Video: 'Crazy Gideon' Returns In Commercial For Arts District Brewing

Check out this hyperbolic, yet totally amazing commercial for Arts District Brewing in which Crazy Gideon demands you buy his beer, otherwise you're effed up!

Gideon Kotzer was the star of a number of commercials in which he hawked his electronics store in downtown Los Angeles, Crazy Gideon's. The store specialized in various gadgets, which Kotzer would yell he was selling for prices so low, it must mean he's crazy. After several years, the store ultimately shut down in 2010 due to a lack of business.

Kotzer's old space on Traction Avenue is now—you guessed it—Arts District Brewing. In honor of the late-night TV personality, the brewery has a new beer named after Kotzer himself: the Crazy Gideon Double IPA. Kotzer stars in his very own commercial for the brew suggesting in no uncertain terms that you head down and buy it once it launches on Wednesday, August 10. Gideon may attend the release party, which begins at 5 p.m., according to Eater LA. The commercial comes via Justin M. Green and Swing Shift Productions.

For old times' sake: