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Live Like The Aristocracy At The ArcLight's Downton Abbey Experience

Keep a stiff upper lip and a box of popcorn for the ArcLight's Downton Abbey Experience.

You Can Rip Out Your SoCal Lawn For Money Again -- Now Without Landscaping Abominations

A new focus on turf replacement (not just removal) has lots more rules to meet to get your $2 per square foot rebate.

17 Fabulous Events Happening In Southern California This Week

Tales from the Video Store screenings. Restaurant pop-ups from Oakland and Moscow. Knott's Scary Farm. A preview of the upcoming Supreme Court term

Child Care Workers Have Been Fighting For The Right To Bargain For Years. They May Be About To Get It

Similar bills have been vetoed by previous governors, but it's in Governor Gavin Newsom's hands now.

California Lawmakers Tried To Cut The Cost Of College. Here's What They Did And Didn't Accomplish

Most of the big efforts fizzled out. Supporters are hoping for success next year.

Dear LAist: Who Can I Complain To About The Overgrown Trees In My Neighborhood?

L.A. has a City Forest Officer, but she's not the one who tangles with tree maintenance.

Here Are The 2019 Bills California Has Passed So Far -- Now It's Up To Newsom

In the last days of California's 2019 legislative session, hundreds of bills landed on the governor's desk. We're tracking the most consequential.

The Trump Administration Is Canceling California's GI Bill Approval Power, But The State Is Fighting Back

The Trump Administration's salvo is the latest in a long-running war over how for-profit schools are governed in California. Advocates worry this move will hurt veterans and help predatory for-profit colleges stay in business. Welcome to yet another showdown in a long list of grievances between the Trump Administration and the state.

Ask Us Your Questions About Climate Change. It's Better Than Screaming Into The Void

Whether you're paralyzed by fear, inspired by science, fired-up to take action, or something in between, we want to hear from you.

Halloween Horror Nights: A Photo Tour Of The New 'Ghostbusters' & 'Us' Mazes At Universal Studios

Whether you want ghosts or evil doppelgangers ready to murder you with scissors, Halloween Horror Nights has it all.

Nobody Was Standing Watch On Conception, And Other Details From NTSB's Boat Fire Report

The report contains new details from NTSB investigators' interviews with the surviving crew members.

Tell Us Your Postpartum Story -- The Good, The Ghastly And The Mesh Underwear

Prenatal care and information tend to focus heavily on labor with less emphasis on what happens after birth. We want to hear from you.

Mayor Garcetti: When It Comes To Flying, He's Just Like Us (...Sort Of)

Here's what happens before the Mayor hits the air.

29 Awesome Events In Southern California This Weekend

Mexican Independence Day festivities. Art and music festivals from Glendale to Santa Monica. And the Halloween season begins.

Your Guide To The Biggest Changes To California Charter School Laws Since 1992

It just got easier to block some charter schools from opening. It also just got harder to shut some charter schools down.

La Espina Weaves Light and Shadow for a Modern Take on Flamenco

Go to a place that evokes dreamy memories, surreal light play and complacent beauty with award-winning flamenco artist Olga Pericet.

Why One Lyft Driver Says The Gig Is His 'Only Opportunity'

Amid high unemployment and hot weather, boosters are pitching affordable housing, a big labor force and the region's potential to be a renewable energy hub as selling points, meanwhile, like other places in the state, local workers try to patch together a living in the gig economy.

Why Older Uber Drivers Earn Less Than Younger Ones

Driving for Uber gives Keith Cooney, 65, a chance to meet riders from all over the country. But the pay? It's not always so great.

Attn: Gig Workers. This Newly Passed California Law Could Affect You

Independent contractors could become employees of companies such as Uber, Lyft and Doordash, changing their ability to earn a living and the businesses they work for forever.

These Deaf Writers Couldn't Find A Community In LA -- So They Created A TV Show

Shoshannah Stern and Josh Feldman created and star in "This Close," which returns to SundanceTV for its second season.

CA's New Vaccine Law Will Tighten Rules Around Medical Exemptions

Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law legislation that gives the state the power to reject certain medical exemptions for vaccines if it determines they're not valid.

BAM! ZONK! KAPOW! There's a Batman Run Downtown!

Your favorite billionaire with a crime-fighting superhero side hustle is getting celebrated in Los Angeles at the DC Batman Run--and you're welcome to join the party. The Caped Crusader turns 80 this year, and to commemorate him, Warner Bros. and DC Comics have organized a 5K nighttime race through Downtown Los Angeles.

Fosselman's Turns 100 -- And Plans A New Ice Cream Shop In Glendora

Every day is like a sundae at The Ice Cream Shop, a sleeker, trendier extension of the family business.

USC Athletic Director Lynn Swann Resigns

Only two weeks into the football season, the player-turned-broadcaster-turned-administrator has stepped down.

We're All Invited To Friendsgiving... But Will Anyone Show Up?

Could there BE any more ways the '90s sitcom wants you to remember its anniversary?

Why This Entire 11th Grade Class Is Getting Free LA Metro Passes

Will it help the environment? Could it reduce poverty?

These Latina Businesses Are Changing How LA Shops -- Online And IRL

To brick-and-mortar or not to brick-and-mortar? That is the question.

17 Awesome Things To Do In Southern California This Week

Ask a mortician about death. Check out a doc about Los Tigres Del Norte. Taste wines from the Valle de Guadalupe. Learn Latin history from John Leguizamo.

Mountain Lion P-61 Was Killed While Trying To Cross The 405

The four-year-old big cat had successfully crossed the massive freeway in July. Researchers say they're not yet sure why he tried again, but said it could be tied to encounters with another uncollared male lion.

Dear LAist: The Arroyo Seco Bike Path Has Been Closed Since January. What Gives?

The short answer: a perfect storm of bureaucracy. The long answer might make your brain cry.

Meet Evil Cooks, The Flan Taco's Devilish Masterminds

Alex Garcia and Elvia Huerta are the rock stars driving the nomadic food pop-up.

Workers Turn To Gig Platforms Like Uber And Lyft As An 'Alternative Safety Net'

It's not just a new kind of work. It can also be a cushion for those who can't rely on their main job to make ends meet.

What Happened Once The Conception Boat Fire Started

The latest on the ship fire that led to 34 deaths.

How SoCal Refugees Led The Movement to Teach More Kids About Laotian History

The California Legislature passed a bill Thursday that would add Laotian culture and history to public school curriculum.

Binge 19 New Pilots At PaleyFest's Fall TV Previews

See all the new stuff first, with the casts -- and some of the screenings are even free.

28 Fabulous Events In Southern California This Weekend

Pirate camp. Ali Wong. A "really really free" market. Buskerfest. A Pokémon pop-up bar. The East L.A. Mexican Independence Day Parade

Conception Boat Fire: Here's What We Know About The 34 Victims

As investigators work to understand what happened, family and friends of the passengers are coming forward to talk about their lost loved ones. Here's what we know so far about who they were.

2 Men Accused Of Trying To Kill Homeless People By Setting Eagle Rock Fire

"The fire was an intentional act related to a homeless encampment near the origin of the fire, and that those living in the encampment were specifically targeted by the suspects," Los Angeles fire officials said.

The Best Happy Hours In Echo Park -- Especially If You're Going To A Dodgers Game

Need a place to pregame before a baseball game? We got you.

Former Staffers Accuse Owner Of Cafe Stella In Silver Lake Of Sexual Harassment

Five women and one man say restaurateur Gareth Kantner sexually harassed them -- and others.

Conception Boat Fire: Here's The Latest On The Tragedy Off Santa Cruz Island

As of Wednesday morning, the remains of 33 victims have been recovered and a search is underway for the remaining body, according to U.S. Coast Guard officials.

Together, We Go Farther: How Long Beach Is Addressing Homelessness

Long Beach is a haven for funky vintage hunters, history buffs, and of course, beach buddies. But as in so many other desirable places to live and play, the homeless crisis in Long Beach is reaching epic levels.

You Don't Have To Personally Install Wind Turbines To Fight Climate Change. Tell Us About The Small Things You Do

Thinking about climate change is overwhelming, but what you personally do about it doesn't have to be.

17 Fun Things To Do In Southern California This Week

Listen to Middle Eastern beats on the pier. Watch a crosswords and comedy show. Celebrate the songs of Britney Spears.

Additional Bodies Recovered From Dive Boat Fire Disaster Near Santa Cruz Island

The distress call came in the middle of the night. By Monday's end, only five of the 39 people aboard the Conception, a 75-foot wooden dive boat, were found alive.

Thousands of Indians Facing Persecution Back Home Seek Refuge In California

With religious tensions rising in India, California offers a chance for acceptance -- for those who can get through the immigration system.

All The Best New -- And Old -- Food Halls Taking Over Los Angeles

What used to be touristy rarities have become landmarks of Southern Californian cuisine.

Math Is Dividing The Cal State Community. Here's What Happened At The Public Forum

Dozens of people spoke out about a proposal to increase the math skills requirement in the California State University application.

Welcome To The Museum Of Black Art Tucked Away In A Crenshaw Mall

You have to pass a platoon of empty mattresses and shiny kitchen appliances to find the Museum of African American Art.

This Is How The LAPD Writes Its Tweets

Like most companies and organizations, it's a team effort.

All The Food We Tried At The LA County Fair

You don't need permission to eat your heart out. Well, maybe from your cardiologist.

Real Bathrooms, Easier To Climb Stairs, And Food: Here's What's New At The Music Center Plaza

After 20 months and $41 million of renovations, the Music Center's "fifth venue" has reopened.

How To Become A Theatrical Lighting Designer In LA

Being a lighting designer can mean traveling the country -- and getting used to the dark.

28 Awesome Things To Do In Southern California This Labor Day Weekend

An inflatable obstacle course. A Breaking Bad rock concert. A dance party dedicated to Stevie Wonder. Lots of food, fun and family festivals.

Why Students At LA's Richest Public Schools Are Far More Likely To Get Extra Time On The SAT

An analysis Los Angeles-area public schools found students in some of the county's wealthiest areas are far more likely to receive a disability designation that gives them extra classroom help -- and virtually assures them extra time on the critical SAT college entrance exam.

Cal State Wants Incoming Freshmen To Have More Math. Opponents Fear It Will Only Widen The Equity Divide 

Cal State trustees will hear critics and supporters of the suggested change at an organized a public forum

LA's Current Homeless Outreach Strategy Is Misguided, Says City Controller

City Controller Ron Galperin urges the city to take a proactive approach, not a reactive one like it currently does.

LA Has Awesome Burmese Food. Here's Where To Find It

SoCal's Burmese food scene is a wonderfully wild stew of disciplines, recipes and locations.

You're More Likely To Get A Parking Ticket In These LA Neighborhoods

Data-crunching from our friends at Crosstown shows the riskiest curbs in the city. Act accordingly, people.

If It's A Windy Day When A Big Quake Hits, Parts Of LA Could Burn To The Ocean

Crumbling buildings are a real danger, but the fires that follow an earthquake can be even more destructive.

The La Brea Tar Pits Are Being Reimagined -- And You Can Vote On Their Future

The La Brea Tar Pits as we know them are about to go extinct. Here's their future.

Sex, Alcohol And... Parents? The Realities Of Living At Home

Everything you ever wanted to know about young adult Californians still living at home.

Ava DuVernay's Film HQ Is In Filipinotown, And She's 'Dying To Make Something' Based In LA

DuVernay grew up in Compton and told us she's excited to be back in L.A. after spending time in New York.

If A Restaurant Adds A Surcharge, Do I Still Have To Tip?

A practice gaining traction at restaurants and businesses across Los Angeles is triggering discomfort, discord, and discussion among Angelenos.

18 Fabulous Events Happening in Southern California This Week

Fishing with Dynamite and MB Post team up for a Lobstah Roll Takeover. (Courtesy of Simms Restaurants) The Roots revisit one of their early albums at the Hollywood Bowl. Fishing with Dynamite holds its 2nd annual Lobstah Roll takeover....

Sunday's Brush Fire On Glendale, Eagle Rock Border Is Still Causing Traffic Troubles

As of Monday morning, the blaze had burned about 30 acres and was 50% contained.

Take A Route 66 Road Trip That Starts In Santa Monica And Ends In This Graphic Novel

The journey begins, as many things do, near a dentist's office at the intersection of Olympic and Lincoln.

Tour LA's Best Distilleries And Say 'Bottoms' Up'

Sip and sample spirits as you see where the booze is born. Los Angeles, you've come a long way since Prohibition.

How A Parent Revolt Sparked A Turnaround At This LAUSD School

How did 20th Street Elementary go from "parent trigger" target to one of LAUSD's most-improved?

Is Los Angeles A Desert?

Spoiler: No. But kind of.

Planned Parenthood Isn't The Only Group in LA Forgoing Title X Money

In LA County, 23 Planned Parenthood Clinics will stop taking Title X funding. Another 18 other clinics are also rejected funding over the new so-called gag rule.

Paddling From Atwater Village to Silver Lake, Or How To Kayak The LA River

Traversing a waterway widely known for concrete, rogue inflatable flamingos and trash might not sound like your vision of water sports, but it is an actual joy.

LA's Rules About Where Homeless People Are Allowed To Sit And Sleep Could Get Even More Complicated

The proposed changes would outlaw sleeping on public space within 500 feet of schools and parks, and within 10 feet of any building entrance or driveway.

26 Awesome Events In Southern California This Weekend

The OC Night Market wraps its summer season. A Kill Bill double feature is paired with the burlesque Tarantina show. Giant Robot holds a food-themed art show. Plus, partake in an '80s party, a '90s party or L.A.'s 238th birthday party.

How LA Inspires The Look Of The New York Times' 'Modern Love' Column

The illustrator is a local artist who draws much of his inspiration from California's natural landscape and biodiversity.

LA's Hotel Pools Where You Don't Even Have To Be A Guest To Swim

Look cool or get cool or both or neither. Do you. Just hydrate, fam.

Wanna Know Disney's Top Secret Plans For The Next 2 Years? They're About To Tell You At D23 Expo

There's a new Marvel land, Disney+ streaming, something TOP SECRET, and so. much. more.

Where To Eat In Inglewood Right Now

Award-winning seafood. Belizean garnaches. Cuban vegan food. And, of course, donuts. This city has it all.

More OC High Schoolers Caught On Video Doing Nazi Salutes

Students at Pacifica High School in Garden Grove shared disturbing footage on social media last year of students doing a Nazi salute and singing an old Nazi song. But school officials did not address the incident publicly until The Daily Beast published the video this week.

LA's Remembering People Killed In Traffic Collisions With 'Rainbow Halos'

The most recent rainbow suncatcher went up in Sherman Oaks in honor of Conor Lynch, who was 16 when he was fatally struck by a driver while jogging in 2010.

Santa Monica To Subsidize Rent For Hundreds Of Seniors

Over the last year, the city has experimented with sending rental checks to nearly two dozen seniors and now wants to expand the program exponentially.

Yes, We Got A Lot Of Rain This Year, But The Fire Danger Is Still Very Real

We promise this article isn't as dry as L.A.'s vegetation

7 Ways To Survive The First Day Of School, According To Los Angeles Teachers

Because we know the first day of school can be crazy.

Judge Orders Fired LA Sheriff's Deputy Who Was Rehired By Villanueva To Give Up His Badge And Gun

We dive deep into the case of a deputy who was fired over allegations of domestic abuse, then rehired by Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

Why 4 Friends Carried A Cement Bench Up Runyon Canyon For A Single Day

Hikers in Runyon Canyon this Sunday might have come across a mysterious cement bench they'd never seen before. It's gone now, but there could be more where it came from.

What Is The Federal Government Doing To End Homelessness In LA?

Section 8, HUD-VASH, McKinney-Vento: Here's your guide to how the federal government does (or doesn't) address homelessness.

Why LA's The Bird And The Bee Covered Van Halen For An Entire Album

Their new album might make you want to JUMP.

16 Fabulous Things to Do In Southern California This Week

The Stones roll into town. The Santa Monica Pier hosts a summer music series. The German avant garde comes to town.

USC Promised Transparency, So Why Is It Acting 'Like The Kremlin'?

In the wake of multiple scandals, USC leaders have repeatedly pledged transparency and openness -- even as they keep internal investigations secret.

What's It Like To Breathe LA's Bad Air (And What Can You Do About It)?

It turns out the air quality has actually been better this year than last, but for people like me, with asthma and any other lung or heart disease, it can be brutal. Here's how you can cope.

How To Protect Your Pets During An Earthquake

Angelenos are often warned to prepare their families for earthquakes. These plans should include pets as well. Here's what you need to assemble a pet safety kit, how to search for a lost pet and other tips on keeping your animal safe in a disaster.

'Ghost Guns' Are Becoming A Big Problem In California. Here's Why

Criminals are thwarting the state's strict gun laws by assembling guns without serial numbers.

Anaheim Seniors Have A New Ally: An App That Helps Track Their Well-Being

Meals on Wheels is getting promising results with a new app that provides real-time alerts about clients' health and safety.

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