The Cheetos Cookie Is A Real Thing You Can Eat

Sometimes, it is very difficult for those of robust palates to choose between savory and sweet. For instance, should you consume a bag of Cheetos, or should you get a cookie? For the ambivalent, the Cheetos cookie is here.

According to Ross Canter, co-owner and baker at Cookie Good in Santa Monica, the idea for a Cheetos cookie came to him late one night while pondering new cookie flavors, which is apparently a common twilight pastime of his. He told LAist:

A few weeks back while noodling our holiday line up and the possible uses of crushed candy canes, Cheetos popped into my head (I do love Cheetos so this kind of thing does sometimes happen). I quickly started building a new cookie recipe in my mind. I knew it had to be thick and chewy, salty and cheesy, have the soft crunch and slight corny flavor of Cheetos and, if possible, it’d be great if the cookie could turn fingertips orange. The next day, armed with a party-sized bag of Cheetos and a tub of cheddar cheese powder, we got to work. The result was everything I hoped it’d be. 

Canter reports that most people are a bit apprehensive about the cookie, but by offering samples, he’s been able to turn the tide in the dessert's favor. Customers say that it unfolds like a sugar cookie, but combines sweet, salty and cheesy, all at once.

Cookie Good was founded by Canter and his wife, Melanie, in thier home before opening a brick-and-mortar shop in Santa Monica in 2014. If you're not into Cheetos cookies, they do serve up less dubious portmanteau flavors, including pancakes & bacon, Oreo-Butterfinger and gingerbread latte.

Cookie Good is located at 2448 Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica.