Overheard In L.A.: As Full Moon Approaches, My Inner Shadow Struggles

A goblin delights in a super moon(Photo by Neil Fitzpatrick via the LAist Featured Photos pool on Flickr)

In this week's edition of Overheard in L.A., we've got manbuns (god), steampunks, and a video of a bro kicking a wasp's nest.

Overheard of the Week
"As full moon approaches, I notice my inner shadow struggles."
via @sensualfoodie

It's not a secret anymore!
"Miley Cyrus is secretly running South Korea."
via @gilb195

So like, a prequel to Wild Wild West?
"It's a steampunk version of the immigrant story through Ellis Island."
via @hmerkt

If you can dream it you an achieve it.
"I wish I could get Botox in my shoulders."
via @eric_wen

Great tip!
"You should just take Adderall, then you won't get hungry at all."
via @merib

They were only joking
"I. Am. NOT. Trying. To. Be. Jared. Leto! I am clearly a Heath Ledger!"
Overheard at LA Comic Con, via @Tanmanwest

It's all downhill from here.
"That video of you punting that wasp's nest? Top moment of my life."
via @RBryant2012

*Emoji thinking-face*
"What can I say, I love a man with a bun!"
via @thebadjenn

*Two emoji thinking-faces*
"I own a microwave, but I only use it to heat up food, so it's okay."
via @TobySantos

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