Stay Late To See Dwarf Crocodiles And Penguins At The San Diego Zoo This Summer

Nighttime Zoo music performances. (Ken Bohn. Courtesy of San Diego Zoo.)

The San Diego Zoo has long been a Southern California family destination. And, if you grew up here in L.A., you've undoubtedly enjoyed a visit to this destination. This summer, the San Diego Zoo is serving up some fun activities with their Nighttime Zoo. You can stay into the evening and rock and roar at Nighttime Zoo which features live music, fun shows, and special animal encounters.

Hours have been expanded and guest can stay as late as 9 p.m.*. There are tons of activities and experiences to choose from. You can witness everything from trampoline acrobatics to live bands and a performance that showcases traditional music and dance from Africa. Every evening will end with Call of the Night, an experience that blends acrobatics with lasers and music, and JAMBO!, a parade of "larger than life" puppets.

But you're at the zoo, right? What's more important at the zoo than learning more about species that you wouldn't otherwise encounter. The Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks exhibit, which opened in 2017, is a recent and large renovation for San Diego Zoo. The park replaced an older area, transformed it to allow for larger species, and constructed it to mimic the natural landscapes of Africa. Some of the species you can observe this summer within the six habitats, that range from 'seashore to savanna', are African penguins, lemurs, and even dwarf crocodiles.

While the days are warm and school is out, visiting the San Diego Nighttime Zoo from now until September 2nd is a great option for the summer.

Rock and Roar at Nighttime Zoo

  • Now Until September 2nd
  • 2920 Zoo Dr, San Diego - Google Maps

Tickets start at $46 for children 3-11 and $56 for ages 12 and up. More information on tickets can be found on the San Diego Zoo website. The park will be open as late as 9 p.m. over the summer, but hours do vary*. The website has a handy calendar to help you plan your visit here.