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LA Judge Is Poised To Deal Blow To Police Unions' Suing To Keep Records Secret  

A Los Angeles County judge dealt a significant blow to efforts by police unions trying to block the release of records of their members past conduct.

Some LA Tours Are Full Of Lies. These Guides Want To Set A New Standard

The woman behind Hidden LA and her group have a new mission: uniting local tour guides to improve the quality of tourism in the region.

Commercial Recycling In LA Will Be Free And Millions In Refunds Will Be Handed Out

The new commercial trash hauling system was supposed to be cleaner and greener, but the higher prices led to sticker shock. Now the city and haulers will refund millions of dollars in recycling fees -- to avoid a lawsuit.

How Are SoCal Boba Shops Handling The Strawpocalypse?

Hint: Like champs. Many are already moving away from plastic straws, before the law says they have to.

LA Teens Challenge India's Taboos Around Periods In This Oscar-Nominated Doc

The short documentary seeks solutions to the lack of women's sanitary products in developing countries.

Massive Domes Filled With Trippy 3D Visuals Take Over 35,000-Square-Feet In DTLA

Trippy digital art in giant domes -- welcome to the new planetarium.

Our Valentine's Gift: El Niño Arrives And SoCal Passes 100% Of A Normal Year's Rainfall

You can thank another atmospheric river for the downpour, which could reach half-an-inch per hour.

Why SoCal Gas Wants You To Just Chill When It's Cold Outside

Southern California Gas has pleaded with residents to turn down their thermostats to save limited gas supplies repeatedly this year. We explain why.

27 Fabulous Events Happening In Southern California This Presidents Day Weekend

It's a big weekend for culture vultures with three art fairs plus a Robyn dance party, AirTalk's Oscar Preview, a doomed Valentine's show and a comic expo.

There Was A Massive Nazi Rally In NYC In 1939. This Oscar-Nominated Doc's Message: Never Again

The director wants this to be a cautionary tale. You can watch the full film right here.

Opportunity Is Dead: JPL Says RIP To The Mars Rover

"This is an emotional time," said one NASA employee.

A Hyperlocal LA Chocolate Guide For Valentine's Day

Eat local. Sweet local. Or as local as you can since most chocolate is grown in West Africa or Central and South America.

Another Week, Another Storm For Southern California. Here's What To Expect

National Weather Service forecasters predict the heavier rain will start Thursday.

Galentine's Day: An Oral History From Amy Poehler And The Parks & Rec Writers

It's time for a sacred annual gathering of ladies celebrating ladies.

LA Mayor Moves To Shut Down Three Power Plants In Favor Of Clean Energy Alternatives

LA's utility, DWP, was considering plans to spend $5 billion to replace its three gas-powered plants with new plants, but now it's considering whether to use that money on new forms of energy storage and added solar power instead.

LA Is Set To Become The Biggest City In America To Ban Fur Sales

Councilmembers described an inhumane and cruel process that is outdated and doesn't reflect the values of Los Angeles.

LA City Hall Has A Rodent Problem. Downtown Has A Typhus Outbreak. Here Are The Facts

Here's some context and background on how a very old illness became modern headline news in recent months.

Pasadena Workers Get Another Raise In Minimum Wage

The City Council's decision to stay the course on minimum wage increases that outpace the state's plan keeps Pasadena on track for a $15 an hour minimum by next year.

Anaheim Opened A Homeless Shelter So Fast That People Aren't Sure If It's a Feat Or A Failure

Was it a compassionate response to homelessness or a cautionary tale?

How California Wants To Help Ex-Offenders Get Jobs At Community Colleges

The head of California's community colleges calls on the state's 115 campuses to delay asking job applicants about criminal history until they're making a job offer.

The Apple Pan Has Been Sold -- Hold On To Your Buns

Entertainment mogul Irving Azoff is getting into the burger business. He and his wife bought the 72-year-old West L.A. restaurant.

Desert X Brings An Art Choose-Your-Own-Adventure To The Coachella Valley

Nineteen art installations are scattered throughout a 55-mile area in the Coachella Valley.

LA County Wants To Tear Down A Jail To Help Its Mentally Ill Inmates

There's general agreement that the aging Men's Central Jail in downtown L.A. needs to be torn down, but what should replace the 1963 concrete fortress?

Going From Homeless In LA To Composing Music For Hit TV Shows

Kurt Farquhar composes for The Neighborhood and Black Lightning -- but got his start homeless on the streets of L.A.

19 Awesome Events in Southern California This Valentine's Week

Celebrate your singlehood with a Shred Your Ex Party or dance your cares away with The Fabulous Ladies of Fitness. Art Los Angeles Contemporary opens and there's doggy speed dating.

Here's What Happened When Pasadena Raised Its Minimum Wage

And what it could mean for cities throughout the state.

Meet The Angelenos Who Aren't Waiting For The Government To Address The Homelessness Crisis

What started as a band of neighbors who wanted to get to know their homeless neighbors on a first name basis has grown into one of the strongest advocates for the homeless in its corner of the city.

Not Just Dragon Dancing. The History Of LA's Chinatown Parade You Might Not Know

The origins of Chinatown's popular Golden Dragon Parade go back more than 100 years to a multicultural event called La Fiesta de Los Angeles.  The Chinese were invited because organizers thought they could bring "spectacle."

The Grammys Are Coming -- These Nominees Have Something To Say

The Grammys are Sunday night -- here are the highlights from our interviews with the nominees.

LA Is Set To Officially Be A Sanctuary City, But That Won't Officially Change Anything

City Councilman Gil Cedillo said the symbolic label makes "a political statement about the types of laws and protections we will support so that all Angelenos can fully realize their potential."

This Pacifier Has Been Supercharged With Music To Help NICU Preemies in LA

The high-tech pacifier is helping babies over one of the last hurdles before they can come home from the hospital.

Essay: Why You Should Never Eat At A Fancy Restaurant On Valentine's Day

Among the holiday's many scams and shams, the prix fixe restaurant meal is perhaps its crowning achievement.

The Saved By The Bell Pop-Up Is Closing -- And We're So Excited, We're So... Scared

Is Zack Morris trash? You can delve into his bedroom to investigate.

This Luke Cage Art Show Shows The Power Of Superheroic Black Skin Against Bullets

How do you convey the power of a black hero with indestructible skin? For Luke Cage's Netflix show, the answer is bullets. Black Kirby's exploring what that means.

27 Metro Stations Are Now Offering To Rent You A Stranger's Car

Metro Los Angeles has partnered with a San Francisco-based car share company in order to offer the service.

26 Of The Coolest Events Happening In Southern California This Weekend

Happy lunar new year! Watch the Golden Dragon Parade in DTLA, celebrate Tết in the OC or party like you're 15(ish) at a re-imagined quinceañera.

This Experimental LA Jazz Album Has Its Own Photography Book

Anthony Wilson's 'Songs And Photographs' takes us on a musical, photographic trip through time and space.

LA Immigrants Are Being Scared Away From The Health Care They Need

Fear and confusion over an update to an immigration policy has some residents thinking they need to drop their health coverage

How These Singer-Songwriters Used Scientology-Style Advertising To Promote A New Album

Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers made their first collaborative album -- and gave it a cult-like name, while using new age advertising.

Watch: Taraji P. Henson Goes Undercover In LA As A Lyft Driver

Can Taraji P. Henson go so deep undercover that everyone is fooled? (No. No she can't.)

LA's Sexual Harassment Problem Is Not Just Hollywood. It's City Hall. It's LAPD. And Troubles Remain.

The City of Los Angeles has promised since 1992 to be a discrimination-free workplace. That goal has remained out of reach. You guide to where we are today in both L.A. and L.A. County offices.

Tio's Tacos In Riverside Hides A Vast Outdoor Sculpture Museum

People come from far and wide to see Martin Sanchez's hundreds of sculptures, made from recycled materials.

Alien Boss Women Take Down Abusive Men In New Comic 'Female Furies' -- Read The First 5 Pages

These women are sick of being abused and taken for granted by (alien) men, and they're not taking it anymore (in outer space).

The Rain Has Washed Our Sins Onto SoCal's Beaches

Local rivers and storm drains have flushed our trash to the ocean. "Our beaches look like landfills after every major rain," one expert told us.

Pepper Spray Is Used Too Often To 'Subdue Youth' In LA's Juvenile Justice System

Use of the chemical is up over 300 percent in one location.

Sitcom 'Schitt's Creek's' Explores A Small Town Without Homophobia

In the show, David is pansexual -- a fact that's a non-issue for both his family and the town's residents.

Photos: This Is What Snow In The LA Mountains Looks Like

You case you can't make it.

Rain To Continue Throughout Tuesday Evening, Ease By Wednesday

There could even be a dusting of snow in the Antelope Valley.

Hamilton's Coming Back To LA, And Broadway's Taking Over 2 Hollywood Theaters

Miss your shot to see "Hamilton"? You're getting another one.

After Shutdown, It's Hurry Up And Wait In LA's Immigration Court

President Trump wants to speed deportations, but the partial government shutdown worsened the situation in the already-clogged immigration courts.

How The Destruction Of LA's Original Chinatown Led To The One We Have Today

Displaced by racism and civic development, L.A.'s Chinatown rose like a phoenix from the ashes of the city's first such enclave.

Helping Asylum Seekers In LA Live Life After Torture

Coming to America can be a very disorienting journey. "It's almost like a Star Trek episode," said clinical director Carol Gomez. "You kind of beam yourself over to another country and all of the molecules settle."

LA's Chief Accountant Wants To Know Why All The Anti-Homelessness Money Isn't Being Spent

Less than 1/10 of the money available for homeless housing has been spent.

LA's Rain Isn't Over Yet. Scattered Showers And Flooding Will Linger Through Tuesday

Two more inches of rain are supposed fall before Tuesday and snow levels could drop to 3,000 feet.

12 Ways Your Fellow Angelenos Are Reducing Their Plastic Waste

We asked people for their tips on decreasing plastic waste. Here's what they said.

19 Of The Coolest Things To Do In Southern California This Week

Celebrate the Lunar New Year, check out Dolly Parton's outfits or catch a show at the Red Bull Music Festival.

Michelle King, The First Black Woman To Lead LAUSD, Dies at 57

She rose from LAUSD student all the way to the district's highest office. King had announced in Jan. 2018 that she had cancer.

OK, It's No Polar Vortex But The Weather Outside In SoCal Is Still Frightful

Dear Southern California: It's not nice out and we have the images that prove it.

Who's Right About Jail Violence: LA Sheriff Villanueva Or The Watchdogs?

Villanueva argues that reforms designed to limit deputies' use of force against inmates are a failed "social experiment" because violence is on the rise at the jails.

'Twilight's' Director Takes Another Shot At A Woman-Led Movie Franchise In 'Miss Bala'

She directed "Twilight" but wasn't asked back for the sequels. Now she's back in the action-movie world.

Yes, The Rams Lost The Super Bowl, But The Game Still Mattered For Los Angeles

The Rams may have fallen short in their bid to be Super Bowl champions but that doesn't make their history any less interesting.

Rain Eases, Evacuations Lifted, But Storm Will Hang Over SoCal

As per usual, the sequel is going to be worse than the original.

My So-Called Plastic-Free Life. I Tried For A Month. Here's What Happened

My family of four pledged to ditch single-use plastic for a month. Behold this diary of anguish, joy and plasticized stickers.

Where To Watch The Rams Upset The Patriots In Super Bowl LIII In LA

The sports team will be playing the sports game. Here's where you can view it.

More LA County Foster Kids Are Making It Into College Than Ever Before

About one-fourth of California's 60,000 foster youth are now enrolled at a community college. The state is spending millions of dollars a year on programs to help them make it to graduation.

What Pregnant Black Women Need To Know To Have A 'Safe And Sacred Birth'

Expert tips and insights on navigating doctor's appointments, choosing a midwife or doula, and more.

Volunteers Helped Keep Joshua Tree Open During The Shutdown. Some Say It Should Close If There's Another

A dedicated group of volunteers helped keep the park open during the record shutdown. Now they're weighing what's more important if there's another one: tourism dollars or protecting the land?

Report Names 84 San Bernardino Priests Accused Of Sex Abuse

At a news conference in Ontario Thursday, attorneys demanded San Bernardino Bishop Gerald Barnes release the names of predatory priests and Church officials who hid their behavior.

LA's Special Education Teachers Are Speaking Out About Contract Shortcomings

They say important parts of the contract haven't changed significantly in nearly four decades

Mudslide Closes PCH As Storm Brings Thunder, Lightning And Evacuations To SoCal

The region could get more than four inches of rain by the time the storms pass early next week.

3 Hot Takes From Roxane Gay Before She Hits The Stage In LA

Author Roxane Gay in Coleman hall on the campus of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois on January 31, 2014. (Jay Grabiec) (Jay Grabiec) Step into the Orpheum Theatre on February 12th for an evening of stand-up comedy, a...

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Here Are 3 Emergency Tips That Will Help You Be Prepared Either Way

Dormitory staircases at Cal State Northridge, damaged by the 1994 earthquake. (Courtesy CSUN University Archives) The fourth episode of KPCC's podcast 'The Big One: Your Survival Guide' delves into the choices one might face when a major earthquake hits...

22 Awesome Things To Do In Southern California This Weekend

These events have nothing to do with the Super Bowl this weekend but they're all pretty super.

How This Historic LA Coffee Shop Turned Into A Gathering Place For The Political Left

The iconic monument to Googie architecture is functioning -- just not as its original architects may have envisioned.

Two SoCal Refineries Will Continue To Use Chemical That Can Turn Into A Toxic Cloud. For Now At Least

Refineries in Torrance and Wilmington have had 10 small leaks of modified hydrofluoric acid, which is potentially deadly, in just the past two years.

LA Sheriff Sets Date To Kick ICE Out Of Jails, But Will Keep Turning Over Immigrants

In an interview with LAist, L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he is not ready to take steps that would reduce the number of people he hands over to ICE.

Dear LAist: What Happens To Orphaned Bumpers On The Side Of The Road?

We tagged along with a Caltrans crew to get some answers.

Police Arrest Man Who Was Caught On Camera Punching Women At A Hot Dog Stand

Public Service Announcement: DO NOT resort to violence because you are angry about the price of hot dogs.

Bringing Back The Little Pool Hidden In The Middle Of The Mojave Desert

Someone's trying to make a new Social Pool. But the original artist says the pool wasn't the actual artwork to begin with.

An 80-Year-Old Sewer Line Threatens Metrolink Tracks And Power Lines

It's just about the worst place in L.A. for a sewer line to collapse because it's so inaccessible to repair crews.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Will Not Run For President In 2020

Garcetti started the news conference with word that he's out of the White House race. He finished with "Go Rams!"

LAUSD Calls For Charter Moratorium After Teachers Strike

The move is a nod to a demand striking teachers made to LAUSD leaders: do something about charter schools.

Black Panther Hits Theaters Again, For Free

Celebrate Black History Month -- and help the film's Academy Awards chances.

LA Parents Might Someday Get 18 Weeks Of Fully Paid Parental Leave

Two city councilmembers introduced a motion today that would require employers to augment the state's contribution of 60 - 70 percent of employee's salary.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Goes Hollywood (Kind Of) In New Documentary

She's featured in the documentary, "Knock Down The House," which got a standing ovation at Sundance Film Festival this week.

A Dead Bobcat, Hazardous Debris And More Issues The Santa Monica Mountains Are Dealing With Post-Shutdown

The 35-day shutdown interrupted and delayed critical wildfire recovery work that park staff was in the middle of after the Woolsey Fire.

Why The Watts Towers Are A Time Capsule For SoCal's Oceans

The landmark also doubles as a natural museum for marine life.

Where To Eat A Romantic Meal In LA On Valentine's Day

Make your reservations now because V-Day is the hospitality industry's Hunger Games -- but with less archery and more truffle salt.

Inglewood Says Goodbye To One Of The First Black Marines

Luke Leo House Jr. was a 94-year-old WWII veteran and, as a member of the Montford Point Marines, one of the first black men to serve in the Corps.

LA Metro Is Offering Car Rides For The Price Of A Bus Ticket

Right now you can only get a ride to or from three transit stops in LA: El Monte, Artesia and North Hollywood, but the pilot could expand in the future.

RIP Alan Canter, Patriarch Of Canter's Deli

The son of deli founder Ben Canter has passed away at age 82.

Hey Middle-Class Angelenos, Here's What's In Gov Newsom's Budget For You

Health insurance and higher education could become more affordable -- but probably not the cost of caring for aging family members.

Michael Jackson Doc 'Leaving Neverland' Describes Sexual Assault Allegations In Graphic Detail

Their families were sidelined -- then the sexual abuse allegedly began.

17 Fabulous Events In Southern California This Week

Thai Elvis performs at a brandy tasting and other equally or less random things to do, depending on your preferences.

Hundreds Of ER Records Show Most Injured Scooter Riders Weren't Wearing Helmets

Broken bones, dislocated joints and bleeding in the skull were among the more severe cases documented in the new study.

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