?) can be found and where that sensitive side can best be showcased. Actually, we share the top position. The City of (Sensitive) Angels tied with San Francisco. With six additional Golden State cities filling out the study’s top fifteen, California kicked the less-sensitive butt’s of forty nine other states. Orange County (Anaheim/Santa Ana) came in at number eight.

Recession Obsession: Not-So-Buried Treasures Map

A Recession Obsession is, 1) a meal so great that it stays in your mind long after digestion's end, and, 2) plays nice with your sensitive wallet. Is there a better place than Los Angeles to eat a wide variety of amazing food that so happens to be inexpensive? Probably not. We're as lucky as we are well fed. Today, we obsess over this nine month-old column's locations. Just in case you missed something. What's your favorite Recession Obsession? Comment Below!

Midnight Movie: Hollywood & Western's Not Quite Right

A Metro station. Councilman Garcetti's office. The gateway to Thai Town. New development. The Hollywood & Highland ownership, The CIM Group's involvement (they were just given a princely loan from The City for another project too.) The Hollywood Boulevard and Western Ave intersection had a lot of puzzle pieces in place for it to be called a neighborhood on the rise. Not only has the rise ceased, but it's in an obvious tailspin. More...

Dodgers Make It Three Wins In A Row Against The Cubs

For the second straight game, the Los Angeles Dodgers (74-50) need but only two runs to defeat the Chicago Cubs (61-60) -- the league rival they made quick work of in last season’s Division Series. Unlike last night, the Cubs failed to score a single run against Dodger pitching. “We certainly haven’t given them a lot to work with,” Dodgers manager Joe Torre said of his pitching staff’s allowing but one run in the...

Dodgers Battle Cancer All Weekend, Cubs Tonight

Today and tomorrow, ThinkCure!, the Dodgers’ official charity hosts its second annual Radiotelewebethon. ThinkCure! aims to bring Southern Californians together to work towards curing cancer. Their efforts are in conjunction with City of Hope and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The multimedia fund raising drive, ThinkCure! Weekend, will feature celebrity guests such as The Jonas Brothers, Larry King, Rob Lowe, George Lopez, John Cena, Nathan Followill of Kings of Leon, and more. Tonight at 7:10...

Wolf Chews Through Cubs, Dodgers Win Second Straight

For the second time this week, Randy Wolf’s (8-6) hot bat and even hotter arm, propelled the Los Angeles Dodgers (73-50) to a victory over a league rival. The Dodgers’ second straight victory over the Chicago Cubs (61-59) gave Wolf a victory in The Battle of The Randys, against 26 year-old rookie pitcher Randy Wells (9-6). The Dodgers’ Randy is 3-0 over his last three starts with a 1.99 ERA. “There was a couple...

Dodgers Look To Get Their Groove Back

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs lather up the sunscreen for a not-too-common Saturday-day game, in their third contest in a series of four. A win would give the Dodgers their third in a row, and perhaps the momentum which Dodgers manager Joe Torre seeks. The Dodgers pitch knuckleballer Charlie Haeger in his second outing for the big club. Last Monday, in his first, he lost a tough contest to the Cardinals. His...

Recession Obsession: Breakfast Sandwiches

I hail from a land where the Breakfast Sandwich is King (and not the one that comes from the Burger's King.) In the Northeast there's a serious Breakfast Sandwich culture and its hub is a chain for which LA's East Coast transplants bemoan longing: Dunkin Donuts. Their morning formula is simple. Egg, cheese, and breakfast meat gets wedged in a croissant, bagel or an English muffin. It's a great way to start your day.

Avalon's Signature Clubnight Dances Into Year Five

Saturday marks five years of Avaland, the signature clubnight of historical nightspot, Avalon. This space has been a hotbed for music since 1927, and become a big player in global DJ culture this decade. Each Saturday night (and Sunday morning,) superjocks from the worlds of techno and house make good use of the venue's hard-to-get afterhours license. Booka Shade, Tiefschwarz, Sander Kleinenberg, and Steve Angello are all regulars. No wonder the UK's DJ Mag...

Midnight Movie: The Hollywood Hills Are Hilly

LAist reader and Hollywood Hills videographer, Daniel "Brat" Barassi, offers a jerky, sunny-day tour of the right side of the tracks....

Video Of The Day: Eating The Coolest Haus On Four Wheels

LAist recently met Freya Estreller and Natasha Case, the matriarchs of the ice cream sandwich truck, Coolhaus -- The Kogi of Ice Cream Sandwiches (LAist's term, not their own.) Tasty web show VendrTV, hosted by Daniel Delaney, recently sought the skinny on their mobile, architecture-inspired deserts....

Recession Obsession: Tacos El Pastor

The taco is as friendly a Recession Obsession dish as can be consumed. At best they're warm, flavor-dense, transcendent, and $0.50 to $3 each. At worst -- I don't need to tell you. We've all been sold a few ghastly tacos. FYI, you can throw them out before they taint your lips.

Photo Essay: Motley Crue's Crue Fest 2

Remember Motely Crue? Sure you do. So do the thousands who packed arenas around the country to catch Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, and Mick Mars doing what they do (due?) for this summer's Crue Fest 2: The White Trash Circus. LAist fave protographer, and Tommy Lee's pal, Drew "Rukes" Ressler joined the tour to catch a dose of the 1980s Sunset Strip. And yes, Pam Anderson is still smoking hot. Photos by Drew...

Dodgers Offer Even More Family Fun

82 home games per season (plus playoffs) isn’t enough Thinking Blue for some local Dodgers aficionados. The community-minded Los Angeles Dodgers of Echo Park (67-43) are picking up that slack, and offering even more chances for local families to enjoy Our Boys in Blue. Round 1 - Fernandomania ‘09 Dodgers legend (then: star pitcher, now: Spanish-language broadcaster) Fernando Valenzuela, presents the fourth installment of “Los Amigos de Fernando,” Sunday, August 9.

Dodgers Fall Again In Extra Innings

Kelly Johnson’s two-run homerun off of Guillermo Mota (3 - 3) in the tenth inning was the difference in the Atlanta Braves’ (57 - 54) second straight extra-inning victory against the Los Angeles Dodgers (67 - 44.) The last two nights saw 22 frames played at Dodgers Stadium with no wins to show for the additional effort.

Recession Obsession: Rob Long Loves Central American Chicken

In Recession Obsession -- a weekly guide on how one can inexpensively achieve a beer gut during The Recession without beer -- we’ve obsessed over Guatemalan, and we’ve obsessed over chicken. But not yet Guatemalan chicken. (No, not GFC.)

Recession Obsession: Cheap-Enough Organic

Organic is not-so-secret code for expensive. (Even though LA organic is cheaper than other cities.) Expensive is code for not for Recession Obsession readers. That was until this author/adventurer stumbled upon Green Zone in San Gabriel.

Manny Am Legend: The Fan's Grand View

The story is as old as baseball itself -- Dreadlocked Slugger moves to Hollywood... Dreadlocked Slugger earns suspension for female fertility drug use... Dreadlocked Slugger returns. And...

Video Of The Day: One Man 'Cirque du Soleil' By The Beach

Leave it to a Venice Beach resident to combine Cirque du Soleil with the sunshine. That's what Atlaz Branthoover does for exercise. In this Rue Cyr video he finds a use for Santa Monica's oversized chess board that would surely bestow motion sickness onto this writer....

Recession Obsession: Mercado La Paloma

Among Angelenos, LA is famous for culinary hotspots in non-descript areas. Travel south of Downtown, and near USC (but not too close,) and you'll find one of them: La Mercado Paloma. This colorful food court features a variety of Latin American tastes and one obligatory Thai joint. You can eat well here for under $10 bucks a person. It’s definitely LAist’s latest Recession Obsession.

Midnight Movie: Adam Carolla, 1970s Valley Boy

Even the occasional Adam Carolla listener -- whether during his decade on KROQ's Loveline, mornings via KLSX's The Adam Carolla Show, or digitally on his iTunes-topping The Adam Carolla Podcast -- knows the Ace Man has a great much to say about his formative years in North Hollywood. This 2007 rant (part of Zocalo's Public Square lecture series) is no different. (Zocalo hosts the full chat: How to be a Genius Without Even Trying:...

Video Of The Day: VendrTV Eats Japanese Burgers in Venice

Tasty web show VendrTV recently chewed their way through Los Angeles. The first of these SoCal episodes stops in Venice so that host Daniel Delaney can get the skinny on Marked5 (they're on Twitter, of course) and their delicious-looking Japanese burgers....

Midnight Movie: Phoenix vs. KCRW

After tearing apart a sold out Wiltern, LAist faves from France, Phoenix popped into KCRW for a wonderful hour with Jason Bentley on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Addressing demand, the band returns to The City of Angels on September 16. They're playing The Greek....

Recession Obsession: Tandoori Tacos On The Miracle Mile

Cowboys and Turbans is a fusion restaurant that doesn't wear too many hats. Just two. Fusing Mexican and Indian, this fast-enough food establishment has an impressive menu -- the likes of which I've not seen around our fare city. Tandoori quesadilla, masala fries, chicken or tofu naanwiches -- all of which sound delicious. Though I wouldn't know. Thanks to the wretched economy, I've only indulged in their happy hour tacos -- $1 each, mid-day to 6 p.m.

Eye Nosh: Cheese Fries For Grown-Ups

Word on the street was BOA Steakhouse's Truffled Cheese Fries were worth some real estate in my gut. A recent visit to BOA's Ocean-Adjacent location in Santa Monica proved that to be true. This extra-large "family style" side dish expanded my idea of what makes "cheese fries" (and my waistline.) These BOA Artery Constrictors are classy and crafted for discerning adults -- they're awash in Gruyere cheese and feature truffle oil.

Recession Obsession: KyoChon Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken results in tastebud confusion. Through delicious overload and a rarely-paralleled flavor density, KFC is a unique treat. (LAist has been a fan.) I’d say “move over Colonel, there’s a new feaux-military chicken-slinging hero in town,” but that’s just not the case. It’d be like alerting Italy to the mounting non-threat that is California Pizza Kitchen ("CPK," if you dine there on the regular.)

Recession Obsession: Real Italian Sandwiches at Bay Cities

NYC transplants decry LA's apparent lack of hardcore Italian delis. That is, until a clued-up Angeleno points that Negative Nancy to Bay Cities Deli and Bakery. If New York were a sovereign nation (it's not,) its local embassy would be this Santa Monica hotspot.

Photo Essay: June Nightlife Redux

As the summer emerges from June Gloom, sure, the clubs were still hopping. But above that, June saw the largest electronic dance music event in LA's history, the Electric Daisy Carnival. The 13th annual megamegarave featured 135,000 revelers over two days (daze?) If were weren't in a recession there might have been 135,007 attendees. It was Coachella meets Burning Man meets a sweaty warehouse meets a USC football game. That's a good thing.

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