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You Can Visit The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Right Here In SoCal

There's a half-size replica touring the West Coast, and you can catch it this Memorial Day weekend in Simi Valley.

Essay: A Love Letter To Broguiere's Dairy Before It Closes For Good

An Eastside native shares some warm memories about a very cold friend.

Netflix's 'Rim of the World' Built Their Own JPL In A Pomona Gym

What do you do when JPL won't let you film there?

These Are The People You Want To Know When You're Hiking 2,653 Miles

I'd read about Trail Angels in Cheryl Strayed's 2012 memoir "Wild," and saw the ones depicted in the 2014 movie of the same name starring Reese Witherspoon, but had never visited them.

There's A New Attempt To Get Rent Control On The Ballot In Pasadena

Tenant rights groups hope Pasadena voters will make the city the next to expand rent control.

Dear LAist: What's Up With The Pedestrian Bridge Connecting Cypress Park And Frogtown?

The bridge leads to Taylor Yard, a 42-acre parcel of land that has been dubbed by some city officials as the "crown jewel" of the L.A. River revitalization project.

A Beginner's Guide to Biking in LA

This is a perfect time of year to try biking because May is National Bike Month.

'Jurassic World: The Ride' Is Coming -- And It's Bringing The Movie's Stars

The ride formerly known as Jurassic Park is set to reopen sometime this summer.

27 Fabulous Events Happening This Memorial Day Weekend In Southern California

DragCon returns. There are Corgi races and a Godzilla movie marathon. Plus, several cities honor those who died while serving in the armed forces.

A Corpse Flower Named Phil Is About To Bloom In Long Beach

They call him Phil, and you can smell him now at Cal State Long Beach (if you act fast).

Shocking LA Ad Campaign Offers Fake Insurance For Gun Violence. 14 Teens Are Behind It

The campaign, called "Louder Than Guns," grew out of frustration over what the high school students see as normalization of gun violence across the U.S.

Homeless In San Clemente? The City Has A Campsite For You

City officials hope that by designating a lot where people can sleep, they'll be able to clear out illegal encampments.

LAUSD Superintendent's Big Plan To Improve Schools Pins Its Hope On Principals

Beutner's plan is almost as notable for what it does not include.

How 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' Brought Back 1969's Los Angeles

Quentin Tarantino turned the real world into a time machine.

How To Become An LA Internet Musician: Laser From 'The Doubleclicks' Explains

Ever wanted to be an L.A. musician who makes music that's popular on the Internet? Here's how.

West Hollywood Is Protesting Georgia's 6-Week Abortion Ban

City officials won't travel to Georgia, and the city council will look to cut ties with Georgia-based businesses.

Why The Feds Are Dropping Migrant Families At Bus Stations In The Inland Empire

Officials say more families seeking asylum have strained capacity, and that some are being transferred to California from points east. Bus station drop-offs have become common elsewhere, but advocates say it's the first time they've seen it so close to L.A.

5 Places To Eat Scandinavian Føød In LA That Aren't IKEA

Elk salami. Shrimp sandwiches. Smörgåsbord. Glögi. Here's your Nordic eats guide for Southern California.

For Porter Ranch Firefighters And Thousands Of Others, The Aliso Gas Leak Is Not Over

"We had a lot of people coming to the station asking us what the health risks were and we couldn't figure that out and we couldn't get any information," says retired LAFD Engineer Dan Mehterian.

An Arrest, A Strip Search, Then 5 Tasings. Jury Clears LAPD In Death Of Man Who Choked On Heroin

Alex Aguilar,a 42-year old father, was picked up for violating a gang injunction. Jurors never heard that the police chief and an oversight panel found that the officers use of the Taser was out of policy.

5 LA Art Museums You Can Visit For Free (While You Wait For MOCA To Make The Switch)

MOCA's gonna be free (!), but a lot of other L.A. museums beat them to it.

You Asked Us How To Not Have Babies. We Have Some Answers

Everything you need to know about staying baby-free.

17 Of The Best Things To Do In Southern California This Week

Mavis Staples. Powerpoint comedy. Tiki drinks. Boyle Heights street food. Your week looks strong.

Don't Blame Voter Apathy For Low Turnout In School Board Elections. Here's Who's Really At Fault

"Despite millions spent" on last week's LAUSD election, turnout was terrible.

How We Vote In LA Is About To Change. Here's How To Make Your Opinion Known

Your neighborhood polling place might close. Here's how L.A. County voters can prepare for upcoming changes that will start during the March 2020 presidential primary election.

We Now Know Why The Worst Gas Leak In US History Happened

The leak lasted for several months and forced some 8,000 households to evacuate for weeks or months.

The VA Is Making It Rain Baby Showers

Women are a fast-growing segment of veterans, but the Department of Veterans Affairs has historically done a poor job of serving female patients and making sure they feel welcome at VA facilities. Can this new strategy work?

A Bunch of Artists Just Turned This South LA High School Into An Outdoor Mural Gallery

Over two dozen new works decorate the campus of Dr. Maya Angelou Community High School.

LA Is Getting Two Homeless Shelters Made From Shipping Containers

Although city officials have marketed these and other bridge housing projects to residents with the understanding that they'll operate for no more than three years, a district official noted that it is possible the Lafayette Park shelter could remain in place longer.

The Owners Of The Apple Pan Just Bought Nate'n Al's Deli

Shelli and Irving Azoff have expanded their holdings to save another classic L.A. restaurant.

Where To Find The Best Non-Alcoholic Cocktails In LA

Because non-drinkers cannot live on ginger beer alone.

Homeless College Students Are Sleeping In Their Cars. What Should Schools Do About It?

Opponents of legislation to open community college parking lots to homeless students say bigger solutions are needed.

The Long Beach Aquarium Got An Art Gallery and Delta Smelt Fish, Ya'll

The Aquarium of the Pacific is opening its first-ever expansion

All Of Next Season's TV Shows Set In Los Angeles

TV can take us to far-off, exotic locations -- or just Los Angeles.

New Guy Gets Blame for Delayed Cleanup of Highly Contagious Bacteria at LAPD Station

Turns out citizens aren't the only ones who have trouble getting through to the right city officials.

29 Awesome Events Happening In Southern California This Weekend

A Beyoncé Mass. Delicious ant larvae. A festival of black female comedians. A big bicycle race. An old timey banjo social.

An LAPD Jail Is Infested With Bed Bugs

Exterminators are spraying the building.

Republique, The French Restaurant That Was Saved By Its Pastries

Mushroom tarts piled high with peas. Fresh mango danishes. Ricotta toast topped with blood oranges and salted pistachios. You can thank Margarita Manzke.

$13M Settlement Reached After Worker Is Injured At A Tesla Factory

The two sides came to a settlement late Friday. The injury occurred during a 2014 incident when the janitor was struck by a Tesla car at the Fremont plant, according to legal documents.

She's Back: Jackie Goldberg Reclaims Seat On LAUSD Board

Goldberg's overwhelming victory is a stunning reversal of political fortunes for charter school advocates.

LA County Agrees To Pay $3.75M To Family Of 16-Year-Old Fatally Shot By Sheriff's Deputy

Anthony Weber was killed on Super Bowl Sunday in 2018. Authorities said he had a gun. His family disputes it.

Your Art Teacher Deserves Some Love. Nominate Them For A Story

We may feature them on the radio or on our website!

LA Zoo's California Condors Are Becoming Foster Parents

They're taking chicks under their literal wings.

24 LA Lifeguards Went For A Swim And Got Bacterial Infections. They're Blaming The City

Lifeguards say they told parks department officials the water was dangerous, but they were ordered to jump in anyway. Then came the parasites.

Pomona Throws A Giant Parade For Its Hometown 'American Idol' Finalist Alejandro Aranda

The city expects around 10,000 fans to show up for the parade and free concert.

Why Does LAPD Keep Buying Tasers That Don't Work Like They Should?

Cops bought thousands of new Tasers that their data showed were less effective than old ones.

How LADWP Uses Two Lakes To Store Energy Like A Giant Battery

Using excess solar and wind energy to power massive hydroelectric plants could be a key way to help get L.A. to its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2045.

Where To Eat Cuban Food In LA Right Now

From lechon asado and maduros to oxtail stew and vegan nachos, here's where to find comida cubana.

17 Of The Best Things To Do This Week In Southern California

Metro offers free rides for Bike to Work Day, a Maya Angelou mural festival takes over a high school and a night of magic and beer promise to bend your mind.

Power To The People: Why Neighborhood Councils Matter

The Neighborhood Councils tackle small everyday vexations such as potholes. But they also work on bigger issues including power and water rates, or solutions to LA's most major crises.

Disneyland Launches New (Super Complicated) Pass That Gets You Into The Parks On More Days

Don't worry, we've decoded the Disney pass system so you don't have to.

From Prison To Campus: These California Colleges Want To Ease The Culture Shock For Ex-Offenders

Programs target formerly incarcerated students at a critical time: their first year.

Homelessness Is Getting Worse In Southern California. Here's Why

The high cost of housing is the main reason people fall into homelessness, and keeping a roof over your head isn't getting any more affordable.

What Really Happened With Good Luck Bar's Closure?

At first glance, it looked like a case of a big, bad landlord muscling out a small, indie business. But that's not the whole story.

This Play Tells The Story Of The Violent Clearing Of Chavez Ravine Before Dodger Stadium

It's being performed at a largely Latino college in a largely Latino community.

24 Fabulous Things To Do In Southern California This Mother's Day Weekend

Fried chicken night. Fleetwood Mac. Throwback hip hop. Craft fairs. A Mother's Day that isn't brunch-centric.

Asian American, Christian, Progressive And Lonely. Is There A Church For You?

Some younger Asian Americans are leaving their parents' conservative churches. But progressive churches, which tend to be older and whiter, aren't always the right fit.

A Ciclavia Style Event Is Coming To The SGV

626 Golden Streets will be closing streets from 9am to 4pm in Alhambra, San Gabriel, and South Pasadena for people to walk, jog, skate, bike, and play.

Anaheim Police Officer Fired For Involvement in Fatal Shooting

Two officers fired their weapons at the suspect's car a total of 76 times, according to the Orange County district attorney's report.

LA Wants To Charge Illegal Pot Shops For The Work It Takes To Shut Them Down

Those charges can include costs associated with LAPD enforcement, shutting off the retailers' utilities, and legal fees from the city attorney's involvement.

Sing Street And A Gorilla: The Movies At This Hollywood Festival Are All Crowd Pleasers

Your chance to watch his favorite movies starts this Friday at the Egyptian Theatre.

LA Uber Drivers Organized A Boycott, One Passenger At A Time

Uber's IPO this week could make a lot of people rich, just not the drivers.

Why LAUSD's Measure EE to Fund Schools Is On Shaky Legal Ground

A last-minute change to the ballot language could jeopardize the district's plans to create a new source of funding to pay for the settlement that ended the teachers strike.

How A Garden Grove Strip Mall Restaurant Won One Of The Country's Most Prestigious Food Awards

Pho 79's James Beard Award isn't just a win for the soup shop, it's "a win for Little Saigon."

2 LAPD Officers Infected With MRSA At West Valley Station

An official familiar with the situation says an officer and a lieutenant were infected, and have received medical treatment.

Long Beach Has Alarmingly High Rates Of HIV And Other STDs

The rate of new HIV infections in Long Beach is twice as high as in California. Here's what the city is planning to do about it.

As USC's Year Ends, Biq Questions Remain About What Name The Football Stadium Will Have This Fall

The answer is still unclear. USC says it's willing to listen to veterans and modify the name change to 'United Airlines Memorial Stadium.' That is, if United Airlines agrees. The airline has said it is prepared to pull out of the $69M naming deal.

Volcanes Aren't Easy To Find In LA -- But Kermes Makes Some Of The Best

They go by many names. At Kermés Taco Grill, they're called volcanes -- and they're fantastic.

Why Some LA County Social Workers Don't Want People To Know Where They Work

A new HBO documentary about foster care is telling their stories.

A Complete List Of Measles Exposure Sites in LA, That We Know Of So Far

The outbreak in L.A. County continues to grow.

19 Awesome Events Happening In Southern California This Week

The fabulous couture of Guo Pei. Crime flicks by women directors. A burger journey. The new installation from the folks behind the Griffith Park Teahouse. Music by Al Green, Eels and White Lies.

'Culture Of Corruption' Alleged At CHP's East LA Station; Officers Fight Back

CHP leaders say East L.A. officers got paid for work protecting Caltrans crews, even when they went home early. Some of those accused have hired former L.A. District Attorney Steve Cooley's firm to defend their jobs and reputations.

SoCal Health Officials Release Dozens Of Public Places Latest Measles Patients Went While Contagious

A baby too young to be vaccinated and a Long Beach man who was vaccinated -- but still contracted the highly-contagious disease -- are the latest cases in Southern California. Another non-resident also traveled through L.A. while infected in recent days.

This South L.A. Charter School Closed a Month Early -- And Won't Reopen

Summit Preparatory Charter School's early closure wasn't exactly sudden -- but it is rare.

When You See A Shark Off SoCal's Coast... Who Ya Gonna Call?

Scientists need your help to track these big, goofy-looking fish.

Attorney General Launches Statewide Investigation Into Catholic Dioceses Handling of Sex Abuse Cases

The Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the largest Catholic jurisdiction in the country, is among those that received letters this week.

LA Festival Season Is Upon Us With 2 Oceanside Music Fests This Weekend

Throwbacks and chill vibes are here in festival form.

How Chinese Restaurants Shaped Tiki Culture In LA

Here, in a paper-thin egg roll wrapper, is the tension at the heart of culture, cuisine and commerce in the U.S.

Union Station Turns 80! Take A Look Back At The LA Icon In Photos

Despite the station's controversial past, the Art Deco, mission-style marvel still stands as a monument to the city's grand ambitions.

LA County Sues Trucking Company It Alleges Leaked Lead And Arsenic Throughout California

The lawsuit claims contaminants like lead and arsenic leaked from battery casings transported by Wiley Sanders Truck Lines.

Police Discover An Elaborate Drug Lab In A Wealthy Burbank Gated Community

Officers believe it may be part of a larger operation.

It's Not Just You, LA's Freeways Have Gotten Slower Since 2015

New data says rush hour drive speeds are, on average, worse than they were five years ago.

How The Once Struggling Podcast 'Never Not Funny' Raised A Million Dollars For Charity

Host Jimmy Pardo has used Pardcast-A-Thon to make a lot of people laugh while raising a ton of money for charity.

On Remembrance Day, Holocaust Survivor In LA Says Anti-Semitism Today In US Is Frightening

This year's commemoration comes on the heels of two U.S. attacks on synagogues and an uptick in violence targeting religious communities around the world.

31 Of The Best Events Happening in Southern California This Weekend

Hot gypsy jazz. Ugly vegetables. A Nipsey Hussle painting party. Micheladas and mint juleps for Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day.

This Lincoln Heights Warehouse Transforms Into A Free DJ'd Soccer League Thursday Nights

The Adidas-sponsored events pit teams against each other for free.

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