Jill Replogle, OC Reporter

(Photo by Chava Sanchez/ LAist)

Orange County is changing — too fast for some; not nearly fast enough for others. As the county shifts demographically and politically, my goal is to illuminate accompanying challenges, such as homelessness, and help people understand what's at stake.

I'm fascinated by the people at the center of humanity's biggest quandaries. That's why I spent months following a battle between neighbors, homeless advocates and civic leaders in Fullerton over a homeless housing proposal. The result was the award-winning series "Not In My Backyard."

That same fascination guided my previous reporting on immigration, demographic changes and the drug war along the U.S.-Mexico border for the Fronteras Desk public media collaborative.

I also spent nearly two years managing Costa Rica's most prestigious English-language newspaper, and eight years reporting from Central America, in English and Spanish. Somewhere in there, I got my master's degree in journalism from UC Berkeley.

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