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LA's Uber and Lyft Drivers Are Striking For Livable Wages

They're urging the public to use public transportation until 1 a.m.

What Apple's Big Streaming TV Announcement Could Mean For LA

Apple TV+ is coming, eventually, for some amount of money, we guess.

Michael Avenatti, AKA Stormy Daniels' (Former) LA Lawyer, Is Arrested On Fraud And Extortion Charges

The charges involve college basketball, a failing coffee chain and good old tax fraud.

Dear LAist: Why Aren't There More One-Way Streets In LA?

We can blame the streetcars...and ourselves.

LAUSD's Powerful Watchdog Office Has Been Closing Far Fewer Investigations. Why?

More from a KPCC/LAist investigation into LAUSD's Office of the Inspector General.

Massive Crash On I5 Near Gorman Closed Lanes For Hours On Saturday

A massive car crash Saturday on the I-5 south near Gorman involved 30 vehicles and brought the top of the Grapevine to a complete shut down for hours. Multiple collisions took place amid heavy fog in the area.

Here's Why Gas Prices Just Went Up In LA

Three unrelated incidents at local refineries created a perfect storm.

How A 1970s TV Show About LA Paramedics Inspired An EMS Transformation Across The Country

L.A. has been a pioneer in EMS care for decades -- on TV and in real life.

The 2019 LA Marathon Is Sunday, So Plan Your Detours Accordingly (Or Sleep In)

Portions of major L.A.-area thoroughfares will be shut down in the morning hours, including stretches of Sunset, Hollywood and Santa Monica boulevards, so plan accordingly.

Is LA Waiting Too Long To Help The Newly Homeless? A New Report Says Yes

Nearly 11,000 people are newly homeless every month in L.A. County, according to a new report. While a majority find a new home on their own, others join the long-term homeless. Is there a better way?

Kal Penn Knew Nothing About The Global Economy Before Hosting This Amazon Show

Kal Penn's tackling a role he's been preparing for for decades: Kal Penn.

You Broke The Flowers And Now You Have To Pay $10 To See Them

Lake Elsinore is implementing shuttle service and closing some roads.

How USC's New President Will Use Her Science Cred To Deal With The University's Many, Many Scandals

"When I come here, I'm going to do what a scientist does. I'm gathering facts so I can make informed decisions, and we'll make the decisions when we have the right information."

Another Traveler With Measles Entered LA Through LAX

The individual was in LAX's Terminal 7 for two-and-a-half hours, and the next day was at an Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Santa Monica for five hours.

Sparkling Water Brackets 2019! Vote Now!

It's our version of March Madness. You decide which flavor triumphs in this proverbial octagon of taste.

New Battle Looms Over The Most Volatile Issue In Policing: When Should Cops Shoot?

A bill to curtail police officers' ability to legally use deadly force has been reintroduced in Sacramento. Police unions are fighting it while also backing a bill that would maintain the current force standard while increasing training.

That Flaming 'Meteor' Over Downtown LA Was Just A Publicity Stunt, Because 2019

A widespread advance announcement about the stunt would have been nice, but scaring and confusing people -- and trending on Twitter -- probably gets more attention.

25 Of The Best Events Happening In Southern California This Weekend

Yoko Ono. Dee Dee Bridgewater. Persian new year. A major pie festival. Works by Latina choreographers. A new comedy and music festival to honor the troops.

A Big Earthquake Could Cause Another Gas Leak Near Porter Ranch

A magnitude 6.5 or above earthquake on the Santa Susana Fault could cause natural gas to escape from wells.

Flight Simulator For Pilots Who Fight SoCal Wildfires Might Be Delayed -- To Pay For Trump's Border Wall

Right now, pilots have to travel to the East Coast to train on the C-130J. An $8 million simulator located at the Channel Islands Air National Guard Station would change that. But the funding is now in doubt.

Bill & Ted 3 Has A Most Excellent Release Date -- Watch Their Message From The Hollywood Bowl

They're back to help us be excellent to each other -- 30 years later.

USC Names Dr. Carol Lynn Folt As Its New President

Folt previously served as the chancellor of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

California Community Colleges' Big Plan To Help More Students Succeed Is Off To A Slow Start

In the 2017-2018 academic year, the number of students earning degrees increased by less than one percent, and the system saw just a three percent rise in transfers to UC and Cal State schools.

This LA Comic Book Writer Turned Jesus Into A '70s Kung Fu Master

Jesus is less the son of God, more a young man in a deep existential crisis.

Hey LA, The Worst Time To Drive In The Rain Is Probably Not When You Think

Researchers combed through three years of traffic and weather data to find out.

USC's Student Newspaper Published A Brutal Editorial About The Cheating Scandal

The writers expressed "disgust and outrage" over the years of ongoing scandals.

How Surfing + A Mountain Lion Inspired Dick Dale's Ear-Splitting Surf Rock Sound

This is the story of the surf rock legend who collected exotic animals, innovated on the guitar, and gave Pulp Fiction its soundtrack.

This Humble Bookstore Was The Center Of Literary LA In The 1930s

Owner Stanley Rose was a swaggering, foul mouthed, hard-drinking Texan who liked to brag that he never read.

LAist Joins Newsrooms Across California To Shine Light On Long-Secret Police Records

So far partners in the California Reporting Project have filed more than 1,100 public information requests under SB 1421 with requests going out to 675 agencies across all 58 California counties.

How To Prepare For An Earthquake If You Have A Disability

"We strongly encourage people to plan as though no help is coming to get you."

Man Dies In Hit-And-Run Crash After Falling Off E-Scooter In Santa Monica

After falling into the road, the 41-year-old was fatally struck by a car

Welcome Back to LA, Disease-Spreading Mosquitoes!

The Aedes breed of mosquito has launched a slow takeover of L.A., and they show no signs of stopping.

A Fight Club-Style Art Battle Has Been Unleashed On LA

And your cheers get to be the judge.

SoCal Edison Is Cutting Your Trees And There's Not Much You Can Do About It

Changes in the law are letting Edison take down even healthy trees.

Eataly L.A. Celebrates Spring With An Italian Food Festival

(Eataly L.A.) If you haven't ventured to the Westfield Century City Mall to explore Eataly L.A., now is a great time to give it a go. The marketplace is a 67,000 square feet of Italian goodness, featuring multiple restaurants,...

Lake Elsinore Is Again Overrun With Super Bloom Traffic After Closing (Then Reopening) Its Poppy Fields

The super bloom may be a coveted photo op, but it also brought trampled flowers, torturous traffic and full porta-potties.

Tell Us About Your LA Parking Gripes

Grave concerns and petty grievances alike are welcome.

18 Fabulous Events In Southern California This Week

This week: comedy, dramedy, poetry and a party at the California African American Museum to celebrate spring.

Lewd Photos, Harassment And Retaliation Allegations: Inside The Meltdown At LAUSD's Powerful Watchdog Agency

A KPCC/LAist investigation into LAUSD's Office of the Inspector General.

A Fuel Tanker Explosion in South LA Generates Plume Of Smoke Visible For Miles

A massive plume of black smoke was visible for miles. Authorities said two people living at a home next to the explosion site were taken to the hospital with injuries.

The Other LA College Cheating Scandal -- The One You Might Have Missed

Feds say the defendants, mostly former or current UCLA students, have been charged with using fake passports to impersonate their Chinese clients at language testing centers.

Women Are On Display (In A Good Way) At This Video Installation In Chinatown

"Men need to look at women's talents and their work a lot more."

LA Coyotes Eat A Lot Of Our Trash. We Know Because People Checked Their Poop (And Whiskers)

Coyote poop has a lot to teach us about why they come into our neighborhoods -- and how to keep them out.

Another Horse -- That Makes 22 -- Has Died At Santa Anita Racetrack

In response, the park's owners have decided to ban the use of race day medications.

'The World Is A Swamp': Your Reactions To The College Admissions Scandal

After reading all of the think pieces, memes, and profiles, we still couldn't stop thinking about this story. And turns out, neither could you.

Scathing Report On OC Homeless Shelters Finds Maggots, Rodents and Raw Sewage

The investigation also turned up scabies, flooding, and extreme temperatures in shelters housing hundreds of homeless people.

Come Watch Art Robots Shoot Lasers At Each Other In Downtown LA

"This is a mix of performance art, traditional installation art, and almost a light show. So it's really a great hang."

Are You A Rideshare Driver In LA? Tell Us Where You Eat

Are you an Uber or Lyft driver based in the L.A. area? If so, where do you eat?

23 Of The Coolest Events Happening In Southern California This Weekend

You don't need the luck o' the Irish to have fun this St. Patrick's Day weekend.

SoCal Edison Power Lines Found To Have Caused The Thomas Fire

Being named liable for the start of the Thomas Fire, under California's laws, means the utility is responsible to pay for any damages. In this case, the cost could run into the billions.

LA County Wants To Keep Homeless People And Their Pets Together

The board voted to move forward with a motion that would require county-funded housing to allow furry friends.

Captain Marvel's Composer Explains How To Create An Iconic Superhero Theme

She even hired her own orchestra to get the gig.

Celebrate Pi Day By Eating A Few Of LA's Best Pies

Where to find a slice, a hand pie, a pie pop, a mini pie or a whole pie on March 14.

How One Refugee Family Finally Got To LA After Years Stuck In Austria

The Christian Armenian refugees were accepted into a U.S. program for persecuted religious minorities, but then President Trump's travel ban, followed by an unexplained denial of their applications, left them stranded in Vienna.

Long Beach Might Build An Aerial Tramway To Take You Across The Waterfront

The tram could connect tourist hotspots like the Queen Mary to the Long Beach waterfront.

LAX Passenger Who Traveled With Measles Raises Concerns Of Possible Outbreak

The case of the LAX passenger, who was traveling from China, is the latest alarming development for a disease once thought to be eliminated in the U.S.

Essay: How I Got My Kid Into College -- Without Cheating

We did not cheat. And yet it's no surprise at all that other parents did.

USC, UCLA Athletic Officials Among 50 Charged In Alleged College Admissions Bribery Scheme

Authorities allege that parents paid about $25 million in bribes between 2011 and last month for coaches and administrators to "designate their children as purported recruited athletes," among other actions.

One in Three Times The LAPD Used Force In 2018 It Involved A Homeless Person

Some very stark findings in LAPD's annual reports on homeless. A small sampling of 2018 stats: More than 9,000 tents "processed," 3,600 tons of garbage and 60,437 pounds of human waste removed.

Every Influencer In LA Took The Same Photo With Wildflowers This Weekend

We looked at all the super bloom photos on Instagram so you don't have to.

Is OC Really Turning Blue? Today's Special Election May Take Pulse For 2020

Voters in Orange County's third district will elect a representative to fill a vacant seat on the Board of Supervisors. The outcome could give an indication of whether the so-called "blue wave" is here to stay.

Santa Anita Park Reopens For Training After 21 Horse Deaths In Under 3 Months

Officials say the track will institute new safety protocols when racing resumes.

Janelle Monáe's Stylist Has A New Clothing Collection -- At Goodwill SoCal

Here's the closest you're going to get to looking as cool as Janelle Monáe.

Yo: The Guerrilla Parking Signs In Angelino Heights Were Removed, But The Creator Hopes To Inspire Others

Derek Boonstra said it was the kind of idea a lot of Angelenos have probably had before, but he "just happened to follow through on it first."

18 Awesome Events Happening In Southern California This Week

From death metal to a Black Super Hero Magic Mama, there's a little something for everyone.

The Fight To Get Public Records From LA County's Sheriff

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department holds tremendous power to accuse and arrest and is responsible for the wellbeing of those in its jail system, the largest in the nation. Here's what happened when we asked for records about those activities.

They Set 1,800 Traps At LA's City Hall And When They Checked Them: No Fleas

Inspectors also didn't find much evidence of a rat infestation in the historic building or others nearby. The vermin have been tied to a downtown typhus outbreak.

DWP May Soon Pull The Literal Plug On Illegal Pot Shops

According to an ordinance that just passed City Council, the agency could cancel utility services on any cannabis businesses operating without the required licenses.

$5M To Former Arroyo HS Student Who Was Sexually Abused By A Convicted Pedophile Teacher

The science teacher was transferred to Arroyo after he pleaded guilty in 2004 to a battery charge after he was caught fondling freshman students at Mountain View High School.

Here Are The New Claims About A Violent Group Of LA Sheriff's Deputies Acting Like A Gang

Seven deputies who work at the East L.A. Station have filed claims alleging they've been the victims of harassment, intimidation and violence by members of the so-called Banditos gang.

It's Daylight Saving Time Again. Your Oven Clock Isn't Going To Reset Itself (Probably)

A friendly reminder to change your non-robot-controlled clocks before bed on Saturday night.

A Giant Swarm Of Butterflies Has Arrived In SoCal

The rain might be a bummer, but at least it brought butterflies.

Why Is LA County Sheriff Villanueva Fighting So Hard to Keep A Deputy Accused Of Domestic Abuse?

We dive deep into the case of a deputy who was fired over allegations of domestic abuse, then rehired by Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

What Do You Think Of This Plan To Fix California's Early Learning System?

After two years of work, the state assembly's Blue Ribbon Commission on early childhood education unveiled a draft of recommendations to improve the system. Now's your chance to chime in.

Downey Police Union Seeks To Destroy Officer Records

The Downey Police Officer's Association has taken an aggressive strategy, asking the court to order Downey to destroy records older than five years.

SoCal Has Officially Sloshed Its Way Out Of Drought Conditions

Thank the atmospheric rivers. After several dry years, the steady rain we've been getting has been enough to make a serious difference in our water picture.

Another LA Mountain Lion Has Mange And Biologists Suspect Rat Poison

P-53 is the fifth known mountain lion to suffer from the potentially fatal skin disease -- and it's likely humans are to blame.

Captain Marvel Takes LA Metro, But She's Not The First Movie Hero To Go For A Ride

We go deep into how Captain Marvel went '90s, and looked at some of Metro's memorable movie cameos over the years.

1 In 5 Of California's Community College Students Are Homeless

A new study finds that half of California community college students struggle to pay for food, more than half have trouble paying their rent and nearly one in five are homeless.

It's Part Of Her Routine, But This Comedian Is Not Joking About Postpartum Depression And Anxiety

One in seven women experience depression and anxiety during or after the birth of a child -- and because it's underdiagnosed and underreported, some estimates are much higher.

22 Awesome Events Happening in Southern California This Weekend

Raise a glass to celebrate International Women's Day. Get high as a kite-flyer. Check out a junior roller derby tournament. Your weekend is calling.

LA Won't Fight Lawsuit Limiting Encampment Sweeps On Skid Row

The decision came after three hours of private deliberations by the L.A. City Council

Why Lightning And Thunder Caught LA By Surprise

One meteorologist called it 'kind of like a Goldilocks thing,' a meeting of cold and warm fronts that created a great light show.

LA Deputy Fired Over Domestic Abuse, And Then Rehired, Gets To Keep His Gun And Badge (For Now)

"I'm not sure the board has the authority to tell the sheriff not to rehire a deputy," said the judge, who also rejected the county's argument that he needed to act right away.

Santa Anita Park Closes Indefinitely After 21st Horse Dies In Under Three Months

The horse, Lets Light The Way, suffered a musculoskeletal injury that led to her being euthanized.

Historic Photos Of El Niños Soaking SoCal Over The Last 80 Years

Put on your raincoat and dive into the photo archives.

(Almost) Every Late-Night Restaurant in Los Angeles, By Neighborhood

L.A. takes late-night dining seriously. These 400+ restaurants are proof.

SoCal Got A Lightning Show With Thunderous Applause

Plenty of local tweeters captured the lightning in a digital bottle for all of us to enjoy.

Homelessness In North Orange County Is Significantly Higher Than Last Official Estimate

A group of Orange County cities commissioned an extensive survey of homelessness in their area. Then they didn't share it with the public.

California's Wildflower Bloom Might Not Be So Super This Year

The superbloom many hoped for could pass us all by.

It's Official: Heather Repenning Will Face Jackie Goldberg in LAUSD Runoff Election

The winner will replace ex-board member Ref Rodriguez who was forced to resign amid a campaign finance scandal.

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