You Belong Among The Wildflowers — Which Are Coming Any Day Now To The California Desert

California wildflowers (Photo by Andrew Faulkner/AP)

Okay, yes, it snowed yesterday in Pasadena and Malibu. That was weird. But we're still crossing our fingers for wildflower season to arrive on time, which would mean blooms could start popping up in the desert any day now.

According to the Bureau of Land Management, peak blooming period typically starts in Imperial Valley in late January, followed by Anza/Borrego Valley in early February, Death Valley in mid-February, and rolls through the rest of the California desert until the end of June.

The bureau notes that prime conditions for wildflowers include well-spaced rainfall, sufficient warmth and the absence of winds that make conditions too dry.

Here's their official timeline, so you can plan your Insta posts (and book your campsite!) accordingly:

If you're successful, you could have photos like this: