Authorities Investigating Reports Of Hidden Bathroom Camera At Popular Toluca Lake Restaurant [Updated]

[Update: 3:57 p.m.]

Patys Restaurant released a statement Friday saying they have fired an employee after the discovery of a hidden cell phone camera, reports Los Angeles Daily News.

“All of us at Patys were shocked to discover the presence of a hidden cell phone camera in one of our bathrooms, placed there without anyone’s knowledge,” the restaurant said in its statement. “We immediately contacted the Los Angeles Police Department who took the cell phone into their custody and have opened an investigation.”

The employee was not named. The LAPD say they have not made an arrest in their investigation.

[10:40 a.m.]

At least two servers have left Patys Restaurant in Toluca Lake over what they say was a hidden camera found in the establishment’s restroom, reports Los Angeles Daily News.

One of those ex-employees, Tanner Leiva, told the Daily News that, on September 25, a co-worker pulled her aside during work and told her that a cell phone was discovered by a customer in one of the restaurant’s unisex, single-use restrooms. Speaking with other employees and a manager, she was told that a phone was found in a cubicle beneath the sink, wedged in place with napkins.

She was told that there were no contacts listed on the phone, and that it contained videos that suggest filming had taken place several days back.

Leiva and another server, Ashlie Burgess, confirmed to the Daily News that they’ve left the restaurant, and Burgess says a third has quit as well. “There are so many emotions; as far as recording us, the employees, that’s disgusting in itself,” said Burgess, who reportedly worked at Patys for five years. “We don’t know how many people saw this, don’t know how long (the perpetrator) had been doing this.”

The LAPD confirmed to LAist that they’re investigating the incident, but said they could not provide further details, as the investigation is ongoing. An employee at Patys told LAist that they could not provide comment.

Patys, as noted at local publication the Tolucan Times, has been in business for over 60 years. Its proximity to Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank has helped turn it into a celebrity hangout; the restaurant says that notable past customers include Bob Hope, Debbie Reynolds, Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, and Steve Carell.