See All The Pies, Damn Good Coffee, & Cosplay Costumes At The 'Twin Peaks' Halloween Pop-Up

Ever walk into a dimly-lit hotel or roadside diner and note how Lynchian it is? Now comes a diner that’s actually influenced by David Lynch, namely his work on Twin Peaks, meaning the spot is marked with nostalgia for a bygone time, damn good coffee, and logs of wood.

The pop-up comes via Showtime, the network on which Twin Peaks made its triumphant return after spending 25 years in hiatus. The spot, which used to house the original Johnny Rockets location on Melrose, has been temporarily turned into the “Double R Diner,” a favorite hangout for locals in the show. The pop-up runs from Monday to Sunday, and features a lineup of snacks and merchandise inspired by Twin Peaks. Not surprisingly, you can get your fill on pies and David Lynch-branded coffee. What’s a bit more unusual are the show-inspired skateboard decks, and the handmade cosplay costumes that’ll let you transform into your favorite character for Halloween (as evidenced in the photos, there are even logs for your Log Lady getup).

Organizers tell us that the collectibles and costumes run anywhere from $10-$350, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. So it’s perhaps (Ray) wise to get there early if you’re hoping to transform into Candie for Halloween.

The pop-up is at 7505 Melrose Avenue. It's open from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. everyday from October 16 to October 22.