Overheard In L.A.: Let's Live Our Utopian Fantasies At The Container Store

This week's edition of Overheard in L.A. takes us to Burning Man, Albertson's, and The Container Store.

Overheard of the Week
Woman: Also, I heard you got your chakras aligned!
Man: I DID.
Overheard at the Los Feliz Albertson's, via Simone T.

How dare she
"She didn't know the difference between salami and chorizo!"
via @AnnaWillTweet

How can you tell through those sand goggles
"The art at Burning Man makes The Louvre look like shit."
via @imaliwaller

Pumpkin Spice Poke-master
"Dude, wearing 'Pumpkin Spice' scented cologne is like using the lure module, but in real life."
via @heyLookitsElias

"Any good?"
Person 1: "Oh, what book are you reading?"
Person 2: "Mine."
Overheard at a coffee shop, via @DeniRicardo

Live your truth.
"Locking myself out of my apartment in my underpants is my Burning Man."
Overheard at a coffee shop, via @partyfavormusic

Wellness, for dogs
"I don't want my dog to eat gluten."
via @BeckyLew_

As a good bro should
"I will elevate you just enough to bring you down, bro."
via @sarahjeanious

"She wants to speak to the manager. She has an issue with the Veganaise."
Overheard at a fancy grocery store, via @AlecMapa

The happiest place on earth
"Alright, Container Store?"
"Hell yeah."
via @charliemcdowell

"Their house has this thing called a mud room. It's a whole room just for taking off your coat in winter!"
via @emmarolyat

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