'Secret Lasagna' Is Coming To Satisfy Your Late-Night Chinatown Munchies

Sit down, Garfield, you're going to want to hear this: chef Royce Burke is about to satisfy your late-night Chinatown hunger with his soon-to-open Secret Lasagna.

The shop will open at Mandarin Plaza along Broadway on July 19. As Eater LA notes, hours are currently planned for 5 p.m. until midnight for takeout (there are some tables inside, as well, but the place is designed mainly as a stall), and Uber Eats deliveries will run until 3 a.m.

"Whether you’re at the tail end of a bender, just getting home from a late night at your shitty ex’s or worse, we’ve got something to take the edge off," notes Lasagna's website.

That something to take the edge off includes "Divine Duck Casserole," acorn squash tacos, "Secret Lasagna," and "Top Secret Lasagna" (a vegan version of the "Secret Lasagna"). You can also expect a cardamom dessert coffee, and tater tots.

Before striking out on his own, Burke previously helmed the kitchen at Chinatown's Chimney Coffee and launched a line of hot sauce with former adult film star Danny Wylde called Wyldefire.

Secret Lasagna will be located at 970 North Broadway in Chinatown.


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