Where You Can (And Probably Should) Suit Up This Summer

INDOCHINO Showroom - 8410 Melrose Ave (Photo by DENNIS HILL. Courtesy of INDOCHINO.)

While jeans and a t-shirt is the practical thing to wear to visit Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland or to visit your local brewery, there are times where leveling up your outfit is essential. Here are a few places this summer where you'll want to make sure your suit game is strong.

Look Classy At The Opera Or A Summer Art Gallery Opening

LA Opera's super classy production of La Traviata, with scenes that ooze glamorous party, is definitely a place to be seen looking your best. And then there's the art gallery scene that takes over during the summer. Date...suite...art gallery...wine...dinner. Whether it's on a date or an outing with friends, a suit will have you feeling upright and make the night even more special.

Celebrate A Newly Recognized Los Angeles Michelin Starred Restaurant

If you haven't taken a suit out for a nice dinner in a minute (or ever), now is a great time to do that with the folks at the newly published Michelin Guide taking the work out of choosing where to go. Looking sharp in a well-fitted and comfortable suit will have you stepping into those 1 and 2 Michelin starred restaurant doors with confidence.

Your Suit Reflects Your Style At Summer Weddings

Maybe you're the one taking the vows or you're just supporting one of your best buds or a family member on their special day. Either way, you're going to want to look good for the ceremony and the celebration thereafter. The right suit is going to set you up for a memorable day. Plus, it's summer so you can choose to wear a pop of color or take it a bit more casual.

A nice suit doesn't say nearly as much as a nice suit that fits well. But custom apparel can sometimes mean you have to sacrifice style for savings. Enter INDOCHINO, who offer suits, shirts, chinos and blazers that are made to your exact measurements, and that you design yourself—all at exceptional value. Your garments are made for you and shipped to your door in just two weeks, hassle free.

INDOCHINO has four showrooms in Southern California, located at Santa Monica Place, Fashion Island, Newport Beach and the new West Coast flagship showroom at 8410 Melrose Avenue.