Gudetama, Sanrio's Favorite Sad Egg, Drops In At Curry House For Limited-Run Menu

The appeal of Gudetama may not be immediately apparent to some; the Sanrio character, introduced in 2013, is basically an egg yolk that’s been described as "lazy" on one end of the spectrum, to suffering "crippling depression" on the other.

As explained at Quartz, the character’s success may be a timely one. “This type of apathetic character is appearing more and more frequently in Japanese media, possibly as reaction against the societal pressure—to work harder, work longer, do more,” says Quartz, adding that, “Gudetama is the antihero that millennials in both Japan and beyond need right now; an exaggerated—egg-aggerated, even—caricature of Gen-Y apathy that lets us laugh at laziness.”

Whatever the reason for its fame, Gudetama has lent its stardom to a number of L.A. restaurants, from Plan Check to Eggslut. And now the lazy egg has set its sights on Curry House.

The yolky mascot will team up with the restaurant for a limited-run tasting menu that, for $29, will get you corn soup, custard pudding, a salad, a drink, and a keema curry dish that’s topped off with an egg served sunny-side-up. As you can see in the photos above, Gudetama’s sad mug will be everywhere on your table, making for a highly Instagrammable meal. You’ll also get a beanie to boot.

The special menu will be dine-in only, and available from October 20 to January 20, 2018. It will be served at all nine Curry House locations in California (eight of them are in Southern California, including Little Tokyo and West L.A.). Handlers also promise collectible placemats and Gudetama photo ops, in case you're still in a photo-taking mood after you've consumed a tiny, despairing egg.

And here's a video to whet your appetite:

You can find Curry House locations here.