A Counter-Conventional Orchestra Performs 3 Shows At The Huntington

(Timothy Norris/Timothy Norris)

MUSE/IQUE, an organization that creates and curates live music experiences, has organized three shows this summer that will evaluate and share the music of film, the sounds of trains, and the impact of harmonious movement. On July 6th, August 3rd, and August 24 you can take a seat within the gardens of The Huntington to experience sonic storytelling from MUSE/IQUE.

Whether you're spending every weekend at a fine arts experience or you want to dip your toes into the pool of fine art, these performances should appeal to all. According the Artistic Director, Rachel Worby, "MUSE/IQUE is designed to be highly energetic and accessible - and at the same time, the curation is never watered down. If anything, the music and the ideas are intensified in a way that makes everyone feel welcomed."


If you are a film buff and a lover of music, this is the show for you. To tap into the impact that the big screen has had on music, Rachel Worby has created an immersive experience that takes inspiration from the soundtracks of films. Worby will be joined by Broadway star Joshua Henry and cellist Ben Hong. Henry is Tony- and Grammy-nominated for his performance in last year's Carousel. He is also known for his performance as 'Aaron Burr' in the U.S. tour of Hamilton. Hong is the associate principal cello for the LA Philharmonic. Hong also trained members of the cast of the movie The Soloist, including actor Jamie Foxx, and is featured on the film's soundtrack.

TRAIN/GLORY - August 3rd

In this show, the music connects the influence that trains have had over music and film throughout American history. References to The Transcontinental Railroad and the connections it created throughout the country will be represented musically in TRAIN/GLORY.


Movement and music work hand-in hand in BAND/TOGETHER, a performance that is intended to explore the concept of how humanity comes to life when these two elements come together.


  • July 6th, August 3rd, and August 24
  • Doors and Dining start at 6pm
  • Music starts at 8pm
  • Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens; 1151 Oxford Rd. - Google Maps

Tickets start at $50. Parking is available for free in the Huntington lot. Everyone is welcome to bring their own picnic-style dinner or enjoy items from The Café 1919, which will be open exclusively to guests of MUSE/IQUE. Due to venue regulations, no outside alcohol will be permitted. For more information on these musical experiences, visit here.