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Pixar's New WALL-E Trailer

Pixar today released a new trailer for their upcoming movie, WALL-E. The movie is about the last robot on a human abandoned earth who's task is to clean up the mess we made.

The Human Calendar

The Human Calender, a Brady Bunch-esque representation of the calender.

Grafuck 3: Book Signing and Art Show

This Saturday night, high art meets sex with the release of Grafuck, a book featuring some of the best artists out there creating 208 pages of erotic imagery to titillate your creative urges. To celebrate the release, Gallery Nucleus is having a book signing and art show, featuring the artists and the work they've created for the book. The book is filled with all sorts of art ranging from photography to painting, illustration to...

Shepard Fairey's Imperfect Union

Opening tonight, less than an hour from now, is Shepard Fairey's Imperfect Union show at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery. The show features probably near 100 new pieces of work from Shepard, showing how truly creative and artistic he still is. The work looks like his standard cut stencil style, but when you really get up close to his pieces, you start to see how truly great he is, actually. His pieces feature tons of...

James Jean Signing at Gallery Nucleus Tonight!

James Jean signing at Gallery Nucleus.

Stuffed: A Plush Food Show

Stuffed, A Plush Food Show, features over 30 artists creating culinary feasts made of felts and fabrics.

Flowering Nose: The Art of Seth Fisher

Secret Headquarters will be displaying the artwork of comic book artist, Seth Fisher.

Shortcomings, a Graphic Novel by Adrian Tomine

A review of Adrian Tomine's new graphic novel, Shortcomings.

Replace 'Please' with Fast & 'Thank you' with Good

Replace 'Please' with Fast & 'Thank you' with Good, a new show at Lab 101.

Lisa Congdon's Charming Creatures

Lisa Congdon's new show Charming Creatures opens Friday, November 2nd at Firefly in Venice.

Book Review: Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich

A review of Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich.

© Murakami Exhibit at the MOCA

A brief overview of the new Takashi Murakami exhibit at the MOCA.

Get The ZIPskinny On Your Neighborhood

ZIPskinny, a tool to see how your neighborhood ranks with those around it.

Kreepsville Industries Presents: Cereal Killers

Images from the upcoming coffin table book, Cereal Killers.

Paul Pope Prints at Diesel

Illustrator Paul Pope will be hanging prints at the Diesel store on Melrose starting Thursday, October 18th.

Beirut @ The Avalon, 10/11/07

Concert review of Beirut at The Avalon.

The Art Dump Zine Trade

The Art Dump wants you to send them a zine you've made and they'll send you one that they've made back.

30 Days of Night Artist at Secret Headquarters

Artist Ben Templesmith is having an art show at Secret Headquarters this Friday, from 8 to 11pm.

Souther Salazar's 'Make(ing) It Real'

An interview with Souther Salazar about his upcoming show 'Make It Real', opening Saturday October 13th at GR2.

Halloween Fonts That'll Make You Popular

Awesome fonts to use for your upcoming Halloween party.

Our Gods at Google Give Us GOOG-411

1-800-GOOG-411, the free way to get phone numbers you don't know.

Travis Millard X Steve Allen Theater

Travis Millard draws the cover of the new Steve Allen Theater program.

The Swerve Festival: Day One with Photos

Photo essay from the Swerve Festival at Barnsdall Park.

Caught up in the Chase

Stumbled across some great artwork by Chase.

Foraging Through Flickr The Fast Way

The Flickr Related Tag Browser, a much easier way to look at photos in Flickr.

'Darjeeling Limited' Puts Wes Anderson Back On Track

The Darjeeling Limited is about three brothers, played by Owen Wilson, Adrian Brody, and Jason Schwartzman, who go off on a train voyage through India to try and re-establish their relatinship. But their journey takes an unexpected turn (thanks to over-the-counter pain killers, Indian cough syrup, and pepper spray) and they end up alone and in the middle of the desert.

Veer Over To The Swerve Festival

The Swerve Festival is taking place at Barnsdall Park on Friday, Sept. 28th and goes till Sunday the 30th. There will be movies, music and art for all three days.

Tiny Planets, Hand-Stiched Faces... and Macauley.

Up now at GR2 is a group art show called, 'GEISAI Artists at Giant Robot'. The show was put together by legendary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami and Giant Robot founder and owner, Eric Nakamura. Together they've picked a hand-full of award winning artists from the GEISAI art show to display their work at GR2. The artists involved are Yasushi Ebihara, Hisashi Kondo, Jaga Ichiro, Sashie Masakatsu, Rie Kawashima, Rieko Sakuri, Miki Taira, and Erika Yamashiro.

The I-5 is the Bane of My Existence

Accidents that happen on I-5 may be the absolute worst thing in the world.

A Brilliant Ray of 'Sunshine'

A review of the Fox Searchlight movie, Sunshine. The movie is directed by Danny Boyle and written by Alex Garland, and stars Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, Cliff Curtis, Michelle Yeoh, Hiroyuki Sanada, Rose Byrne, Benedict Wong, Troy Garity, and Mark Strong.

Keep On Talking Jackass President Bush

An Irish interview with President Bush.

I Present You, The Moneymaker, Rilo Kiley's New Single

Rilo Kiley's new video for 'The Moneymaker', their new single off of their upcoming album, Under the Blacklight.

Look... Up in the Sky...

Vans Sky Gallery is featuring artists from the LA area on billboards around the LA area.

Photos from the Parking Lot Art Show

Photos from the Parking Lot Art Show at the Sunset Junction.

Parking Lot Art Show

Parking Lot Art Show at the Sunset Junction, in the parking lot behind Cafe' Stella, from 5-11pm.