McDowell's Restaurant From 'Coming To America' Will Be In Hollywood Next Week

It's been a busy week for the late-1980s nostalgia pop-up industry. First, that Saved By The Bell-themed diner announced its upcoming West Hollywood location; now, fans of the 1988 film Coming To America are getting a Halloween treat in Hollywood.

Next Monday and Tuesday, Fat Sal's on Highland Avenue will be transformed into McDowell's, the definitely-not-McDonald's restaurant where Eddie Murphy's character, Prince Akeem of the fictional African nation of "Zamunda," works after, uh, coming to America.

Featured food items at the Hollywood pop-up next Monday and Tuesday will include "The Big Mick," "The Sexual Chocolate Shake" and "The Zamunda Fries," and the exterior and interior of the restaurant will be transformed into a reproduction of McDowell's, "Golden Arcs" and all. You see, McDonald's uses a sesame-seed bun, but McDowell's buns have no seeds:

This isn't the first time the distinctive cuisine of Coming To America has been revived; The Wiener's Circle in Chicago got the McDowell's treatment in 2015. A Coming To America sequel is reportedly in the works at Paramount with a script from Black-ish creator Kenya Barris, which is reason enough to celebrate with a "Big Mick."

McDowell's will take over Fat Sal's Hollywood at 1300 N. Highland Ave on Monday, October 30 and Tuesday, October 31.