Video: Mouse Scampers Through Produce At SGV Supermarket

A mouse was filmed darting in and out of the produce section at an El Super in Covina, and now the video has gone viral.

Alejandro Rivera from Duarte was at the supermarket on August 7 on W Arrow Highway when he spotted the little critter. Rivera told KTLA that, after capturing the mouse on his camera phone, he reported it to a security guard, who then told a supervisor. The mouse was then bagged and carried away; the status of the wide-eyed creature is uncertain.

While the mouse is undeniably cute, we can all agree that, ideally, we don't want rodents scampering across our cauliflower. "I might end up going somewhere else. I don't think that's healthy," shopper Elissa Melgar told ABC 7 upon being shown the video.

El Super said in a statement that the County Health Department was brought in, and that the department had deemed the incident to be an "isolated" one. The store also said that it had removed all the affected produce, and that the area has been sanitized. Customers who purchased produce at the Covina store on August 7 will be able to return them for a full refund, or a replacement.

Sometimes, though, mice are great for vegetables: