LA Opera's Eurydice Reminds Us of Love, Loss and the Heroine's Journey

In an age of abbreviated storytelling in TikTok and Twitter, we somehow still can't get enough of classical mythology. For millennia, we've passed these ancient stories along, perhaps as a way to better understand our own. That's why it's especially exciting to see LA Opera's strong, fresh take on the fate of Eurydice, who died on the day she married mythology's most famed poet and lyre player, Orpheus. As the myth goes, Orpheus had a chance to get her back from the Underworld, as long as he didn't look back at her as he led her to the land of the living. He failed the simple test, and Eurydice was banished forever to roam with the dead.

But LA Opera's Eurydice brings new life to the tale: composer, conductor and artist-in residence, Matthew Aucoin teamed with playwright Sarah Ruhl and director Mary Zimmerman to reimagine the tale from Eurydice's perspective. The premise is similar: Eurydice, played by Danielle de Niese, descends to the Underworld, where she's reunited with her father. She must choose between him and her husband. The tale descends into further Underworld chaos with forgotten loves, missed opportunities, a nefarious proposal and of course, relentless tragedy.

LA Opera's Eurydice has kicked off a love-fest in the form of an entire parallel universe of related events. Through March, artists and scholars across the city will re-examine and re-imagine the ancient myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Presented through LA Opera Connects, Eurydice Found unites more than 50 partners for more than 50 events, which include an exhibit of historical garments inspired by classical Greek fashion; a discussion with Neuroscientists from USC's Brain and Creativity Institute about memory, imagination, emotion, abstract inference and social knowledge, which are all shaped by the myths and stories we share; and the Mindful Warrior Project, in which veterans discuss Eurydice through their own lens of their lived experiences.

LA Opera's Eurydice

  • Runs through Sunday, February 23th
  • Tickets start at $15
  • 135 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012 - Google Maps

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