Please Enjoy The Latest Chapter In The LeBron James Mural Saga

A blank wall just begging for a mural. (Photo by Parée/Flick CC)

The new art piece on Melrose is by Venice muralist Gustavo Zermeno Jr., and it's the redemption this city needs after the last LeBron James mural was defaced.

The imagery shows LeBron looking up at former Lakers superstars: he may not be the King that the last mural made him out to be, but he's becoming part of a long Lakers legacy.

The mural's gotten a slew of positive reactions on twitter.

Even the Lakers' CEO and co-owner was happy about it.

It feels like the proper homage to a generation of champions.

See it for yourself at 7765 Melrose Ave. It's by Gustavo Zermeno Jr., a muralist from Venice, CA.