Video: Will Ferrell Plays Your 'Typical Millennial' In This Hilarious New Hillary PSA

Will Ferrell dropped a video for Hillary on Friday morning, and it might just be our favorite PSA of the season (sorry, Franco). Ferrell stars as "your typical, run-of-the-mill millennial," interrupting hangtime with his "squad" to remind the rest of us millennials that voting history is public record. Yes, that's right, bae—whether or not you vote is available online forever for all your friends, family and fellow millennials to see.

As Ferrell says, "If you don't vote, everyone might find out that you're the opposite of on fleek or that you're basic. Or, even worse, that you've got no chill." So, get out there on Tuesday, lest you want to be recorded as lame in the annals of public record for all eternity.


P.S. We love you, Will Ferrell.