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Adopt These Pets: Duffy & Bella

Duffy might be the sweetest cat you'll ever meet. Bella may be blind, but she doesn't let it get her down! She is a sweet 3 year old Maltese mix who gets along with most other dogs.

Adopt These Pets: Jake & Herman

Jake is a handsome older gentleman, 9 years old to be exact, who would love to meet you. Meet Herman, an adult Chow Shepherd mix! He gets along with everyone-dogs, cats, kids, literally everyone-and he loves to play, or just chill next to you while you watch TV or work on the computer.

Adopt These Pets: Grover and Duffy

Duffy is a very sweet and relaxed little guy. Grover is obviously the cutest kitten on planet earth. This 3 month old gray Tabby is playful, cuddly, and loves to purr. He loves toys and playing with the other kittens in the cattery.

Adopt These Pets: Bayou, Liam & Seamus

Bayou is a Catahoula/Pittie mix with a unique look and personality. Liam was rescued from a feral colony near the 170 freeway in North Hollywood along with his brother, Seamus.

Adopt These Pets: Lap Dog Donnie & Lap Cat Richie

Looking for someone to kick back and watch Netflix and never leave the couch all weekend? Meet Donnie, a 18 month old Mastiff-Great Dane-Pit bull Terrier mix who weighs around 85 lbs but still thinks that he can fit into your lap. Richie is a happy, confident black cat. He's a playful boy who occasionally gets into mischief.

Pets of the Week: Ivy and Willow & Night

Ivy is a 50 lb, 5-year-old sweetie. She's a Wheaten Terrier/Bearded Collie mix who is quite curious and is completely comfortable around everyone. Willow and Night are each about a year and a half old and have lived their entire lives together.

Pets of the Week: Lacey & Duke

Lacey is a 7-year-old domestic shorthair. Duke is a 7-year-old male German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP). His own recently moved and Duke is no longer getting the attention and exercise he needs.

Pets of the Week: Coulson and Cupid

Coulson is a nice, affectionate cat. He is a sweet gentleman who would love a lap to call his own. Cupid is a 3-year-old Papillon/Japanese Chin mix. Rescued on Valentine's Day,New Leash on Life couldn't resist the urge to name this lover boy, Cupid.

Pets of the Week: Electra & Fievel

Electra is beautiful as well as smart. Fievel is 6 years old and a total snuggle monster. He is very sweet and will steal your heart as well as your lap.

Pets of the Week: Darwin & Quinn

Meet Darwin! He is a an adorable and handsome longhair juvenile rabbit with unbelievably soft tan and white fur. Quinn is a gorgeous three-year-old tan Siamese. If you are looking for a calm and mellow companion, Quinn is your lady. She also enjoys being held.

Pets of the Week Janie & Tripsadaria

Janie is wonderful around other dogs, she's even made friends with a cat! Tripsadaria is a stunning 2 year old girl. She was found in a parking lot in downtown LA, with her litter of 4 kittens.

Pets of the Week: Beng Beng & Diablo

Meet Beng Beng! This fantastically-tempered Terrier charms everyone he meets. He would be an ideal family dog since nothing phases him. Diablo is a very sweet and calm yet curious 4 1/2 year old kitty with a beautiful coat. Diablo loves to hug and welcomes any and all petting.

Pets of the Week: Hanna & Oscar

Hannah is a Silver Lab with a big personality and a great attitude to go along with it. Oscar came to spcaLA when his owner could no longer care for him. She was absolutely heartbroken to leave him, but the staff at the shelter have been taking care of him while he looks for a new home.

Pets of the Week: Frankie & Gonzo

Meet Frankie, a handsome 3-year-old gray Tabby with gorgeous eyes and a purr like a motorboat. Gonzo is a terrific Terrier! He is just 2 years old and oh-so-ready for his forever home.

Pirate Pets of the Week: Faithful and Rosie

Faithful may have lived a wild life, but she's not a wild girl. She's an extremely sweet and affectionate lap cat, who loves to cuddle and purr like crazy. Rosie is a one-year-old Beagle/Dachshund mix. She's a great dog who is need of a loving family.

Pets of the Week: Mandy and Nina

Mandy is a 1 year old spayed female, Staffordshire Terrier mix. She was saved just in the nick of time from one of the city shelters. She loves kids! Nina is a gorgeous tortoise kitty girl who's anxiously looking for a family, now that he sister Cara has recently found a new home.

Pets of the Week: Peaches and Jericho

Peaches is available for adoption in an adult home as an only child so that she can continue to shine. Jericho is a handsome, exuberant, happy, 3-year-old Lhasa Apso mix who wants to be your very best friend.

Pets of the Week: Gregory and Harold

Rescued from the streets of Echo Park as a baby, Gregory has grown up to be funny, sometimes shy 10-month old sweetie. Harold is a brown Pekingese mix about 9 years old. He came from the South Los Angeles Shelter and was surrendered by his owner.

Pets of the Week: Spartacus and Charlie

Wanna cuddle? Spartacus is a 3-year-old domestic short hair with a beautiful coat and markings. Are you looking for a couch potato to hang out with you when you watch marathon TV shows all weekend long? Look no further, Charlie is your man!

Pets of the Week: Stetson and Karl

Stetson is a 2-year-old, male Labrador/Pit Bull mix. He is very smart and has received obedience training as well as crate-trained. Karl was saved from the hills, where he was in terrible danger of being killed by coyotes. He was born in April of 2008. Karl is a gentle, easy going guy.

Pets of the Week: Timmy, Waldo, and Luke

Timmy is an adorable white and tan Shih Tzu with big beautiful eyes and a soft coat. Waldo is a commanding and gorgeous 3-4 year old black and tan Lhasa Tzu who will bond to you like super-glue. Luke is a shy, loving fellow with gorgeous grey Siamese/Siberian looks and big blue eyes.

Pets of the Week: Zeba & Sampson

Zeba wound up as a stray in a city shelter before being fostered by an Animals Rule volunteer. Sampson is a playful and affectionate 3 year old orange and white cat.

Pets of the Week: Josephine & Arnold

Hello, I am Josephine, the beauty queen! My previous owner was moving and could no longer keep me. I am nine years young with lots of love to share. Arnold is a 4 year old Pekinese mix who will make a fun friend to share walks and playtime.

Pets of the Week: Niall and Watson

Niall, born approximately June 2009, is a total love machine. He adores people and other felines, loves to play, and is simply an all around happy little guy. Meet Watson, a 2-year-old Chihuahua mix who was in the shelter for over 2 months but with no luck.

Pets of the Week: Bobby and Caine

Young Bobby is tall, dark, handsome, super fun - the ultimate family cat! Caine is a 3 and a half year-old white Boxer with a docked tail. This beautiful boy was found as a stray; emaciated and hungry, with skin abrasions on both hind legs from sitting and sleeping on concrete.

Pets of the Week: Harvey and Ziggy

Harvey was rescued from one of LA's city shelters. Ziggy is a zany, lovable 8 month old fellow who found himself in the shelter instead of a home just before the holidays.

Pets of the Week: Georgina and Vixen

Georgina is an amazing girl who knows all sorts of tricks. She knows how to sit, down, shake, high five, bang-play-dead, crawl, sit up, roll over, and leave it. Vixen enjoys playing with toys and with her foster brother.

Pets of the Week: Billy and Alisha

Billy is an energetic 3 year-old male American Pit Bull Terrier with a handsome gray and white coat and a positively goofy looking tail. Alisha is a 5 year-old spayed female, brown tiger Domestic Short Hair who is sad to have been surrendered by her former owners.

Pets of the Week: Darla & Paisano

Meet Darla, a beautiful 8 month old gray and white Maine Coon mix. This beauty was found wandering the streets. She has been tested, vaccinated, spayed, and is ready for a loving home. Paisano is a very happy 2 year old pup who was found on a street corner, but without identification, so his human companions were never located. Paisano is a love bug and is looking for a family who will shower him with affection!

Pets of the Week: Scruffy, Joy and Olivia

Scruffy is a 1 year old Shih Tzu/Maltese mix who is a happy and energetic little dude. Joy is a 1 year old Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix who is an energetic and playful little girl. She is eager to please. This bonded pair loves snuggle time. Rescued from the hills of Silver Lake, beautiful Olivia loves to play and she loves human contact. Olivia is a domestic short-hair cat and is approximately seven years old.

Pets of the Week: Abigail & Buck

My name is Abigail. I am a sweet older lady who would love to be your lap cat. I ended up at the shelter when my family could no longer take care of me. Buck would make a great family dog! He is a very sweet and fun Miniature Pinscher/Dachshund mix.

Pets of the Week: Daisy & Clementine

All Daisy wants for Christmas is a family of her own. She’s a beautiful 3 year old Pitt Bull Terrier found wandering the streets of Los Angeles. Meet Clementine, a 3 year old Calico whose owner moved and was unable to take her. She enjoys being around people of all ages and simply loves to be brushed.

Pets of the Week: Nesta & Jeffrey

Nesta is an eight-year-old, large gray tabby. This handsome man is very curious and enjoys being held. He would love to have a home in time for the holidays. Meet Jeffrey, a dog who has a set of ears that could also tell you which way the wind is blowing. Still a pup at 10 months old, he has asked Santa for a home to call his own. Since there are only ten days before Christmas, he wants everyone to know that he is friendly with all people, including young children and is great with other dogs.

Pets of the Week: Bob & Juliet

Bob is an adorable 2 year old English/American Bulldog mix. Bob is an extremely friendly and loving dog. He gets along great with other dogs and people. Meet Juliet! She is a young, stunning kitty lady with a unique look and markings. She was found in the Canyons a couple of months ago.

Pets of the Week: Ellie & Gary Busey

Ellie is a beautiful 10 year old orange and white Tabby who has spent the last few years living in a loving home. Sadly, her owner passed away and Ellie is looking for a new family. Ellie has a very sweet-nature and temperament. Meet Gary Busey, who is very cuddly and adorable.

Pets of the Week: Letty the Love Bunny & Tough Pup Micah

Letty is a very sweet and social young bunny. She's very soft and has amazing blue and black eyes. Micah is a 6 month old Bichon Frise/Poodle mix.

Pets of the Week: Sweet Aurora Rose & Puppy Coco

Aroura Rose is a 3-month-old orange Tabby. She is as beautiful as a rose and sweet as sugar. Two-month-old Coco is an affectionate Chihuahua mix puppy.

Pets of the Week: Magic & Dumpling

Need some magic in your life? Meet Magic (ID# 13-00702), a 3-month-old male gray Tabby currently residing at the spcaLA South Bay Pet Adoption Center. Dumpling is about 2 years old and is a true American Pitbull Terrier.

Pets of the Week: JoJo & Popeye

This is JoJo, a 3 year old domestic short hair kitty. She is a little girl with a big heart. She's ready to play and love you endlessly. Popeye is a beautiful fawn colored Pug who is about 5 years old and weighs 21 pounds. He really needs no special care, he just needs a loving, permanent home.

Pets of the Week: Daisy and Seamus

Daisy is a fantastic Basset/Beagle mix who is almost 1 1/2 years old. She is a bundle of joy and loves everyone. Daisy is very sweet and easy going. Seamus was rescued from a lumber yard along with his two siblings.He is about 3 years old. Seamus is a fun guy! He loves to play and to be petted and brushed. Seamus just loves attention in every way.

Pets of the Week: Jeffy & Laker

Jeffy is a beautiful 1 year old boy whose family could no longer care for him. Laker is a cute little 3 year old Westie Terrier/Shih Tzu mix. He is very sweet and energetic.

Pets of the Week: Mr. Dot & Sebastian

Mr. Black Dot is a sweet, charming fellow, approximately nine months old, who was rescued by Forgotten Animals of Los Angeles ("FALA"). Sebastian is a really sweet, friendly dog. He is a complete gentleman on the leash and great around other dogs and people.

Pets of the Week: Keegan & Lily

Keegan is a 2 year old male Lab/Terrier mix. He is very fun and playful and likes playing ball and tug-a-war. He is great with other animals and good with kids. Lily (A314288) is a six-year-old calico cat with gorgeous green eyes. She's very friendly and affectionate.

Pets of the Week: Phoebe & Bonita

Phoebe is a gorgeous 9 year old kitty who is very sweet and affectionate. She would love to share her purrs with you. She enjoys playing with toys or just curling in your lap for a relaxing nap. Bonita is a loving and cute 4 month old Chihuahua mix. Even though she's a puppy she is a mellow doggie. She loves to go for walks and is a really people puppy. She came to spcaLA as a stray and is ready for her new home.

Pets of the Week: William & Cheezit

Meet William, a handsome 1 1/2 year old cat currently being cared for by Sante D'or Foundation. Cheezit is a brilliant little dog. He is so smart, it's like a little person is living inside his tiny 6 pound body. He is the perfect companion: very loving, happy all the time, and is very endearing.

Pets of the Week: Byron & Rosie

Byron is a 1 1/2 year old orange Tabby. He is such a sweet kitty who gets along famously with other cats. Rosie has had a tough life on the streets, but was taken in by and now she is safe and sound. This beautiful 5-year-old Pit Bull is desperately in need of a forever home.

Pets of the Week: Goldie & Karima

Goldie is a 9-year-old female Chihuahua looking for a new home. Don't let her age fool you! Karima is a 4 month old female kitten born to a beautiful Siamese mom. Karima is has pretty eyes, a thin build, and her fur has faint caramel swirls all over.

Pets of the Week: Orlando Bleu, Valentina & Chip

Orlando Bleu is quite exotic-looking with his coat that resembles a cheetah and his amazing Caribbean-blue eyes. Valentina is a 1-year-old female chihuahua who was rescued by animal control when they found her in the middle of a dog fight. Chip is full of confidence, eager to explore new spaces, and meet new people.

Pets of the Week: Jackie & Oreo

This is Jackie (A306840), a beautiful 1 1/2 year old black domestic short hair. She's very sweet and loves attention. Oreo is a sweet little cookie of a dog! This Pit Bull/Terrier mix is approximately 8 months old, loves to go to the dog park, and is looking for her forever home.

Pets of the Week: Addison & Zelda

Addison, about 2 or 3 years old, is an extremely sweet and affectionate young man. Zelda is a 2-3 year-old mixed breed beauty, who was rescued from a high-kill shelter with her babies.

Pets of the Week: Seamus & Alma

Seamus, a handsome 3 year-old black and white kitty was rescued from a lumberyard along with his two siblings. He loves to play and to be petted and brushed. Alma is an incredibly sweet and beautiful 4 year-old female Staffordshire Terrier-mix.

Pets of the Week: Rocky & Bubbles

Meet Rocky, an adorable gray and white 2 month old kitty who, along with his siblings are available for adoption at spcaLA. Bubbles just turned one year old! This bright, active pointer mix is well trained, house trained, and gets along great with mellow male dogs.

Pets of the Week: Marcus & Nellie

Marcus, a 7-month-old Maltese/Wheaton Terrier mix, is a small dog with a big personality! Nellie is a pretty 4-month-old gray and white tabby.

Pets of the Week: Harvey & Stetson

Harvey was rescued from a Los Angeles city shelter, where his fate was grim. Stetson is a smart and energetic pup.

Pets of the Week: Georgia & Kip

Georgia is a 5-year-old Pittie with a beautiful chocolate coat and a sweet, funny face. Kip Katt came to Purrrfect Solutions Feline Rescue when his owners lost their home and could no longer care for him.

Pets of the Week: Ruby & Bonita

Meet Ruby, a 6-month-old spayed female Wheaten Terrier/Shih Tzu mix. Bonita is aptly named: she's a gorgeous little brown tabby about 7 months old.

Pets of the Week: Sergeant Pepper & Suri

Sergeant Pepper was relinquished by his family because they lost their home, but this young adult kitty was very loved. Suri is a 3-year-old Rat Terrier and Beagle mix full of love and waiting to be some lucky person's loyal companion.

Pets of the Week: Sophie & Lovely Rita

Meet Sophie, a beautiful 9 year-old Rottweiler mix who would love to be your companion. Rita is a sweet 4-year-old kitty who loves to lay in the window sill and sunbathe.

Pets of the Week: Buboi & Willy

Buboi is 16 pounds of pure marshmallow! He is a 5 year old bluepoint Siamese polydactyl. Wilma is a beautiful Harlequin Great Dane. She has crystal blue eyes and a stunning black and white coat. Willy is great with everyone she meets, loves going on walks, and walks well on leash.

Pets of the Week: Sweet Sarah & Pinky

Are You a "Big Dog" person, living in a smaller space? Sweet Sarah could be the ideal match for you! She is calm, quiet and low key - a very soulful girl. She is petite but can keep up with active people. Pinky is a sweetheart! She loves people and other cats. Pinky is a real charmer.

Pets of the Week: Manny & Holly

Little Manny is a one-year-two-month-old tan Chihuahua. Meet Holly, a cat looking for a new home: Meow! I may be an older girl, but I still have lots of love to give.

Pets of the Week: Simba & Esther Bunny the Terrier

Meet Simba, a 3-year-old male who is a friendly boy who ended up at the shelter when his owners could no longer keep him. Esther Bunny is a one-year-old terrier mix who is very social, loves to hang out with people and is currently in foster care.

Pets of the Week Barrette the Cat & Princess Pittie Amanda

Barrette is perfect for any home in need of a happy kitty. Princess Amanda is a petite 8-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier that makes new friends wherever she goes. She is always ready for a party and has a wardrobe of dresses for any occasion. What she doesn't have is a place to call home.

Pets of the Week: Kitty Luna and Chihuahuas Lady & April

Luna is a 2-year old cat who's sure to blossom in a home where she is the center of attention. Lady and April are Chihuahua mixes. Lady who is 5 years old, is the mother to April, who is 2 years old. They are incredibly bonded and need to be adopted together.

Pets of the Week: Shadow, Clyde & His Buddy Bonnie

Handsome, athletic and eager to please, Shadow is waiting at the Pet Adoption Fund in Canoga Park for a new family. Clyde the cat is an orange and white Tabby with a very unique tail that curves forward. He is 12 years old, nice with everyone, and loves his best buddy Bonnie, a 10-year-old female Calico.

Pets of the Week: Frankie & Bingo

Frankie is a five-year-old black and tan Miniature Pinscher. Bingo is a 7-year-old short-haired white and brown Tabby.

Pets of the Week: Daisy & Ellie

Daisy is a 5-month-old spayed female Pit mix puppy. Happy, energetic and super playful - that's Daisy! She absolutely loves people & other dogs. She is an outgoing gal with a tail that never stops wagging. Ellie was adopted from the Harbor Shelter in San Pedro about two years ago, but her owner passed away and is now in need of a new home. She is very social, inquisitive, playful, and she really likes toys.

Pets of the Week: The Twins & Smooch

Wila and Selma or "The Twins" are two gorgeous 10-month old Tuxedo sisters who are bonded and must go to a home together. Smooch is a nine-month-old Terrier-Pug mix with a loving personality. He bonds with people quickly and loves to tag-along with his favorites.

Pets of the Week: Shakes the Cat & Hamster the Dog

Shakes is a big, handsome black and white cat who loves attention and playing with feather chase toys. Hamster is looking for a running or hiking buddy who will take him out to places like Runyon Canyon or Griffith Park.

Pets of the Week: Blossom the Bunny & Julie the Cat

Blossom is an adult white and gray bunny who loves to be petted on her head and hop around in the grass. Julie is sweet-natured, social, and likes to cuddle with you while you are relaxing.

Pets of the Week: Lola the Tabby & Lizzy the Terrier

Lola is a beautiful 1-year-old kitty with lots of sass. She is a diva and LOVES attention. She truly is a champion and is looking to become a permanent member of your home team. Lizzy, a Terrier mix, is anxious to find her forever home. In her own words, "I am a sweet 1-year-old girl with lots of energy and love to give! I am good with other dogs and would be happy in a home with older kids."

Pets of the Week: Zeus & Bandit

Zeus is a sweet, lovable giant. French Mastiffs are a very special breed and he is no exception. Bandit is a male, 7 month old, Tabby kitty. He and his siblings were bottle fed since they were 2-3 weeks old and are very loving. Bandit and Zeus are available from Pups and Pals.

Pets of The Week: Phoenix & Flint

Phoenix loves to play, snuggle and purr. She's laid-back, yet affectionate; introspective, yet friendly. Flint is a trusting boy who falls asleep on car rides, keeps his cool when younger puppies are jumping all over him or barking, and has proven himself to be a truly special dog.

Pets of the Week: Kona & Strummer

Meet Kona, a two-year-old calico cat, and Strummer, a two-year-old Pittie mix. Kona loves to be held and is very affectionate. Strummer has learned basic obedience, loves to go for runs and is friendly with other dogs and everyone he meets, including children.

Pets of the Week: Stubby & Damon

Stubby is a 4-year-old male Corgi mix. He is smart, curious, energetic, independent and food-motivated. Stubby wants all your love, so he would prefer to be the only doggie in the home. Damon is a three-year-old gray tabby. He loves belly rubs and is very sweet.

Pets of the Week: Jack & Ringo

Jack is a sweet beautiful Balinese boy. Balinese are a long-haired version of Siamese. He is fluffy and so very soft—he is a joy to pet. Ringo is a 6-year-old neutered male Maltipoo. He is super friendly and loves affection. He gets along well with everyone he meets—people, young and old, and dogs alike.

Pets of the Week: Betty & Tasha

Betty is an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. She is good-natured, good with most other dogs, and great with people. Tasha is a strikingly pretty dilute Calico with a calm temperament and healthy purr.

Pets of the Week: Layla & Franchesca

Franchesca is a super sweet fun loving cat, who gets along well with other cats. Layla is an 11-year-old lovable Beagle mix with an easy-going disposition. Both are available for adoption from spcaLA.

Pets of the Week: Pippi, Fifi & Samson

Pippi and Fifi 11 year old siblings have lived together their whole lives. Due to unfortunate circumstances, they find themselves urgently looking for a new home by the end of the month. Samson is a 3-year-old neutered male French Mastiff/American Bulldog mix.

Pets of the Week: Scooter & Willy

Gorgeous Scooter is a 3-year-old Brittany Spaniel mix. Scooter a great looking dog and has a personality that will melt your heart. Willy is a simply adorable 9-month-old. He is very active and playful, and secure and friendly. He is extremely affectionate, even-tempered, super sweet and he purrs like crazy.

Pet of the Week: McKenzie the kitty

McKenzie is looking for a new home for the New Year. She's a four-month-old gray domestic shorthair kitten. She loves attention and is very inquisitive. McKenzie is available for adoption at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA.

Pets of the Week: Gunther & Muddy

Meet Gunther, a 7-year-old Miniature Pinscher mix who is small but mighty! Muddy is a sweet little 1-year-old kitty with a heart of gold! Gunther and Muddy are both Total Package Pets. These pets are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and ready to go home.

Pets of the Week: Chihuahua Noel & Siamese Princess

Meet Noel, a little five-year-old brown and white Chihuahua mix, and Princess, a friendly Siamese cat. Noel enjoys being petted and has the cutest curled tail. True to her name, Princess is a princess and would prefer to be the only cat in the kingdom.

Pets of the Week: Fabian & Hailey

Fabian is a 2-year-old, tri-color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix from Perfect Pet Rescue. Hailey is a beautiful, intelligent, playful and fun loving 8-month-old Tortie Point Siamese mix.

Pets of the Week: Kittens Max and Lucy, and a White Husky Named Snow

Max and Lucy are kitten siblings looking for a new home. Where Lucy is shy, Max is bold. They both love to sun themselves and receive lots of affection. Both kittens are available from the Echo Park Animal Alliance. Snow is a 4-year-old white Siberian Husky.

Pets of the Week: Ruby & Stella

Ruby is a 5-month-old Beagle looking for a home. She loves to play and would love to be an active home that has some knowledge and understanding of the breed. Stella is a gorgeous, 6-year-old Tuxedo cat who has a distinct smile and some extra toes: she's a polydactyl!

Pets of the Week: Bibi & Popeye

Meet Bibi, a six year old female Torti looking for a new home. She is shy at first but once she warms up she is a snuggle bug. Popeye is a 2 year old male Pittie mix who is great with kids, smaller dogs, and loves people. He has been through a lot of training and knows his basic commands plus a lot of neat tricks. Popeye and Bibi are available at the South Bay Pet Adoption Center in Hawthorne.

Pets of the Week: Lady & Aphrodite

Lady is a very active girl and loves to play with toys. This 4-year-old Terrier mix is very loyal and intelligent; she knows sit, down, roll over, and shake. Aphrodite is a beautiful 4-year-old tabby who is looking for a warm lap to curl up in.

Pets of the Week: Precious & Luna

Meet Precious, a Pittie mix on the mend available from Downtown Dog Rescue. Check out Luna, a 5-year-old beautiful female domestic short hair looking for a new home. She is available at the spcaLA.

Pets of the Week: Lulu & Taz

Lulu a beautiful 4-year-old pedigreed red point Javanese looking for a new home. Javanese (and Balinese) are the longhaired version of the Siamese. Lulu is a very petite girl — just 6 pounds. She also enjoys lap time and loves to play with her kitty toys. Taz is a 2-year-old rottweiler who was hit by a car and left for dead. Luckily he survived! He would love to find a family who would cherish him forever.

Pets of the Week: Elvis & the Chihuahuas

Elvis, an adorable 5-month-old orange Tabby looking for a new home. Elvis' owner is losing his home and can't afford to care for Elvis any longer. As much as Elvis would like to stay in his current home, he is anxious to meet his new owner. Elvis has some very special friends who are also looking for new homes: three Chihuahua puppies! Both Elvis and his buddies, the three Chihuahuas are available for adoption through Voice for the Animals Foundation.

Pets of the Week: Jaunty Jetta & Lovely Lucy

Jetta, a handsome long-haired Tabby. Jetta is sweet, incredibly affectionate and extremely playful. And remember, if you don't like a pet's name, you can always change it! Jetta is neutered and up-to-date on his shots. He is ready to go to a forever home today! Lucy is an adorable 6-year-old Lhasa Apso. She is very sweet and loves cats, dogs and of course people. She is house-trained and looking for a new family to give her the loving home she deserves.

Pets of the Week: Chili, Bean & Samson

Meet Samson (A0767000), a 6 year old male neutered domestic gray and white short hair cat. He loves to be held and he's a great listener, which makes him an excellent companion. Don't you need a special little man in your life? Chili and Bean are young adult Pittie mixes should go in a home together. Chili (black) is the more confident one and sets a great example for her sister. These beauties should go with an experienced owner as they need lots of love and direction.

Pets of the Week: Muffin & Freckles

spcaLA is offering free microchip registration for pets adopted during the month of October, plus all adopters receive a free gift. Muffin is a one-year-old petite female Tabby (#11-03965) who came to spcaLA as a stray in June. Freckles (#12-00107) is just as cute as can be with his orangey-red coat and his cute freckled nose and paws.

Pets of the Week: Penguin & Moo

Tomorrow is International Rabbit Day and to celebrate, this week's LAist pets are rabbits. Penguin and Moo were rescued from Santee Alley in Los Angeles' Fashion District when they were about a week old.

LAist Pets of the Week: Hello Dolly, Hello Tiger!

Dolly is a 1-year-old full-grown Aussie Cattle dog, but still has the energy of a puppy. She loves to go on long walks and play in the dog park. Dolly is available from New Leash on Life. Tiger is big sweet Orange Tabby. He is an older fella, 14 years to be exact. He instantly charms all who visit the Community Cat Room. Tiger is available from West LA Animal Care Services.

Dodger & Dodger: No, Not a Law Firm, They're LAist's Pets of the Week!

September is Adopt a Shelter Pet month and Los Angeles has shelters in every neighborhood with wonderful pets waiting for adoption. Today's pets are from spcaLA the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles. spcaLA is the oldest and first animal welfare organization in Los Angeles. Dodger the grey and white Pitbull mix and Dodger the orange Tabby cat are both looking for new homes. Don't shop when you can adopt!

Pets of the Week: Dashing Dwayne & a Cat Named Cat

Meet Dwayne, a 2 year old Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. Dwayne is just about the nicest dog you'll ever meet. He's good-natured and wants to play and have a good time. He is full of energy, good humor and has never met a person he didn't like. Dwayne is available through The Dog Squad dog rescue. West LA Animal Care Center is looking for a home for Cat, a 2-year old, spayed, Calico beauty. Calico cats are believed to bring good luck in many cultures.

Pets of the Week: Juliette and Veronica

This week's pets are from Much Love Animal Rescue. Juliette is a lover who is soft spoken and sweet. Veronica is a lovely, wonderful, adorable, easy Jack Russel Terrier mix who needs a forever home. She is a nice dog with a medium energy level who gets along with everyone, even cats.

Pets Of The Week: Sweet Tabby Lily and King The Happy Rottweiler Mix

August is Adopt a Homeless Animal month and a good time to express the importance of adopting an animal from an animal shelter or rescue organization rather than purchasing an animal from a pet store or breeder. Even if you are looking for a specific size, age or breed, a shelter or rescue organization can most likely accommodate your wishes.

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