Video: Man Stops By In-N-Out And Orders Food During Police Chase

As you're watching a police pursuit on the news, you may start wondering about the minutiae of such a scenario. What if the suspect (or the police) needs a restroom break? Don't they get hungry?

These questions were touched upon on Wednesday night, when 35-year-old Joshua Adkins led police on a low-speed chase that went from Phoenix to Chandler, Arizona. As captured on Fox 10's helicopter cameras, the chase took a sudden turn when Adkins drove into an In-N-Out and peeled into the drive-thru. Somehow, there weren't any cops around, allowing Adkins to make this impromptu move.

Footage suggests that he'd ordered something at the speaker system. But, weirdly, he didn't pick up his food; he idled briefly at the payment window before he decided to drive away. Maybe he forgot his wallet?

A brief while after leaving the In-N-Out, Adkins stopped his truck and fled. He attempted to break into a house by getting in through the back door, but he surrendered and was detained.

According to NBC 12, police had attempted to pull Adkins over at around 10:30 p.m. when he fled authorities. Adkins was booked for an outstanding warrant and unlawful flight from law enforcement.

To inquire about what, exactly, Adkins had ordered, LAist reached out to In-N-Out's corporate line (apparently, none of the stores take their own calls). A representative said, "I'm not exactly sure. And, to be honest, I don't think that the store itself would really remember the order. And I don't know if that's something they will be able to disclose." We were invited to go out there and ask ourselves.

Fox 10 has a longer video that shows the moments between the pitstop and his eventual arrest: