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Two Die In Hollywood Crash While Fleeing Police

Two people were killed in a fiery car crash while fleeing police in Hollywood early Sunday morning.

Photos: Celebs Celebrate Mother's Day With Cute Pics

Check out some of the famous moms and kids in posts from the likes of everyone from Snooki to Michelle Obama.

L.A.'s Most Popular Gay Bar Gets The Reality TV Treatment

The Abbey takes its margaritas and go-go boys to the small screen starting tonight.

Overheard In L.A.: Mother's Day Edition

Check out our latest edition of Overheard in L.A. while sipping a few mimosas with momma.

Bearded Dragon Found 'Sunbathing' On Alhambra Street

There's nothing like seeing a big lizard in the middle of the street to wake you up from your Saturday morning haze.

Of Course L.A. Is The Only Place In The U.S. Where You Can Get A Master's In Yoga

To hell with comparative lit — we're getting degrees in Downward Dog.

The Santa Monica Mountains Really Want The N.Y. Times To Know L.A. Is Not A Desert

Hey, New York — you messed with the wrong mountain range.

Video: Watch Will Ferrell Sing 'I Will Always Love You' To USC Grads

Will Ferrell broke into the song at the end of the commencement speech he gave to his alma mater on Friday.

Video: Elon Musk Unveils Test Run Footage Of Tunnel Planned Under L.A.

The underground tunneling system Elon Musk revealed earlier this year that would send cars speeding on electric sleds toward LAX is now being tested, new video shows.

Flash Mob Use Own Bodies To Spell 'Resist' On Trump Golf Course

A flash mob of about 200 people used their bodies to spell out “RESIST” this morning on the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Overheard In L.A.: Finding The Silver Lining After The Election

In this week's edition of Overheard in L.A., Angelenos tried to deal with the aftermath of the election while still engaging in L.A. nonsense.

Kanye West Calls Out Beyonce And Jay Z, Walks Offstage 2 Songs Into Show

Fans put up with a lot of nonsense from Kanye West, but messing with Queen Bey might be the last straw.

Echo Park Crash Kills Two Pedestrians, Injures Others

Two women were killed when a car hit them in Echo Park this morning.

Travelers, Arrive Early — LAX Is Third Busiest Airport In The Country

Traveling for Thanksgiving? Better get to the airport early.

'Nocturnal Animals' Offers Scathing View of Upwardly Mobile Angelenos

Tom Ford’s moody new thriller uses Los Angeles as the backdrop to the story of the casualties of upward mobility.

A New Bistro With A Hidden Cocktail Bar Opens In Highland Park

The recently opened Café Birdie and Good Housekeeping prove you can do serious eats and serious craft cocktails in the same place without sacrificing quality.

Why You Should Call In Sick After Daylight Saving Ends This Weekend

Even though daylight savings gives you an “extra” hour of sleep this weekend, your circadian rhythms are still gonna be all kinds of screwy come Monday.

How A Hollywood Director Shut Down An L.A. Freeway Twice For 'La La Land'

'La La Land' director Damien Chazelle shut down a portion of a busy L.A. freeway twice for the film.

Echo Park Gears Up For The Chipotle And New Starbucks It Never Asked For

The 1,300-seat new restaurant complex going up in Echo Park will not only include a Chipotle, but a reopened Starbucks.

9 Ways To Watch Monday's Presidential Debate While Drinking

Here are nine places you can watch the presidential debate while drowning your disbelief in booze.

ETA Brings Craft Cocktails To Highland Park's Growing Bar Scene

Since Highland Park can’t go more than two days without a new restaurant or bar opening, the guys behind The Greyhound have opened a new craft cocktail joint called ETA.

Photos: The Adorable Rock 'N' Roll Dogs Of Amoeba

Check out these furry little record store nerds.

10 L.A. Albums We're Excited About In 2016

The music season is starting to pick up, and we’re already looking ahead to some of our most anticipated releases by L.A. artists this year.

The 10 Best Albums By Los Angeles Artists Of 2015

From hip-hop, indie rock, to folk, we even now lay claim to the biggest star in jazz.

6 L.A. Albums You May Have Missed In November

Six L.A. albums from the past month that are worth your time.

Radiohead Guitarist Joins Indian Musicians To Make Transfixing Music In 'Junun'

Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood joins an Indian qawwali group and Israeli singer/guitarist for one of the most inspiring intercontinental musical collaborations in recent memory.

6 Rad Albums You Might Have Missed From L.A. Artists In October

Six music releases that are worth your time from L.A.-based artists.

Photos: Mattachine Is The Gay Craft Cocktail Bar You've Been Waiting For

Opening today, the new Downtown gay bar sets itself apart from the pack with its mixology cocktails.

Saudi Prince Accused Of Attacking More Women

More women have come forward alleging attacks by a Saudi prince who was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault in Beverly Hills this week.

A 'Hipster Bandit' Is Robbing Banks In San Diego

The FBI are looking for a man dubbed the “hipster bandit,” who allegedly robbed a bank and may have robbed another in San Diego.

Video: 83-Year-Old Man Assaulted In Santa Ana Parking Lot

Santa Ana police are searching for a man who was caught on video punching and kicking an 83-year-old man.

Relive Echo Park Lake's History With These Old School Photos

Go back in time with us and see the lake before Square One, yoga moms and all that jazz.

Hiker Finds Body In Angeles National Forest

A man said he found a dead body while hiking in the Angeles National Forest yesterday.

Delicious Din Tai Fung Soup Dumplings Coming Soon To A New Location

Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance will be the latest place you can slurp down Din Tai Fung's seriously addictive soup dumplings.

Great Scott! ArcLight Is Holding A 'Back To The Future' Marathon

This is heavy: ArcLight Hollywood is holding a movie marathon of all three "Back to the Future" movies Oct. 21.

Photos: Adorable One-Eyed Pup Wins American Hero Dog Award

A Chihuahua mix with one eye named Harley was named the American Hero Dog of 2015.

Overheard In L.A.: 2 Full 4 Kale

This week's edition of Overheard in L.A. starts with a presidential hopeful and ends with a Kardashian.

Photos: Dapper Day Brings Old Timey Fun To Disneyland

Despite weather that tipped into the 90s, Dapper Day at Disneyland was a smashing success Sept. 18, bringing nattily dressed SoCalers by the thousands to the amusement park.

'Mistress America' Takes A Hilarious Look At Millennial Aimlessness

No two people do "in-between" like Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig.

5 Rad Albums From L.A. Artists You Might Have Missed Last Month

Last month saw releases by graduates of the Odd Future collective and a high-profile garage-rocker's analog synth side project.

52 Essential Gay Bars And Nights Around Los Angeles

We've compiled a list of some of the best gay bars and queer nights in Los Angeles County.

Dustin Diamond, AKA Screech, Is Going To Jail For Stabbing A Guy

The former child star who played Screech in “Saved By the Bell” was sentenced to 4 months in jail for stabbing someone in a bar fight.

Firefighters Had To Stop Battling Wildfire Because Of Some Jerk's Drone

Firefighters battling the huge Lake fire in the San Bernardino National Forest had to pause their actions yesterday because someone was flying a hobby drone nearby.

These 8 Restaurants Have The Most Health Code Violations In L.A. County

These eight restaurants have the dubious honor of having violated the health code the most number of times over the past two years.

Video: Arnold Creeps People Out At Madame Tussauds

Arnold Schwarzenegger donned his Terminator attire to scare the crap out of people at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood.

Motorcyclist Sues Uber For Allegedly Distracting Its Drivers

A motorcyclist has filed suit against Uber claiming one of its drivers caused him serious injury after they collided because the driver was allegedly distracted by the app.

5 Under-The-Radar Albums You Might Have Missed From Los Angeles Artists In May

This month saw releases by a Wavves side project, young psych-rockers and an up-and-coming primal pop voice.

5 Rad Albums From Local Artists You Might Have Missed Last Month

We’re highlighting some of the best albums that have been released by L.A.-based artists over the past month, from the Eastside’s thriving garage-rock scene to South L.A.’s hotbed of alternative hip-hop.

New App Helps Angelenos Fight Parking Tickets

The app Fixed, which launched in L.A. today, seeks to make contesting parking tickets easier.

LAUSD Might Start A New All-Girl Science And Tech School

LA Unified School District is considering founding an all-girls school focused on science and technology.

Video: Cuteness Wins As Fire Department Saves Ducklings From Storm Drain

Sometimes we all just need to believe there are still good people doing good things in the world.

Nelly Arrested On Meth Charges, Lawyer Claims The Drugs Aren't His

Nelly was arrested yesterday in Tennessee after the police pulled over his tour bus and said they found illegal drugs, including meth.

Hollywood High-Rise Tenants Might Get Kicked Out By The City

Residents of the 22-story Sunset and Gordon building in Hollywood are afraid they might get kicked out of the building soon.

'Game Of Thrones' Premiere Spoiled By Four-Episode Leak

Four episodes of season five of "Game of Thrones" have been leaked.

Coachella Style, Day 2: Shirtless Bros, Headdresses And Watermelons Abound

Feathers, wings and skin reigned supreme on day two of Coachella.

Overheard In L.A.: The Worst Things We Heard At Coachella

This week's edition of Overheard in L.A. features bits of overheard conversation from this year's Coachella.

Elderly Couple Dead After Apparent Murder-Suicide In Carson

A police barricade situation in Carson ended today when police found that an elderly man apparently killed his wife and then himself.

12 Under-The-Radar Artists Worth Seeing At Coachella

Here are 12 lesser-known artists who are worth checking out at Coachella.

Pac-Man Street Art Takes Over Downtown Intersection

Pac-Man has eaten up a Downtown intersection in what's either a new street art piece or some sort of guerilla marketing.

Starbucks Preserves Cool 1930s Hollywood Gas Station By Making It A Coffee Drive-Through

Starbucks snapped up the 80-year-old Gilmore Gas Station at Highland and Willoughby and restored it for a new drive-through location.

'Fast & Furious' Attraction Will Surround Riders With 3D Imagery On Universal Studios Backlot Tour

The Universal Studios backlot tour is getting a new 'Fast & Furious'-style grand finale.

Snoop Dogg Is Making An HBO Show About L.A. In The '80s

No, this isn’t a stoned dream you’re having.

The 10 Best Albums Out Of Los Angeles In 2014

From Ariel Pink’s multicolored circus to YG’s urban saga, we’ve got your best albums released by L.A. artists this year covered.

E-Cig Ban Hits Santa Monica: No Vaping On The Pier Or Third Street Promenade

Santa Monica has joined the city of Los Angeles in banning electronic cigarettes from most public places.

26-Year-Old Man Shot And Killed In Highland Park

Police are asking for the public’s help in providing more information on a shooting that claimed the life of a 26-year-old man in Highland Park Tuesday night.

Oh Cool, L.A. Has Been Handing Out Bogus Parking Tickets

You might want to double-check that $73 street sweeping ticket that’s collecting dust in your car right now.

Thursday Is The Most Awful Traffic Day In Los Angeles

The results are in on a study on everyone’s least favorite thing in the world, traffic: It turns out Thursdays are the absolute worst.

Downtown L.A. Is Getting A Couple Of Fancy New Gay Bars

The newly announced Redline joins Precinct as gay bars planned for Downtown L.A.

Rain Gods Might Play A Cruel Joke By Making It Rain On Halloween

It's finally going to rain! But it's probably going to happen on Halloween :(

Why Rent Sucks In L.A. And Why It's Expected To Get Worse

Rent in L.A. is going to go from bad to worse, according to a new report.

Teen Driver In Car Crash That Killed Five Was Repeatedly Warned To Drive Slower

The teen who crashed his car on the way home from Knott’s Scary Farm over the weekend, killing five other teens, was often warned to drive slower, according to one of the victim’s sisters.

Woman Bitten By A Bobcat While Sitting On A Bench In Solvang

An emaciated bobcat bit a 65-year-old woman on the head and hand at a resort in Solvang.

Five Teens Killed After Car Returning From Knott's Scary Farm Crashes

A car returning home from Knott’s Scary Farm early this morning crashed, killing five teenagers and injuring a sixth.

Charlie Sheen Is Being Sued Over Allegedly Punching Dental Assistant And Grabbing Her Bra

A dental technician is suing actor Charlie Sheen for allegedly punching her in the chest and grabbing her bra.

Blown Transformer In Silver Lake Causes Power Outage And Fire

Firefighters battled a grass and vegetation fire after a transformer blew in Silver Lake during this hot morning, leaving more than 500 customers in the area without power.

Echo Park Shooting Leaves One Man Dead, May Be Gang Related

A barrage of bullets left a 21-year-old man dead this morning in Echo Park in what police suspect is a gang-related shooting.

Could Going Vegan Really Help With The Drought?

Concerned about California’s drought? Instead of railing against giant water slides, maybe we should look at how much meat and dairy we’re eating.

'DILFs Of Disneyland' Is Our Favorite New Instagram Account

Ever notice the non-stop supply of hot dads at Disneyland? One intrepid Instagram user did.

Big Waves And Rip Currents Already Have Claimed One Swimmer's Life This Weekend

High surf and rip currents from Hurricane Norbert have already left one night swimmer missing in Redondo Beach as a high surf advisory was issued for the weekend.

'X-Factor' Singer Simone Battle Found Dead In West Hollywood Apartment

Singer Simone Battle, who came into fame in 2011 as a contestant on the U.S. version of “X-Factor,” was found dead in her West Hollywood apartment Friday morning.

PCH Clogged In Malibu Due To A Downed Power Line

A power line cracked and began to fall onto Pacific Coast Highway at Latigo Beach, stopping traffic for hours

Albino Cobra That Was Loose In Thousand Oaks Did Have Venom Glands Intact

That albino monacled cobra that was on the loose in Thousand Oaks this week did have its potentially deadly venom glands intact.

Video: Woman Hit By Car During Zombie Walk At Comic-Con

Zombie cosplayers at Comic-Con last night smashed the windshield of a car, which then sped off and hit a 64-year-old woman.

Watch A Time-Lapse Video Of The Century Boulevard Bridge Being Destroyed

Video shows the Century Boulevard bridge being destroyed over this weekend.

Lightning Strikes Leave One Dead, Several Injured In Summer Storms

At least nine people were injured in lightning strikes today.

Overheard In L.A.: The Comic-Con Edition

This week's edition of Overheard in L.A. features bits of overheard conversation from Comic-Con 2014.

Drivers Bust Out Poker Table During 5 Freeway Shutdown

While hundreds of drivers were stuck on the 5 freeway Friday after a man wouldn’t get down from an overpass sign, someone got the bright idea to bring out a poker table and set it up on the freeway.

'Game Of Thrones' Blooper Reel Shows Ultra-Serious Actors Cracking Up

Witness Cersei, Tywin and Tyrion Lannister all lose their sh*t.

Mountain Lion Bridge Planned Over The 101

Officials are seeking a grant to build a bridge for mountain lions to cross over the 101.

Photos: Sexy Nerds, Sick Costumes And More At Comic-Con 2014

Check out some of the wildest costumes from Comic-Con.

All-Night Pre-BET Awards Party Ends In Fatal Shooting

An all-night pre-BET Awards party in East Hollywood ended in gunfire, with one dead and four injured.

Man Stabbed At BET Awards Party At Hollywood's Lure Nightclub

A man was stabbed inside of Hollywood's Lure Nightclub last night.

Photos: 10 Of The Best Things We Ate At LA Street Food Fest

Here are 10 of our favorite things we ate at the fest, from musubis to churro sandwiches.

Photos, Video: Police And World Cup Revelers Come Face To Face In Huntington Park

Police were out in full force Sunday in the heavily Latino city of Huntington Park after Mexico's loss against the Netherlands in the World Cup.

Pyramid Lake Boat Accident Leaves At Least 1 Dead

One man has died after a boat overturned in Pyramid Lake, and an unknown number of people on the boat were still unaccounted for Sunday.

Overheard In L.A.: The Food Fest Edition

This week's edition of Overheard in L.A. features bits of overheard conversations from food festivals and about the World Cup.

Fatal Crash Leaves One Dead And Could Impact Traffic Near Downtown All Weekend

A crash at the 5 and 710 freeway interchange left one dead, one injured, and caused structural damage and road closures that could last through the weekend.

Nightmare Nanny Locks Herself In Her Car At Police Station For Hours

Another chapter in the case of the Nightmare Nanny of Upland. Dianne Stretton, the nanny who refuses to leave the home of the Bracamonte family, holed up in her car outside the Upland police station for hours.

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