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Here's How Local Air Traffic Control Is Handling Working Without Pay During The Shutdown

Anxiety and frustration about working without pay is starting to build. Some are even looking to side gigs to pay the bills.

Enjoy Your Local Polling Place While You Can. It Probably Won't Last

Significant new changes are coming to how Los Angeles County voters will cast their ballots starting with the 2020 elections.

Why Trump's Tax Plan Matters In This Northern LA House District

In a congressional district covering north Los Angeles and part of Ventura County, a competitive race is factoring into the battle for the U.S. House, and a five-letter word is stirring up voters: taxes.

The Hidden History Of LA County's Official Anthem

"Seventy-Six Cities," which has spent decades in relative obscurity, has ties to an evangelical organization that saw itself on the front lines of an ideological war.

A Look Back At The Parker Center's Unsettling Past Before It's (Most Likely) Knocked Down

In the end, the LAPD's "Glass House" would fall victim to an unstoppable thief: time. By the end of 2019, it could be wiped from the city landscape entirely.

This Bacon-Wrapped Elote Dog Is The LA Street Food Mashup You've Been Waiting For

The menu at Dirt Dog is inspired by L.A.'s diverse and food-rich communities, each with its own premium spin.