What You Don't Know About The California Poppy Could Fill A Field

A flower-crazed horde descended on the poppy fields in Lake Elsinore over the weekend, overwhelming local resources and causing traffic chaos. (Chava Sanchez/LAist)

As superbloom tourism continues to sprout up across Southern California hillsides, one particular flower is drawing much of the spotlight: the California poppy.

We've reported on their trampling, on viewing etiquette, on social media trends and on the $10 shuttle and parking restrictions that were enacted after a particularly chaotic weekend in Lake Elsinore.

But what do you know about this flower?

Well, now you can know some of these things that Assistant Professor Joshua Der from Cal State Fullerton knows. He specializes in California native plants and now you sort of will too, with this handy list of facts.

Here's what he recently told us about the California poppy:

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