Brooklyn Favorite Roberta's Is Serving Pizza In L.A. For Two Months

Roberta's at Desert Trip. (Photo by Annie Lesser/LAist)

Roberta's—the insanely popular pizza spot in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, and a favorite of THE Clintons—has recently taken a liking to Southern California. In recent months they've teamed up with Sqirl, set up shop at Desert Trip, and now they're opening a pop-up for two months. Their latest venture opens this Thursday, December 1st.

The pizza shop will be set up at Platform in Culver City, and will be open 4 days a week (Thursday though Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.), according to Eater. They'll be offering a selection of pies from their regular menu, as well as beer and wine.

This is very likely a signal that Roberta's is testing the waters, and will eventually open here, but that's all a wild guess. We've reached out to the team for some answers and will update if we hear back.

Platform is located at 8850 Washington Boulevard in Culver City.