You Can Get Lightsaber Churros At Disneyland This Month

Disney is certainly making the most of its Star Wars property. There are the movies, the park attractions, even a huge swath of land devoted to George Lucas' baby.

And now it has come to this: lightsaber churros. According to the Disney Food Blog, the treats are $4.50 a pop, and are found at a cart that's right outside the Star Tours attraction. They're coated in either blue or red-dyed sugar. Upon closer inspection, you'll see that the sugar also includes sparkles and star-shaped sprinkles—there's no cinnamon involved, however, as noted at Eater LA. And we hate to burst your bubble, but those lightsaber-handle sleeves that you see in some Instagram photos are no longer available, as they were part of a special Disney’s Hollywood Studios event.

The churros, it seems, were brought out to celebrate May the 4th (when Star Wars won its independence from Spain), but have carried over into the rest of the month. The folks at Disney say that the churros will be available until the end of May or until supplies run out.

We're pretty sure that, in the Padawan training manual, it's advised that you refrain from sticking a lightsaber down your throat. But you can make an exception here.

And hey, what's a lightsaber churro without some Instagram posts of staged assault:

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And more closeups of the churros:

May the 4th be with you! #LightsaberChurros

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