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'Things Have Gotten Ugly': Pandemic Pushback Drives Health Directors To Quit

Orange County Chief Health Officer Dr. Nichole Quick resigned June 8, after receiving threats over her order for residents wear to face masks in public. She's just one of several local health officers in California to quit since the pandemic began.

What Happens After George Floyd? California Leaders Consider Reparations

Assemblywoman Shirley Weber's AB 3121 would establish a reparations committee to educate Californians about slavery and recommend ways the state can help remedy generations of inequality and discrimination.

California's Undocumented Immigrants Can Now Apply For Financial Help

Applications are approved on a first-come, first-served basis until the $75 million in state funding runs out.

'Everything Happened All At Once': Can California Cities Weather The COVID Recession?

For local governments still sporting the budgetary scars of the last "once in a generation" recession, this downturn is at once familiar -- forcing elected leaders to cut, furlough and delay -- and entirely new.

California Just Revealed A $54.3 Billion Deficit -- Signaling Deep Cuts Ahead

California faces an unprecedented $54.3 billion deficit. Finance officials announce the unemployment rate could reach 18%, worse than the Great Recession. Schools, health care and safety-net programs face devastating cuts as state and local officials seek additional federal stimulus.

California Wires Mask Dealer Half A Billion Dollars, Then Claws It Back

It's a look into the chaotic marketplace as states combat a pandemic: California's massive deal with novice medical supplier Blue Flame mysteriously falls apart, and Maryland calls for an investigation into the company's conduct there.

How Coronavirus Is Busting California's $187 Million Census Campaign

Despite investing more than any other state, California's response rate is off more than 10% from the final 2010 count. Even with extensions, there's a possibility for a record low turnout that would sink the state's $187 million investment.

Coronavirus Detectives: Here's How Counties Are Trying To Track Everyone Exposed

California needs thousands of contact tracers. But counties and cities are overwhelmed and understaffed. "Woefully inadequate," said one public health director.

Even Harder Than Shutting Down: How Does Newsom Reopen California?

As California gradually reopens amid a pandemic that has killed nearly 48,000 Americans and left more than 3 million Californians unemployed, Gov. Gavin Newsom is faced with his toughest decisions yet: When and how do we return to normal?

'What Is The State Hiding?' ACLU Pushes For More Details On Coronavirus Cases, Testing

Traditionally marginalized groups have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19. Advocates want more demographic data to see who has been tested and who has died.

How To Get Past The Coronavirus Crisis Without Losing Your Mental Health

Fear, loss, economic stress, the angst of a seemingly endless crisis -- coronavirus is taking a toll, not just physically but on our mental health. Here are some tips and tweaks from California mental health professionals.

'Drop Everything.' What California Scientists Are Doing To Fight The Pandemic And Keep Other Research Going

California's scientists are sheltering in place because of coronavirus restrictions, shutting down research, or switching to study the novel coronavirus.

What To Know About California's 'Lockdown' Of Seniors And The Chronically Ill

California Gov. Gavin Newsom called for seniors and people with chronic conditions to isolate themselves during the coronavirus pandemic, raising questions about the state's capacity to ensure delivery of food, medicine and services to some of its most vulnerable residents. 

California Lawmakers Pass $1.1 Billion In Emergency Coronavirus Funds And Then Shut Down The Capitol

In an urgent attempt to prepare California for a surge of critically ill coronavirus patients, state lawmakers Monday allocated up to $1 billion for an unprecedented ramp-up of hospital capacity.

Why The Question Of Quarantining Grandma Has California Families Scrambling

Government policy is one thing, real life another. What happens if your germ-carrying preschoolers suddenly pose a lethal threat to their elderly grandparents?

$169M And Counting: What Presidential Hopefuls Spent In California So Far

The biggest spenders in California have two things in common: Both are billionaires who have dropped out of the race.

The 2020 Census Is Coming Soon. How California Will Be Counted

California is teeming with people -- roughly 40 million of them, more than in 21 of the smallest states combined. Why an undercount is so worrisome.

The $50,000 Loophole That Has Last-Minute Special Interest Cash Pouring Through California's Primary

It's a California campaign finance loophole big enough to drive a $50,000 truck through -- and how special interests avoid revealing they're paying for ads.

Who Gets California $$$$? Trump Is No. 1, But Together Democratic Contenders Leave Him In The Dust

Who raised the most from California's donor class? Who relies the most on the Golden State's largesse? We've got graphics for that.

The Biggest Mistake California Voters Are Making Right Now (And How To Avoid It)

Twitter doesn't always know what it's talking about.

Gov. Newsom Just Proposed A $222 Billion State Budget. Here's What It Says About California

Homelessness, education, climate action, health, consumer protection, school lunches: Gov. Gavin Newsom's agenda couldn't differ more from President Donald Trump's.

California Is Rewriting The Law On Online Privacy. Here's What You Need To Know

Big changes are coming to your digital privacy protections in California. But you'll have to take action.

How California Got Tough On Guns: Your Guide

For more than 50 years, California's progressive politicians have layered on restrictions, while gun owners and manufacturers continue to try to find their way out of them.

There Are No Easy Answers For Preventing California's Terrible Fires. Here's Why

We've made all easy calls when it comes to the state's wildfire crisis. Here's a look at why doing more may be tough.

California Fires Are Getting Worse. What's Going On?

Fourteen of the 20 most destructive fires in state history have occurred since 2007, and California has 78 more annual "fire days" now than it had 50 years ago. What's happening?

Here's What We Know About Our Governor From The 1,042 Bills Sent His Way

His choices during his first year as governor largely reflect his progressive vision for the state. But they also offer a window into how he approaches his role as a leader of California and of the broader "resistance" movement opposed to Trump.

Here Are The 2019 Bills California Has Passed So Far -- Now It's Up To Newsom

In the last days of California's 2019 legislative session, hundreds of bills landed on the governor's desk. We're tracking the most consequential.