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Feds Investigate Small Fire and Burglary at Temple Israel in Hollywood

Photo at the scene by Alice Oestreich. Authorities are investigating a fire and reported burglary at a Hollywood synagogue today. Workers reported the incident upon arriving at Temple Israel, 7300 W. Hollywood Blvd. (at Fuller), around 9 a.m., according to authorities. "Because it is a house of worship, we're taking every precaution to be sure we know we are not underplaying the situation," said LAPD Capt. Beatrice Girmala, according to L.A. Now. LAPD issued...

Mutilated Cats' Remains Found in El Monte Park

Authorities are asking the public for help in an animal cruelty investigation after gruesome discoveries of the remains of four cats at El Monte's Rio Vista Park (map). All of the animals had been duct taped and tortured in a similar fashion, leading El Monte police to believe there may be a serial cat torturer at large.

Lawsuit Asks to Screen for Sex Offenders

A woman filed an anonymous civil lawsuit in LA Superior Court Wednesday asking that cease new registrations until the online dating site has a system in place to screen new signups and exclude registered sex offenders from its membership. The woman, an Ivy League graduate who works in film and television, according to her attorney Mark L. Webb, was the victim of an alleged sexual attack after meeting for a second date with a man she had met via

Audio Pioneer and Newsweek Owner Sidney Harman Dies at 92

Arts entrepreneur and philanthropist Sidney Harman died Tuesday night in Washington, D.C. of complications from leukemia. Harman was an instrumental figure in the development and advancement of high fidelity audio technologies as founder (in 1953) of harman/kardon, inc. and in 2010 rescued Newsweek from financial ruin, purchasing it from the Washington Post last August and overseeing its merger with The Daily Beast. According to a letter from the Harman family published at The Daily Beast:He...

One Day for Design: What Does Design Mean to You and Your Future?

You are in control of the patterns and designs you encounter (at least within the confines of the cubicle or office). Instead of zoning out on the desktop wallpaper that you never change or the series of cacti that has occupied prime real estate on your desk for years without requiring much water, perhaps it's time for action. Today is the day for discourse -- if not action -- according to design advocacy organization AIGA's One Day for Design campaign.

Coachella 2011 Set Times Announced: Got Conflicts?

Coordinating set times for nearly 200 bands over three days on six stages is no simple task. It's one aspect of Coachella that always creates tension among festival-goers who've had fingers-crossed that none of their favorite acts would have conflicting set times ever since the nonspecific daily schedules were released in February. And you only get 48 hours to figure out what band is playing at what time and on what stage.

Japan Aftershock: 7.1 Magnitude Quake Triggers Tsunami Alert

A 7.1-magnitude aftershock struck off northeast coast of Japan this morning, roughly 50 miles east of Sendai, Honshu, the same area that was devastated in last month's 9.0 earthquake and ensuing tsunami, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Earlier this morning a 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck Southern Mexico, in the state of Veracruz. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

Dodgers Hire Former Police Chief Bratton to Review Security

Photo by Atwater Village Newbie via LAist Featured Photos Pool. The Dodgers have retained the services of former LAPD Chief William J. Bratton in response to increasing pressure from community and civic leaders to tighten security at Dodger Stadium in the aftermath of an Opening Day post-game beating which left one man critically injured. For the first time since 2005, the Dodgers opened the season without a full-time head of security, according to the...

Google 90210: Search Giant Opening Entertainment HQ in Beverly Hills

Less than 3 months after firming up a lease on at least 100,000 square feet of office space in 3 buildings surrounding the Frank Gehry-designed Binoculars in Venice, Google is buying up more prime office space, presumably to base its growing entertainment and YouTube operations closer to Hollywood. Beverly Hills City Council approved Google's 11-year lease on 13,465 square feet of office space on the 4th floor of the city-owned building at 331 Foothill Rd....

Explosion Reported Outside Chabad House of Santa Monica [UPDATED]

UPDATE 11:01 AM: Streets around Chabad House are being reopened. FBI determined it was not a bomb or incendiary device that caused the explosion, according to a live report on KNX. A four-block area is closed off while authorities investigate the possibility of a hate crime after a pipe bomb explosion was reported near a Jewish synagogue at 17th and Broadway in Santa Monica.

He'll Have What Helen Mirren's Having: Billy Crystal Picks Up Harry & Sally Story in New Web Short

Billy Crystal made his web video debut this week with the 4 1/2 minute When Harry Met Sally 2 at FunnyorDIe. We're all dying to know what happened with Harry and Sally -- right? -- so Crystal and Rob Reiner run with it.

Recording Academy Cuts 31 Categories from Grammy Awards

The 54th Annual Grammys will present awards in 78 categories in 2012, after the Recording Academy announced an overhaul to the voting process, a consolidation of categories and introduced new voting rules today. Some of the gender-based categories (such as best solo performance by a female artist) have been consolidated, leaving artists such as Eminem with less of an opportunity to be let down (10 nominations in 2011 but no wins in major categories) and...

Explosions in the Sky to Premiere New Album with Art and Sound Installation at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Dia de Los Muertos 2008 at Hollywood Forever Cemetery / photo by jtstrathdee via LAist Featured Photo Pool. Explosions in the Sky's new album Take Care, Take Care, Take Care won't be available until April 26th but a unique multimedia installation on the grounds of Hollywood Forever will allow fans to experience the inevitable sensory overload of the epic post-rock quartet's latest creation for free, on April 23rd. Taking Care: 6 Visual Interpretations is...

'Social Cigarettes' Street Artist Admits Facebook Addiction

An L.A.-based street artist known as 2wenty can't seem to get enough of the social network that he's related to metaphorically as cancer sticks in his work. But Facebook has already gotten the relative street art newbie into local gallery shows as well as attention from across the pond. “I make pieces about what’s bothering me,” said 2wenty, who is actually turning 30 this month and is employed in the media industry, according to...

Exene Cervenka Calls Off Tour for Health Reasons

Exene Cervenka performing at SXSW on March 16, 2011 (photo by nickmickolas via flickr) Exene Cervenka cancelled the remaining dates on her solo tour citing health concerns, according to a statement by her label, Bloodshot Records. The 55-year-old singer, songwriter and artist has continued touring with her bandmates of 35 years in X and in support of her latest solo album in spite of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009. She discussed her...

2 Skydiving Instructors Freefall to Their Deaths After Parachute Mishap

Two experienced skydivers were killed after the canopies of their parachutes collided and deflated about 300 feet from the ground Thursday afternoon, according to authorities. The victims, Christopher Stasky of San Diego and Patrick McGowan of Menifee, both 42, were experienced parachutists at the Perris Valley Skydiving School with tens of thousands of jumps between them. McGowan was a veteran instructor at the Perris Valley Skydiving School and was helping Stasky train Canadian military...

Tsunami Souvenirs Could Land on Our Beaches Within a Year

An oceanographer who collects flotsam on Washington's Pacific Coast predicts that flotsam and debris from last month's tsunami in Japan could be hitting our shores within a year. "If you put a major city through a trash grinder and sprinkle it on the water, that's what you're dealing with," Curt Ebbesmeyer, a retired oceanographer and Seattle-based consultant for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration explained.

USC Rooftop Sex Fallout: Social Probation for Entire Greek Community

USC's Greek system is facing social probation for the second time this school year after a series of recent mischievous events including racy emails and rooftop sex on campus. USC's Vice President of Student Affairs, Michael Jackson, set up a task force Thursday night, including members of the administration and the Greek community to work past all of the negative attention, according to the Daily Trojan.

Leaks? What Leaks? Foo Fighters Let Loose, Stream New Album 'Wasting Light'

Less than two weeks before dropping the much-anticipated "Wasting Light" album, Foo Fighters reacted to unauthorized early leaks with an April 1 treat for fans that really is no joke. The Foos latest surprise for fans is a high-quality audio stream of "Wasting Light" available for your listening pleasure at the Foo Fighters website and Facebook page. Listen in for yourself.

Barry Zito Crashes in West Hollywood

San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Barry Zito was released from the hospital Thursday morning after suffering minor injuries in a two-car crash in Hollywood. Zito, who has a home in the Hollywood Hills, was taken to Cedars-Sinai with a sore neck but claimed he won't miss his start Sunday at Dodger Stadium. Could this be the beginning of a downward spiral for the Giants, who left the Dodgers in the dust last year and somehow bearded their way to a World Championship? Happy Opening Day!

Man's Legs Severed by Freight Train in Long Beach

A man's legs were severed after he was hit by a freight train in Long Beach Thursday morning. A passer-by spotted the injured man near the tracks around 5:15 a.m. and paramedics took him to a hospital where he was conscious and in critical condition, according to Long Beach fire spokesman Steve Yamamoto. Firefighters later found the detached limbs, packed them in ice and brought them to the hospital for possible reattachment. The man...

Radiation Detected from Japan is About as Threatening as a Banana

In this photo (by R. E. ~ via LAist Featured Photo Pool), non-radioactive milk is paired with non-atomic cookies. There's radiation in our milk!!! But unlike earlier this month the media is declaring it unquestionably non-threatening, as opposed to shocking viewers to induce vomiting and feverishly turn to adult breastfeeding in fallout shelters. The fact is, there's always radiation... everywhere. Likely more so if you take your milk from a paper or plastic carton...

Confluence Plaza Officially Opens in Cypress Park

photo of the fountain at Confluence Plaza courtesy Wet Design Confluence Plaza officially opened Thursday with a full dedication complete with a brass band. The plaza, located at the corner of N. San Fernando Road and N. Figueroa Street, near Home Depot in Cypress Park, is part of a larger plan to beautify the stretch of the Los Angeles River that parallels the 5 Freeway and an industrial corridor. The plaza is highlighted by...

High-Speed Chase Leads to Massive Drug Bust

Up to 80 pounds of cocaine and methamphetamine were seized by L.A. County Sheriff's Deputies following a high-speed chase from Lynwood to Santa Fe Springs Tuesday night. The pursuit began after the suspect fled from detective surveillance in Lynwood around 9:25 p.m. and ended when the man crashed into a parked car at a Santa Fe Springs intersection. Sheriff's deputies found a duffel bag containing 50- to 80-pounds of cocaine and/or methamphetamine, according to reports. That's as much as 36 kilos.

Anaheim Got Game, Name: City Approves $75M to Lure NBA's Kings

Now that the Lakers and the Clippers are regularly selling out Staples Center, why not bring a third NBA team into the fold? Anaheim City Council voted to approve $75 million in bonds for improvements to Honda Center and its surroundings in an effort to convince the owners of the Sacramento Kings, the Maloof family, to up and vamoose. But there will be no "Anaheim Royals of Los Angeles' Neighboring County Orange in Southern California."

James Cameron's 3-D Mars Cam Nixed by NASA

Many thought James Cameron was capable of anything, not least of all the director of Avatar himself. But the 3-D imaging technology that transformed Avatar's fairy tale plot into the can't-miss, eye-popping moving experience of 2009 could not be adapted quickly enough for a visit to Mars. NASA put the brakes on the collaboration between Cameron and San Diego-based galactic camera builder Malin Space Science Systems this week, when it became clear that it...

New Study Confirms L.A. Has Worst Traffic EVER

It's time to accept what we've known for so long. Traffic in Los Angeles sucks. Argument over, in fact, we may as well just quit whining and save our breath for smoggier (or more radiated) days ahead. A new Top 100 list released by INRIX puts Los Angeles at the very top. As in the #1 Worst. Number one most-congested metro.

Trader Joe's Recalls Frozen Pizza

Trader Joe's issued a recall for its Pizza al Pollo Asado product after being alerted that it may contain trace amounts of wheat, which is not listed in the ingredient panel. No adverse reactions have been reported, however anyone with a wheat allergy could be affected. Customers are welcome to bring back any and all Frozen Pizza Al Pollo Asado (sku 95811) to Trader Joe's for a full refund.

Jackknifed Semi Shuts Down the 5 South in Burbank [UPDATED]

A semi-trailer truck jackknifed and overturned this morning, closing all lanes of the southbound 5 Freeway at Alameda in Burbank. CalTrans issued a sigalert before at 6:45 a.m. and has since extended it until at least 10:30 a.m. *UPDATE As of 11:50 a.m. all lanes were open.. Traffic was still slow-rollin' (between 10-20 m.p.h.) down the 5 between the 170 and 134.

L.A. County Tops U.S. Hunger Study

Los Angeles County leads the nation with 1.7 million people struggling to afford to stay properly fed, according to the Feeding America's Map the Meal Gap study. While 50 million people nationwide struggle to put food on the table, L.A. is highest in food insecurity, according to the study, which is based on 2009 statistics collected by government agencies.

Target Sues San Diego Gay Rights Group

Target is suing a group San Diego pro-gay marriage activists to stop them from canvassing -- or talking to patrons about gay marriage -- outside its stores, specifically the Poway location. The trial between Target and Canvass for a Cause was set to begin today. But, once again, it's not an anti-gay thing, Target assures.

LOL. OMG. La-la Land Added to Oxford Dictionary

Hah! The Oxford Dictionary got all hot with acronyms AND decided to take a swipe at our fine metropolis in the latest update to its bible of acceptable words and modern-day definitions. Setting the record straight once and for all and undoubtedly breaking the hearts of lovers of lollipops the world over, Oxford Dictionaries verified that LOL does indeed stand for "laughing out loud."

Gensler Wins Bid to Design Farmers Field

AEG has selected global architecture, planning and design firm Gensler to take the lead on the Farmers Field project, a large sports complex slated for construction at current site of West Hall of the L.A. Convention Center. Though it has no experience with NFL stadiums, Gensler is already familiar with the area having designed another L.A. Live cornerstone, the J.W. Marriott hotel and Ritz Carlton Residences.

San Gabriel Cracks Down on 'Birthing Tourism'

The fourteenth amendment states it clearly: A person born on U.S. soil is a full-fledged citizen subject to state and federal law. This direct path to citizenship lends itself to a shady business model that has prompted the city of San Gabriel to shut down at least one converted townhouse with 10 newborns and 12 Chinese nationals citing building code violations.

Dov Charney Sued Again: Sexted, "Violently Kissed" Potential Hires

American Apparel CEO Dov Charney was hit with a fresh round of sexual assault allegations in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in L.A. County Superior Court. The suit was filed by former American Apparel employee Kimbra Lo and three other women. In the complaint, Lo claimed that after Charney invited her to his bedroom to talk about a job. When she arrived, he appeared dressed only in a towel, undressed her and tried to have sex. Lo claims she tried to resist but was afraid and that Charney tried to take photographs.

Fuckin' Bugger! 'The King's Speech' to Go PG-13 Next Week

It would seem to be against conventional wisdom to change anything about a movie after it wins the Oscar for Best Picture. But as soon as award season ends it's all about cashing in. And PG-13 movies tend to fare better at the box office than those with an R rating. Especially in Utah.

Leader of LA-Based Human Smuggling Ring Gets 25 Years

The leader of a human smuggling ring with ties the Avenues street gang was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison this week. Eduardo "Tito" Alvarez-Marquez, 37, of Glassell Park, was sentenced by United States District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez. The 25-year sentence is one of the longest prison terms ever imposed locally in an "alien smuggling case."

Villaraigosa to Lead Protest Against Federal Budget Cuts

Mayor Villaraigosa will join local Congressional leaders and celebrity activists in a rally opposing federal budget cuts at Federal Plaza downtown this afternoon. Organizers are expecting thousands to attend the 2:30 p.m. protest and rally against H.R.1, the House Appropriations act that would potentially cut $61 billion from the federal budget. Get your rally caps on because it's ON this afternoon -- rain... or clouds...

Wanna Bite? Barks at South L.A. Burger Ban

It's been over three years since Jan Perry's proposed moratorium on fast food restaurants in South Los Angeles was approved. And today Bernard Parks estimates that 70 percent of the dining options in his district offer unhealthy fast food. But who's to tell you what you can and cannot eat?

Laguna Beach Skaters Banned From Bombing the Hills

Laguna Beach City Council voted unanimously to prohibit downhill skateboarding on the seaside community's gnarliest streets. A handful of tweens took over the front row of Tuesday's city council session with signs reading "Support Freedom: skateboarding is not a crime." But after pleading for open roads for three hours, they left totally un-stoked.

Tweet. Meet. Give! Twestival L.A. to Benefit Local Youth Mentoring Program

Have some fun and do some good with your Thursday night! It's Twestival time and that means Tweetups and gatherings are taking place in cities around the world on one night. This year, each local Twestival benefits a local organization. Twestival Los Angeles is raising money for L.A. Team Mentoring, which provides team-based mentoring programs to enrich, enliven and guide middle school students growing up in challenging urban environments.

Madness: UCLA Survives, UCSB Fizzles

Day one of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament offered up a few upsets and nearly marked the departure of all local entries as UCLA nearly gave away its ticket to the second round, squandering a massive lead to Michigan State. Malcolm Lee (16 points), Tyler Honeycutt (pictured, 16 points), and Reeves Nelson (12 points, 10 rebounds) led a balanced UCLA attack. Center Joshua Smith added 14.

City Hall Samurai Raises Funds for Japan

Volunteers raised money for the Japanese Red Cross' earthquake and tsunami relief efforts outside City Hall on Thursday. And if the flashing "Tsunami Relief Effort" sign in front of the building wasn't enough to get passerbys to crack open their wallets, Darin Furukawa was there in full superhero Red Cross samurai garb.

Section of Highway 1 Collapses into Ocean

A section of Highway 1 collapsed into the ocean between Big Sur and Carmel on the Central Coast on Thursday. The section of road was closed on Wednesday following a landslide before a 40-foot chunk of it crumbled into the Pacific south of Rocky Creek Bridge. Check out the video...

Robber Shot Dead at Sunland McDonald's

An armed man was shot and killed by a retired Burbank police officer during a robbery attempt at a McDonald's in Sunland on Friday. The shooting occurred at 10:47 a.m. when the man walked into the restaurant at Foothill Boulevard and Woodward Avenue and attempted to rob the clerks at gunpoint, according to LAPD.

Flipped-Out CNN Map Puts L.A. in the Bay

CNN proves once again that the only imminent radioactive threat stems from staring at Wolf Blitzer in the Radiation Situation Room all afternoon. After spending much of the week threatening the West Coast with radioactive thunderstorms should anyone dare turn the dial, CNN decided to recreate the geography of Caifornia, placing San Francisco a hundred miles or so from the Mexican border and throwing Los Angeles to the sharks, at the tip of a...

Community Leaders Among 5 Dead in Long Beach Plane Crash

Mark Bixby, 44, was a cycling advocate who regularly tweeted his rides. He rallied to ensure that bike lines would be part of the Gerald Desmond Bridge replacement plan and contributed to a blog called BIKEable Communities. Bixby was recently interviewed by the CDMCyclist blog. He was "one of the leading forces" of Long Beach's biking renaissance, according to BikinginLA.

L.A. Startups NeighborGoods and Tiziano Project Win Awards at SXSW

Los Angeles represented in a big way at SXSW 2011 in the film, music, and gaming world -- no surprise there. But this week two locally-based startups were recognized for their ability to use the internet as a tool for action and a community resource for social change.

Worker Commits Suicide at Costa Mesa City Hall Amid Layoffs

A 29-year-old maintenance worker for the City of Costa Mesa jumped to his death from the roof of the five-story City Hall building this afternoon, according to police. The man, a city employee for four-and-a-half years, was called into work at 2:30 p.m. to receive his layoff notice despite being at home nursing a broken ankle, according to the OC Register.

'Twilight' Star Tweets Own Death, is Promptly Evacuated

The cast of the upcoming installment of the "Twilight" trilogy (er, tetralogy?) were forced off Vancouver Island early this morning due to the tsunami warning triggered by the magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Japan. But the evacuation of cast members, which included Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner did not go down without drama.

Hundreds Killed in 8.9 Japan Quake: Tsunami Advisory Continues in L.A. [UPDATED]

It's now more than 13 hours since a massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake off the northeastern coast of Japan spawned a tsunami. The first effects of the tsunami are now being seen in Northern California. By 9:00 a.m. there will be a slight increase in the swell in Southern California. The waves may not be huge, but if you've ever experienced the undertow -- imagine a series of waves coming ashore at speeds up to 500 mph. In other words: no need to panic, just don't go to the beach.

NUHW at Standstill with Kaiser + Nurses on Strike Video

Nurses at Kaiser Permanente LA Medical Center left frustrated after meeting with hospital management one week after staging a protest on Sunset Blvd. amid a contract dispute. The nurses, members of the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) threatened to strike again should collective bargaining negotiations continue to drag on. The Union is demanding safer staffing by hospital management to protect patient care. Kaiser came in "woefully unprepared" to the meeting, according to a...

Tsunami Damages Boats in Santa Cruz Harbor

Our sister site SFist flagged live video from Santa Cruz showing boat damage resulting from the violent swells created by the tsunami generated by the mega 8.9-magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast of Japan nearly 12 hours ago. As we reported earlier and overnight, damaging waves and currents are forecast to continue through the morning north of Santa Barbara where a Tsunami Warning remains in effect. Areas south of Point Concepcion are experiencing...

Dodgers' Kuroda Worries About Family, Friends After Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong Dodgers pitcher Hiroki Kuroda, one of 14 Japanese baseball players on 2010 Major League rosters, still hasn't heard from his brother. His wife and children live with him in L.A. but he is concerned about several friends from Sendai, where hundreds of bodies are reported to have washed ashore following the tsunami. "I started looking at the pictures, and the pictures got worse and worse," Kuroda told ESPN through a...

L.A. Search and Rescue Units Deploy to Japan

The Los Angeles County Urban Search and Rescue team is headed to Japan following one of the biggest earthquakes in recorded history. Hundreds are feared dead after an 8.9 earthquake and tsunami generating powerful waves as high as 23 feet rattled northeastern Japan (our full coverage here and here.

'Ingredients' Documentary Screening and Slow Food LA Panel Discussion

Last night at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, Slow Food Los Angeles and Area 23a presented a screening of the documentary Ingredients, which was followed by a panel featuring some of L.A.'s most respected voices in the farming and food community. Written and directed by Robert Bates, Ingredients focuses on the concept that establishing relationships and buying locally from independent farmers can foster positive social and economic change while providing fantastic health benefits.

Mel Gibson Pleads 'No Contest' to Battery Charge

Mel Gibson walked out of the LAX Courthouse a free and innocent man this afternoon, according to his lawyer and California law, thanks to what's known as a "West Plea." In other words, Gibson agreed to take punishment -- but no jail time -- in return for not admitting guilt...

Thom Yorke Surprise DJ Set at Low End Theory

The rumors were looking good. And then it was off. But around 11 p.m. as a line snaked around the Airliner in Lincoln Heights, Radiohead's Thom Yorke had literally no choice but to show up for an hourlong DJ set. It was the first public appearance of any member of Radiohead since the February 18th release of The King of Limbs. Might there be a Coachella appearance in some form or fashion from Yorke and crew?

March Madness: Get Ready to Play

March Madness is here. And no, we're not talking about Charlie Sheen. It's tournament time, sports fans. And whether or not you're truly a college basketball fan, you'll only have 3 days next week to fill out your brackets between Sunday night, when the round of 64 is announced and Thursday morning when half of your office is empty and everyone's at the bar and not just because its St. Patrick's Day.

Warlocks v. Trolls: Charlie Sheen Sues for $100M

Charlie Sheen is suing Warner Bros. and "Two and a Half Men" co-creator Chuck Lorre for $100 million plus punitive damages. In the suit Sheen alleges that Lorre wanted him fired even before he went batshit crazypants all over the teevees, satellites and internets.

NPR CEO 'Forced Out' Following Hidden Camera Flap

NPR announced this morning that CEO Vivian Schiller has resigned effective immediately, in the aftermath of recently departed NPR executive Ron Schiller's (no relation) delivery of a big boner to the right blogosphere and Tea Party bandwagoneers via hidden camera.

Your 1 Dollar Flight to Vegas is Now Boarding

Everybody wins according to Spirit Airlines announcement today of $1 one-way fares from LAX to Las Vegas. The low-cost airline will fly five daily round trips between LAX and LAS starting May 5. Book today and fly for $1 each way between May 10 and June 15 (go on, there are still plenty available at $1 and more at $19). With taxes and fees the $2 round trip fare comes to about $39.

16,000 Ice Age Fossils Found at La Brea Tar Pits

Long before Los Angeles became synonymous with Hollywood movies and television the only drama in town was the traffic on the horse trail now known as the 101 freeway. But even before that -- tens of thousands of years ago -- the Miracle Mile's "Museum Row" was the domain of sabertooth tigers, ground sloths, and other giant, seemingly fantastical creatures of the last ice age. The motherlode was unearthed in 2006, when workers were...

FOODIES: Your Satire Premieres Today

You know those people that won't so much as breathe on their food before snapping photos of it from multiple angles? Oh, that's you?!? FOODIES is a brand-spankin' new web TV satire that pokes fun at L.A.'s food spotting, snack blogging, confectionary-pr0n engorged masses.

Serena Hopes to Return This Summer After Embolism

Tennis star Serena Williams hopes to return to the court as soon as this summer, she said this morning from her Los Angeles home where she's resting after recovering from a pulmonary embolism. Williams continues administering daily blood-thinning treatments to reduce blood clots in her lung triggered by the embolism.

Smokers: Enjoy Your Last Weekend of Freedom

Los Angeles' 15-year-old smoking regulations are about to be expanded. Come Tuesday, smoking will be prohibited both inside and outside of restaurants. The ordinance, passed unanimously by City Council in January 2010, is likely to have a mixed reaction from restauranteurs, patrons, and passerbys in one of the greatest cities for year-round al fresco dining in the world.

Maria the Goose: 'Call Me Mario'

Shocking revelations today as Maria the world famous Echo Park lake goose is making international headlines as Mario the gander. It took expert examination from professionals at the bird's new home, the L.A. Zoo, to determine that we had it wrong the whole time.

First-Person Shooter Gimmick Backfires, Peeves Environmentalists

Agoura Hills-based video game empire THQ's big plans for promoting its latest first-person shooter game turned out being the epic fail of this week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. About 10,000 red balloons were released into stormy skies Wednesday afternoon, according to SFist. Each balloon contained a GameStop coupon for the game, Homefront, however, the balloons were quickly swept out to the San Francisco Bay by the prevailing winds. The highly visible promotion-gone-wrong...

National Day of Unplugging Begins at Sundown; Can You Take a Tech Break?

photo by lucyrk via LAist Featured Photos One day out of the year should be set aside so we can live life as if we weren't spoiled by all of this wonderful technology. That's the mission of a non-profit called Reboot, which has appropriated the concept of the Sabbath Manifesto to disengage us all in a National Day of Unplugging. Here at LAist we can get down with all ten principles of this manifesto...

LAX Police on Alert After Attack in Germany

The Los Angeles International Airport Police Department (LAXPD) has stepped up security for U.S. Service personnel following Wednesday's attack on a U.S. Air Force bus at Germany's Frankfurt Airport.

City Wins $4 Million in Supergraphics Settlement

CBS Outdoor will pay more than $4 million to settle a lawsuit filed by the City of L.A. alleging that six of its supergraphic advertising placements were not permitted. The terms of the settlement allows CBS Outdoor to continue to advertise using supergraphics, or "tall wall" billboards, on three of the four buildings in question, the exception being 1025 N. Highland.

2011 TED Prize Winner JR Kicks Off His Wish at Phantom Galleries

This year's prize winner is JR, an anonymous French street artist whose black-and-white portraits have been appearing across Los Angeles in recent weeks. We'll find out at 5pm exactly what JR's wish is (watch it live here). But what we do know is that he'll kick off his wish tomorrow at Phantom Galleries in Long Beach and you're invited.

Teen With Shotgun, Ammo Arrested After Threatening Teacher at Former School

A 17-year-old Riverside County high school student was arrested Wednesday morning after threatening a teacher at his former school armed with a shotgun, knives and ammunition. The teen appeared at Lakeside High School in Lake Elsinore around 7:30 a.m. in the classroom of a former teacher who was able to alert another teacher. The teen, whose name hasn't been released because he is a minor, was quickly detained by police and booked into juvenile hall without incident, according to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

Ashton Kutcher Punk'd via Twitter at TED

It seemed like it was just yesterday that Kutcher and Larry King were going head-to-head -- in a publicity stunt raising money for charity -- to see who could be the first to 1 million Twitter followers. That was April 2009. Today it takes less than 24 hours to reach one million -- if you're Charlie Sheen -- and apparently only the charity of Charlie Sheen's #tigerblood benefits in this case.

Mazda6 Recall: Spider Webs Could Make Your Car Explode!

Mazda is recalling 50,000 Mazda6 sedans after announcing that a spider could weave a web that might inhibit fuel tank ventilation which could lead to a crack that might lead to a fire. In other words, if you're the driver of a model year 2009 or 2010 Mazda6, zoom on over to your nearest dealer after March 25th for a de-spidering.

6 L.A. Charter Schools to be Shut Down for Cheating

Six charter schools will be shut down after being accused of cheating on 2010 standardized tests. The Los Angeles Board of Education voted this week to close the schools, saying there was insufficient response to the allegations. The schools are part of the Crescendo Organization.

Dog-Fighting Ring Busted; 17 Dogs Rescued

A dog-fighting training center, complete with surgical equipment, treadmills, a portable fighting ring with dried blood on the posts and more than a dozen pit bulls was shut down by L.A. County sheriffs deputies in the Antelope Valley Wednesday. L.A. Sheriff's deputies coordinated the raid over the past month, based on an anonymous tip left on the county's 24-hour Dog Fighting Hotline.

Fun is Good! Celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday Across L.A.

Today would've been the 107th birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel (1904-1991), best known for his words of wisdom inked under the nom de plume Dr. Seuss. Creator of the Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, Oh, the Places You'll Go and so many more, it's refreshing if not just for sentimental purposes to celebrate Seuss' birthday by recalling his great one-liners.

Dance for Equality with Moby, The Crystal Method and Shepard Fairey Tonight at Avalon

Moby, The Crystal Method and Shepard Fairey headline tonight's Dance For Equality at Avalon. The / Courage Campaign fundraiser benefits continued efforts to overturn Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California after being approved by a majority of voters in 2008.

More Than 1,000 Nurses Walk Out at Kaiser

Hundreds of nurses picketed outside Kaiser Permanente on Sunset, citing unfair labor practices and a lack of adequate staffing regulations. At least 90 percent of the 1,100 unionized nurses signed up for the walkout, a union spokesperson told the AP.

Fox News Commits Act of Journalistic Integrity

After a solid year of programming hosted by and featuring potential 2012 GOP presidential candidates including Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, Fox News is starting to realize there may be a conflict in interest. Both Gingrich and Santorum will be suspended -- or at least their contracts will be for 60 days -- pending expected official announcements of their intentions to run for president in 2012, said Fox News.

More Than 200 Collectives Apply for Marijuana Lottery

229 marijuana collectives filed paperwork to apply for a lottery that will authorize 100 medical disipensaries to legally sell medical marijuana, according to the LA City Clerk's Office.

Thousands Honor Fallen Firefighter Glenn Allen

Thousands of mourners gathered downtown to honor Glenn Allen, the Los Angeles Firefighter who was fatally injured while fighting a fire in the Hollywood Hills last week.

Studios Seek Millions from Blockbuster Video

The most common complaint from Blockbuster Video customers over the years was probably the exorbitant late fees, which were eventually curtailed in favor of a subscription-based model. But now late fees are threatening to break the bankrupt video rental chain itself. Universal, 20th Century Fox, and Summit Entertainment filed a claim for tens of millions in unpaid fees owed by Blockbuster this week.

Winograd Joins Bowen, Hahn in Race to Succeed Jane Harman

On the eve of Jane Harman's expected resignation from Congress, Marcy Winograd is hoping the third time is a charm in her quest to win the 36th Congressional District seat. Winograd, an anti-war activist and high school teacher who lost both of her previous bids for the 36th district seat to Harman, will officially kick off her campaign at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Fox Drugs in Torrance.

Tarzana Teacher Arrested on Multiple Child Molestation Charges is Free on Bail

A man teaching at Portola Middle School in Tarzana was arrested last week on charges of multiple instances of child molestation that allegedly occurred last decade, according to LAPD. The suspect, 39-year-old Sean Wellbaum of Canoga Park, is now free on $600,000 bail. Detectives are asking other victims to step forward.

Driver in Fatal Car vs. Bicycle Crash Has 11 Tickets

The 22-year-old driver who struck and killed a cyclist while allegedly driving under the influence this week has 11 traffic tickets on her record according to court records. Danae Marie Miller was driving a white Jetta when she is believed to have hit 41-year-old Amine Britel in Newport Beach Monday night, authorities said. Britel, who was riding a bicycle on San Joaquin Hills Road, could not be resuscitated by paramedics.

Oscars Go Interactive with Tweeting Moms, Apps, Live Streams

It may have been a down year at the box office but Oscar organizers plan to take their social media and online fan engagement to the next level this year. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences presents its 83rd annual award show Sunday night. But the festivities have already begun online.

Revenge of the Nerds: Caltech Wins!

The Caltech Beavers won its first conference basketball game since 1985 last night, narrowly edging out the Occidental Tigers in the final game of the 2010-11 season. The victory marked the end of a 310-game losing streak for the Beavers.

LA Union Activists Join in On Wisconsin Labor Fight

Union workers from the LA County Federation of Labor flew to Madison this morning to join tens of thousands of activists gathered at the Wisconsin state capital to protest Gov. Scott Walker's overreaching efforts to curb union benefits and vanquish its collective bargaining powers.

Backstage at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards

We liveblogged the Grammys from backstage in the media room at Staples Center. It was an eventful day: Lady Gaga showed up in a giant egg, Eminem won just two awards despite having the most nominations. Lady Antebellum took five awards. Esperanza Spalding became the first jazz musician to win Best New Artist, hopefully wiping Bieber Fever from the planet for good. Arcade Fire took down Lady A, Lady Gaga, Eminem and Katy Perry to win album of the year. Mavis Staples, Buddy Guy, Herbie Hancock, Neil Young, Paul McCartney and Pinetop Perkins were among the senior nominees to win.

New Music Seminar Drops Into L.A. This Week

The two-day seminar takes place February 15-16 at the Sheraton Universal City and includes workshops, panels (example: "The Music Business Isn't Over; It's Just Beginning) and mentoring / breakout sessions.

Watch the Grammys Live on the Web

The Grammys has worked things out so we can watch the awards live -- yes, even the pre-awards awards show -- online. The programming starts today with a livestream of the Social Media Rock Stars event at Conga Room and continues through Sunday night at Shira Lazar is co-hosting The Grammys on YouTube along with former MTV News cat John Norris. We caught up with Shira earlier this week to find out what we can look forward to.

Ladies and Gentlemen... It's Grammy Week!

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards take place Sunday but before you start placing bets on whether Britney Spears will show up or who Kanye might diss, the Recording Academy has a week full of affiliated red carpet events, many open to the public, and some that may turn out to be too good for network TV.

White House Rolls Out 6-Year Plan for High-Speed Rail

The plan calls for $53 billion in funding for new and existing rail projects over the next six years with $8 billion marked specifically for high-speed rail. But don't go selling your car just yet, 2012 is the earliest that work would begin in California... on a line connecting Fresno and Merced.

Gunmen Attack 'The Shack'

Four gunmen stormed into the a WeHo Radio Shack last night, clearing out the register and robbing four employees. The suspects forced the employees into a restroom in the back of the store on La Brea near Santa Monica, taking their wallets and cellphones, according to police. The suspects remain at large.

Studios Sue 'Cyberlocker' Site Hotfile

The MPAA filed a suit on behalf of five major Hollywood studios against Hotfile, a subscription-based online streaming media service. The suit alleges that the Panama-based company engages in "unabashed theft" of copyrighted material and of further fostering it by incentivizing and rewarding its users to upload and link to the most popular files. "Everyday Hotfile is responsible for the theft of thousands of MPAA member companies' movies and TV shows - including movies...

Twiistup Tech Startup Event Returns to Skirball Tonight

L.A.'s homegrown conference, expo, and party for web startups, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists takes tonight and Thursday at the Skirball Cultural Center. Twiistup 8 will feature demos from ten hot startups on the verge of breaking out, panels and sessions geared toward L.A.'s unique media & technology landscape and the Twiistup afterparty.

HuffPo Hangover: AOL Blogger Quits Over Arianna's Politics

Huffington, once a vocal Republican and ex-wife of former GOP Congressman Michael Huffington is now well-established as a beacon of the progressive left. Apparently too much to handle for Politics Daily columnist Matt Lewis became the first AOL employee to quit publicly in protest of the deal.

AOL to Acquire HuffPo; Arianna will Run AOL Content Empire

Stepping up its ongoing efforts to regain relevance in a post-dialup world, AOL will acquire Huffington Post for $315 million. As part of the deal, Arianna Huffington will become Editor-in-Chief for all properties of AOL's rapidly expanding content empire, including the increasingly ubiquitous hyperlocal news network. Top sites that will be added to Huffington's editorial domain include TechCrunch, Mapquest, Moviefone and the surviving blogs of the Weblogs, Inc. network (including Endgadget, TV Squad, PopEater and Joystiq), acquired by AOL/Time Warner in 2005. Will the internet never be the same again?

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