Help Find Pizzanista's Stolen Trailer And Score A $500 Pizza Party

Remember "Book It"? And how you got free eats from Pizza Hut simply by reading books?

Well, "Book It" and its weak-as-hell personal pan pizza can take a hike, cause now that you can score a $500 pizza party at Pizzanista (one of our favorites) in the Arts District.

We should mention, first, that the offer stems from tragedy. It all revolves around the pizza shop's trailer, which was stolen from the store's parking lot at around 5 a.m on Tuesday. The issue goes beyond the trailer, however, as it contained two Baker's Pride ovens, a prep table, a pop-up tent and various catering equipment. This is definitely a blow to the store, and they'd very much like to get their stuff back.

We're told that, through surveillance video, the proprietors know that it was a black SUV (possibly a Tahoe or Yukon) with black rims that absconded with the trailer in tow. The license plate was not legible in the video, unfortunately.

If you have any tips (i.e. if a big trailer with the words "PIZZANISTA!" just passed by you right now) you're encouraged to contact LAPD's central division at (213) 486-6606. You can also send an email to founder Salman Agah at

When asked if there'll be a reward, Agah told LAist that there'll be a "Pizzanista party worth $500 if the tip leads to a recovery."

Here's another pic of the trailer, as well as one of the suspected SUV, and one of the pizza for good measure:

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