Overheard In L.A.: Mother's Day Edition

"This is for that time you puked on me at Chili's." (Photo via Shutterstock)

Check out our latest edition of Overheard in L.A. while sipping a few mimosas with momma.

Overheard of the Week
"For the first time in history, the French president will speak better English than the American president."

via @lekowicz

We’re so effing zen
"I've been meditating and chanting and shit like that."
via @johnMpicard

We wouldn’t know
"It's so exhausting being thin."
via @merib

This is more us
"I’m down to centaur weight.”
via @TedLNancy

Actually kind of a good question...
"I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of my smartphone but still use Instagram."
via @JonathanGormley

Read between the lines
"So I was like, 'Yeah,' and he was like, 'Like, yeah.' So like, yeah."
via @lauren90046

Sure, but sticking to Paleo is still really hard…
"Stress is having a spear thrown at your face while riding a horse.”
via @kariECswanson

Did we learn nothing from Big Little Lies?
"I need my kids to be alphas."
via @greg_barajas/

She’s not Christian
"I know, I totally believe in, like, the universe."
via @whitneydgibson

Speaking of…
"I shouldn't have a cocktail, I don't want anyone to smell it on my breath at church tonight."
via @_paul_briggs_

"I thought for the longest time that I was a liar. Then I came out here and realized that I was an improviser."
via @JonathanFitts

A rare crossover
"I don't know anyone who knows how to read a screenplay who also doesn't suck as a person."
via @NateRuegger

Probably a line from What Happens at The Abbey
"Oh yeah you should really get back to your Job. Those glory holes aren't gonna fill themselves."
via @falvey_patrick

Taking environmentalism too far
"My friend has her own line of clothing that has solar panels sewn into it."
Submitted via George T.

Probs would watch
"America wants a live action Ratatouille movie."
via @CincereCindy

Pretty much every L.A. news story when it rains
"Holy shit, it's fucking raining! Oh well."
via @KatVHarris

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