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Kal Penn Knew Nothing About The Global Economy Before Hosting This Amazon Show

Kal Penn's tackling a role he's been preparing for for decades: Kal Penn.

Chiwetel Ejiofor Wanted To Make Sure This Movie Existed

"The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind" is his debut as a director.

LA Teens Challenge India's Taboos Around Periods In This Oscar-Nominated Doc

The short documentary seeks solutions to the lack of women's sanitary products in developing countries.

There Was A Massive Nazi Rally In NYC In 1939. This Oscar-Nominated Doc's Message: Never Again

The director wants this to be a cautionary tale. You can watch the full film right here.

The Grammys Are Coming -- These Nominees Have Something To Say

The Grammys are Sunday night -- here are the highlights from our interviews with the nominees.

Sitcom 'Schitt's Creek's' Explores A Small Town Without Homophobia

In the show, David is pansexual -- a fact that's a non-issue for both his family and the town's residents.