The Fire Department Crushed The LAPD In A Gyoza-Eating Contest

On Saturday, the Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship was held in Little Tokyo. In a real clash of the titans, the Los Angeles Fire Department took on the LAPD to see who could cram the most Japanese potstickers down their throats. This is a real rivalry that has been going on since the two agencies went head-to-head back in 2014.

Reporter Claudia Peschiutta was on the scene this afternoon (it looks like she was far enough way from the, uh, splash zone, we guess), and captured the contest.

The final score?

Apparently there was a rapper, there too:

The guy on the right—a legend in the competitive eating world, Matt Stonie— wound up winning the individual competition, chowing down on 323 gyoza in 10 minutes. Good lord.

According to the Eastsider, the gyoza eating contest was part of Nisei Week, which celebrates Japanese-American culture and traditions. Here are some graphic photos from last year's event.